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Can you do bts reacting to their s/o crying after watching a sad movie? I'm a total crybaby when it comes to those kinds of movies! P.s . I love your stuff!!😜

This was cute asf omg I’m exactly the same as you. I CAN’T HELP IT THOUGH. Thanks for this request <3

BTS Reaction to their s/o crying in a sad movie

You would gasp at the sudden twist, placing your hand over your mouth in shock. Seokjin would be just as surprised, staring at the screen in disbelief.

“As if they would do that?” he’d say in annoyance. “That’s so-“

He’d stop at the sight of a tear trickling down your cheek. He’d immediately move closer to you burying your head in his chest. “Don’t look if it makes you sad.”

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The credits would start to roll down the tv screen just as the tears start to roll down your face. Unable to help it, you’d wipe at your cheeks with your sleeve in an attempt to dry your eyes.

“Well, that was depressing,” Yoongi would say with finality, ready to move on and do something else. Hearing a sniffle from you beside him he’d turn to you, a concerned look immediately formed on his face. This look would be quickly replaced by a warm smile at your embarrassed giggles.

“Come here, you sook,” he’d say playfully, pulling you closer to him and slinging his arm around you.

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His gasp would echo yours as you watched the scene unfolding on the laptop screen in front of you, already snuggled in his arms under the blankets of his bed. You’d cover your mouth in shock, already feeling your throat burning as the tears threatened to spill over your lids.

A hot tear would fall on your shoulder, but it wouldn’t be yours. He’d pull you close, burying his face in your hair. You’d hug him back tightly, grateful that you weren’t the only one upset.

“How could they do that?” he’d say into your hair sadly.

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Rap Monster:
The aftermath of the sad moment you’d just seen on the TV screen would have you shocked, fighting back tears desperately, not wanting to seem like a crybaby. Thinking about it more and more, you’d finally feel tears stinging your eyes. You wiped them away immediately, glancing at Namjoon to see if he’d noticed to find that he was watching you with a soft smile on his face.

“I was waiting for you to let it fall,” he’d tell you, pulling you closer to him. “Don’t be embarrassed.”

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Your favourite character’s death scene would leave you gaping at the screen, hot tears instantly forming in response to the drastic turn of events.

“Oh noo,” Jimin would say sadly, turning to you immediately, already anticipating your tears. He’d reach over and grab the tissue box, extracting a couple of tissues before turning back to you, smiling softly at how upset you’d gotten over the sudden twist you’d witnessed.

“Don’t cry,” he’d say, dabbing at your eyes gently with a tissue.

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You braced yourself for the sad scene, having watched this movie many times before. It was just one of those things that made you cry every time. You’d have the tissue box sitting next to you, ready to wipe away the tears as you watched the devastation unfold. You’d reach for a tissue and be met with Taehyung’s hand as he picked one out at the same time.

“Now I know why you put these here,” he would say, laughing a little about the fact that you were crying with him.

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A tear would roll down your cheek as soon as you saw it happen, dripping onto the collar of your sweater. You’d ignore it, looking to Jungkook sitting quietly beside you, staring at the TV in silence. You’d watch him, noticing his watery eyes in shock.

“Kook, are you crying?”

He wouldn’t look away from the screen. “You are too, don’t judge me.”

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BTS When They See You Crying (Not bc of them)


Regardless of the why you are crying, Seokjin would be really incredible at being by your side and cheering you up.  He’d be be by your side as you cried and would rub your back or hug you depending on how you felt.  When your tears slowed he would ask you what was wrong, keeping in mind not to push you to tell him.  He would listen to you for as long as you wanted.  The input he would give you would only be at your own emotions benefit and would never make you feel worse by telling you that your emotions were idiotic.  From there, he would at your leg and ask you to follow him into the kitchen.  He would then proceed to make you and meal you wanted and would happily eat it with you while watching a feel good movie.  Overall, he would be the perfect gentleman (and boyfriend).

“Jagi?”  He spoke when you’re crying was replaced with sniffles.  “Do you want to talk about what’s wrong?”  You shook your head no and he nodded before smiling.  “Well then, I’ll have to cheer you up another way.  What do you want to eat?  Black bean noodles?  Tofu curry?”  The smile wouldn’t leave his face as he worked his hardest to cook you a meal full of love.  “Let’s watch a movie now, okay?”


In reality, Yoongi would be cautious when he saw you crying.  In no way did he want to upset you anymore and he also knew that this would most likely leave him with a better understanding of who you are.  He would not want to make any mistakes and that would make him seem a little distant.  However, if you asked him why he was so awkward and said that you needed a hug, he would give you one and e hit with the reality that he isn’t supposed to not upset, but make you feel better.  He’d be the best at listening to your problems, but also knowing you might want to not talk or be alone.  Overall,  Yoongi would be very understanding of your choices while upset, but cautious and nervous on how she should act while you did so.

His hand lightly patted your down turned head.  Currently, you were crying into your hands and Yoongi was sitting by your side.  In no way did he knew how to act.  His body was awkward and even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell.  “Yoongi-ah,” you looked up at him.  “Why won’t you hug be, jeez!”  His eyes widened and he immediately moved closer to you.  He hugged you and laughed.  He responded, “Even in the middle of all these tears, you still find a way to nag me.”  The response would have you lightly hitting his shoulder, bug he wouldn’t care because he knew he took away your sad thoughts.


There are two ways that Hoseok could respond.  Most likely and most often, he would do everything he could to make you feel better.  He would ask you over and over if you need anything and would speak more than you.  His words would be in order to calm you as he pulled you into a hug and pet your hair.  You would most likely be in this position for a half hour.  The other way Hoseok would ask is crying with you.  This would only happen if you were in pain, whether it be heartbreak or a broken arm.  Hearing to scream and cry would be too much for him and he would burst into tears while hugging you.  In that scenario, not words would be spoken until both of you were done crying.

“Aigoo!  Aigoo!  Why are you crying?  Ah, come here,” Hoseok said as he pulled you into his arms.  “Do you need anything?  Water?  Food?  A blanket?”  You shook your head.  “Ah, then I guess you just need kisses!”  Hoseok laughed and began kissing everywhere, but your lips.  When he had finished kissing our face, he would begin speaking again.  “Do you want to talk about it?  Or do you want to be distracted?”  During all of your talking, his arms would always be wrapped around you and he would be willing to do anything to make you feel better.


Namjoon would be incredibly worried and would rush to your side.  However, when he sat down next to you, he wouldn’t know what to do.  Essentially, you were a bomb and he was the diffuser.  Anything he did could trigger you and make you cry even more, but he still needed to do something, anything.  His ultimate goal would to comfort you and get you to talk about your problems because it was the best thing to do for him.  Every now and then, as you talked about what plagued your thoughts, he would ask you a question that could potentially help your problem, but he would never insist solutions, knowing full well that simply talking about your problem is best for now until you calm down.  Overall, he would be next to you as long as you needed him.

His hand settled on your back, but he stayed quiet.  Eventually, you naturally started talking about what happened and Namjoon listened.  Nothing else crossed his mind as he listened to your voice talk.  He carefully processed every word you said and made sure to contemplate every response you had.  Eventually, he would hug you and suggest something to help get your mind off of the problem.  It was something he knew you would enjoy and find only joy in.  He would be close to you and would only leave your side if you wanted.


Jimin would be rather worried, but confused as to how to react.  He didn’t know what would be the best thing to do, but the idea of leaving you alone killed him.  Seeing you cry killed him.  Eventually, Jimin wouldn’t be able to take it any longer and would rus to your side and hug you.  He wouldn’t insist you do anything, but would make sure you knew that he was there for you.  Overall, his mentality would be to put your first and do anything you wanted him to.  Whether that be listen to you talk or go out to buy you chocolates he didn’t care.

“Jagi?” Jimin said when he walked into your room to see you in tears.  You looked up and offered him a pitiful smile.  There was only silence while Jimin contemplated what to do.  Finally, he moved to your side and hugged you.  “You don’t have to talk.  Do whatever you want,” He spoke, his voice quiet and dripping with care.  His body provided warmth and would give you a comforting awareness that someone was there for you.  After your tears died down, he spoke up again, “I will do anything for you, Jagi, just say the word.  Anything to make you feel better.”  Instantly, you would be incredibly aware of how much care Jimin had for you.


Taehyung would try so hard to make you laugh.  He knew very well that going up to you and pulling a comedy show would be insensitive, but he also knew that he wanted to see your gorgeous smile.  The result of that combination would be him listening and comforting you , but ultimately cracking a joke at the perfect time to make you laugh.  He would then spend the night with you, listening to you talk about everything that was wrong and making jokes to cheer you up.  The night would include snacks and cute cuddles and you eventually realizing that you forgot all of your problems.

When Taehyung came upon you crying, he immediately rushed over to your side.  He proceeded to cuddle you in an attempt to show you he cared.  His mind raced with ideas of what to do and the thought of getting snacks came across his mind, but he also didn’t want to leave your side.  When you began to talk about what happened, Taehyung made sure to listen to you and hold on tighter to you when you seemed to get choked up.  When you finished, Taehyung smiled and spoke “Just a sec, Jagi.”  He then got up and eventually waddled back to you with snacks in his arms.  “Sweets for my sweet.”  He sat down next you and you pulled up a bag of chips.  “Tae, these are salt and vinegar chips, they’re not sweet.”


Jungkook would be stunned by your tears and would be so worried that he could somehow make it worse.  This tiny child would be wide eyed when he saw you crying and would end up standing still, looking at you.  Eventually, Jungkook would move because the sight of you crying was too much.  He would move to sit next to you and hug you.  His hand would be petting your head and his warm body would calm you.  Jungkook would end up staying quiet, not because he thought it was the best, but because he didn’t know what to say.

Jungkook was a little more than stunned when he left his room to see you crying on the couch.  Your head was in your hands, but he could still see your red face.  He didn’t know how much time passed, but he knew that he had to actually move and calm you in some way.  Your face was so sad and melancholy that his instinct was to hug you.  So, that’s what he did.  He hugged you tightly, trying to calm you in any way he could.  In his mind, all he wanted was your happiness.  He didn’t know what to do, but he did know that he would remember this moment for if it ever happened again.  Although Jungkook never wanted to see you crying ever again.

Oh my God. I just finished that Tododeku fic I came across and it was SO FUCKING GOOD. LIKE REALLY GOOD. I spent the whole day reading it and I finished it just now and hrkkhggddsdfgh. AMAZING!!
I could list so many reasons as to why I enjoyed it so much but I won’t cause this post will get too long so just read it: Summer Stars by PitViperofDoom. (This fic has probably been known by others for awhile but w/e I’ll still show my excitement and join the party late lol).

Too Good to be True

Title: Too Good to be True

Characters: William Gallagher (P.S. I Love You) x You/Reader

Synopsis: You fall in love with William everyday. Even after being married for three years now.

Warnings: NSFW, smut and a whole lotta fluff!

Note: Based on that JDM dream I had the other night! I didn’t dream the entire thing though, just parts of it. *wiggles eyebrows* y’all probs know which ones made it into my dream looooool. Hope you guys enjoy my first ever William fic!

Also, if y’aint interested please feel free to ignore this as I am too lazy to separate my tag list per character lmao. Sorry!

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You were woken up by the soft lips pressing against your neck, showering your skin with feathery kisses that slightly tickled you. Giggling, you turned around and faced your husband, William.

“Morning, love.” He lovingly said as he moved your hair away from your face. “Happy third anniversary.” He immediately added before moving closer.

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     Today feels like the longest day of your entire life. Your feet are sore, your head aches, and no amount of painkillers can relieve the overwhelming feeling of doneness that is currently taking over your usually bright aura. So when you finally make it home and shower, throw on one of Namjoon’s old, oversized t-shirts, and flop down onto the bed, you’re about ready to sleep for the rest of the whole year, if life could permit it. And then-
     “Babe, are you home?” You make a vague, exhausted groan that tells your boyfriend that you are indeed home and still alive.
     You hear him wash up in the bathroom and come into the bedroom to change before sitting next to you on the bed. “Long day?” he asks and you groan again, this time in the agony of remembering the events of the day.
     He laughs, sweet and melodic, and ruffles your hair. Immediately, you move closer until your head is in his lap. The stress melts away as he strokes your hair soothingly, murmuring comforting words. But all too soon, he stands up, gently shifting your head back onto the bed. You whine in protest and he smiles.
     “I haven’t eaten since breakfast, babe. Let me eat something first, I’ll be back in here later,” he says and you nod with a sigh.
     But your peace doesn’t last more than ten minutes without him. You toss and turn on the sheets, trying to get comfortable but failing miserably each time. With a quiet groan, you stand up and shuffle quietly into the kitchen where Namjoon is about halfway through a bowl of instant ramen.
     You make your way between the chair and the table and plop yourself unceremoniously onto his lap, legs on either side of him, leaning your head onto his shoulder. “Are you okay, baby girl?” he asks, setting down his chopsticks.
     “Play with my hair,” you mumble, face buried into his shoulder. One arm immediately wraps around your waist and the other reaches up to run his fingers through your hair. “I had a shitty day.” Your voice is still muffled but he hears every word, shifting you back slightly to look at your face.
     “You need some sleep.” At this, you lean your head back onto his shoulder.
     “Not without you,” you say, already getting sleepy from his warmth.
     He turns his head to the side slightly to plant a kiss on your neck. “Let’s go to sleep then.” Namjoon stands, hauling you up with him as you wrap you legs around his waist. He quickly cleans up before carrying you back to the bedroom and laying you down on the soft mattress.
     Pulling the sheets over both of you, he can’t help but smile as you move toward him, laying your head on his chest. “Someone’s clingy today,” he muses and you whine, too tired to actually reply. “It’s ok. I like to feel needed.” He doesn’t say this with bitterness or malice, it’s just been too long since you’ve come to him for comfort after something as simple as a bad day. You’re strong and these moments when you allow him to see you tired and upset are rare.
     “I always need you,” you whisper. He smiles as he presses his lips to your hair.
     “That’s good. Because I always need you too.”

For @embracetheshipping and @camned who both requested #48 from this prompt list

48: We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.

“Egh,” Danny grumbles and Steve immediately stops chewing his lunch, worrying for a second that Danny’s disgusted is aimed towards him. Only, when he looks over at Danny, he’s peering over his shoulder at something down the beach. He turns around to see what Danny is so offended by, only to see a young couple snuggling happily on their beach towel.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, stealing a piece of Danny’s shrimp while he’s distracted.

“They’re just so…” instead of giving an answer Danny just groans and waves his hand in a noncommittal way, taking another bite of his lunch.

“So… what? Happy? In love?”

“Clingy,” Danny deadpans, “It’s disgusting.”

“Are you really such a curmudgeon that you can’t bear to see other people happy?”

“I am when that happiness includes doing that,” Danny says with a roll of his eyes and Steve can’t help but smile at him.

Steve sidles up beside Danny on the back deck, wrapping an arm around his waist and looking down at the beach where the sun is quickly setting. Danny immediately moves closer, letting Steve wrap his arms around his waist and pull him so that they’re standing flush together. It’s not often that they go out onto the upper deck, both of them preferring the beach chairs, but he does have to admit that it does seem more intimate up here, just off the master bedroom and shrouded by the trees. Danny leans further into him as they watch the waves lap at the shore and he squeezes Danny tight and kisses the side of his neck, receiving a very pleased hum from his partner.

He smiles, savoring the moment while it lasts. It’s not often that they get a truly peaceful moment like this, and they seem all the more precious now that he and Danny are finally together, and he plans to savor each and every one of them.

Danny starts to play with his hands, running his fingers lightly over Steve’s skin in a way that speaks of casual intimacy. It’s a familiar move now, one Steve had quickly gotten addicted to, and he watches over Danny’s shoulder as he moves his fingers in nonsensical patterns up and down Steve’s arms. After a while, Danny takes his hand and turns just enough that he can give him a kiss.

“What was that for?“ he asks with a smile.

“Because I love you,” Danny answers like it should have been obvious, and he can’t help the charmed chuckle that bubbles out of him. “What?” Danny asks him, amused.

“Nothing, It’s just… we’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about,” he explains, remembering all the times Danny had been put off by the very same displays of affection that Danny now lavishes on him.

“You take that back,” Danny tells him, turning in his arms and pointing an angry finger at him but the smile takes away from his act.

“You can’t take back what’s true,” he teases, pulling Danny along with him as he slowly backs up into the bedroom.

“Well it is absolutely not true,” he raises an eyebrow at Danny’s denial and is rewarded when Danny starts launching into a diatribe about how they are not clingy, or cutesy, or any other word along those lines.

“Sure, Danno,” he says placatingly just as he backs up into the bed and falls down onto it.

“It’s true,” Danny assures him, but he stretches out over Steve and leans down to kiss him so Steve doesn’t give any credence to his words.

“Whatever you say,” he says when they break apart.

“Damn right whatever I say,” Danny nods and kisses him again, “I am not clingy,” Danny says and they he knows that it’ll be the last word on the subject. Just like he knows that come morning they’ll wake up wrapped around each other, just like they have every day since Danny moved in.

Better Than the Movies | Xu Minghao (SEVENTEEN)

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 809

Summary: Cuddling with your boyfriend is one way to combat fear induced by horror movies.

Movie night at the SEVENTEEN dorm is always full of surprises. Some nights it’s pretty relaxed- usually only when everyone’s tired from the day’s activities- and the members end up crowding around the television, munching on buttery popcorn as the movie played through without being interrupted. Other times, the noise level in the living room could only be described as deafening, and you’d typically leave the dorm with a raging headache. These energetic nights were usually instigated by impromptu pillow fights, food fights, and the most likely to occur: fights over what movie to watch, throughout the course of the evening.

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Welcome Home

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Emori shivered, folding her arms over her chest and hugging herself tightly. Beside her, Murphy immediately moved in closer, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as they continued to make their way down the corridor.
“I didn’t realize it would be so cold up here,” she murmured, leaning gratefully into Murphy’s warmth.
“Almost makes you miss the dead zone, huh?” he quipped, causing her to scoff. “Yeah, maybe not.”
Ahead of them, the featureless grey corridor of the Ark’s ring stretched endlessly, the metal walls marked here and there by door to what Emori could only assume must have been former dwellings.
“You never told me what it was like,” she said after awhile. “Growing up here.”
“Pretty much the same as it is now,” Murphy responded, “just with more people and even less food.”
“What about your parents?” Emori pressed him. “What were they like?”
“I already told you,” Murphy snapped. “My dad was a thief and my mom was a drunk, there’s nothing more to say.”
He relinquished his hold on Emori, turning his face away to stare resolutely ahead, his mouth pressed into a hard, thin line. Emori reached out for his hand, interlacing her fingers with his.
“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. She was well aware by now that family was a touchy subject for Murphy.
They continued walking in silence along the corridor, the only sound the ever-present hum of machinery that Emori was quite certain she would never get used to. The others were nowhere to be seen, most likely sound asleep at this late hour, or…well, Emori didn’t really want to think about what they might be doing besides sleeping, especially not since she’d caught Bellamy sneaking into Raven’s room after he’d supposedly gone to bed the previous night. They turned a corner and Emori suddenly felt Murphy’s hand slip from her grasp. She turned back to find him standing rooted to the spot behind her, his face drained of color. He looked as though he’d seen a ghost.
The sound of Emori’s voice brought Murphy sharply back to reality. He met her gaze just in time to catch the concerned expression that flashed across her features. Forcing a smile, he stepped forward, closing the gap between them and taking Emori’s hand once more.
“Come on, let’s keep going.”
Emori watched Murphy’s eyes darting from side to side as they made their way towards the end of the corridor which, although it looked exactly the same as all the others they had walked down that night to her, appeared all too familiar to Murphy. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw it, two words scrawled clumsily in black ink across a door to her right, the handwriting spidery and childlike.
“Emori…” said Murphy, a warning note in his voice as she stopped in her tracks, reaching out to brush her fingers across the raised black lettering. “Emori, please don’t…”
But Emori was already pushing open the door. Her heart suddenly racing, she took a deep, steadying breath, hesitating for a fraction of a second before slowly, cautiously stepping across the threshold. Once inside, she glanced around around the small, single room dwelling, taking in everything from the mattresses pushed against the far wall, to the tiny kitchen table, to the empty cabinets and drawers. She turned back to Murphy, who was hovering in the doorway, looking as though he’d rather be anywhere else.
“This was your home,” she said. It wasn’t a question.
Murphy snorted. “If you could call it that.”
With a monumental effort, he finally crossed the threshold to stand beside Emori, casting a contemptuous look around the tiny space. But Emori wasn’t fooled, She could, beneath that carefully constructed mask of indifference that he always wore, the pain and sorrow he fought so hard to keep buried. His gaze fell upon the larger of the two mattresses that Emori had noticed.
“That was where my parents slept,” he whispered, more to himself than to Emori. His eyes began to fill with tears as the memories he had hoped he’d finally escaped from came flooding back, as fresh and as raw as ever. His mother curled up on the left side of that old mattress, his father beside her, whispering to each other in the dark when they thought he was asleep and the times that he had awoken in the middle of the night to discover them swaying gently in each other’s arms to the strains of his father’s favorite song, completely unaware that he was watching them.
“I was living a lonely life until I fell for you, I was living a lost boy’s life, it was all I ever knew.”
His mother’s soft voice telling him made up stories about Earth on nights when the relentless hum of machinery refused to let him sleep. His father’s tear stained cheeks as he hugged his only son goodbye on the morning he was floated, his mother collapsing in a heap on the floor as she watched her husband walk out of the apartment for the last time, her sobs echoing off the metal walls until she finally fell silent. The nights she would spend slumped at the kitchen table, a bottle in her hand, quietly crying or worse still, when she would get drunk enough to start screaming at him, the back of her hand cracking him across the face if he dared to open his mouth. The evening he had returned home from work, relieved to find the apartment quiet and peaceful for a change and the sour smell that had assaulted his nostrils the moment he’d pushed open the door, seeing, not for the first time, his mother’s body lying prone on the floor in a pool of her own vomit. How he had walked over to kneel beside her, gently shaking her by the should in an attempt to wake her, but how she had remained limp and cold in her arms, no matter how many times he had screamed her name and the seemingly endless hours that had followed, lying beside her, not knowing what else to do. He sank to his knees as the weight of his guilt and shame finally became too much for him to bear, silent, uncontrollable tears rolling down his cheeks. Emori immediately moved to kneel before him, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him tightly, while Murphy let his own arms slip around her waist as he buried his face in her shoulder. He wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, clinging to each other, as though they could somehow hug away the past. Eventually, he lifted his face, releasing his hold on Emori as he looked around the spartan dwelling once more.
“This was my home,” he murmured, his voice trembling. “But it’s gone now.”
“Hey,” said Emori softly, cupping his cheek with her left hand and forcing him to meet her eyes. “Your home is with me.”
Murphy took hold of Emori’s hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it gently, reverently, as he stared at her, the woman he loved more than anyone else, on the Ark or on the ground, the woman who had saved his life in more ways than one, the strongest person he had ever known. His old life was long gone, but maybe, just maybe, they could build a new one together. He might never be free of the pain and suffering of his past, but he felt certain that as long as he had Emori, the one truly good and pure thing that had ever been his, he could face whatever the future had in store for him in this shithole. For the first time in a long while, perhaps for the first time in all his seventeen years, he felt truly at peace. Smiling, he took Emori in his arms once more, pulling her against his chest and stroking her hair gently as he rested his cheek against the top of her head.
“Welcome home,” he murmured softly.

Aquarium Fun and Cringy Puns

Phil giggled to himself as he was trying not to press his face against the glass. All the jelly fish and aquatic animals brought out the kid in him. All he wanted to do was tap on the glass and watch all the reactions of the sea life.

So far, their trip to Singapore has been amazing, but this, this was the highlight. The blue aesthetic was perfect. Dan even got some Instagram worthy photos, which Phil demanded more credit for the photography skills than what Dan actually gave him.

Throughout the whole trip both boys have been met face to face with a fan at every corner. Expect for today that is. There wasn’t many people at the aquarium. Just a few elderly. Which meant Dan and Phil would be able to be slightly closer to one another than usual.

Soon enough Dan joined Phil at the tank and watched the beautiful animals swim around, after a few minutes of silence. Dan began to laugh. Phil raised and eyebrow and looked over at his boyfriend with a confused look on his face,

“What?” Phil chuckled at Dan’s sudden outburst. Dan shook his head and looked down at the ground, his ravishing smile never leaving his face for even a second,

“It’s nothing, I just thought of something really stupid,” Dan smirked, drawing his attention back into the tank, “Whoa Phil look at that Sting Ray! It’s huge!” Phil rolled his eyes, but still looked at the sea life Dan was gawking over,

“Tell me what you were thinking of Dan. You can’t just randomly laugh and not tell me what it was about,” Phil pouted and crossed his arms. Dan sniggered at him, and reached his hand out and put his hand under Phil’s chin. Forcing him to make eye contact.

Dan’s cheeky grin grew wider and he opened his mouth to speak, “Hey, are you aquatic?” Phil tilted his head, confused; as always when Dan was being, well, Dan

“I don’t get it. I’m-”

"Because you’re looking dol-FINE,” The taller boy interrupted.

Phil stepped back from Dan and chuckled, clutching his stomach because of all the laughter, “Oh my god Dan! That was horrible!” Dan held his hands up defensively,

“Hey! You’re the one who demanded to know what I was thinking of,” Phil looked up at Dan and beamed, “I /SEA/ what you mean!” Dan’s face went red and he covered his blush with his hand,

“Please stop Phil-ugh. It’s only funny when I do it,” Phil chuckled a few more times, and just as he was about to walk over to the next exhibit, he heard Dan speak again,

“Well how can I not say anything? You’re OTTER-ly adorable!” Phil stopped in his tracks and smirked, oh how two could play at this game,

“I bet you’re jellyfish of this booty, Howell,” Instead of Dan becoming all soft and embarrassed like Phil hoped for, Dan immediately moved closer and wrapped an arm around Phil’s waist. He leaned in close to his ear and Phil shivered. This was not the reaction the was expecting out of Dan,

“I am; and I’m definitely getting a piece of your booty when we go back to the hotel room,” Dan purred against Phil’s ear, causing he hair on the back of his neck to stand up. Phil gasped and it was his turn to become embarrassed and blush like mad. However Phil had one more trick up his sleeve.

Phil wiggled himself out of Dan’s grasp with a soft giggle, and started walking out of the large room, he would definitely have the final word, “Well until then, I guess you’re just going to have to /octopi/ yourself,” Dan sighed and followed Phil close behind,

“I honestly hate you,”

Change of Plans

A Single Dadrien drabble because it’s 1AM and I’ve lost control of my life. Will be queued for the morning.


Everything had been ready. Sandwiches cut, wrapped, stowed. Drinks in temperature appropriate containers. Marinette’s pastries nestled in the center of the basket. An excess of napkins on standby. Picnic blanket folded. Sunscreen smeared all over Emma’s nose and arms. 

Then a crack of thunder rattled the glasses in the kitchen cabinets.

Adrien, Marinette, and Emma stood at the living room window, watching the rain fall in torrents. It splattered against the glass almost hatefully. Emma lowered her head and stuck out her bottom lip. “But what about our picnic?” she mumbled.

Adrien looked at Marinette. Marinette looked at him. Her mouth pulled up into a huge smile. “I know what we can do,” she cried. She turned away from the dismal weather, marched over to the dining table, picked up a chair, and carried it into the living room. “Adrien, Emma, would you be so kind as to bring me as many blankets as possible?”

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Friends Like Ours (Part Six)

Story/One Shot Collection Summary: You decide to move in with your best friend and his roommates after a bad breakup. Your best friend is Sam Wilson. His roommates are Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Let’s just say that your life becomes a little more interesting…

Part One: Whose Side Are You On?

Part Two: On Your Left

Part Three: Movie Night

Part Four: The End of the World

Part Five: The One with the Ex and the Dining Set

Chapter Title: Repaying a Debt

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, some mentions of “horizontal mambo” 

A/N: While this is a one shot collection, this one shot is connected to Part Four: The End of the World so please read that first before reading this part, if you haven’t already. Happy reading!

“Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”

Steve smirks, his bright blue eyes gazing your way as he inches closer to you. “Why should we stop? You still owe me after that little stunt you pulled a few nights ago,” he leans forward, your body between his arms as he places his hands on the counter behind you. “This is paying your debt.”

Your eyes narrowing, you let out a sigh and lightly push Steve away from you. “Fine, fine. I’ll do this,” you mutter under your breath as Steve grins widely at you in response. Rolling your eyes, you step into the shower and hold your hand out. “Give me what you got.”

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Qrowin Banter #6 EDITED
  • *Qrow shows up at Winter's temporary home in Beacon.*
  • Winter: Qrow, what are you doing in my house!? Get ou-
  • * Get interrupted by the noises of Qrow rummaging through her kitchen. Winter puts her book down and moves to get up but Qrow arrives in the living room with a bottle of wine and glass.*
  • Qrow: No, sit. *Winter looking pretty annoyed, sits back down.*
  • Winter: What is this all about Qrow?
  • Qrow: A might need this. *Pours wine into the glass and slides it across the coffee table in Winter's direction. He then takes a seat in the sofa across from her.*
  • Winter: What are you taking about?
  • Qrow: We've fought each other for a long time...
  • Winter: ...Okay.
  • Qrow: And we've gotten...closer since my nieces teamed up with your sister.
  • Winter: ...
  • Qrow: We've slept together. More times than I can count.
  • Winter: Out with it Qrow!
  • Qrow: Patience Ice Queen. What I'm trying to say is that I want us to be more... intimate.
  • Winter: Oh.*Grabs the glass of wine*
  • Qrow: I want to annoy you on a consistent basis.
  • *Winter sips wine.*
  • Qrow: I want to exclusively punch your face, with my face all the time. *Winter chokes a little* My permanent battle buddy. I want you to be the Queen of my nest. The specialist of my heart.
  • *Winter sips more wine.*
  • Qrow: I want to wake up next to you and frequently put my face between your- you should slow down there Ice Queen.
  • *Winter finishes the rest of her glass, and takes the bottle.*
  • Qrow: Do you see where I'm going with this?
  • Winter: *Takes bigger sips from the bottle* Yes?
  • Qrow: So?
  • Winter: That was the worst confession I've ever heard. *Qrow is slightly taken aback that Winter chugs the rest of bottle. Winter gets up and sits neatly across his lap.*
  • Winter: *Flushes* I would have phrased it differently but fortunately for you, I share similar sentiments.
  • *Qrow smirks*
  • Qrow: Meaning?
  • Winter: I would also like to 'exclusively punch your face with my face.'
  • Qrow: Heh. Good.
  • *Finds her hand and interlaces their fingers.*
  • Winter: Effective immediately.
  • *Winter gradually moves in closer so their faces are barely inches a part.*
Sweater Weather

Spencer and Reader have to share a hotel room… and a bed.

So one of the first imagines that I ever read was Body Heat by @imaginethebau, and it has always been one of my favourites! It is Hotch x Reader, so it inspired me to write one about a similar situation, but with Spencer!

I hope u all like it lol, and if you haven’t already, read everything that @imaginethebau have ever written! Amazin!!!

Triggers - 0

Word Count - 1061

After arriving in Washington for a case, the area in which the murders had been located was extremely remote, and with that, extremely cold.

The hotel that had been booked was small, so everyone, except Hotch, were forced to double up. Morgan refused to sleep with Reid, so he grabbed Rossi, and JJ and Prentiss slowly gravitated towards each other and then ran off with their key.

Unfortunately, that left you with Reid. Spencer was indeed your best friend, but he was also gorgeous, intelligent, kind, caring- the list goes on. Sharing a room with him for a night, let alone a week, would be an absolute battle as you’d have to fight the urge to jump him every 5 seconds. Spencer, being a typical male, and also extremely awkward, has been absolutely oblivious to your desires and consequently, you had been stuck in the friend zone for 18 months.

‘Guess it’s me and you then.’ Spencer said as he turned to you, with a grin.

You followed Spencer towards your room, and your jaw dropped once you saw the sleeping arrangements. One bed.

Now, this has just got interesting.

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turning time

Hermione Granger x (Female) Reader
Warnings: swearing, mention of alcohol, DH spoilers
Requested by Anon & @genderqueerruleroftomatoes

First Year

She catches a glimpse of her on the Hogwarts Express. 

All bushy hair and tidy robes, Hermione Granger saunters by Y/N’s train compartment, and something about her is eye-catching.


Once they arrive at the school, and the ragged hat is placed on every first-year student one by one, Y/N sees her again. Clutching her vine-covered wand to her chest, Hermione bites her bottom lip and anxiously waits for her name to be called.

And nobody is surprised when the hat yells, Gryffindor!

And Y/N is hoping, hoping with every nerve in her body that she will follow the brown-skinned girl into that house, the best house, as she’d heard, traded in conversation back on the train.

When her name is called, she crosses the threshold to the stage, heart leaping out of her chest and blood rushing in her veins. The stool screeches an inch backward when she sits, legs dangling as she looks at the eager faces of the young children, the passive faces of the older students.

And she’s waiting, waiting for the hat to sort her, but it takes its time.

Her stomach seems to sink when it finally decides.


Second Year

It isn’t until their second year that she finally speaks to her.

Severus Snape’s voice sneers as he assigns partners, and Y/N is ecstatic when her name follows Hermione’s.

“Hi,” says the Gryffindor, bushy hair cascading over her shoulders. “I’m Hermione Granger.”

And Y/N already knows that, of course. She smiles, holding her hand out, trying to hide the fact that it’s slightly trembling. “Y/N.”

When their hands meet, it feels like the beginning of something.

Third Year

By their third year, Y/N considers herself lucky enough to call Hermione her friend, as she helped Y/N with schoolwork almost every day. 

“So if you mix long grass and slug juice…” Hermione says, leaning over towards Y/N, their shoulders bumping. Her lips part as Hermione rambles, but she can’t focus on what she’s explaining.

Because all she can focus on is the curve of Hermione’s lips, the gold specks in her brown eyes, the sharpness of her jawline.

When a loud clank sounds on the table, Y/N’s eyes drop down to the necklace - a long, gold chain attached to a circular pendant, which held a small hourglass. When she asks Hermione about it, she receives the truth.

And Y/N is utterly enthralled by the time-traveling, brown-eyed girl who smells of honey and parchment.

Fourth Year

Students from Beauxbatons Academy and Durmstrang Institute flood the halls of the castle, and feelings of longing flood Y/N’s chest.

She considers it an omen when Dumbledore announces the Yule Ball.

One fall day, sat out by the Great Lake, Hermione leans her back up against a willow tree, halfway through her essay, which rests in her lap. Y/N lies on her stomach in the warm autumn grass, with her knees bent and feet swinging, a book open in front of her.

But she’s having trouble focusing on the words.

“Hermione,” she breathes, finally gathering the courage to look up at her.

“Yeah?” she replies, meeting Y/N’s eyes, twirling her quill between her delicate fingers.

“The Yule Ball,” she blurts, unable to form a coherent way to say it. “Would you want to, um, go together?”

And Hermione’s eyes soften, as she licks her bottom lip and says, “I’d love to.”

Y/N tries to ignore the urge to kiss her right then and there, grinning wider than-

“But,” Hermione says, and Y/N’s chest tightens. “Viktor Krum’s already asked me. And… I said yes.”

“Oh,” she sighs, feeling her heart plummet to the bottom of her stomach. “Yeah. Of course.” She bites her lip, turning back to the sun-faded pages laid before her.

Y/N could feel the hope slipping right through her fingers.


“You know,” Pansy Parkinson says, sipping her cup of spiked punch as Y/N glances over at the dance floor. “It’s not the end of the world.”

“I know,” she replies, voice heavy and dry.

But it feels like it is - because Hermione is fucking radiant in that blue dress; her hand is wrapped tightly around Viktor Krum’s.

That’s when Y/N realizes she’s completely, hopelessly in love with Hermione Granger, and there’s no going back.

Fifth Year

It finally happens during their fifth year.

When Dolores Umbridge issues another decree prohibiting boys and girls from being within a certain number of feet of each other, Y/N doesn’t even blink an eye.

Because she finally felt like she had a chance with her.

After Y/N joins Dumbledore’s Army, the two girls grow closer. Hermione, being the clever witch she is, constantly helps everyone struggling with the spells.

Y/N hopes that she’s not imagining the fact that Hermione always stands closer, speaks softer to her, more than anyone else.

One rainy Friday afternoon, the group practiced the art of conjuring a patronus.

“Expecto Patronum!” Y/N yells, failing yet again as only a white mist emerges from the end of her wand. “Damn it!”

“Need some help?”

The words are coated in sugar and sweetness. Hermione stands with her hair pulled half up, the rest framing her round face. She twirls her wand in her hand, and Y/N swallows as she’s brought back to that day by the lake the previous year. The day when she had started to lose hope.

Y/N smiles. “Yes, please,” she says, but Hermione is already walking over. 

“Okay,” she says, brown eyes glued to Y/N’s. “You have to think of a happy memory - the happiest you can remember.”

Y/N takes a deep breath, nodding and gripping her wand tight against her palm. She runs her tongue across her bottom lip, pointing her wand and repeating, “Expecto Patronum!”

It doesn’t work.

“You’re not flicking your wand right,” replies Hermione immediately, moving closer and demonstrating the spell herself. “Try it like that.”

She fails again.

“I’m hopeless,” Y/N breathes, running a tired hand through her hair and glancing around at everyone else’s fully-formed patronuses.

Hermione grins. “No you’re not, Y/N,” she says, gently shaking her head back and forth.

Her use of the name causes Y/N’s heart to skip a beat. 

The meeting comes to an end quickly, but Hermione offers to stay awhile longer to help her master the spell. Y/N definitely does not pass up on that opportunity.

After a few more failed attempts, Hermione decides to try a different tactic. “Here,” she says, coming up behind Y/N and wrapping a soft hand around her wrist, guiding her wand a certain way. “Do it like this.”

And Y/N can barely breathe - because she can feel Hermione’s warm breath on her neck and her body pressed against hers and she’d never thought they would be that close.

Inhaling deeply, she tries once more. “Expecto Patronum!”

When a small white otter appears from the curse, Y/N’s eyes widen; her lips part.

They have the same patronus.

“Brilliant,” Hermione breathes, not inching away from her in the slightest. Y/N hears her gulp before asking, “What memory did you use?”

Not knowing how to answer, Y/N turns around to face her.

And then she kisses Hermione hard on the lips.

The bushy-haired girl lets out a small gasp, hand falling from Y/N’s wrist.

And then she kisses her back.

Y/N drops her wand, which hits the floor with a loud smack, but all she can focus on is the way Hermione’s lips, soft as clouds, move across hers. She clutches the sides of Hermione’s head, as the other girl’s hands find their way to Y/N’s waist.

And Y/N struggles to convince herself that it isn’t a dream.

Sixth Year

Their sixth year at Hogwarts was, undoubtedly, when Y/N was the happiest she’d ever been.

It’s minty kisses and locked fingers. Cotton sheets that smell of ink and parchment. Scarlet and gold; pine and silver. 

Neck kisses and tugging on hair. Tight hugs and lamplit nights.

As the brown-skinned girl slowly runs a thumb across Y/N’s bottom lip, the world feels as if it belongs to the two of them.

There’s an earthquake in Y/N’s chest, and she’s afraid Hermione Granger might be her undoing.

And she’s quite okay with that.

Seventh Year

The following year was a fucking nightmare. 

Hermione was gone, along with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to finally put an end to the battle that had been raging since day one.

Their goodbye was painful, and Y/N did her best to pry it out of her mind. Because the thought that she may never see Hermione again - that wrecked her more than anything. 

Hogwarts had turned into its own version of hell. With Severus Snape as headmaster, the Carrows as teachers, and the threat of Voldemort over their heads, the students struggled to remain sane.

Y/N had given up on trying not to think about Hermione. It’s all that was on her mind: where she was, who she was with, if she was eating. If she was safe, if she was hurt, if she was alive.

When rumors that Harry Potter is back arise among the school, Y/N crosses her fingers, toes - every limb in her body - that Hermione is as well.

When the students are dragged out of bed and ordered to the Great Hall, she keeps her eyes open for something, anything that could allude to Hermione’s return.

And then she sees Harry, disguised in school robes, his face stained with dirt. She grips his arm.

Startled, he whips around and his emerald eyes meet hers. His body slightly relaxes when he registers who it is.

“Is she here?” Y/N whispers, hoping, hoping, hoping.

Harry simply nods, offering her the smallest of smiles. She darts out of the Great Hall, attempting to remain unnoticed.

Turning the corner, wand gripped in her hand, she scans the hall, only to find it empty. She continues on to the others, frantically looking anywhere she can.

“Hermione?” she says, quietly, but determined.

She was going to find her.

“Hermione!” she calls, voice stressed and hushed, as she peers down yet another empty corridor. 

Y/N sighs, on the verge of tears, as she turns and starts in the opposite direction. Her fingers are pale from clutching her wand; her hair is a disheveled mess as she calls Hermione’s name once more, it coming out choked, sounding like she’s on the verge of shattering.


She whips around, eyes widened when she finally sees her, emerging from behind a stone pillar. “Oh, thank Merlin,” Y/N breathes, rushing over and throwing her arms around Hermione’s neck, as a sob escapes her throat.

Hermione’s arms wrap tightly around her torso as Y/N buries her head into the Gryffindor’s shoulder, finally pouring out what she’d been holding in since September.

And Hermione just holds her, as Y/N inhales the familiar scent of honey and books, the scent she’d been craving for what felt like a lifetime.

When she finally pulls away, still gripping Hermione’s arms, Y/N sees that her brown eyes were also red-rimmed, her cheeks glistening.

As her gaze travels down to Hermione’s neck, Y/N’s heart shakes at the sight of a scar - a horizontal line which seemed to be stained blood red.

“Are you alright?” she asks, fingers lingering near the scar, too afraid to touch it. 

Hermione grabs Y/N’s trembling fingers and squeezes, causing her to look away from the scar and back up at Hermione. “Yes, I’m fine. Are you -”

But Y/N pushes her lips onto hers before she can finish, the fingers of her right hand wrapped carefully around Hermione’s neck. She kisses her with all that she had been longing, worrying about in the past months.

When Y/N pulls away, she doesn’t hesitate to say, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Hermione replies, wiping a tear from her cheek.

And the battle doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.

guys i LOVED writing this one.
fun fact: my patronus is an otter :)


Request - Could you do at Game of Thrones imagine where the reader is married to Robb and they’re deeply in love but when he goes to war he cheats on her with Talisa and Jon is there when she finds out 

Pairing - Robb Stark X Reader

Wordcount - 3000

Warnings - Strong Language, mature themes, violence 

Multi-shot - Yes 

Author’s Note - I might have gone too overboard with this request but I couldn’t stop writing it. - (Y/F/S/N) - Your first son’s name. (Y/S/S/N) - Your second son’s name. 



Before the war everything was so different, Robb and (Y/N) were deeply in love. After the birth of their first son, (Y/F/S/N) the strength of their marriage and their love for each other only seemed to blossom further. Robb was an great husband and an incredible Father. He would bring (Y/N) flowers and made sure she had everything she desired, even when she repeatedly told him that she had everything she could possibly want. (Y/N) and Robb were the perfect family unit and nothing would ever separate them or so she thought.

The death of her Father in-law, Ned Stark caused choas and corruption. Ned was loved among the people of Winterfell, his wrongful imprisonment had put people on edge but his death was what had caused the people  to want to go to war. The matter only seemed to worsen when the Lannisters refused to let Sansa and Arya go. The war truly broke out between the Lannisters and the North. Robb at first would occasionally return to Winterfell to visit (Y/N) and (Y/F/S/N) but soon it became un-practical. That final night, (Y/N) had begged Robb not to leave even know she felt selfish for doing so, she understood why Robb had to stay out at war permanently but she only longed for him to keep her warm at night and have knowledge her husband was safe. So that night before he left they made indescribable love where she conceived her second child, a boy who would be born nine moons later, her son wouldn’t see his father when his eyes first opened. His Father would only be given word of his sons arrival. He would probably not see him for several name sakes.

However there would be one man in their lives who became (Y/N) greatest asset to her. Whether he was consorting what to do with the people of Winterfell and the vital issues to helping raise the two boys. Jon Snow became a life saver and a great support system. While Robb was away Jon became the man (Y/N) relied on. (Y/N) sat in her chamber rocking (Y/S/S/N) back to sleep. It was late, he had been fed and changed but (Y/S/S/N) was not having any of it tonight.  

“Sh now. Your wake (Y/F/S/N) and Uncle Jon. Mummy loves you and so does Daddy. He’s off fighting a veracious Lion who has taken Aunt Sansa and Aunt Arya. One day he is going to come riding home, the Stark banner riding high in the sky. Everyone will be cheering and celebrating, when the King of the North returns with your Aunt’s and on that day we will be a family again” (Y/N) expressed as (Y/S/S/N) wriggled around her arms. He had not stopped crying, (Y/N) didn’t know what else to do. When there was a sharp brisk knock on the wooden door, the baby who was creeping up to witnessing his sixth moon only to began to cry louder. She pulled the door open to reveal Jon standing there looking tired and weary. 

“(Y/N), I thought you might need some assistance. Rest assured (Y/F/S/N) is still deep in slumber” (Y/N) smiled before stepping aside to let Jon into her room, that she had once shared with Robb. 

“Sorry I didn’t intend for you to wake. He just won’t settle. Nights like this I wish Robb was here” (Y/N) sighed as Jon extended his arms (Y/N) gave her over her screaming son, he immediately settled down, moving closer to Jon’s body heat. (Y/S/S/N) since birth had been closer to Jon and whether he would admit it or not he rather enjoyed spending time with all of you. You accepted him as the person he was not as the bastard son of Ned Stark. 

“There one little Prince fast asleep. Mind if I lay with him for a while. You know just in case he wakes up again” (Y/N) melted at the sight of Jon and (Y/S/S/N). He was so content when he was with Jon. 

“Sure as long as you can get Sapphire off the bed” (Y/N) replied looking at the Direwolf that was sprawled out over her large bed. Sapphire had been found beside Ghost, she had white and grey fur with pointed ears. She was also (Y/N) engagement present, she couldn’t ask for a better companion or loyal protector. 

“Sapphire move” (Y/N) instructed but the Direwolf simply opened her eyes before closing them again. As much as she loved Sapphire to pieces but she could be stubborn when she wanted to be. Jon did nothing more than pull the blankets back, removing the robe he had been wearing, leaving him in a pair of comfortable looking trousers as he laid (Y/S/S/N) on his bare chest, tapping the vacant spot beside him. 

“You look exhausted. Come here and lay down. Rest while he’s asleep. I promise not to try anything”  So (Y/N) took the place beside Jon in her night wear before covering herself with the thick warm furs before drifting off to sleep knowing her sons were safe and sound.  

The following morning morning, (Y/N) stretched her arms out to find the space next to her empty. Jon and (Y/S/S/N) were gone. She hurriedly moved out of bed rushing to put on her dress for the day, preparing her (Y/C/H) in a tidy manor before finally slipping on her shoe and tying them. She ran out of her room when she bumped into her messenger, Maxwell. He had been so loyal to her in the times that they had been facing being a war with the Lannisters. 

“Maxwell have you seen Jon and (Y/S/S/N) He’s going to be need to be fed” (Y/N) asked cheerfully as she was every morning. Maxwell didn’t want to give the news that he had heard and eventually witnessed for himself. Before he came to (Y/N) he always made sure he had sustainable evidence of the news that he had to give her. Yet he couldn’t seem to tell her before she broke her fast.

“There in the meeting room, breaking their fasts. Both children were with Jon. I will need to speak with you later my Queen” (Y/N) smiled at her most loyal servant he had been away for sometime. She was eager to know what he had found  But the frown apparent in his face was concerning. 

“Maxwell breaking my fast can wait. If it ‘s bothering you we can go and discuss this now” Seeing concern in (Y/N)’s face, he knew that there would be no easy way to break the news to her. But at the same time he understood how important it was for a women nursing a child to maintain their meals. 

“My Queen, break your fast and attend to your children. I can wait while you do so” So (Y/N) went down and joined everyone to break her fast. But the whole time she worried about the news that Maxwell had for her. As she nursed (Y/S/S/N) she didn’t even hear Jon knocking on her bedroom door. 

“(Y/N), you were distracted earlier, I thought you might want to talk about it” Jon kept a respectful distance away from  (Y/N) as she sat with her back to him keeping her eyes fixated on her youngest son. 

“Maxwell comes with news and by the look on his face it’s bad news” (Y/N) cleaned herself and (Y/S/S/N) as he clearly had enough. She placed small kisses on his forehead as she turned to look at Jon. 

“Would you come with me to see what news Maxwell has for me?” (Y/N) asked in reality Jon didn’t need to be asked, he was going to attend the meeting no matter what. After (Y/N) had given her youngest son to Marie ( the children’s Nanny) to meet with Maxwell, she gathered thoughts before stepping into the room noticing Maxwell pacing back and fourth in front of the fire. 

“Maxwell it’s not like you to be phased by news. Is Robb okay?” (Y/N) asked concerned for Robb’s welfare. Maxwell collapsed onto his knees, looking ashamed of himself. 

“My Queen, please don’t hate me for what I am about to tell you. The King has been having an affair with a young women called Talisa” Affair? Talisa. Robb. No! He would never have an affair! She thought to herself. 

“Did you see them together?” (Y/N) asked quietly, Jon could see her heart breaking at the thought of Robb with someone else, he took her in his arms as her knees buckled beneath her. 

“My Queen,I have, I would never come with word of such betrayal without actual evidence. Her name is Talisa Haegyr, a noblewomen from the free city Volantis, she gained medical training relocated to Westeros when she could no longer stand slavery, the King found her sometime ago” The news devastated (Y/N), what more did Robb want from her? She bared him two beautiful sons she ran and maintained Winterfell with Jon’s aid. Yet while she was in Winterfell with their children, he was fucking some noble whore. There was no denying the pain that she felt. But seeing Maxwell so intimidated and afraid, it didn’t make her feel any easier. 

“Maxwell, it’s not your fault. I could never hate you. You are the most loyal of messengers. I consider you a loyal friend, a protector of my sons I only have one question, do you know where Robb is? She asked as she took Maxwell hands in hers.

“Of course, my Queen” (Y/N) smiled before looking up at Jon. She gave him a look that he had never seen off her before 

“Tell Marie to prepare the boys for travel. Pack your bags or travel. Gather food, water and blankets for the journey. Get twenty of our best men, make sure their prepared. Maxwell,will you take us to Robb” Maxwell and Jon were surprised at how calm she was. But in  reality her heart was breaking and she desired nothing more to run to their shared room and cry. But she was Queen of the North and mother of two.

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Heartbroken Kisses- D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: basically heartbroken [Y/N] and best friend!dan but with a small twist:)

Requested: no

Warnings: Feels, some swearing

A/N: With all the hype of PINOF 8 I got a little carried away and honestly felt my heart exploding as I was writing this, pls enjoy even though it’s kinda sorta long😅😊


 “[Y/N], we have to go, are you still coming?”

You rolled your eyes, sitting up from the place you’d been laying on Dan’s bed.

“Of course I’m coming, Daniel.”

He looked at you almost surprised, seeing as how you’d been insisting all week that you weren’t going to come contrary to what you’d told Phil; almost surprised, because he knew you’d never actually go back on something you’d promised his best friend.

“Look, [Y/N], I know you don’t want to go, but just try and remember that it’s for Phil, yeah?”

“I know Dan, I’ve been trying for months,” you replied, somewhat annoyed.

Dan looked at you knowingly, he understood your situation and comforted you when you needed it; and right now, you looked like you needed it.

Coming to sit down next to you on his bed he sighed quietly, “[Y/N], I know you don’t like her but there’s nothing you can do. Phil loves her, and I know that you’re trying hard but just try to be supportive of that, even though it really sucks right now.”

You nod your head and lean onto his shoulder, closing your eyes as a moment of silence passes between the two of you.

“Dan, [Y/N], are you guys ready? We’re meant to meet Caroline in 15 minutes,” Phil had poked his head into Dan’s room, interrupting the moment you two had been sharing.

“Yeah, we’re coming,” Dan said standing up, you quickly following suit.

As the three of you left your apartment, Phil pulled you slightly back from Dan, “What was with you and Dan, hmm? Are you guys like a thing or something because the fans have been shipping it for years y'know?”

You laugh along with your best friend despite the sinking feeling in your chest, “Hilarious Phillip, but no, Dan and I are not a thing or something,” you respond, placing air quotations around the words he’d used with your hands.

“Whatever you say, [Y/N],” he says, but leans down just before leaving to whisper, “Ya know I’d ship it if you did.”

You laugh and push him away from you, watching him walk ahead and fall into step with Dan, most likely asking him the same question. You walk closely behind your 2 best friends, dreading seeing Phil’s girlfriend of nearly a year, Caroline. It wasn’t that you’d disliked Caroline from the beginning, because you’d liked her quite a bit the first time you met her. It just so happened that once Phil had a girlfriend, your relationship with him had changed, almost drastically.

At the start, everything stayed pretty much the same, but as they dated for longer and longer, Phil slowly started to drift away from you; and that’s when you’d begun getting closer with Dan. Not that you weren’t close with him before, you guys had all been roommates for a few years now, but something about missing Phil’s friendship from your life made Dan take that place; whether you two had realized it or not. You admired Phil from behind, taking in each one of his features, you hadn’t realized how in love with him you were until Caroline came around; and by then, you were too late. You’d been trying to sort out your feelings for Phil for years, and the day you’d finally worked up the courage to tell him, he brought her home.

You’d been trying, in the 11 months since that day, to get over Phil; but nothing seemed to be working. No one you ever talked to seemed to make you feel the way your best friend had, and still sometimes did. After a quick ride on the tube, and a few blocks of walking, the three of you arrived at the restaurant where Caroline’s dinner was being held. You, of course, hadn’t really wanted to go, but Phil insisted you come; and with Dan’s encouragement, here you were. You walked in, sitting down a few chairs from Caroline, with Dan beside you.

“Congratulations, Caroline,” you said as cheerfully as you could manage.

“Oh, thank you so much [Y/N]. And thanks for coming,” she smiled at you as she replied.

You wished you were able to hate her; that she was a bitch or rude to animals or had some quality that could make you dislike her. But there was absolutely nothing wrong with her, she was almost perfect for Phil.

You listened as Dan said the same, handing her some congrats card that each of you had signed; you didn’t know where he had found it, but Dan knew you’d feel bad showing up empty handed and had helped you out by buying the card when he’d seen it. Once a few more people had arrived, dinner commenced, with a waitress coming over and taking everyone’s drink and meal orders. As soon as she was gone, everyone began chattering with one another; you, of course, didn’t know very many of Caroline’s friends and spent all of your time speaking to Dan beside you, and only answering people when spoken to. After dinner had been eaten, and dessert brought to the table, Phil stood up; glass in hand and clearly about to propose a toast to his girlfriend. He cleared his throat, catching the attention of the table as everyone quickly quieted down. Dan grabbed your hand that was sitting on your lap, rubbing the back of it for comfort as he knew whatever Phil was about to say wasn’t something you’d particularly want to hear.

“So,” he began, “I didn’t really know what to say, but I just wanted to make a small toast to my amazing girlfriend. Caroline, we’ve been together nearly a year and it’s been one of the best years of my life.”

You heart breaks a little, thinking of all the years you and Phil had spent together; whilst you were teenagers, when you moved out to attend uni together, starting your channels, sharing an apartment. It had always been “[Y/N] and Phil”, but for the last year it hadn’t really felt like it. Each year usually with some new step in your friendship, and how clearly, this statement meant that the years as “[Y/N] and Phil” just weren’t as good as the year of “Caroline and Phil”; that maybe you weren’t as good.

He continues, “I guess I really just wanted to say that I love you and, well, congratulations I suppose.”

With that, he began to sit back down, placing a kiss on Caroline’s lips as he did as everyone began clinking glasses with those around the table. You let go of Dan’s hand and picked up your glass, not wanting to be impolite.

((a/n there’s a time jump here of a couple of hours)) Dan’s POV:

[Y/N] was wasted; and when I say wasted, I mean, she was leaning on to me to walk and wasn’t really walking at all. The dinner party had somehow made its way to a bar and as everyone had dispersed to go dance, I was left with [Y/N], who had been sat at the bar nearly all night drinking.

“[Y/N], we’re home,” I say once we’ve made our way into our apartment.

I begin making my way toward my room when she begins talking from her place in the lounge, “Please can I sleep with you Dan? I-I don’t wanna be alone.”

It wasn’t uncommon, in fact, it was almost uncommon for y/n not to sleep in my bed. Ever since Phil had started seeing Caroline, [Y/N] and I had grown closer and closer. I’d never tell her but something about seeing her so torn up over Phil made me want to hold her until she was put back together. My life, it seemed, had becomes one of those stupid movie storylines where the girl I was in love with, was in love with someone else. I hadn’t always been in love with [Y/N], I’d actually never looked at her as more than a friend until Phil started dating Caroline. But somewhere between talks about her feelings and cuddling in my bed at night, I had fallen; hard.

I nodded my head, continuing my walk from the lounge to my bedroom. As I’m changing, I hear her walk by my door to get to her bedroom; most likely changing in order to come sleep. Although, something about her body language when she enters my room tells me that neither of us will be getting much sleep. She closes the door behind herself, laying down on the side of the bed that had been established “hers” the last few months; me, following suit and laying beside her on my back. [Y/N] immediately moves closer to me, resting her head on my chest while i wrap an arm around her waist; neither of us talking and instead enjoying the silence surrounding us in the dark.

I feel her sigh, her breath hitting my chest when she speaks up, “Why aren’t I good enough, Dan?”

I don’t answer, knowing she’s most likely going to continue, and she does, not long after, “I mean, it’s always just been “[Y/N] and Phil”, and now it’s just “[Y/N]” and I don’t know how to handle that… I haven’t been just “[Y/N]” since primary school. I don’t really know who she is.“

“I do,” I reply almost instantly.

She looks up at me, surprised, but I continue, “I know just [Y/N], and she’s pretty fucking great. Just [Y/N] is funny and intelligent and beautiful, and… Well I’m in love with just [Y/N]; even if just [Y/N] isn’t in love with me.”

I watch as her face changes from one of sadness to one of shock, and I can’t really believe i’ve just admitted that especially in such a cliché way.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, it was just; you were on about Phil and I needed to tell you, and I’ve been hiding it for months, and I-” my waffling is cut off by her lips on mine.

I slowly begin kissing back, not really comprehending what was happening.

“I-I can help you get over him [Y/N]. Or, I can at least try, just give me a chance?”

((lol going back i’m sorry)) [Y/N]’s POV:

You looked up at Dan as he finished his sentence smiling to yourself. Of course, of course Dan would be the one for you; it made almost perfect sense. He had been the one there to help you pick up the pieces.

You nod your head at him, leaning back up to kiss him for a second time, Dan responding immediately. Once you pull away, he lays back down with you on his chest again.

Immediately pulling you close to him and kissing your forehead, whispering a soft “Goodnight [Y/N],” before closing his eyes and beginning to fall asleep; you doing the same, contentedly sighing as you bury yourself into his chest as much as you could, the sound of his heartbeat quickly lulling you to sleep.

Not Your Fault

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Can you do one with either sirius or draco, where they and the reader are pretend fighting, but they accidently kinda injure the reader? And the reader punches/injures them back and some stuff happens and then their first kiss?? Omg im so bad at explaining geez thanks

Originally posted by nellaey

Y/N ducks behind the couch, panting hard as she listens carefully for any signs of movement or the telltale sound of her best friend’s footsteps. Hearing nothing, she grins and pushes herself up, beginning to tip-toe across the room. Almost there… She stretches her arm, reaching a hand out and trying to grasp the ornate brass handle, but she’s pulled back at the last second. Letting out a loud squeal, she pivots in the person’s grip only to see the smiling face of Draco Malfoy. “Gotcha, love,” he says with a smug smirk, then pulls a laughing Y/N towards the fireplace.

Draco chuckles at her efforts to pull herself out of his grip and tightens his hold on her. “Is that all you got, babe?” Y/N pauses for a second and grins up at him, making his cocky expression falter, then wrenches herself out of his grip forcefully. Draco stumbles back in surprise as Y/N shouts out in victory. “Ha! I win, I win, I win, I –” “Not so fast, love,” Draco interrupts, then pushes off his heels and launches himself at the girl. As soon as he has her in his arms again, a tickle fight ensues, Y/N writhing on the ground letting out a constant stream of giggles and breathless curses and Draco running his hands up and down her body, a huge smile on his face. “Still think you won?” he asks, and Y/N says something that can’t be discerned at all through the rest of her laughs. “Hm… what was that, love? Couldn’t quite hear you…” Draco mocks. He starts tickling her even more furiously and Y/N rolls over in an attempt to escape from his nimble fingers. The minute she moves, however, there’s a sickening crunch and a loud gasp escapes her flushed face and wide open mouth. Draco ceases immediately and quickly moves closer, heart jumping in his chest when he sees the stream of blood flowing from Y/N’s head and creating a pool of crimson on the floor.

“Y/N? Y/N, love, answer me!” he gets no response from her and she flops around like a lifeless doll when he shakes her slightly. He looks around wildly for the source of the injury and glares at the bottom ledge of the fireplace when he sees large spots of blood dotting its surface. Scooping Y/N up, he disregards his wand, leaving it lying on the floor, and sprints towards the hospital wing.

Draco kicks the door of the large room open and the sound of it reverberates through it. The patients lying in the hospital beds scattered throughout the room look up in shock and Madam Pomfrey bursts out of her office, staring at Draco’s looming figure in the doorway. “Well?” he practically roars when nobody moves, making the poor matron jump. “Help her!” Then words efficiently spur her into action and she bustles over, dragging Draco to a bed and having him lay Y/N down. He does so incredibly gently, brushing her hair out of her face, careful not to jostle her head. He starts to pull a chair over so that he can sit with her, spend as much time with her as possible, but Madam Pomfrey practically shoves him away. She draws the curtains around the bed and as Draco makes to protest, she cuts him off with a stern, “She needs rest and I need space. You can see her later.” Draco stands still, completely shell shocked, staring at the light blue curtains as if he can see straight through them.

Eventually, the whisperings of the other patients get to him. He whirls around, shooting everyone a glare that silences them immediately, then begins pacing up and down the ward. He listens to the loud sound of his footsteps echoing around the room and squeezes his eyes shut, trying to block out thoughts of worst case scenarios. Please let her be okay

The sound of curtains sliding across a rod suddenly hits his ears and he runs towards the source, staring at Y/N’s face as its slowly revealed. “Is she – I mean, will she –” Madam Pomfrey cuts him off in a firm, but not unkind, tone. “She’ll be fine, Mr. Malfoy. She just needs some rest.” Draco sinks into the chair that he had pulled up before and takes Y/N’s hand, slowly stroking the back of it with his thumb and watching as her eyes slowly flutter open. She coughs a little, clearing her throat, but her voice is still hoarse when she speaks. “Hi, Draco.”

His heart nearly splits in half at just those two words, it seems, and he offers her a shaky smile. “I-I’m so sorry, love…” his voice trails off as Y/N shushes him with a smile of her own. “It wasn’t your fault, you know that right?” Draco shakes his head and opens his mouth in an attempt to protest her words, but Y/N jerks forward and covers his mouth with hers, swallowing whatever he was about to say. Draco and Y/N lose themselves in the kiss, Draco caressing her head lightly and tenderly, and Y/N gripping Draco’s strong wrist, holding them in place. Y/N pulls away, her head still spinning slightly, and Draco moves forward, mimicking her motions as if he’s drawn towards her, unable to help himself. Y/N gives Draco another sweet smile. “It’s not your fault.”

All The Signs

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 2208 

Characters: Jace x reader, Alec, Izzy, Maryse

Warnings: kind of implied smut, teenage pregnancy, angry reactions to teenage pregnancy, morning sickness, violence on a mission

Summary: You get ill, but insist on going on a mission.

You should have known that something was wrong when you first started throwing up.

It wasn’t normal for any Shadowhunter to get sick. Your enhanced immune systems made it easy to fight off most of the common bugs. Still, it wasn’t unheard of.

The first morning, it was the way your stomach was churning which woke you up. Before you were even fully conscious, you were dashing to the bathroom and trying to keep your hair out of the way as you emptied last night’s dinner into the toilet.

It was over fairly quickly, though, which was why you didn’t mention it to any of your friends. You ate breakfast without any problems, and dismissed it as a strange kind of stomach bug.

Then it happened again the next morning.

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