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Pictures from the last few days.

Some immunohistochemistry notes, prepping a new (kitty - covered!) bujo for the next school year + the very empty September spread, and a pile of books for AP Lit I got from the used book store today. I only mean to get 1 or 2… oops 😂


Time to be a nerd for minute: Immunohistochemistry Edition

These are light microscope pictures that I took of fluorescent-labeled rat brain cross sections that I stained and mounted. 

  • The red in the pictures stained astrocytes, a special type of glia. Glia are the cells in the brain that aren’t neurons. Think of them likes the technical staff at a hospital: they aren’t the doctors, but they keep things running they way that they should.
  • The blue stained nuclei acids, so the little blue dots are cell bodies of the neurons in each section of the brain that we looked at.
  • The green helped to distinguish between glia and neurons by recognizing special proteins found only in the processes of neurons.

I hope you like my pictures, whether you like neuroscience or just weird, trippy things. Brains are cool. Kthxbai

theywontholdusdown-deactivated2  asked:

I didn't realise you worked on Zebrafish. I was recently at a placement and we couldnt get any GFP histone tagged ones to breed :( (we were looking at lens development so we were sucking zebrafish embryos into a light sheet microscope).

Yeah, I spent a good portion of my weekends during undergrad sleeping in the aquatics lab so that I could pull the breeding dividers at 8 am. I went to a small undergraduate institution where the professors weren’t expected to publish on a regular basis, so I didn’t get to do anything too intense, except some immunohistochemistry and cryostat-ing on embryos, but I had to go through hoops and ladders just to make that work.

Unfortunately there were some personal things that came up and I never got to finish that research project before graduating. So in all honesty, most of my work with zebrafish was getting them to breed for my supervisor so she could use the embryos in her upper division elective (WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO TAKE MYSELF BECAUSE SHE WENT ON MATERNITY LEAVE THE SEMESTER IT WAS OFFERED AND I WAS ELIGIBLE TO TAKE IT).

But I still love zebrafish. I think they’re an awesome model organism. For me, it’s always been a lot easier to euthanize a fish than a mammal (say, a rat, for instance, which I’ve had to do in neuroscience coursework). Zebrafish are hardy animals; it’s hard to unintentionally kill them (although, I’ve managed to do it). We don’t have nearly as well developed genetic manipulation tools for them as we do for mammals (ex. knockout mice), but there’s morpholinos and TALENs. I actually wanted to use a morpholino assay, but, once again, I never got that far due to personal obstacles.

Punday Monday #1

Today I’d like to post the first in what I hope will be a weekly installment on this blog: Punday Monday.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a sense of humor that merits more groans than actual laughs. I’ve been told multiple times that I should even consider competing in the Punderdome. This is my training.

Multiple requests on Twitter yielded no suggestions for pun topics, so I turned to my trusty bff Mara for a topic. In the future, feel free to suggest topics via Tumblr or Twitter. I will always give at least 10 puns.

Because Mara is actually a completely horrible human being, the topic I was given today is:

IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY (wikipedia page linked for convenience)*

  1. The scientist was trying to decide who to allow into their summer immunohistochemistry lab. They had narrowed down the choices to a grad student and an enthusiastic, high-achieving high school senior. “I’m not anti-Jen,” said the scientist. “I’m just pro-teen.”
  2. What do ghost scientists like to study? Antibodies
  3. A French scientist with poor English was trying to help his daughter get ready for the school dance. She didn’t want to go– didn’t want go so badly that she refused to wear the dress her mother had picked out for her, and instead insisted on wearing a pair of deerskin overalls. Her father handed her a set of sparkly snaps to replace the drab metal ones on the front of the overalls. “Pair ‘a–” he paused, showing her how to fix them to the overalls. “Formal– de hyde.” He pointed to the deerskin overalls, and she teared up a little at his kind gesture.
  4. What’s Albert Coons’s favorite way to treat wood, like furniture or an outdoor deck? staining
  5. The presidents of various high school club presidents were meeting for the annual semester planning session. The Model United Nations president, Katie, was confused when Biology Susan handed her a lab workbook. “I’m MUN,” she explained. Susan shook her head and pointed over Katie’s shoulder. Katie looked behind her and saw Chemistry TIm. “Oh- his? To chemistry?”
  6. It was Valentine’s Day, and all the scientists in the lab were feeling a little flirty. “Enzyme?” said Mark to Laurie in the break room as she made an egg salad sandwich and he sprinkled Bean-O on his refried beans. “More like enz-mine, right? Please date me, I’m lonely.”
  7. Billy Mays’s agent was arguing the finer points of his unexecuted contract with Made For TV Acme Corp. “Per Oxi Days,” said the agent, “the clause allowing Billy to stain and clean every surface in Canada, the responsibility is to be carried on to his next of kin…”
  8. “It’s a man!” exclaimed Dorothy. “A man made out of biotin!” The Biotin Man gave a thumbs up. “I have great hair!”
  9. “Monoclonal?” said the lab assistant, adjusting his spectacle and his ball cap from the Norwegian America Line. “I thought you said ‘monocle NAL.’” 
  10. What do you call an extremely short book about immunohistochemistry? a microtome

*I am a humanities person and may just be making science puns but 

Now wasn’t that fun? Imagine how much more fun it would be if I were riffing on things that don’t take a Wikipedia article to understand! Things like Scandinavian culture (how do Vikings communicate on telegram? Norse code) or Broadway musicals (+cats: name this musical about young cats selling daily publications- Mewsies!)? The possibilities are endless! Challenge me! 

Bring it on.