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she was made up of shades of gray. a rainbow all in itself. as for when i looked at her, that was only color i could see. it was not a sad color, but it was not a happy one. a perfect mixture of white and black. a broken, hurt little soul healed by the little things life offered. a soul fixed by the love that revived her. but a love that broke her time and time again. i never did have the pleasure of calling that girl mine, but damn i wish i did.
—  immersful 

anonymous asked:

Nothing's changed, only triggered cucks and SJW tumblrinas hate on the show.


Now, as the clear imbecilities bumble unabashedly around our screen…

Now, there are two possibilities: A.) I could challenge it, B.) I could scream.

Say, it’s the challenging, then we see the options that follow, of course…

A) The deployment of fact, or B) pointing out all the problems endorsed

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