"I must apologize for the mess… Had the Queen given me any more time to prepare for a guest of your stature, I assure my home wouldn’t be in the shambles that you see it in.“ Not to say that the Phantomhive manor was at all in any other state besides absolute perfection, it was simply the idea of manners that played a part in his words.

 ; immortalis-gloria

                     ❝ huh?

       「Stygian orbs emerge beyond heavy
            lids  of concealment;  enshrouding
            obscurity  consumes, nonetheless.
            Upon  very  subtle  movement may   
            the clash of binding shackles salu-
            te him. And thus, enkindling trepid- 
            ation in respect

                      ❝ …the fuck’s going on here?

Little Rabbit Toy

The girl gave a sigh and wiggled a splinter out of her finger. It hurt quite a bit, but she had important work to do! She was making a toy for her younger brother- a poseable stuffed rabbit. At this point, alone at the edge of the desert and a forest, she was working on the wooden structure underneath that would support the fabric, and allow it to stand on its own. Spark smiled- her brother would love this.

She sighed and went back to carefully carving the general shape, trying  not to hurt herself in the process. She didn’t hear the other approaching.

Doppelganger || immortalis-gloria

This place was like none other the puppeteer had encountered before. He had only been here for no longer then two weeks and already he had learned enough information to understand what was going on in this part of the world. It was both interesting and confusing for a series of reasons. The number one reason being that many people mistook him for someone else. Someone powerful apparently.

Everywhere he went people cowered in fear and ran. That was common seeing as how he was labeled dangerous but no one knew him here. In this foreign place he was just suppose to be another face in the crowd going about his life. When the staring and whispering had started Sasori had thought it was because of his hair, red hair was uncommon after all, but later on he discovered it was for a whole new reason.

This wasn’t the first time someone had worn his face before. A few idiots had tried using his identity to gain respect before when he was younger. Each impostor had met the same fate as the last, they all ended up being ripped to shreds. When it came to people using his face Sasori was not a forgiving man. The only option now was to kill the person pretending to be him so that he could get on with his life.

So one day when some people in uniform came looking for him he allowed his self to be caught. It wasn’t his favorite option but it was easier to allow his self to be caught then to go on a wild goose chase. The fake obviously held a large amount of power and he was curious to see them in their own settings. Being pushed into an extravagant room Sasori had blinked.


There was the fake right in front of him as clear as day. Raising an eyebrow he took this chance to looked them over. Everything about their appearance wise was the same as hie, he had to give the person credit for being spot on. But it was time to bring the others fun to an end. Neutral expression still on his face Sasori moved to speak.

“It’s not very nice to wear other people’s faces.”


                     A shrill sounding of a popping bone emerged and he was quick to   s m i r k——— digits still keeping in place on the male’s broken limb.

                     “What   b  e  a  u  t  i  f  u  l  sound, wouldn’t you agree?”

                                             His lips dared part and an utterance of pure mockery emerged once time came right. He feared not of losing this, though a a little blue bird ceases to tell him this boy is not as the others he’s faced upon this new  w o r l d .

                                “Shall I break the other one?

“I dare you to try and touch me again, asshole! I won’t let you dattebayo!”

There was no way he was going to allow his guard to fall again. Even with a broken limb, he would not let the other win this. No matter how much pain he went through, he wouldn’t give up!

Even though a plan wasn’t in place, he would make sure to get out of this alive.

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Red Hands {Closed}

If Beyond held his hand up in front of the setting sun and squinted his eyes just a bit, he couldn’t tell that there was blood on it. His fingers and palm appeared black when shadowed by the light from the massive star, and any traces of red that may have been there were lost when placed against the crimson sky. For a moment, he could almost forget what he was doing in the dirty old alleyway. He could forget the fact that someone had tried to take his life and he was forced to kill them before they got the chance. He could forget that this was the first time he had killed someone for a reason other than his plan to surpass L.

It felt strange. It felt different. He didn’t like it.

His head turned slightly, the faint sound of approaching footsteps catching his ear. His gaze flickered down to himself and his bloodstained clothing, heart jumping slightly as he realized what this looked like. He himself wasn’t injured because he had taken action as soon as the stranger ran at him with a knife, but that made the scenario look like a murder rather than a self-defense killing. Under the eyes of a court or any cynical individual, he would surely be found guilty to some degree, and he couldn’t afford that.

Thinking quickly, he rushed to the body and dragged it to the back of the alley, hidnig it behind the dumpster in such a way that it would be impossible to see unless one walked all the way back and looked for it. He then grabbed the assailant’s knife and looked down at himself again, spying two places where the blood was heavily concentrated. Glancing over his shoulder briefly, he saw the person had not yet arrived and quickly gashed his lower stomach, biting down on his lip before sending the knife halfway into his right shoulder as well. He swallowed the cries of pain that surged up his throat, sliding the knife into the dumpster and stumbling towards the opening of the alleyway.

It won’t fool forensics, but if I can convince this stranger that I only need to go home and rest, that won’t be a problem. I can clean up the scene after I get them to leave, and if Naomi questions my injuries, I’ll explain that I was in a car accident. She doesn’t need to know that they’re knife wounds, and considering I already told her I don’t obey traffic signals, she should buy it. The only thing I have to worry about is Naomi coming into contact with the stranger, but there’s not much time left before the case is over, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

With these thoughts assuring him that his plan would work, he staggered out into the open, falling against the brick wall and clutching his shoulder tightly. “Ah…” He bit down on his lip and glanced up through his bangs. The street was empty, meaning that the person was behind him, so he took a wobbly step for good measure.

“A-ah… h-hello? Is… anyone there?”

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My Muse is dead, but they left yours a letter! Send a ✖ to see what it says.

          When you find this letter, I’ll be gone. Maybe it was a mistake to let you into our village. You changed things, did things you own way.. and why? You wanted to rule.. I should have realized it. Not a traitor, far worse. You brought this nightmare upon our village and I will never once forgive you for it. Even in death, I’ll curse your name. 

            I’ll agree, you weren’t the one to throw the kunai, to end the final moments.. but you were the cause. We had peace, we had order and your rulings destroyed all that. Diplomacy.. all those fancy words you used, just a cover up for the murders you caused. You’ll probably still say all that bullshit that it was for the greater good, for a brighter future.. but Konoha doesn’t deserve that future! One without the great leaf ninja.. it isn’t a future! It’s an existence and nothing more, it holds no meaning!

             But why am I really trying to sway you, you didn’t understand me from the beginning and I never understood you. We’re too different. But still—

                                                   See you in hell, Sasori.
                                                       Naruto Uzumaki.

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⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Lifting an eyebrow Sebastian bemused only stared at the old male, the knowledge that he managed shake the proud man only made him chuckle while words considered vulgar and improper were hitting against his ears.“Oh my, my….such intense hatred I hear dripping from your mouth Scepan. Is that how a Noble Lord is to behave when met with an obstacle, a mountain that he will not be able digging through but must take a long road around it all? I am a bit disappointed.”

                    Utterings as these were nothing new nor scandalous to the raven, hearing them all if not perhaps even pushing his claws into someones chest to create them. Humans were lovely toys that always reacted the same or a bit different from what expected, and exactly that was the whole thrill in it all. What will happen is adding a bit pressure here and there, what if the entire game turned was for his entertainment into something bloodied and soiled.



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"Just breathe." {{ Hello c: }}

calming starter sentences

The child took in a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down. Being caught in the storm had frightened him, and as the thunder boomed and lightning lit up the sky he became more and more upset.

Wiping his eyes he looked up at the stranger. Another crash of thunder caused Naruto to move closer to them, nearly clinging.

“….Too loud!”

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Ludo, Horror of our Love

I will eat you slowly. .

No matter the fear, no matter the pain, and no matter what was said to him about it, he wouldn’t allow such a thing.

Never would he ever allow someone to hard his precious daughter. It was love now, but what would it be in a year or two? After both his, as well as Blair’s lives were endangered? Hell. Fucking. No.

He would not allow a monster like that near his daughter. Though, if Emily chose Scepan over him, then that was that. He didn’t want to get in the way of her happiness, but until then. .

No matter what, he would protect his family. If that meant killing the man before Emily made her choice, he would. He would make the man suffer if he hurt anyone he loved. 

The fear wasn’t enough to subside the dire urge to protect his loved ones, and it sure as hell wouldn’t stop him from doing so now. He would keep his composure around this man. He would keep his guard up. The lives of his child and lover depended on it.

A soft glare was earned, to cover up his fear and uncertainty. The only thing he was certain of, was the fact that if he needed to, he would kill. And the look in his eye should have been enough to confirm that.

“We both know Emily is her own person, and I’m going to let her choose her fate, but if you ever dare to hurt her, I will not hesitate to end your life." 

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"Your icon is ugly, Sebastian, go make me tea at least you're good at that." (( LANNY DECIDED TO DROP HOMEWORK TO SEND YOU THIS LOVELY MESSAGE :D ))

⊰ ♞ ⊱—; Rolling his eyes Sebastian tried even not to hide his displeasure with this particular male, ever since they met it was clear as day that never they would come on good terms of their ‘relationship’, the only result ever presenting itself would most likely be death.“ If only I cared what you think of it Scepan, but oh well such a sad tale here to tell you….your opinion is like smallest whisper of the wind.”