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xllxni  asked:

#5 with Leo Fitz from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? (I know i already mssged u about this but i just started it bc of your blog and immY oh nO)

I wrote ‘Ellen’ instead of (Y/N) at one point lmao

Prompt: “Is there a reason you’ve taken over my bed?”

You slumped against a wall, every bone and muscle in your body hurting and you could already feel bruises beginning to form. From the middle of the padding area where you were training, Melinda May grinned wickedly at you, not even a slight bruise forming on her body as she watched you sit down in defeat.

“Sure you’re not up for another round, newbie?” she teased, walking over to you to pick up her drink bottle.

“No. But if I want to get my ass kicked again any time soon, I know who to call,” you grimaced as she patted your head.

“We’ll be doing this all over again tomorrow, (Y/N). Rest up until then,” May paused briefly, “and when I say ‘rest up’ that means no Fitz today. He keeps you up late and you never get enough sleep. That’s why your sloppy.”

You gaped, “I am not sloppy! This is my first few weeks of training for the field and you’ve had years of experience! Even Bobbi wouldn’t be able to come up against you!”

This comment caused May to decide to go a little easier on you. She always did like a compliment.

“Okay, maybe Coulson has been complaining to me about Fitz not being able to concentrate because he gets so stressed about you whenever you’re out on the field. Are you two hiding something from the team?”

You snorted. You wished that were the case.

“It’s nothing like that. I’m gonna go take a nap – I’ll probably end up sleeping through till tomorrow at this rate,” you said, gathering your things as May continued to lean against the wall you’d just been sitting against.

“It’ll hurt more after you sleep.”

You rolled your eyes, “yeah, I’ve been experiencing that nearly every day for the past 3 weeks.”

It was an oddly quiet day at the facility and you headed to your bedroom in a thoughtful daze. Had Coulson really sad that thing about Fitz to May or was she just saying that because she knew about your little crush on Fitz? Whatever the truth was, you fell asleep as soon as your head touched your pillow.

You didn’t think your sleep was going to be interrupted and you nearly catapulted a pillow across the room in surprise when you heard a voice come from beside the bed.

“Is there a reason you’ve taken over my bed?”

When you realised you recognised the voice, your hand relaxed, having been gripping the pillow you were just about to throw. You laid back against the bed again, shutting your eyes.

“Go away. I’m tired,” you muttered to Fitz, not realising what he’d said in the first place.

“But… this is my bedroom…?”

You moved to get up so quickly that you nearly knocked heads with Fitz.

“This – this isn’t,” you looked around, “this isn’t my room!”

He smiled, his face inches away from yours. You’d battled Hydra agents and been in near death experiences on multiple occasions and yet this – being this close to Leo Fitz, made you nervous.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” he wrapped an around your waist, causing your breath to hitch, “come on, I’ll help you back to your room.”

He had no idea just how much you wanted to kiss him right there and then.