immortal fashions


Hello all my #dirkgently friends! We have been blown away by all the #fanart of Bentley as Rapunzel on the Show, we thought it would be great to post EVERYTHING related to Bentley on Facebook, so we have almost 200 pieces on display on Bentleys page… as well, we have made a hall of Honour for all the artwork that has been produced… here are pics of about 60% of what we have framed and put up… stay tuned for more as we keep adding this week

Thank you to all you amazing Artists for taking the time and effort to immortalize Bentley in this fashion! We are inspired and moved by this honour!

Thank you!

Her hands were always covered; from her wrists and across the back of her palms were bands of a dark fabric, cut neatly and fastened expertly into position through a woven grasp. And he had never questioned it, assuming it to be a practical comfort against the harsh days of war and wilderness. But the truth, as he had discovered years later, was far more culturally significant. The old world had branded her with a year of birth, and this number was imprinted on the back of her hand in a pale scar. In a society where immortal lives were strictly controlled, as not to overpopulate or dominate the cosmos, the mortal population were adamant that all should be accountable for their age. It meant that an eternal life could never falsify their records to live amidst mortal society, or to procreate, or show signs of everlasting power. Over time, this intimate number was seen as a deeply personal trait. And in the only freedom they had left, they had covered up their ancient years – unwilling to divulge their age with every movement of their hands. It was only in her dark bands that there was further significance, they used the shades of their birth century to show a small amount of status within their sanctuaries. And her dark, ever winding bands were half a millennia old.
—  Celestial Dynasty

“This issue of V is about all of these people coming together to express a passion for art and fashion, to really ‘go there’ to make a great statement and to change things…I feel like we all share an appetite for living a life of passion and creativity…it’s like we all found our immortality through art and fashion…we share that deep spiritual place. These are people who have kept me and protected me over the years, because they’ve wanted me to survive…that’s part of the message of this issue: we have to carry each other through the decades and take care of one another and honor each other’s work…I am saying thank you to all these people for everything they’ve given to me…I want to make sure the world knows who they are…it’s a guard of people…I call them my Fashion Guard!”