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this is a sloppy-ish comic about a strong headcanon of mine which is basically:

 hanzo, due to years of coping badly with life, sees genji in a very idealised, ‘always-a-child’ way, and can’t quite connect that to 35-yrs old actual genji(this is turn, makes genji feel like hanzo thinks he’s inferior). essentially: it’s hard work patching things together, but they try. 

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Demigods are humanoid, but vaguely so. Some bear wings or gills; others have glowing birthmarks or tattoos that cannot stand still. Many have gemstone irises or pure molten metal under their ebony lashes. Light shines differently in their presence, and the very ground accommodates their steps. They may not be immortal, but they are certainly not human. 

Hi my name is Túrin Turambar Neithan Mormegil Agarwaen son of Úmarth and I have a long ebony black sword (that’s how I got my name) that talks and is filled with malice and I have icy grey eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Morwen Eledhwen (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Níniel but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I have pale white skin. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing a black cloak with some Orc blood around it and black leather trousers, silver chain leggings and black boots. I was wearing my doom on my brow. I was walking outside Brethil. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Glaurung stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

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“It can be made permanent, you know?“, Clary said quietly and tentatively, “just like every other rune. I don’t know if it would have to be reactivated along the way. It might. But it could be permanent either way.”

Alec squinted his eyes at her. What was she on about? He wasn’t even sure she was talking to him, her eyes were focused on the wall. They sat on a bench outside the infirmary, waiting for Magnus and the Silent Brothers, who were working on the wounds Jace sustained in battle.

In THE battle. The war, one should say. They did win, but at a heavy price. His sister barely made it through, Jace was still unconscious, though they were hopeful he’d pull through. His father was dead. So were a lot of the other Shadowhunters. He didn’t yet have a count on Luke’s pack, or Raphael’s clan, but it was safe to assume they sustained as many losses as the Institute did.

Clary clearly sensed his confusion. “The Alliance Rune I mean”, she elaborated, “it could be made permanent.”

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Vampire Yoongi who falls in love with his blood donor Taehyung.

In this world there are some people known as “Immortal children” who are kids that are sick with a birth defect that makes them stop physically aging when they turn twenty. Along with this “sickness” they develop too much blood in their body that often times leads to them getting very ill. 

Enter thousand years old vampires that admit yes vampires are very much real and very much are having a hard time feeding without looking like monsters maybe we can work something out? 

When Kim Taehyung is born he doesn’t cry tears, he cries blood. Many test later confirm he’s the first and only immortal child to come out of the Kims. 

At the age of eight Taehyung’s family begin to suffer from money problems. They slowly begin losing their homes and food. One day when Taehyung his playing outside with his friend, another immortal child by the name of Jungkook, a very pale beautiful man with jet black hair and black pupil less eyes walks by and catches their ball that rolls near his feet. Jungkook cowers a bit in fear but Taehyung just giggles and bows to the man as he hands over the ball. 

“Thank you so much mister!” 

The man sends him a soft smile back. 

“Of course little one, be careful with it okay?” 

A week later Min Yoongi, vampire head of Daegu’s most elite vampire coven, is offering 20 million won to the Kims for Taehyung to become his donor. 

“Is…. Is it going to….”  Taehyung carefully eyes his wrist, “hurt..”

“Yes a little bit. The vampire gently runs his fingers over the tan skin of the little boy’s arm already picturing how sweet he’ll taste. A shiver runs through him, one filled with excitement and need. “I’m not going to lie to you, it stings but then the pain disappears and it’ll stop you from getting sick.”  

‘W-will you give me a hug after?” 

The questions catches Yoongi off guard. The vampire has fed on countless of people and none, not even one has ever asked for such thing, in fact often times they are running away in fear after he’s fed on them. Something like wonder fills him as he nods his head slowly and the little boy in front of him grins before pushing his wrist closer to Yoongi’s mouth. 

So much trust, so much innocence.

Yoongi places a soft kiss to the boy’s wrist and the vampire pretends the cry the boy lets out when his fangs sink into his wrist don’t send an unpleasant churn to his stomach. 

“You know, i do not think i’ve ever asked before,” Yoongi runs his fingers through Taehyung’s honey brown hair, “have you ever met another vampire before?” 

Taehyung is now fifteen. The boy is taller than he was before, now he comes over Yoongi’s hips, and his features are sharpening as he turns into the beauty Yoongi knew he would. They, well Yoongi, sits on the couch with the boy’s head resting on his lap and he’d think Taehyung was asleep if not for the way the boy smiles every time the vampire scratches at his scalp.

Taehyung hums, “Just one, his name was Seokjin, he would come to the house next door to feed on my bestfriend Jungkook.” Taehyung smiles as he turns his head to cuddles against Yoongi’s stomach. 

“You’re my favorite vampire though, old man.” 

Yoongi is ready to rip the head off of someones body the moment he opens his front door. Taehyung, oh so fucking beautiful Taehyung, stands on his front porch with bloody tears falling from his gorgeous warm chocolate eyes. The boy looks brokenheartedly beautiful with every deep red tear that trails down his round cheeks and Yoongi can’t help but to lean forward and run a finger under them before bringing it to his mouth. 

Taehyung taste of nothing but sadness. 

He’s eighteen now, taller than Yoongi and even more breathtakingly beautiful than anyone could have thought he would be. Yoongi’s stopped pretending he doesn’t want to rip out his undead heart and gift it to the teen as it already belongs to him. 

Taehyung sobs, “T-They called me a freak.” The teen is shaking and his arms wrap around his own body as if they’ll keep him safe from the memories of cruel kids who only look to hurt. “Minsoo, he only asked me to prom because i was an immortal child and he wanted to see if i- if i came blood too.” 

Yoongi pulls the boy closer and doesn’t think twice before kissing him softly. 

“Don’t worry little one, they’ll get their punishment soon.” 

Whenever people are against immortal Alec and are like, “it would be devastating for him!! He would have to watch his family die!!! If you know Alec, it would be hell for him!!"  I have to groan. Because like, Alec could honestly watch Izzy or Jace or his mother or Max die at anytime because they’re shadowhunters. Beyond that, how would his dying and leaving behind Magnus NOT hurt him? He knows how much Magnus has lost and when we talk about immortal Alec, he and Magnus have started their own life and have immortal children of their own. So…why is it okay for Magnus and his kids to lose Alec but it isn’t okay for Alec to possibly choose immortality? Which, you know. Is totally something this boy would think of?? I mean…god, he loves Magnus and would of course, love any children that they had. Alec choosing immortality would be him choosing for himself and the family he created with Magnus. It would be him choosing someone/something who’s made him happier than he’s ever been.

Plus, immortal Malec could help so many people throughout the centuries. So many abandoned warlock children or lgbtq shadowhunters who were kicked out of their homes for their sexuality.  IDK. Not only is immortality a happy thing for Malec, it…also has the potential to help others

Anyway, I am one hundred percent on the immortality train. Malec deserve it.

To add, the only Alec against immortality is book!Alec. Book!Alec and show!Alec aren’t alike. Book!Alec might not choose immortality, but show!Alec would.

The Mother of All Last Guardian Theories


As many fans of Team Ico’s work begin to complete the long awaited Last Guardian, there is one common point of contention. Who is “the last guardian?” Theories usually involve either the boy (no given name) or the beast, Trico, as the titular guardian.  This theory seeks to offer an alternative, and to do it, we must venture back to the very beginning, “The Shadow of the Colossus.”

Now you may be thinking and may be getting ready to burn houses down for this claim. Ico came first in terms of game release, but this theory will present a timeline that argues the true timeline begins with Shadow of the Colossus, then Ico, and ends with the Last Guardian. At the beginning of Shadow of the Colossus, the character Mono is condemned to a “cursed fate,” but this fate is not directly spelled out. For this cursed fate, she is sacrificed, much to her love Wander’s chagrin. Thus the events of the game ensue and culminate in Mono’s resurrection utilizing the power of Dormin, the resident demon dealmaker. The sages who condemned Mono to sacrifice arrive just in time to witness the deal take place. Wander is possessed by Dormin and transformed into a horned beast and attacks, sending them fleeing and destroying the bridge connecting the forbidden land and the rest of the lands that hold countless villages.

But as we know, this is not the end for Wander, Mono,…and Dormin (also Agro). Wander is transformed into a horned child and left in the care of the now resurrected Mono. Both have been touched by Dormin’s power, and when Wander comes of age, the two lovers can finally bear children. Mono, having been given new life in an almost complete sense, has not aged drastically and mothers many children. They are blessed a large family of sons, no daughters…yet. Many of these children are adorned with the horns of their father, though some appear as normal humans. Eventually, their children are numerous enough to free the entire family from the forbidden land and venture back to the home of their father and mother.

But they are not welcomed with open arms. The sages, now in their twilight years, see the almost eternally young Mono and her horn-bearing family and decry her as a servant of the demon Dormin. They declare that the horns mark the evil ones and cast her and all her progeny from the land. With still a large number of hands to work, the family finds a new home near the sea and construct an ornate castle that can house them all. Years pass, and Wander continues to age until he is no more, yet he leaves her with one final gift, their first daughter named Yorda. Yet Mono discovers that she has barely aged at all. The life given to her by Dormin seems to be near immortality. And as her children begin to age and die around her, she can feel herself only living longer. It’s as if their deaths force her to live longer and longer with less family to share it with. She decides that the children she has born without horns should leave her. She will undoubtedly outlive them. Perhaps they can have families of their own without ever being found out to be of a womb touched by a demon.

All things wither with age, and in this case, it is Mono’s compassion. She becomes jaded, beginning to abandon the love of her family to seek only the power to live longer and longer. She begins to sacrifice her remaining horned children, draining them of the life they have left to extend hers. Meanwhile, those sons who returned to villages began to sire heirs of their own, but some of these children now express the trait lying dormant within them. The influence of Dormin is shown in the horns that sprout from the young ones’ heads. The new sages, having been warned by those of the past, recognize Dormin’s touch instantly and condemn these children to a new “cursed fate”. They are brought to their familial castle and are left in the clutches of the castle’s queen, Queen Mono the Undying.

As Yorda ages within the confines of the castle, she is shown to have received a different mark of Dormin, her magic. Through her touch, she can bend the castle to her needs just as her mother could. Queen Mono realizes that if the sacrifice of her horned sons could prolong her life, the sacrifice of her daughter could bring about something greater, the end of her life as it was, the end of her cursed fate. If she could become Yorda, perhaps she might no longer feel the sting of her own existence. She may not die and may in fact truly live forever, but she could now live as Yorda, a new being filled with the same power she had but not the stigma of her name. This incites the events of Ico. Queen Mono is slain, and though her plan fails, she is finally free.

Yorda returns with the now hornless Ico to his village and is immediately met with fear and shock from the sages. A horned child has not only returned but has brought along a girl with clear magical potential. Could she be an emissary of the queen, coming to declare war in the name of the demon Dormin? No. She immediately explains in the archaic tongue, a language they alone understand through studies of the ancient texts, that she has seen the wicked influence of Dormin’s hand in her family. She wishes it eradicated and vows to aid them in exchange for Ico’s life. She intends to destroy every other branch of her family tree, but she cannot part with the one member that has shown her kindness. A deal is struck, and Yorda uses her magical power to construct a being of her own energy, an immaculate machine whose sole function is to seek out the remaining children who hold Dormin’s influence within them and exterminate them.

It has been generations since those without horns had dispersed to other villages, and none of their descendants show the horns that clearly indicated Dormin, and those who had had already been sacrificed to the queen. But a piece of him remains within them, and Yorda’s creation can see it. She places the magical device within a dormant volcano, its natural walls protecting the device and stopping any chance of escape for those sent there to die. The machine is given soldiers to protect it and staff its vast workings, and Yorda herself takes up residence within to power the device throughout her life and eternally through her remains. The machine co-opts the winged creatures known as Trico, their avian qualities reminding Yorda of the only creatures she has ever come into contact with other than humans, doves. They are sent out, driven by the magic of the machine to collect the children who unwittingly harbor the demon Dormin, blessed with eyes that can see even the tiniest shred of the demon’s soul. The land surrounding the machine is given the name The Nest, the resting place for the Trico and what will be the final resting place of Dormin once all of the children are collected. The machine then is given the name The Master of the Valley, as its power commands all that lives within the earth walls. Yorda spends her days with a mirror in her hand, gazing at herself and constantly dealing with the decision she has made. She will end her familial line to save the world from a demon. She is seen so frequently with the mirror that it is placed on her sarcophagus following her death.

And here we have the story of The Last Guardian. A nameless boy, a child of Dormin, uses one of the machine’s own servants to destroy it. Without the machine, there is no one left to continue Yorda’s work. Any remnants of Dormin that are left in the world may continue to blossom and grow. Even the boy protagonist himself has the potential to facilitate Dormin’s return. So we now bring you to the answer to the question “Who is the Last Guardian?”.  It is the Master of the Valley, the magical machine designed to guard against Dormin’s return. Congratulations, you’re the bad guy.

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Throughout the centuries, the Volturi have established and enforced a number of laws that all vampires are expected to obey on pain of death. There aren’t many of these laws, and they mainly concern the secrecy surrounding the existence of vampires.

  • Hunts must be inconspicuous, with victims unlikely to be missed; their remains must be disposed of and territory must be changed often.
  • Incapable of self-control, and therefore a threat of exposure, immortal children are not to be created. Such creation is the ultimate taboo and punishable by death to both child, the creator, those who defend the child and those who know of its existence.
  • Dealing with Children of the Moon, except for the purpose of extermination, is prohibited.
  • False witness, regardless of intent, is punishable by death.
  • Hunting is forbidden in Volterra, the town of residence of the Volturi; their food is brought from outside, sometimes from quite far away.
  • Attention should not be drawn and vampires should not be noticed in open sunlight.
  • The creator is responsible for his newborn’s behavior and teaching of the laws before they can be released on their own. By letting a newborn hunt conspicuously, the penalty will be death both to the newborn and its creator. Even if the newborn is ignorant of the law, his rash acts are still punishable by death.
  • Vampires’ interaction with humans must not draw wide attention. If a human becomes aware of them, the vampire at fault would be responsible for silencing that human. This mostly leads to two options: either make the human join the immortals or silence that human permanently. As long as attention isn’t drawn widely that prompts the Volturi’s involvement, they may never find out.

fallenamongstroses  asked:

If immortal children were allowed do you think Esme and Rosalie would have at least wanted one?

That’s a tough one.  I’d like to think both of them would think about it from the kid’s POV and realize what a kind of crappy life it would be to be trapped as a child for all eternity, with no way to grow up.  I know sometimes you hear parents say they wish their kids would never grow up, but if that were really an option it’s pretty terrible. It hurts to let go, but parents want to see their kids grow up and have lives of their own, to be able to fall in love and pursue their dreams, not be stuck as a five-year-old forever. I think Esme could grasp it pretty easily—it might take Rose a little longer (she can be self-absorbed) but she does know what it’s like to be frozen, never moving forward. 

But at first—yeah, the idea probably occurred to them. I often wonder if Esme asked Carlisle if he could have done anything for her baby, and he’d have to explain that without a heartbeat he couldn’t and that he wouldn’t have even if he could have. He struggles enough with the rightness of ‘dooming’ adults to the life of a vampire; dooming a child would be too cruel. I mean can you imagine a baby who can’t develop beyond helpless newborn but was constantly thirsty for blood? That’s horrifying! 

If it weren’t against the law I can’t imagine any of the Cullens biting a child unless they were dying anyway (and even then, it’s a stretch) but I think they would warmly open their home to any Immortal Child that needed looking after. It might suck to never be able to grow up, but having an immortal mother like Esme would make it suck a little less. 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In the Twilight saga, immortal children are known to be a problem for concealing the vampire's secret. Because of that, any immortal child created is usually destroyed shortly after. However, exact ages for what constitutes as an immortal child is never explicitly stated. It is assumed that if the child in question is able to follow the laws set by Volturi, then they will be allowed to continue their existence. Two vampires that fall under that category are Jane and Alec. Both are cannonly around the ages of 12 or 13, and tend to be shown as sadistic and aggressive, especially Jane. They seem to have no problems harming others, and even enjoy it. Is this really their fault though? The two of them are expected to conduct themselves like fully grown adults, which they aren't and can never be. They are forever mentally 12/13, which is most likely extremely frustrating for them. They are both permanently hormonal preteens, who are stuck in the middle of puberty. The only acceptable way for them to take out their inner frustrations is through harming others. Perhaps that is why those two are so filled with anger, and why they enjoy hurting others. They were just turned too young.

“Some people say you achieve immortality through your children,” said the minstrel.
“Yeah?” said Cohen. “Name one of your great-granddads, then.”
“Well… er…”
“See? Now, I got lots of kids,” said Cohen. “Haven’t seen most of ‘em… you know how it is. But they had fine strong mothers and I hope like hell they’re all living for themselves, not for me. Fat lot of good they did your Carelinus, losin’ his empire for him.”
“But there’s lots more a proper historian could tell you–” said the minstrel.
“Hah!” said Cohen. “It’s what ordin’ry people remember that matters.”

– on immortality | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero


“this is another request to add on to my first one. maybe do a second part where Jasper’s mate who is Bella’s twin sister have to face the volturi because they think Liam, Daisy and Renessme are immortal children. I really liked what you wrote for the first one! Thanks! I’m also thinking maybe Jasper’s mate could have her own special gift, but I don’t know what it should be”

Request by: @saracons87
“this is another request to add on to my first one. maybe do a second part where Jasper’s mate who is Bella’s twin sister have to face the volturi because they think Liam, Daisy and Renessme are immortal children. I really liked what you wrote for the first one! Thanks! I’m also thinking maybe Jasper’s mate could have her own special gift, but I don’t know what it should be”

Word Count: 2219

Part two to the imagine of being Bella’s twin and Jaspers mate
Enjoy my love❤

“Y/n?, Alice saw something. The Volturi is coming. They think our children are immortal.”
“What?, but they are not, they are hybrids.”
“I know, but they don’t know, I think it is better that we get back to Carlisle and Esme and make a plan.”
“Okay, I Will take pack some things for us and you take the kids.” I said.

~Cullen House~
We arrived with our car for the Cullen house.
Liam and Daisy were playing on the back seat.
“We are here” Jasper said.
We were greeted by a worried but happy family. Alice came out the house with her mate Jackson Cullen
( you remember him?😏 he is my own character I have one imagine with him, thought he would be perfect for this, just search for
Jackson Cullen and you will find him)
“Hey, come inside we are thinking about a plan.”
“Hey Alice.” I Said and gave her A hug. I took Daisy and Liam by the hand. “Aunty Rose!.” Daisy shouted. And she run up to Rosalie and gave her a hug.
“Why does it smell like dog here?” Jasper asked. And with that Jacob came around with Renesmee. “That explains why. What is he doing here?” Jasper Asked. “He imprinted on Renesmee, that is how they find there mates.“with
Renesmee and Daisy and Liam went playing.
“Hey Jake.”
I said and walked up to him deciding if I am going to hug him or not.
“Hey y/n, you look great! Little bit dead, but good.” Jake said.
“Thank you, you are still the same.”
I said and stood awkwardly for him.
“Do you mind if I hug you?” I said.
“If you don’t mind my "dog smell”. He said. “No I don’t” I laughed and gave him a soft hug, trying to be as gentle as I can be.
“Y/n, good that you are here.” Bella said and walked inside with Edward.
“Good to see you too Bella, beside the unpleasant circumstances.”
And gave her and Edward a small hug. “Lets go and make a plan to fight these mothe-” “Emmett!, don’t you dare to finish that sentence!” We heard Esme shout. Rosalie hit Emmett on the back of his head. “There are children here Emmett!” “Okay okay sorry!” And gave Rosalie a kiss.

The plan was made, we needed to get a lot of witnesses to convince that Liam, Daisy and Renesmee aren’t immortal children. And who were ready to fight for them. Maybe Jacob could convince the the pack to fight to. I was worried.
I didn’t want to lose to them. I just wanted to have a peaceful life with Jasper, Liam & Daisy. Apparently to much too ask for.

“The pack is here they want to meet Liam and Daisy.” Renesmee was 2 weeks born for Liam and Daisy. So she looked a little bit older and the pack hasn’t seen them yet.
Renesmee, Liam and Daisy all had special abilities.
Renesmee her gift looked like that from Edward.
Liam his gift looked a little bit like Jaspers. He could mess with somebody’s emotions and could see somebody’s aura. If the person had a good or bad heart.
Daisy her gift looked a little like mine. She can control things with her mind, just like I can. But she can only do objects. Make them disappear, fly or double them. While I could take or control somebody his gift, control somebody his mind and make them change. So if Aro decided to kill them. Maybe I can try to change his mind. But it was very hard to use my gift. Daisy and I had a hard time using and controlling our gifts. We needed to practice together.

I went with Daisy & Liam outside. Jasper,Jacob, Bella, Edward & Renesmee behind me.
Liam and Daisy looked at the big wolfs in front of them.
I kneeled at the same height as them and put my arms around there height. “Don’t be scared.” And gave them both a kiss on the side of there head. “They won’t bite you.” I joked, I heard a weird chuckle from one of the wolves and looked up. Then I heard a big fall and looked at a light grey wolf who was looking at Liam. With big wife eyes. “What is happening.” Liam said scared. I the realised what happened. And than Daisy locked eyes with A dark grey wolf with black spots. And he did the same as the light grey wolf. “Mommy, I am scared.” Daisy said.
They won’t harm you “Come” I said took there hands and walked closer to the wolfs. I hear Jasper growl behind me. “Jasper! Cut it!” I said in a mad tone. We walked together to the light grey and dark grey wolf. “Liam, he isn’t going to hurt you.”
“It’s a girl.” Edward said. “Ow I am sorry” and looked at the wolf she nodded as if it was okay.
I took Liam his hand and put it on her head. “Look she likes it!” I laughed, Liam looked at me laughing. “Can I pet them too.” Daisy said and looked at the dark grey wolf. “If he is okay with it.” The dark grey wolf nodded. Liam was petting and playing with Leah. While I walked to the dark grey wolf with Daisy. “Do you think he liked it?” Daisy said. “Ow i think he does!” While we heard a agreeing sound. “What is his name?” Daisy asked at me. “Embry Call.”
“Hello Embry.” Daisy said and gave Embry a kiss on his big nose. “You’re so sweet Daisy.” And I gave her a kiss.
Jasper walked up to Liam. “What is her name dad?” Liam said.
“Leah Clearwater.” Edward said again.
“I think that is enough for today.” Jasper said.
“Sam are they approved?” Edward said. The big black wolf nodded and he and the other wolfs turned around. And walked away.
“Do they need to leave."Daisy said sad. "Well they are always welcome here and from they can stay.” “Yes Leah and Embry can stay!” Liam shouted. “Maybe ask Esme first it her house.” “Ow yeah, Esme can Liam and Embry stay?” Daisy said “of course my love.”
“Jasper could you pick some clothes for them.” “Of course my dear.” He gave me a kiss. And walked alway. “We will meet you inside.” And I smiled at them and picked Liam and Daisy up and walked inside. While they were happy talking about how cool Leah and Embry where.

Leah and Liam were playing outside, while Embry and Daisy were cuddling up to the sofa and watching a Barbie movie.
“Crazy right?” I said to Jasper. “Yes, A little to crazy if you ask me. I don’t really like it, why do you like it so much?” “Because now they have one person more who is down to give there lives for there’s. And they have found somebody already who will always be there for them.” “Okay I get it, but I would prefer if they didn’t smell like that.” Jasper mocked. I laughed “we will get used to it.”

The last few weeks were busy. We trained very hard. The whole house was filled with witnesses. The wolves agreed to help us.
Renesmee, Liam, & Daisy slept together in tent. While we were getting ready and waiting for the next day. Bella and I were inside the tent with our children trying to calm them down. “Goodnight.” Bella said and gave them all a kiss and left. I also gave them a kiss and wanted to leave. “Mommy can you stay till we sleep.” Liam asked “Yes please aunt y/n.” Renesmee asked as well “okay I will wait.”
Renesmee and Liam fell asleep quickly while Daisy was still struggling.
“Mommy?” She whispered. “Yes, my love?” “I can’t sleep.” “I see, lets go. So Liam and Renesmee can sleep in peace and we won’t wake them up.” I picked her up and closed the tent up. And walked with her to the bonfire. “Embry?” “Yes?” “She can’t sleep, do. you mind if she stays with you?” “No of course not!” And the took Daisy from me and sat with her down and pulled her closer to him.

We waited for the Volturi to arrive.
When they came and wanted to meet Renesmee, Liam and Daisy. before we could walk up to them Alice and Jackson walked up to Aro and Alice showed something to Aro face was shocked when Alice let go of his hand.
“Now you know what your future looks like. Or you will change your mind. And your future will change also.”
“Aro they still are a grave threat."caius
"What if we can assure you they can life in peace beside the human world.” “Of course but that be shown.”
“Actually it can” then a man and a woman were walking behind us towards the Volturi and Alice.
“I have been searching witnesses on my own.” Alice said
The man was half human half Vampire. He told Aro everything he wanted to know. What age he stopped change and his diet.
“How old are you.” Bella asked and looked at Renesmee.“
"A hundred and 50 years.”
I looked at Daisy and Liam and smiled. They were sitting on Embry’s and Leah’s back just like Renesmee on Jacob’s.
“But the Cullen’s are standing against werewolf our natural enemies.” Caius said.
Aro turned around and put his hand on caius his shoulder.
He then looked at his guards
“There is no danger here. Today we shall not fight.”
they all turned around and run into the forest heading home.
Aro looked at me, Bella and Alice “what a pride.” mumbled to himself
And run away.
I walked up to Daisy and Liam and picked them and gave them a hug and kisses Jasper came next to me and took Daisy over from me.
We were so happy we didn’t need to fight. I looked behind me and saw my sister and her family hugging. We looked at each other and smiled. I gave Liam to leah who changed herself quickly to human.
And run to Bella and gave her a hug and kissed her on her cheek.
I looked around and saw smiling and kissing vampires. I say Liam and Leah hugging, Jasper handing Daisy over to Embry. Jasper run up to me and gave me a hug. We kissed. We looked at our children and their mates. “I am Happy.” Jasper said. “You make me happy. Liam and Daisy make me happy. I love you.” “I love you too Jasper” and we looked how the wolves were giving our children their love and protection they had for them and smiled.

The end! Yayyy good ending are always the best right?
I hope you like it. :)
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Immortal Children vs Renesmee

“What they were thinking, those ancient ones, I can’t begin to understand. They created vampires out of humans who were barely more than infants… They were very beautiful. So endearing, so enchanting, you can’t imagine. You had but to be near them to love them; it was an automatic thing. However, they could not be taught. They were frozen at whatever level of development they’d achieved before being bitten. Adorable two-year-olds with dimples and lisps that could destroy half a village in one of their tantrums. If they hungered, they fed, and no words of warning could restrain them.

"I told you they were loveable. Well, covens fought to the last man – were utterly decimated – to protect them. The carnage was not as widespread as the southern wars on this continent, but more devastating in its own way. Long-established covens, old traditions, friends… Much was lost. In the end, the practice was completely eliminated. The immortal children became unmentionable, a taboo.”

- Carlisle describing Immortal Children

“She is special that little one, hard to resist."  - Tanya on Nessie

”… whatever magic this extraordinary child has bewitched us with. I wonder if there is a name for what she does, or if it is the norm for a vampire hybrid. As if such a thing could ever be considered normal! A vampire hybrid, indeed!“ - Eleazar on Nessie

"It was like it had been with Charlie, and before that with all the Cullens. Renesmee was irresistible. What was it about her that drew everyone to her, that made them willing even to pledge their lives in her defense?” - Bella on Nessie

Am I the only one who sees the parallels here? It seems like history repeating to me.  Surely at least Carlisle and the Denali sisters should see the comparison, no?