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New Zealand might deport this down syndrome child back to the Philippines even though she literally never lived there in her life, this is the second time we know of New Zealand deporting disabled people, the other one was a autistic child back to the Netherlands, ugh, so angry

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I was putting off answering this ask in the hopes that the decision might get reversed like with the autistic girl in Australia. So far that has not happened, as far as I can tell. And apparently the father doesn’t meet the “skilled worker” requirements set by immigration in New Zealand? 

Like, I understand that countries can’t just let in literally everyone who wants to immigrate to their country because that could become a disaster, but like. Come on. Can we not be ableist about it? 

Mod Marie-Rose

Tumblr in it’s PC excellence wants to know if I have a question for an “Undocumented immigrant”.  In answer to that I have to say no since I don’t believe such a category of person exists. I do however have more than a few questions for illegal immigrants.  For example:  Do you know that just sneaking into my country is a crime?  Why are you too special to wait in line?  We don’t tolerate line cutters at the movie ticket booth why should we tolerate them in the immigration line? Why do you have so little respect for the US that you feel that you have a right to break in? You do realize that we are a nation and not a doormat, right? Now that you are here against our law why do you feel that you have a right to a voice in how we govern ourselves? Why did you not try to fix your own country before coming into mine in violation of our law? 

Blocked numbers are so fucking dumb and I’ve just had enough of wondering who the fuck is actually calling me. I don’t think the person at the other end of the line was expecting me to answer with “Immigration Service; you report them, we deport them. How can I help you?” But, at least this one isn’t gonna call back any time soon. Probably thinks I’m a Trump fanatic.