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Immoral Catastrophe: Crow
“Listen to this, you cattle! It’s the transcendental, most popular fallen angel Crow-sama’s immoral (rest omitted”

Immoral Catastrophe: Aion
“Have a taste… This is a dark sun god’s immoral beef stro(rest omitted”

Immoral Catastrophe: Yaiba
“Way of the Ryuuko Musou Kamui Secret Technique! Legend of Immoral Ani(rest omitted”

Immoral Catastrophe: Rom
“Let’s go, you lot! In the anime’s second season, we’ll (rest omitted) our crimson souls!”

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I am very much here for this ��

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I would read the hell out of this <3 

The first time Pete hugs Patrick is just after he makes him sing for the first time. Patrick’s skin prickles like he’s been shocked - people don’t do that, not with him. He has to stop himself from staring at Pete like he grew another limb before Patrick’s eyes.

It’s less weird after he hangs a while with Pete, sees him with other people. Pete doesn’t believe in personal space and he doesn’t believe in being appropriate. He does believe in sliding his hands under guys’ shirts, as casually as he’ll offer them a fist bump.

The next time they hug, it’s before a show, and Patrick thinks he’s going to be sick. Pete comes close, offering booze or “whatever you need, man, a hug or some space or–”

“Hug me,” Patrick says grimly. Pete opens his arms wide without another word, and Patrick steps in.

He doesn’t half-ass it. Fuck it if Pete thinks he’s needy - Patrick has an inbox and an incoming SMS list showing he’s not the only one. He wraps his arms around Pete tight, tighter, leaning his cheek against Pete’s collarbone. Their chests are right there against one another, and for the first time in months the solid emptiness in Patrick’s chest softens and melts away.

Pete sniffles loudly when they pull apart, playing it off as a joke, but his eyes are just a tiny bit red. “Damn, man. You give damn fine hugs. Where have you been all my life?”

Then Joe says, “In the line outside your mom’s bedroom,” and Pete has to kill him before soundcheck. That’s okay. It means nobody notices Patrick’s eyes are suspiciously bright, too.

After that Pete hugs Patrick on a regular basis - sneaks up on him when he’s sitting down at practice, greets him with back pats and an exaggerated smooch to the cheek, drapes his arm casually over Patrick’s shoulders when they’re out with friends.

That’s not the awesome part, though. That would be that Patrick has words now that he never did, that “Hey, come here and hug me,” is a sentence that lives on the tip of his tongue now. Even better is when he doesn’t have to say it: he’ll look at Pete and hold his arms open, and Pete will flow into him like water into dry ground.

“How are you so perfect,” Pete mutters into his hair. He never lets go first.

Patrick just buries his face in Pete’s neck, because there are still things he doesn’t have words for. He’ll leave those to Pete.

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hi! 8, 11, 32!

Hi! Thanks for the prompts <3

8. Favorite trope to write
Idk that this is a trope per se, but “past history”? As in, we-broke-up-two-years-ago-and-here-you-are-on-my-doorstep-asking-for-a-favour or we-fucked-once-and-you-left-before-dawn-broke-and-we-never-talked-about-it-until-now type things. I like starting a story in media res, after hurt and confusion and shit has already happened and dealing with the glorious, delicious hurty fallout. :)

11. Describe your writing process from scratch to finish.
OH MAN, this is the worst question :P I am terrible, ask anyone that’s ever written with me (hello @immoral-crow and @akamine-chan), I write about 3000 wonderful, easy, happy, carefree words AND THEN I start to obsess and plan and stress and overanalyze and set up a project management type document with headings and bullet points and a table of contents, and then I do research for 300 full hours and despair openly and yell at my twitter about self-inflicted suffering and self-loathing and then I leave it for six months and then I stare shame-faced into my wine while @immoral-crow yells at me over Skype and then I man up and fucking write it, suffer more, edit for 1000 years, post and re-read/edit obsessively for weeks. Don’t write kids, it’s hell.

32. Easiest character to write
Probably Nick Grimshaw, surprisingly? He’s neurotic and melodramatic and vulnerable and sweet and kind to a fault and slightly self-loathing and all over the place, and he’s probably the voice that’s most closely matched to the inside of my head. He’s my happy place. I love him. <3

“Jesus Christ,” Cobb muttered, shaking his head as the projections bellowed and the door shook under a barrage of spells. “What’s the big deal with this anyway? Why couldn’t they just wait until the website goes live?”

“Because, Cobb, our clients are fangirls, and as such are a trifle obsessed and not a little bit bonkers,” Eames replied. “You of all people should understand that.”

Arthur turned away to hide his grin.

—  100 Things Eames Is No Longer Allowed To Do #86 by unvarnishedtale & immoral_crow

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Ya re rosa parks one of the reasons why people saying 'oh this trans person is only popular because they're hot' or 'this black gay guy is rich and cis' well, yes, humans are lazy and afraid. They often need the more 'acceptable' types to ease into new ideas. It sucks, and we should fight for everyone, but not while sacrificing the 'safe' activists and examples. They may have more support and risk less, but they are risking too.

Well… okay. I think I get what you’re saying. But let me say this about the idea of Rosa Parks being chosen to be the face of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, rather than Claudette Colvin, or any of the the 3 other sisters arrested on a Montgomery City bus that same year, 1955:

WARNING: I’m about to type a whole lot of information that isn’t necessarily in answer to what you say above, but is certainly inspired by it. In other words, I’m about to make this a teachable moment.

The choice of Parks was based on legal and political strategy, so there were lots of factors that NAACP leaders and others considered. In our modern-day, tumblr-politics-informed world all things are considered equal so a lot of us feel Colvin should’ve been chosen since she was put off the bus in January of that year, and Parks’ arrest didn’t happen until December of that year. Newsflash: the real adult world doesn’t work like that. Consider what the stakes were:

  • the intent was to ask the Black folks of Montgomery to boycott the buses INDEFINITELY, to present a legal challenge to and make a political point about the injustice and immorality of Jim Crow segregation in Alabama and, therefore, the entire South
  • so… what did the majority of Black folks in Montgomery have in common? They were socially conservative Baptist Christians. Most of the leaders of the activist community there were also church leaders and elders. so whoever was to be chosen to represent the case, had to meet certain criteria.
  • that person would have to be acceptable to the churchgoing Black folks of Montgomery. and most important of all: they would need to be able to withstand scrutiny and criticism from white folks, who would surely try to attack the claimant and tear down their credibility to derail the possibility of that person’s arrest evolving into a supreme-court case.
  • it would also help to have the claimant be a person with some experience in these matters, who had a known history of activism on behalf of Black people in Montgomery, and who could defend and explain not only their personal reasons for objecting to being arrested but the objectives of non-violent resistance. now…

Claudette Colvin was a 15-year-old girl who, when asked to giver up her seat, refused. Fact. She was also reported to have not gotten off the bus quietly, but had to be dragged off by police officers, while kicking screaming and cursing the officers out. Her parents were domestic workers from “the wrong side of the tracks” (as even Black folks thought of it, back then), rather than so-called middle-class respectable. Even then, the NAACP DID CONSIDER USING HER at first, but as they were working with her and her family, she became pregnant. Out of wedlock. By a married man. Now remember: the goal was to ask the conservative Baptist Christian community of Montgomery to boycott the busses, in support of said person. A person who would be scrutinized by white folks for legitimacy and credibility. During a test case to prove the immorality of Jim Crow segregation. 

Do you not see how the politics of respectability legitimately MATTERED at that time and under those circumstances?

Now, Claudette Colvin’s account of what happened and how she comported herself the day she was arrested has changed over the years. I’m not outright saying that she has lied about her status and role in history as it relates to this episode, but I can honestly say that I’ve read her accounts of that year from the first to the last. She was interviewed numerous times throughout the years, and her recollections changed each time she was interviewed. By the time of her last interviews (which can be found on NPR btw), she claims that she refused to get up because she was thinking about Black women historical figures from days past and what they had gone though and, therefore, she decided to take a stand that day for her people’s rights. Yeah… okay. That’s not how folks on the bus the day she was arrested remembered it. Also, reading her interviews, she was clearly bitter about Rosa Parks getting all that historical shine and her arrest not being the one chosen to represent the movement. So those things obviously have ‘colored’ her later-day accounts of her actions at that time.

Was it true that they chose Rosa Parks over her due to complexion, as Claudette Colvin would later claim? Possibly. Is that outright colorism. Yes and no; NAACP leaders ranged in complexion from light-bright-damned-near-white to Black-as-the-ace-of-spades, so if they were considering complexion (highly unlikely) they did so based on their understanding of how many Black folks at the time were under the sway of colorism, not their own hang-ups with complexion. BLACK FOLKS OF ALL COMPLEXIONS, MIND YOU. This modern-day tumblr understanding of how colorism affects Black folks (colorism is a problem lightskinned Blacks have with darkskinned Blacks) is juvenile and historically false. Just as many darkskinned Black folks as not would be reluctant to rally behind a darkskinned brother or sister, especially if there was a lighter alternative. Darkskinned Black people are just as much mentally damaged and enthralled by colorism as lightskinned ones. So there was that too to be considered. As for Rosa Parks…

Rosa and Raymond Parks (yes, she was married) had been long-time NAACP members. Rosa Parks was 42 years old, versus a 15-year-old Colvin, so it was believed that she would have the maturity to endure what would come her way with such a legal challenge. When she wasn’t working her job as a seamstress, she shared duties with another woman as the NAACP secretary, and NAACP Youth Program director. She was trained in civil disobedience tactics at the Highlander Folks School and, as such, knew and was known to other activists throughout the South. Just the year before, 1954, she was on the radar of Montgomery’s white political leaders, after taking a group of NAACP Youth to a city museum that would normally have been closed to them due to segregation but, due to a traveling exhibit on display there from the National Archives, was technically open to everyone. Rosa Parks already understand state law versus federal. 

When Parks was told by the bus driver on that December day in 1955 that he would call the police and have her arrested if she didn’t get off the bus, her response was “You may do that.” Not ‘Nah’ or ‘Hell no’ or none of that childish shit floating around in social media meme form. She didn’t have to be dragged off the bus kicking screaming and cursing, like Colvin. Now…

Strategically speaking, if you were in the leadership of the NAACP, knowing all that was at stake and how ruthlessly white folks would go at the claimant to destroy their credibility, and knowing all that you did about the conservative nature of the Black Christian community in Montgomery whom you were going ask to sacrifice (for longer than a year, it turned out)… Who would you have chosen to represent the boycott, Claudette Colvin or Rosa Parks? 

In a society that believes that respectability matters, sometimes it does matter.

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What are some Inception AUs you'd love to see done but haven't seen around yet? Also do you watch Jane the Virgin?

This is hilarious because today my brain (did you incept me?!) was just like, AJA YOU NEED TO WRITE ALL THE AUS, ALL OF THEM! And so I wound up sending immoral-crow a list of all the WIP AUs i’d started writing over the last 4 and a half years or at least thought seriously about writing, and the list is ridiculous and random and I apologize in advance for all of this but in a nutshell, we have:

  • Romancing the Stone AU (i actually plotted this entire thing out once to gyzym only it turned out to be ridiculously complicated and obviously longer than necessary, lol) (but seriously how much fun would this be)
  • Catboy!Arthur meets SPACE DYSTOPIA (it’s complicated and also basically an excuse for lots of dubcon catboy fucking, i have issues)
  • a My Man Godfrey AU that I actually started writing once before realizing it had no plot to speak of and i mainly just wanted an excuse to write Arthur and Eames being rich pricks to each other
  • any kind of Shop Around the Corner / You’ve Got Mail AU (you know, the whole ‘anonymous love letters’ trope), kind of like that one super-well-known AU that’s awesome where Arthur and Eames meet in other similar anonymous circumstances and one of them is secretly a celebrity!!!! but I can’t tell you which one it is because knowing that’s what happens in it might be a spoiler, but anyway it’s awesome and i just reread it and I have a mighty yen
  • We once tried to start a Harlequin AU fest over on LJ and I basically wanted ALL the harlequin AUs. Regency AUs, Brawny Scottish Highlander AUs, Wild West AUs, taken as a harem girl for a billionaire arabic sheik AU, high-class escort AUs, high-maintenance rich girl buys a football team and starts sparring with the roughshod quarterback AUs (lololol), GIVE THEM ALL TO ME.
  • A specific Inception/Inception-related-movie crossover AU that I’ve been wanting to write since October of 2010 and I’m actually relieved / baffled no one has actually written yet since like every other film related to Tom Hardy and JGL has been crossed over with Inception by now, haha
  • Figure skating AU. Figure skating AU. Figure skating AU.