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it took 15 minutes for my aunt to start my family saying shit like 'muslims are taking over the country' and 'well this one guy on big brother was saying homosexuals need to go get fixed by a doctor and he got told off and I mean, it was just an opinion' followed by my dad, uncle and aunt saying 'well they just need to get over it. It's just an opinion.'

Okay, I don’t care if they end up hating me for this but these opinions and arguments of opinions are kind of a bit over the top.

1) Muslims are not taking over. They’re looking for a nicer place to live than, oh, I dunno, WAR TORN IRAQ AND STUFF. Granted, some of them should probably go through more legal routes of travel if they can, but just because they choose to come here doesn’t mean that they’re gonna take over Australia. They’re doing what they can to escape. Isn’t that what we would do?

2) You cannot ‘fix’ a homosexual. It isn’t a decision to like the same sex, it’s just the body doing the same thing it would for any other person you found attractive. Any 'fixing’ would end up becoming a cruel, arduous brainwashing, which I’m not sure is legal, but even if it is it sure as hell isn’t the right thing to do and I’m sure any doctor would be frowned upon for it. Look at the Hippocratic Oath, for example: Doctors take a vow before completing their studies in which they agree to be an advocate for their patients. If somebody decided to take a homosexual for 'treatment’, and the 'patient’ was against it and told the doctor they weren’t in need of any, the doctor would not treat them. They must serve in the highest interests of their patients and if someone was condescending enough to take them to see a doctor about their 'condition’ then surely what would be in the patient’s highest interest would be a confidence boost, so that next time they’d be able to tell them to f*%^ off and find somebody else to play nurse with.


If people are going to make assumptions like this, then people will get the wrong idea.

If people say 'homosexuality must be fIXED’ and it catches on, then yeah, the homosexuals will need fixing for all the confidence and anxiety and depression you fling them into by making them think they’re burdens on society. They’re just people. On an atomic level, we’re all pretty much the same, so why say people who are attracted to their own gender are any different?

If you act as though Muslims are taking over the country, what will all the racism get you? ANOTHER WAR. WHICH IS WHAT THEY CAME HERE TO AVOID AND WHICH I’M SURE NONE OF US WANT. If they’re going to come here, we might as well show them that we really are a good place to live and that they chose the right place to make a new home for themselves. All it’s affecting is tax, and really, you don’t notice much of your tax. It’s taken out of your pay automatically. No time to notice it’s gone, and most people do just fine without their extra however-many-dollars a week. Immigrants only make a couple cents of difference, so stop whining, becuase surely this argument has been had enough over the last decade that we don’t need to even think about it anymore.

There’s my input on the matter. Sue me.

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Obama’s speech at the NCLR conference 7/25/11  

The president expressed support for DREAM Act and CIR, but did not propose a strategy.  DREAMers in attendance shouted “Yes you can!” at the president.

“Diana Martinez, 18, an undocumented student, was one of 12 arrested after refusing to leave their sit-in in the Hart Senate Office building.
An estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools each year.”

“A group of undocumented students have been demanding the passage of the Dream Act, which would give unauthorized young immigrants a path to legal residency if they complete a college education or serve in the military." 

Day 2: Obama Fails to Solve Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crisis
Has Obama done anything yet about Malaysian Airlines flight 17 – other than congratulate the terrorists??? No, of course not. Coyote Obama is too busy going down to Nigeragua bringing back thousands of gang members to be future Democrat voters.

Just so typical – no hand on the tiller.

Chicano culture: brief introduction

The origins of any culture lie behind the combination of historical and social events that affect a particular place. This place is usually identified through its social normative and linguistic code. However, social facts like immmigration prove that a culture is not limited to just one place –the original place. Then, I would define “culture” as something that identifies a group of people, no matter where they came from or where they actually have settled for a living.

As an example for this, there is the Chicano people. This people are the result of the merge of those are from the U.S. and other people who came there from Mexico; and who are now living as citizens from the U.S. The Chicanos belong to a community that wants to be accepted equally as mexicans and as U.S. americans. They claim that they cannot feel related to just one of those cultures because they have been raised according to the different beliefs, social norms and other cultural elements (language) belonging to both cultures. Then, it seems quite logic that they concept of culture is based on a multicultural one.                                                                                        Bearing in mind that they share things from both cultures, it is no surprise that the Chicanos (most of them) are able to switch their linguistic codes, sometimes using the not-so-much appreciated ‘Spanglish’ and sometimes just switching from English to Spanish and vice versa. However it is important to mention that Chicanos have been discriminated all along their history in the U.S., as well they use of language which is the reason why some of them use Spanish language quite frequently (in their community, at home) whereas there is another sector who refuses to speak it or learn it to avoid marginalization. Apparently the use of Spanish by Hispanics is general is not well seen in the U.S. because is associated to poverty and low class, however an american (in terms of ‘white’ american) learns Spanish, he or she is considered to be an intellectual and high class. This seems ridiculous to me, but it is what it is.     

For this last reason, I decided that I would work on a project through I would use elements from the Chicano culture in order to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language and also to help the heritage language learners (people who are descendentants from immigrants and had not learn or properly learn their ‘mother tongue’).