Obama heckler has a name, Jennicet Gutiérrez, and she’s a trans woman

By Wendy Carrillo

While making remarks honoring LGBT Pride Month at the White House on Wednesday, President Obama was interrupted by a guest from the back of the room.

The President was thanking those in attendance when Jannicet Gutiérrez, an undocumented trans woman and invited guest, began interrupting the president stating loudly,

President Obama, stop the torture and abuse of trans women in detention centers. I am a trans woman, I am tired of the abuse

While the president and other politicians are used to being heckled by immigrant rights groups, in a very out of character response, the president lost his cool, shook his finger and replied back, “Okay, you know what? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, you’re in my house.”  

The crowd, who were alleged LGBT advocates and allies, ignored Gutierrez’ remarks, cheered the president and began to chant, “Obama! Obama! Obama!”

Gutierrez was then escorted out as she continued a bilingual chant of her own, “Not one more deportation! Ni una mas deportacion!”

In a press release, Gutierrez, who is a founding member of FAMILIA TQLM (Trans Queer Liberation Movement) which was established to advocate for LGBTQ immigrant rights said: “The White House gets to make the decision whether it keeps us safe. There is no pride in how LGBTQ and transgender immigrants are treated in this country. If the President wants to celebrate with us, he should release the LGBTQ immigrants locked up in detention centers immediately.”

When asked about what she thought of the LGBT allies in the room who sided with the president, Gutierrez told reported.ly, “The majority of them were disappointed that I interrupted the president. It’s unfortunate that they don’t want to listen to what’s happening to LGBTQ people in detention centers.”

Her remarks come a day after 35 members of Congress signed a letter that was sent to Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson requesting the released of LGBTQ individuals from detention centers and placing them under alternative supervision pending their immigration cases. The letter cites the Bureau of Justice Statistics which found that while transgendered women make 1% of detainees, they account for 20% of sexual abuse assaults while under custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

With 18 months left in a two-term presidency, Obama’s promise of comprehensive immigration reform seems dismal. The president’s deportation record has reached well over 2 million since he took office earning him the title of “deporter in chief” by national Latino civil rights groups.

Perhaps the biggest fear for trans women, whether undocumented or not, is to be placed in jail or a detention facility for men simply because of their biological, physical gender and not their gender identity. Reports demonstrate that out of every 500 ICE detainees, one is transgendered, and one out of five confirmed sexual assault cases while in ICE detention, is from a transgendered victim.

This, after all, was the point that Jennicet Gutierrez was trying to make as she was escorted and boo’d out of the room that was honoring LGBT Pride Month.

I don’t know why some white people think this is THEIR country.. Your ancestors invaded this country & slaughtered millions of Native Americans who lived here before these people came and brought Africans as slaves into this country and treat them like crap for years, then you want Latinos to go back to their countries when they do all the hard labor work while you sit back on your porch and drink your pinot grigio so you won’t break a nail. If you honestly think that immigrants are taking over jobs in America, then I feel really sorry for you because that just proves you’re too lazy to get a job of your own so what rights do you have to tell someone they can’t have a job yet you’re not willing to do that job either? This country was meant for people all over the world to come here to start a new life and live the AMERICAN dream, so what gives you the right to tell someone of color to get out and say we don’t “belong” here when you’re ancestors didn’t even live here in the first place?


This conservative radio hosts says undocumented immigrants should become slaves 

Popular Iowa conservative radio host Jan Mickelson said Monday on his show the solution to undocumented immigrants should be turning those individuals into state property and putting them to work. When a caller said it sounded like slavery his rant took an even darker turn.

Meet Ricardo, One Of The Undocumented Immigrants Who Works At A Trump Hotel

Ricardo is an undocumented immigrant and works hard at three different jobs — and one of those jobs is at a Trump hotel.

In an incredible video from New Left Media, Ricardo describes working as a busboy at the only restaurant at Trump Soho, and his subsequent reaction to Trump’s claim that undocumented immigrants from Mexico — hardworking immigrants like himself — are criminals.

“I am not a criminal. I am not a drug dealer. I am definitely not a rapist,” he says.

Though he cannot vote, Ricardo uses his craft and passion — he has a degree in photography — to give a voice to himself and members of the undocumented community in New York.

In one scene of the clip, Ricardo photographs other immigrants holding signs reading, among other things, “I am not a criminal.”

Ricardo also points out that while some Republicans have criticized Trump for his comments, many of them share the same kinds of extremist positions when it comes to immigrants, Latinos, and immigration.

“I may have an accent, but I’m not stupid,” he says.

Ricardo realizes the risks in going public — specifically, getting fired — but he also wants to speak up for his family and community, and that’s a risk he’s willing to take for them.

I'm really bothered

It’s really bothering to see how little immigrants seem to matter to many people. Donald Trump was interviewed on Sunday in which he mentioned wanting to end citizenship to children of ‘illegal’ parents. This is bullshit. It’s totally unconstitutional, yet no one has stepped up to mention his racist comments. He really plans to deny citizenship and then deport whole families. It’s bothering to see that almost no one cares. No one has made comments and it’s Tuesday. Him threatening to deport is nothing new because he’s not the first to threatened us. But he fucking stepped the line on this comment yet no one bats an eye. How disappointing.