I promised I wouldn’t get involved in this, but I’m seeing things that I feel like something should be said about. Dex has done and said awful things. But do not DO NOT hate the other creatures for it. It may seem that they aren’t doing anything and ignoring it, but with what James and Joe have said I feel like things are being done. We don’t know what happens at the office. They’ve probably discussed what they’re going to do. We just have to wait. Saying things like ‘you’ve given up on the creatures, I won’t watch them anymore, or I don’t even like them anymore because of this’ is really wrong. These guys are your hero’s, your inspiration, they have made you laugh, they brought you out of tough times. They care so much for their fans. Don’t let one guy ruin the people who mean so much to you. I get Dex is awful and the situation. But everyone is being unfair to the other guys.Take the time to watch some old creature videos, WITHOUT DEX, and remind yourself why you started watching the creatures in the first place.

before yall start saying dex is just trying to look like the “victim”, know that james tweeted at him. james did not say he was lying, and is obviously aware that dex was mistreated. also, in the video, dex says he isn’t trying to look like a victim, he’s just sharing with us why he left because we should know.