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As a relatively uninformed canadian catholic, what is DACA and why is deportation wrong?. Why should we block ice vans, etc?

At a systemic level, I’m an anarchist, so the organized violence of the state along with its arbitrary lines drawn up from the Westphalian system holds little-to-no weight for me.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, instituted by the Obama administration in 2012, and rescinded by the Trump administration last month [Sept. 2017]. DACA allowed undocumented minors who immigrated to the so-called United States to receive renewable two-year deferred action from being deported.

Imagine spending most of your life in a country, finding out your parents immigrated so you could have a better life, and then being ripped away from everything you knew, being placed in a country that is often unstable [as a result of core
States like the so-called U.S] with little to know upward mobility. Deportations are wrong because they’re inhumane, violent, and also, for those who care, are destabilizing for the economy. There’s this paradox most people do not want to talk about which is our agriculture sector which is built on the exploited labor of undocumented peoples.

We should stop ICE vans because it’s effective. Direct action gets the goods.

IMPORTANT! ICE is planning a nationwide raid, Sept. 16 - 21. Alert your community members and defend your neighbors!

IMPORTANTE! ICE esta planeando una redada nacional, 16 al 21 de septiembre. Debemos avisar y defender a nuestra comunidad!

Reportes de una redada nacional
16 a 21 de septiembre

Lo que sabemos:
● ICE/La Migra esta planeando una redada nacional del 16 al 21 septiembre
● ICE/La Migra tiene como meta detener a más de 8,000 personas

Avísale a tu comunidad:
✔︎ Contacta a tu organización comunitaria local
✔︎ Defiende a tu comunidad y a tus vecinxs
✔︎ Si ICE/La Migra llega a tu puerta:
✔︎ No abras la puerta
✔︎ Mantente calladx
✔︎ No firmes nada


Another Day, Another Fuckery: FTP Edition (9/6/17): As Florida braces for Hurricane Irma, the human shit stain known as Sheriff Grady Judd has warned Polk County residents that if they try to use a shelter and have outstanding warrants, his officers will “gladly escort them to the safe and secure shelter called the Polk County jail.” Judd has claimed to be doing this to protect youth from predators, despite the fact that most warrants are not issued for violent crimes like sexual assault, and instead for minor offenses like missing court dates and not paying fines. Further, he has stated that they will be ID’ing people for entry into shelters, meaning undocumented individuals are at risk of being detained if they do not produce documentation. Ultimately, it will likely deter people in the most desperate need of help to avoid seeking out shelter, for fear of a jail cell. With Central Florida in the path of Irma, how many lives will this wannabe-Joe Arpaio cost us? Tell Grady Judd to focus on protecting lives rather than threatening them during this moment of crisis.