Part of being an author is having a persona, and that persona has to exude success. So it’s very rare for a new writer to actually see what it’s like to be an author.

A.R.Kahler, author of SHADES OF DARKNESS (out now!).

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It was preposterous that in order to have a story that was a sweeping fantasy or a saving-the-world thing, you had to be straight.

A.R.Kahler, author of SHADES OF DARKNESS (out now!).

Hear the full interview here, or download it on iTunes or Stitcher!

Sorry for my bad art D’:

Name: Caroline Val

Age: 234 years (looks 27)

Gender: Female

Birth date: August 15

Hair colour: Honey blonde

Eye colour: light purplish blue

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 65 kg

Skin tone: caucasian (IDK normal skin tone? Like not pale…)

Hair length: Small of her back

Body type: Thin

Nickname(s): Carrie by friends, Funnel cake by her sister, Carnival by strangers.

Profession: Immortal formerly circus clown.

Personality: Optimist, bubbly, humorous, energetic, fun loving, party animal, childish, procrastinator, loud, annoying at times.

Current place of residence: Nightlife district, Eternity city, Eternia

Unique features: Tips of her hair are dyed bubble gum pink, baby blue and light lavender. She also has many red and white candy themed accessories and wears clown make up. She has a leg brace on her right leg that she hides with long dresses. (will be explained in bio)

Bio: Caroline is the immortal of Parties, celebrations, Festivals, carnivals, fairs, circuses and street performers so generally speaking Celebrating and fun. She and her sister Candice were born into a family of circus performers, and while Caroline followed the family tradition of being a performer her sister became a snack vendor that specialized in candies and sweets. Caroline was a clown and had a pretty good life up until she was 26 then things went downhill. During one of the shows one of the horses got spooked by an audience member and bucked its rider off, before she could get out of the way the charged her and knocked her down. She was mostly unharmed but her right leg was run over by the horse breaking it. After that ordeal she was out of commission permanently since her leg had healed wrong and the only way she could walk was with a brace, even then it was more of a limp. Saddened by no longer being able to perform she became depressed for a little while before her sister told her to stop feeling sorry for herself and pull it together. She began to help her sister with her stall, which she enjoyed but it wasn’t the same as performing. But fortunately Banshee had been at that show and had watched the accident happen. So being the omnipotent being she was Banshee waited to see how this would play out and if Caroline and her sister were worthy of immortal hood. She and her sister proved that they were indeed worthy and both became immortals. Fifty years later Caroline met a young 23 year old named Cameron Cirque. She grew fond of him and decided that she wanted him to be her champion. So after putting through the ringer she offered him championship which he accepted.

Sorry if there is any grammar errors. I’m not the best at it. Also if you have any questions just ask!

The only thing I can really say about this is “what did she do to deserve the immortality with her sister?”

Also, in my person opinion, that’s not how depression works when someone says, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pull it together” in fact, it usually makes things worse.

So instead, I’d have the sister talk her into trying again or dragging her to the stalls to try and get her to help or something along those lines

if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!