He died. Vladislaus died in battle, and Valdrigus was left alone, heartbroken, their vow lost to death. The spell could not fight without a sword. Valdrigus whole hardheartedly believed that, and his brother’s demise under arrow and fire only fueled his need to not loose the only family he had left.

Their vow would not be broken.

I will not explain to you now how he came to be what he became, that will be explained in due time. But amidst battle, the knight rose again, and he held darkness in his heart. With sword and darkness, powers from beyond grave, Vladislaus slaughtered his enemies and dyed the battlefield in blood.

Valdrigus fought by his side, spell in hand, frightened and fascinated by the darkness his brother now held.

Vladislaus was no longer Sim, he was something else. 

The battle won, Vladislaus offered his blood to Valdrigus. Immortality in a bite, they would maintain their vow and their bond, brothers of blood, brothers of shield, brothers in the darkness.

Valdrigus took it.

Victorious both brothers returned, no longer human. But the King did not care, they had won him the war, so he rewarded them. He gave them a large plot of land of his kingdom where the brothers would raise their County and he sired both warriors, knight and sorcerer as Counts.

They called it Straudsville and upon a small hill the built their home.

And while the king died with time and the years went by, Straudsville remained, ruled by two brothers, the Count Strauds, respected and feared by all, the Counts that walked in the darkness.

Immortal Bite

Pairing: MC x Eisuke

Prompt: Vampire AU

Note: I know I haven’t been doing the requests lately, but I decided to get my writers block out with something freeform. Thanksgiving is thursday (2 days away for me) and after the holiday I plan to be back in full swing and knocking them out before my hiatus! Inspired by this prompt. 


Eisuke watched as you laid in a pool of your own blood, trying to drag yourself away from the monster trying to devour you. 

Your leg was clearly broken, bending the wrong way. You held a pale hand to your side, trying to stop the constant flow of blood as it seeped through your fingers, staining them in the sickening red color and filing the air with a metallic sweetness. Your eyebrows scrunched together, trying your hardest to focus on survival instead of the intense pain you were feeling at the moment.

“Get away from her!” Eisuke yelled, sending a swift attack to the monster, sending it flying and dissipating into a dark smoke, returning to the underworld.

You watched as Eisuke ran to your side, kneeling down and lifting you into his arms, blood still pooling onto the ground below you.

“Khim, jesus, why can’t you just stay on the overworld where it’s safe!?” He yelled, causing a small smile to pull on your lips.

“Need….this…” You whispered, barely lifting your hand to reveal the small leather bound book that Eisuke always carried with him.

“You idiot.” He said, taking the book and dropping it to the side, “That was never important. Not enough for you to do this. Who let you through? Was it Baba? I’ll kill him if it was him.” He said, gripping your shoulders tighter in anger for not being able to keep you safe.

What good was it to be immortal, have unlimited powers, if he couldn’t protect a frail and kind human. Being a demon held no purpose if he couldn’t protect you at all.

“E-Eisuke…” You mumbled, catching his attention.

Although when you failed to speak another word did he realize the state you were in.

“No, no,” He whispered, before yelling, “Don’t you dare die! That’s a order!” He couldn’t contain the hysteria that washed over him as he shook your shoulders, “You hear me Khim!? Don’t you dare leave me now!” 

His pleas fell on deaf ears as you could barely hold your eyes open, not even having the strength left to tell him goodbye, to tell him that you always loved him, that you would leave the human world behind for him…

“Tsk, you cause so much trouble,” He remarked, not even giving a second thought as to what he was about to do next. There was no way he would lose you.

He quickly sealed his lips over yours, transferring all his life source he could into you. He wouldn’t lose you like this, by him being weak and narrow-minded, he couldn’t live with himself if you left him like this.

You felt the surge of power rush through your veins. The heat, the passion, the love—it raced all throughout your body as you felt the feeling come through your fingers and toes before your hands darted to Eisuke, trying your hardest to push him away.

‘No,’ You thought, ‘No! Don’t throw it away for me….!’

You screamed these pleas inside, trying to convey to Eisuke not to throw away everything for you to live. He had so much to do in the underworld. To find his real parents, to find his sister, to take down the demon who took everything away from him. He couldn’t do it as a mortal.

What felt like hours was only seconds as Eisuke removed his lips from yours, panting wildly as his head fell against your chest.

“Khim, Khim,” He panted, using the last of his energy to push himself up to look at your face. 

“I’m alive, I’m right here.” You said, tears already spilling from your eyes as you caressed his cheek, “You idiot you lost everything. Why do that for me?” 

He only let out another small chuckle, “Moron,” He said, letting his head fall back onto your chest, “If I lost you I would have shortly followed you as well. Become mortal won’t hinder me at all.” 

“Oh Eisuke,” You sobbed, clinging to him as he gently laid in your arms. Normally, he would push you away, but for now he laid in your arms, happy that he had saved the most important thing to him.