immortality blues

Signs assigned to American Beauty/American Psycho Songs
  • Aries: Jet Pack Blues
  • Taurus: Centuries
  • Gemini: Twin Skeletons
  • Cancer: Immortals
  • Leo: American Beauty/ American Psycho
  • Virgo: The Kids Aren't Alright
  • Libra: Irresistible
  • Scorpio: Uma Thurman
  • Sagittarius: Novocaine
  • Capricorn: Favourite Record
  • Aquarius: Fourth of July
  • Pisces: Irresistible
  • <p> <b>Irresistible:</b> new album, motherfuckers, getting all groovy and shit oh you have ovaries leT ME JUST SPEAK FRENCH SO YOU CAN LOSE THEM<p/><b>American Beauty/American Psycho:</b> These lyrics don't make much sense but damn, this makes me want to dance in a public place<p/><b>Centuries:</b> DO DO DO DO DO DODODO DO DO FUCK YOU *walks away from explosion in all black and leather*<p/><b>The Kids Aren't Alright:</b> Oh, well this is shit, it's relataBLE FUCK, FEELS<p/><b>Uma Thurman:</b> AWWW SHIT I'M GOING TO DANCE AND PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE<p/><b>Jet Pack Blues:</b> *sits down and cries*<p/><b>Novocaine:</b> *leaps into the air* DAT VOCAL RANGE, DOOOOOEEE<p/><b>Fourth of July:</b> makes you wanna link arms with your friend and dance until you listen to the lyrics and then it's kinda a downer...<p/><b>Favorite Record:</b> *dances embarrassingly*<p/><b>Immortals:</b> WE CAN BE IMMORTALS *becomes Baymax and flies off*<p/><b>Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC):</b> chills, just chills everywhere...but wait wailing harmonies bRB LOSING MY SHIT<p/><b></b> And after all this, my final reaction is to curl up in a ball with the CD pressed against my chest and cry because it is perfect and who knows when they'll write more music *cries*<p/></p>
The Signs as American Beauty/American Psycho Songs

Aries - American Beauty, American Psycho

Taurus - Irresistible 

Gemini - Twin Skeletons

Cancer - Jet Pack Blues

Leo - Centuries

Virgo - Immortals

Libra - Favorite Record

Scorpio - Irresistible

Sagittarius - Uma Thurman

Capricorn - Novocaine 

Aquarius - The Kids Aren’t Alright

Pisces - Fourth of July


favorite lyrics per song per album → american beauty/american psycho - fall out boy

I’m starting to forget just what summer ever meant to you.

(Fourth of July / Fall Out Boy)

Look what arrived two days early. Gotta say I was worried about how this new album would sound but the guys have pulled of another brilliant album. Can’t wait to see them in October!!

On the FOURTH OF JULY, UMA THURMA played my new FAVORITE RECOND: AMERICAN BEAUTY/ AMERICAN PSYCHO.  It was IRRESISTIBLE and even though THE KIDS AREN’T ALRIGHT and clearly have the JET PACK BLUES from all the NOVOCAINE they took at the TWIN SKELETON’S HOTEL IN NYC, they are not IMMORTALS and will remember it for CENTURIES!!!