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UM because who HASN’T been distracted by Pete Wentz’s stubble?

2k words of Peterick smut and life-ruining oral sex and paraphrasing from ee cummings, of all possible poets. For @immoral-crow‘s Bandom Bingo 2017 challenge, category: stubble.

mychemicalactioncat  asked:

Hey I preordered one of your no fun pins the other month and I live in the uk, do you have any idea how long it'd take to arrive or when it was shipped? If not it's okay!!

it’ll probably turn up within the next few days! i posted most US orders on monday, most UK orders on saturday and i have a few mixed last ones to send out tomorrow. i’m sorry its taken me a little while to get them all sent out - i’ve had about 100 orders to send out over these past couple of weeks and its only been me working on it! (and each post office trip takes about an hour and a half!!)

@immoral-crow i think this applies to you too!! i cant 100% check that i got your order without your order number, but i’m assuming i did  get it and have just taken a week longer to send it out than i should have!

My Chemical Romance Frerard | @immoral-crow‘s bandom bingo with prompt “Animal Transformation!” (just in case it isn’t obvious, Frank got turned into a Siberian Husky)

If you want to read Gerard’s unintended confession to husky!Frank, here it is:

Your master is such a jerk. I can’t believe he would up and run in the middle of the tour! Getting everybody worried like that. Getting ME worried sick. Stupid Frank Iero and his stupid hair and stupid fingers and stupid tattoo and stupid mouth. Is he trying to get back at me for all my stupid drunk antics? That is not cool. If your master is unhappy, he should just come back and tell me. We can work it out! Or was it the kiss? I wasn’t actually drunk when I kissed him, you know. I really wanted to. He was just so beautiful… I guess he doesn’t feel the same. If he would just show up again, I can apologise. Frank, where are you? Where is your master, mysterious doggie? I can’t believe Frank bought a husky and then painted it’s fur to look exactly like him. What a DORK. How much does pet beauty jobs cost anyway? I hope it didn’t hurt. When did he buy you, anyway? I never seen you before. Can you find huskies and pet salons in the middle of New Jersey? Frank, come on man, I have so many questions. Just come back, I miss you so much…