The Creatures as Best Friend Types: Which one are you?

-The friend that acts really good in front of parents but is lowkey a reckless asshole.
-The friend that is a complete disaster but you can always count on to help you out if you need them.

-The friend that constantly uses memes in casual conversations.
-The friend that says “go on, I’m listening” when everyone else is talking over someone.

-The mean friend that is secretly very loyal and considerate.
-The friend that curses the most and makes dirty jokes on a daily basis.

-The bratty friend that will throw a fit if no one else wants to do what they want to do.
-Whenever someone says “Hey, so your friend is really cute…” They’re talking about this friend.

Artist Joe:
-The one friend that is crazy talented at something and is known for that talent.
-Tends to naturally stay away from drama.

-The cynical and sarcastic friend that doesn’t seem to understand how human emotions work.
-If anyone wants to hangout with this friend, they have to go to their house and annoy them until they agree to go out. They’ll never leave otherwise.

-The friend that can’t be put on speaker phone because no one ever knows what will come out of their mouth.
-If anything goes wrong, this friend takes the blame so their friends don’t get in trouble, even if they’re completely innocent (for once).

-The friend that makes everyone laugh, literally everyone, even complete strangers.
-Is usually really goofy and funny so whenever they get serious, it’s kind of unsettling.

Intern Joe:
-The friend that everyone always vents to but never wants to bother anyone with their own problems.
-Seems very shy at first but is actually really energetic and spazzy.

-The sweet, innocent friend that everyone’s parents like the most.
-The “Tell my mom you’re going so I can go” friend.