#the careful way he tracks his magic #like a lapse in focus might cause it to go wild #but also the ease that it flows and the casual way he holds a conversation #suggests that controlling it is also just as much second nature to him now

pure moments to never forget about:

  • john verbally praising sherlock’s deductions on the day they meet
  • laughing in the entrance of 221b after chasing the cabbie
  • dinner at angelo’s
  • “we can’t giggle it’s a crime scene!”
  • “it’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun” “that’s what i was suggesting”
  • sherlock giving his debit card to john so he can buy groceries
  • john calling sherlock’s violin playing “marvellous!”
  • they played cluedo
  • laughing in buckingham palace because sherlock’s not wearing any pants
  • that bit where sherlock leans over john’s shoulder to watch him type his blog
  • sherlock helping john make deductions about carl powers’ shoes
  • “i don’t have friends. i’ve just got one.”
  • “it’s an ear hat, john!”
  • sherlock trying to find out john’s middle name
  • sherlock wanting john’s stag night to be perfect
  • sherlock’s best man speech
  • the tarmac scene
  • the Hug


*squeals loudly*


This is THE. BEST. PART. of this entire series, hands down. It doesn’t matter how far along Underverse will be developed, this will always be my favourite scene. Not sure why? LEMME TELL U SON. (rambly rambles cus I’m overexcited.)

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As odd as it may seem one of my favorite cutscenes in the entirety of Kingdom Hearts is when Sora first meets Pooh. Winnie the Pooh has got to be one of the purest franchises in media, so when you see Sora nonchalantly approach Pooh to sit by him to greet him you can’t help but feel at ease.

The picture itself of them both sitting together is very endearing, and you appreciate how well Kingdom Hearts captured the essence of Pooh and even went as far as to bring Sora too into that innocent atmosphere.

But then Sora starts talking to Pooh, and out of nowhere Pooh seems confused, sad, distraught even, because everyone and everything he’s known is suddenly gone, and he figures he might as well say goodbye to himself too. And you try to push back that unsettling thought of Pooh considering suicide as you watch how he casually walks away, leaving Sora behind, whom was probably taken by surprise too and couldn’t think of anything to say.

The mood of the scene even changes abruptly from existential crisis to flowers and happiness when the music finally sets in and the title of the Hundred Acre Wood is displayed on the screen. And after that strange and surprising encounter you are just left there to wonder what is it that you’ve done with your life.

And honestly, I think that’s freaking beautiful.


[Kagerou Daze -in a day’s-] BEFORE and AFTER


series of little sketches i’ve been doing every week for Kings of Con! just little things that have happened in the show that i loved and such


adore this show. current favorite scripted exchange:

rich: robbie, i’m dying
rob: i’ll fly your body home
rich: i’m going to explode, robbie
rob: i’ll alert house keeping

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so guess who’s bored ?? also guess who’s close to 1.2k followers ? that’s right, me !!! and so to keep me entertained and to hopefully help get me to my next milestone, i wanted to do something fun!

the main problem i had was that i couldn’t decide between blog rates, winter rates, name aesthetics, archive moodboards, or would you rather moodboards… so here i am, deciding to offer you guys all of them (or at most two each bc let’s not get too crazy here lmao).

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