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Your prompts are so creative and I love it all! Can you make immortal with a death wish prompts?

1) “You know you’re immortal, right? You can’t actually die.” 
“I’ll just sleep forever. Nearest possible thing.” 

2) “You said you’d kill me, if I did this for you. You promised.” The immortal’s voice cracked. “I did everything you asked.”
“Oh, you poor sweet thing. Why would I kill something so very, very useful to me?” 

3) “You need to stop doing this.”
“It’s not like I can die,” the immortal said - sounding suspiciously sulky. 
The other seized hold of their chin, abruptly livid. “No, you can’t die. But you know what you can do? You can suffer. You can be covered in third degree burns for the rest of your extremely long life, or have brain damage, or be stuck with every limb broken.” Their grip tightened as the immortal sucked in a sharp breath. “In fact, if I were you, I would start being very kind to myself. Because you. can’t. die.” 


Thank you to my absolute favorite author, Tamora Pierce. She is an inspiration and EVERY girl should read her books. It is truly refreshing to find fantasy, adventure books with female protagonists. Yet the heroines are relatable and human-like for all their amazing qualities and magics. Not only that, but it’s the only fantasy book I’ve ever come across to talk about periods in a natural way (and that’s what they are -NATURAL). AND Tammy writes without slut shaming. Continuing the wonder that is Tamora Pierce Novels, we find openly LGBT characters of all kinds and even polyamorous people. Never in any book before have I encountered that. To top it off, her girls are fiercely feminist, without compromising their femininity unless THEY want to. Kel wears a dress every night specifically to remind the boys that she, a girl, is among them. Switching to Tammy’s other realm, an additional must read is Will of the Empress, showing clear references and illusions to rape and rape culture, with our protagonist fighting it every step of the way. To sum up, The Amazing Tamora Pierce is my inspiration and the reason I myself am a feminist. Her characters are strong, independent, and varied. All sorts sexualities, nationalities and personality types are included. Characters from backgrounds of all sorts, with varying abilities, some even suffering PTSD. Strongly recommend to EVERYONE.

Films in which Luke Evans cries

@dicrapriking asked about any films that Luke cries in. I had to think about it a bit, but it turns out there are a few!

Cowards and Monsters

A lovely, short film about infidelity that you can watch here.

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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (deleted scene)

A nice deleted scene about hope and an acorn. :) Watch it here.

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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Very weird crying. Watch here.

Dracula Untold

He sheds a few tears in one spoilery scene (not the one below), which you can watch here.

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By far the best crying scene. Just look at him!

Although he doesn’t cry in The Girl on the Train, as far as I remember, he seems to be on the verge of tears in many of his scenes.

I think that’s it! All in all, I’d say he’s a beautiful crier!

Anonymous said:Hello! I love ur blog soo much! Can you please make some very old tired of being alive immortal/young impressive woman?

Anonymous said: Prompts about immortals and their lovers?

1) “You know what,” they finally lost it with their lover. “This is getting really boring. No wonder you’re tired of being alive, I’m bloody tired of listening you talk about how everything was so much better before without you ever doing a goddamn thing to change it.” They tugged a hand through their hair as the immortal stared at them in shock. “Nothing is ever enough for you, is it? Not even me.”
“No - I didn’t mean - You’re the only thing worth living for.”
“Yeah? Well, maybe I’m tired of that too. I want to be your lover, not your entire life.”

2) “You were supposed to be my constant, the only thing in my life that didn’t change.”
But life changes, people are supposed to change, how else is it really living? You’re the one who taught me that! “I-” the immortal floundered. “I thought you’d be happy.”

3) “You think you know everything, don’t you?” The immortal couldn’t help but grin, hopelessly fond of that trait. Even when they probably shouldn’t be. Maybe, because the young were the only ones who could ever be so wonderfully arrogant that in some way it was true. 
“Not everything,” their lover said - oblivious to their nature. “But, you know, once you get to my age you do pick up a few things.”