okay so i bought all three immortal circus books because there was a sale on the kindle marketplace and i was like why not i’ll take a chance

and i just finished the first one and holy heck it was wonderful.  i had stuff to do today and it was so hard to find stopping points in the book to take a quick break and get one of the tasks done that i needed to do

the only reason why i’m not reading book two right now is cause i gotta watch the new supernatural but as soon as it’s over i know what i’m doing with my whole night


Britney Spears - Circus

“Ladies and gentlemen
Be heartlessly welcome!
To Cirque De Immortale
And what a show we have for you tonight!

Restless souls will put on their dancing shoes
Mindless ghouls with lots of limbs to lose
Illusionists, contortionist,
Tightrope - walkers thightening the noose”

There’s more to the Immortal Circus than the average attendee realises. For starters, the Ringmaster is a Vampire who keeps a Werewolf as a ‘pet’.
The Immortal Circus was founded years ago, though those who go to see the show are oblivious to who the actual founder is or just how long the circus has been running. There are some humans who avoid the circus, sensing something off about it or believing it to be haunted; which is actually nothing compared to the wide variety of supernatural creatures that work and often live with the circus.
They may not all get along, but one thing the circus members all agree on besides working there to begin with is that their true identities are to be kept secret from humans to avoid any Hunters coming after any of the circus members.