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Jeff Sessions Unlikely To Face GOP Opposition In The Senate
Senate Republicans are rallying around their colleague's appointment to Attorney General and even those who have major differences with Sessions say they plan to vote for his confirmation.
By Tarini Parti

Senate Republicans are coalescing around their colleague Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to serve as attorney general — three decades after Session’s past racist comments sunk his nomination to the federal bench under a GOP-controlled Senate.

Sessions’ nomination was announced by President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team Friday morning. He needs a simple majority of the Senate to be confirmed. With Republicans’ narrow majority in the Senate, there’s little room for defectors.

So far, even senators who strongly oppose Sessions views on key issues, including immigration and the criminal justice system, plan to vote ‘yes’ on the nomination. Sessions fought hard against the Senate’s bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013 and has opposed bipartisan efforts to reduce mandatory minimum prison sentences.

We define ourselves as a nation of #immigrants. That’s who we are, in our bones. The promise we see in those who come here from every corner of the globe, that’s always been one of our greatest strengths. It keeps our workforce young. It keeps our country on the cutting edge. And it helped build the greatest economic engine the world has ever known.