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but seriously folks.. One Day at a Time is a tv show about a Cuban single mom who is both a nurse and a U.S Military veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who lives with her mother (played by the incomparable Rita Moreno) and two children ages 12 and 15. One Day at a Time covers issues of combat related mental health issues, addiction, divorce, immigration, sexual orientation, sexuality, pornography, feminism, religion, single parenthood, family relationships and Cuban heritage

I’ve highlighted three things above because in recent memory, I cannot recall a family comedy dealing with such issues in the way One Day at a Time does - so perhaps this is a first for television - certainly a first for Netflix 

Apologies for the above spoiler also, but you know… had to get your attention 

Watch One Day at a Time on Netflix. It’s so worth it. 

I barreled through all 13 half hour episodes of One Day at a Time on Netflix today and I really enjoyed it!

It deals so frankly with sexism, racism, immigration, religion, homophobia, relationships, divorce, puberty, addiction, PTSD, war…and that’s just in the first season. The daughter, Elena, could easily become a parody of feminism, and in some ways is, but her family makes a constant effort to support her and understand her views and vice versa.

I laughed out loud in every episode and teared up in juuust about every episode. Some of the jokes are hit-and-miss, but it’s such a sweet show with such a big heart and I hope people give it a shot.

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Stephanie, did you watch the new netflix sitcom One day at a time ? I thought it would be a "funny" show but I was so wrong, the show is so much more. It about a family from Cuba and the show talks about : depression, feminism, immigration, sexuality, religion, Cuban history, divorce, ptsd, quota system and so much more. It's amazing !

I have heard sooo many wonderful things, and I’ve seen it a bit on my dash. I’m gonna see if I can squeeze in the first episode after I get through some of these asks.