Incredible Zerg vs. Terran between Idra vs. IMMVP.

A macro game turned into an incredible tug of war in Shakuras Plateau.


SlayerSMMA and IMMVP Base Race in GSL Code S Finals at Blizzcon 2011.

Taken with Canon Rebel T3.

A playlist of all videos of GSL Finals can be found here.




jézus, legdurvább őrült mészárlás volt ez, hogy tudott mindenki pont a döntő előtt lefeküdni ? ? ? ? ?

6 nuke, 30 spinecrawler így a pálya közepén, 27 broodlord úgy szórta a broodlingokat, mint ideges kurva a rizsport :DDD 112 baneling egy ponton és 16k mineral NesTeanek a bankban :DDDDDddd

kibaszott népirtás volt a vége, semmi mikró csak dobálták egymásra a high end unitokat.

Mvp beverte a végén, 2x verte NesTea-t, vitte az $50.000-et.




Tremenda final de Starcraft II en la BlizzCon2011

Repito… INSANE.- 


Artosis casted the IdrA vs MVP game that everyone and their Matriarch has been talking about. Here’s the video and it’s a much more spectator friendly view with helpful commentary!

My attempt at embweepee hahaha. This damn picture has been sitting on my desktop for like 2 weeks; waiting for me to finish it and I’m so terrible at hair and backgrounds I didn’t even want to bother u__u 

I’m probably going to go back in and fix it up when I’m not feeling too lazy haha.


Probably one of the best TvZ’s I have ever seen.

GSL Code S - Finals


IMMvp                  4-0

My Thoughts:

The GSL finals resulted in a disappointing loss for MarineKingPrime, but a great win for IMMvp.  Mvp played perfectly through every single game, showing that he really practiced for MarineKing’s style.  This could clearly be seen when Mvp floats his expansion and moves his SCVs back into his main while attacking; to prevent any of the MarineKing base-trading scenarios.  I also feel that MarineKing didn’t go into the finals with the proper mindset.  It looked like MarineKing was scared of facing Mvp with his normal style and tried to deviate too much from it to try and trick Mvp.  MarineKing should have been able to take a couple games off Mvp if he had played as he normally would.  I feel bad for MarineKing because he got second place again, but this time, Mvp is the one deserving of being the Terran Champion.