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request: “Can you do a Draco imagine with numbers 23, 39 & 45 please? :)” — by @imperiousmalfoy

a/n: sorry if this was short :-( hope you like it!

23. “Clearly, we’re meant to be.”
39. “But you’re so nice! And he’s/she’s so …”
45. “No one’s getting laid tonight.”

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Almost everyone in Hogwarts knew who you were because of your superb skills when it came to Quidditch. You played as the Keeper in your house’s team, and students always idolized you because of how you always manage to block the Quaffle no matter how fast it zoomed or how far it was from your initial position. Though even if the name Y/N Y/L/N was known throughout the school, no soul would think of associating you with Draco Malfoy — much less know that you were indeed dating him.

It was never yours and Draco’s intention to hide your relationship, and honestly, you weren’t really hiding it to be precise. People still saw you with him in between classes, sometimes in Hogsmeade, and in subjects that you shared with him. The only thing was, it seemed like they were the ones who couldn’t accept that Draco was your boyfriend just because of your differences.

“Y/N!” someone had called you the moment you got outside from the classroom where your last period (Ancient Runes) was held, running towards you in enthusiasm and mock surprise.

That someone happened to be Ernie MacMillan, a Hufflepuff student that you knew had unwavering attraction to you no matter how many times you turned him down.

“Oh, hi, Ernie.” you didn’t bother to hide the disappointment in your tone.

He beamed at you. “What a coincidence? I was just about to go down myself and then I saw you. Clearly, we’re meant to be.

You gave him an exaggerated laugh. “Highly unlikely, but whatever you say.” you smiled before attempting to walk pass him.

“Great match last time, by the way.” he immediately followed you, causing you to subtly roll your eyes. “The way you caught the Quaffle when you were so far away! Wow!”

“Yes, well, I really must be going now so —”

“I was actually wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” he cut you off, knowing that you were going to ditch him again. “Come on, Y/N. Just one date. That’s all I’m asking.”

“Too bad you won’t have it.” said Draco all of the sudden, joining the conversation.

You sighed in relief at his presence, and he smiled, putting an arm around you and kissing you on the temple. He then proceeded into ignoring Ernie who was now gaping at the sight of the two of you, Draco grabbing your things so that he’ll be the one carrying it as you go to the Great Hall.

Ernie finally found his voice. “But you’re so nice! And he’s so …” he grimaced.

“He’s actually better than you’ll ever be, Ernie.” you stated, annoyed by how he was giving your boyfriend a nasty look. “And seriously, stop acting like you didn’t know I was dating Draco all along.”

“I thought it was only a rumor or some dumb excuse to reject me.” Ernie admitted.

Draco sneered at him. “She rejects you because she doesn’t like you, MacMillan. Keep that stuck in your head, will you?”

“I just can’t believe she’d put up with you.” Ernie scowled at him.

“Yes, because she loves me and apparently, picked me.” Draco smugly told him. “So, if I were you, I’d stop acting desperate and move on.”

The Hufflepuff boy flushed, obviously defeated. “This ain’t over, Malfoy.”

“Of course, it is.” he scoffed.

You weren’t used to boys fighting over you that you found it amusing just to watch them argue and see Draco win. His words made you blush and you were probably grinning like mad, completely inappropriate for the scene in front of you.

Before things can get off had though, the tension in the air obvious as they both stare each other down, you softly patted Draco’s chest.

“Let’s go get dinner. I’m starving already.”

Draco nodded, fixing his eyes on Ernie one last time. “See you around, MacMillan. Hate to break the news that no one’s getting laid tonight. Well, not in your case, that is.” he chuckled, walking away then with arms still secured around you.

Once you were far, you nudged him on the ribs and he quirked an eyebrow.

“Thanks for saving me back there. He was starting to get pretty rude.” you admitted. “Not as rude as you were but …” you joked then, making him snort.

“You love me either way, right?”

“Hell yeah, I do.”


Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.

Honestly, even taking into account that Magnus is putting walls up around his heart again in order to make difficult choices, I feel like some of his behaviour at the meeting was over the top which is why I strongly feel that the Magnus-is-playing-the-Seelie-Queen theories are probably true. His behaviour makes more sense if it was immediately following Alec’s betrayal, but it’s not, and during their last conversation he didn’t seem angry anymore. Just resigned to the situation they were in and, honestly, even a little apologetic about not being able to be both a leader and Alec’s boyfriend. Yet in the meeting, it seemed like he was still angry at Alec, which Alec seemed to realize given he directed his apology at Magnus again. Magnus also followed the Seelie Queen out whereas neither Luke nor Raphael did the same, and truthfully I can’t see either of them agreeing to become her servants unless there was more to it than that. And we know there is, because their conversation was cut off to keep it secretive. Plus, both Luke and Raphael were against siding with the Queen and shocked that Magnus was suggesting otherwise until he spoke privately with them. Something he said must have convinced them, and the Queen didn’t exactly offer any valid reasons other than you can’t trust the Clave (something both men already knew and took into consideration, I’m sure). And honestly even the bit of the conversation we did get to see where Magnus explained the Seelie Queen’s offer, you could tell that he wasn’t completely sold on it, and it’s not that he seemed hesitant, like he was reconsidering trusting her - it was like he just didn’t trust her at all, which completely contradicts his behaviour once he was actually by her side. But I think the showrunners/writers want the fans to feel the same as Alec is feeling right now, which is confused and worried and yeah, probably a little hurt, too. 

Rocket- Tom Holland x Reader Imagine

Y/N- Your name
Y/L/N- Your last name

Warnings: I don’t know if this qualifies as like soft smut or not but maybe a lil. Sexual themes? Idfk.

After an intensive day of filming on the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was agreed amongst the cast that you all deserved a nice dinner out. While Jacob and Tom were finishing up a scene Tony, Laura, Zendaya and yourself were kicking back in Toms trailer as it was the biggest. ‘Biggest trailer for the biggest ego’ Zendaya would always joke.

And she wasn’t joking, about the size of the trailer. It was like a small apartment. As you entered there was a modular lounge to the left, a fully stocked kitchen to the right. In the bathroom there was a shower and a bath with jetts. There was a double bed in a compact bedroom at the back. Seeing as it was the most accomodating of everyone’s trailers everyone would usually hang out in there.

‘This scene is taking a long time hey?’ Zendaya questioned.

Sitting on one of the bean bags, you turned around to face Zendaya, Laura and Tony who were sitting on the lounge.

‘Yeah it’s 6:55 now. I made the reservation at Downtown for 7.’ you replied.

‘They better get a damn move on I’m hungry man.’ Tony complained.

On Tony’s last word, the trailer door flew open and Tom rushed in followed by Jacob. Tom immediately started removing his last costume- a simple blue sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans- regardless of the fact that everyone was watching.

‘We’re sorry, they had trouble with the wires so we had to wait till they could get new ones in. How long do we have to get to the restaurant?’ Tom inquired.

‘About 30 seconds’ Laura stated, slightly disappointed.

‘Shit, sorry guys. Would they hold the reservation if we were 20 minutes late?’ Jacob asked.

'I don’t know, Y/N made the booking. Would they hold it Y/N?’ Zendaya asked you. You barely heard or noticed any of this exchange as your eyes were focused on Tom the whole time. The cast had become close over the time they had known each other so it wasn’t abnormal to catch each other changing every now and then. That didn’t stop you getting overly distracted by the fact that Tom was standing directly in front of in nothing but his red plaid boxers and black socks. You sneaked a geez up and down his torso, disgustingly toned and defined as it was. Daydreaming about how his the soft skin of his chest would feel against your fingertips you didn’t realise that everyone was waiting from an answer from you.

Laura however had noticed exactly what was holding your gaze ever so perfectly. Nudging you gently in the shoulder. 'Y/N? The reservation?’

You had been flung back into reality much to your dismay. 'What about it?’

Laura gave you an eye as if to say 'I know what you were up to.’

'Would they hold it if we were a bit late?’ Tony asked, now frustrated from hunger.

'Uh no. They’re really strict with reservation times.’ you confirmed.

Now clothed in a pair of blue jeans, a tight black t shirt that complimented his arms tremendously, and his old brown boots, Tom chimed in.

'Y/N darling I’m really sorry. I know you went to a lot of effort to get that booking.’


You and Tom became quite close during filming. Both fresh to the industry you and Tom bonded over the new experiences and exposure you were both getting. Coffee dates to run through lines was a common thing for you to do together, by you were careful to never call them dates in front of him. You didn’t want him to know you wanted him as more than just a friend.

Admittedly you had often thought about what it would be like to straddle his lap. To pull his shirt off over his head feeling every muscle it grazed against. Inhale the scent of him you found so much comfort in. However, both of you being up and coming actors, it wasn’t a good to get involved with each other. The media could tear down relationships and quickly.


'Did you guys just want to come to mine? I’ve got the barbecue, there’s beer. We can have a cook up?’ Tom suggested.

Happy that plans had been redeemed although slightly changed, everyone agreed and made there way to the parking lot.

'Who’s going in who’s car?’ Zendaya questioned.

Laura stepped in quickly. 'Jacob and Tony and I can come with you? Yeah? And uh, Y/N can go with Tom?’ Laura looked at you with a sly smirk on her face.

'Sounds good to me’ Tom said happily.

“Aight. Meet you guys there.’ Zendaya said as everyone hopped into the two cars.

As the other car sped off, Tom began to follow. The air conditioning in the car was blasting which made you shiver slightly.

'Are you cold?’ Tom asked you.

'Just a little.’

'Sorry love’. He turned the air conditioning off.

'You could have left it on. I don’t mind.’

'Can’t have my girl getting a cold can we.’

My girl? What the fuck? Did this little bitch just called you my girl.? You assumed you were having a delightful dream so you remained silent looking out the window.

'Uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean my girl as you’re MINE yanno, to own or anything’ Tom began awkwardly. 'Because you’re not an object. I just meant as like my friend. Cos we’re uh just friends. And you’re a girl’.

'Tom it’s okay.’ you forced a laugh to lighten the mood, slightly disappointed by the mention of the 'F’ word.

'Did you wanna put your music on?’

'Yeah sure.’ You grabbed your phone out of your purse and plugged in the AUX cord. Going through your music you hastily put your general playlist on shuffle.

“Let me sit this ass on you

Show you how I feel

Let me take this off

Will you watch me?”

Suddenly the tension in the air, turned to sexual tension. You heard Tom clear his throat and start focusing even more on where his hands should be sitting on the steering wheel. You however were having an existential crisis. You could leave the innuendo ridden song on and live through it, or skip it but have him know that you it made you feel awkward and nervous. What to fuckin do?

“That’s mass appeal

Don’t take your eyes

Don’t take your eyes off it

Watch it, babe

If you like you can touch it, baby

Do you, do you wanna touch it, baby?”

After what seemed like a million years later you pulled into the driveway of Tom’s Atlanta house. Taking the AUX cord out of your phone, you rushed out of the car, and down the side of the house out to the back patio you had been to so many times before. Tom walking behind you, you pulled up a garden chair to sit with everyone else who had already helped themselves to Tom’s fridge clearly.

'I see you guys found the beer perfectly well then’ Tom said dropping his keys on the outdoor table.

'We did man, so grateful. Truly.’ Jacob complimented jokingly.

'Uh huh, sure bud.’

Tony and Laura came out through the screen door with sausages and buns in hand.

'Let’s get this shit going!’ Tony cheered, throwing the sausages onto the flaming barbecue.

'Yes Ton! Music though, we need music.’ Zendaya added making her way to the speaker.

'Y/N has some decent music’ Tom said suggestively. He looked at you biting his lip slightly. You glared back at him. What was he getting at?

'Did you wanna put yours on Y/N?’ Zendaya asked you.

'Uh yeah, here you go.’ You passed her your phone.

Scrolling through your playlist Zendaya was pleased with what she saw. Starting out with a random RnB song, you had a sip of your beer, relaxing as best you could.


Hours passed, the party had moved inside after it started raining and an excess of alcohol was consumed. Jacob had gone home earlier because he had an interview early the next morning. You had ordered Tony an uber home after he managed to throw up in a pot plant. Tom was now sprawled out on his couch, back against the arm rest. Zendaya and Laura sat against the bottom of the couch in a conversation of their own.

You could handle a few drinks, so you were tipsy at the most. You sat at the opposite end of the couch that Tom sat at. Your legs stretched out, leaning carefully against the side of his hip.

'This has been a good night guys. It was no Downtown five class meal but it was a good night. I’m glad I got to spend it with you guys.’ you said cheerfully.

'It’s been dope. Laura and I were thinking, we should go to a club. It’s only 1 o'clock, the night is still young man.’ Zendaya chimed, turning to face you and Tom.

'Yeah let’s go! It’ll be good! Laura added.

'I think I’m just gonna go home soon. I’m kind of tired. ’ you replied.

'Yeah uh, I wanna get some sleep in, you guys go though. Have fun!’ Tom agreed.

'Alright then. Well our Uber’s pulling up now’ Zendaya informed.

'See you guys later, thanks for havin us Tom’ Laura yelled. 'Later you two!’ Zendaya added, with what you thought was a wink.

As the two girls closed the back door behind them Tom smiled at you. 'So it’s just us now then.’

'Looks like it baby boy.’ you replied, maybe a little drunker than you thought you were. You shifted so your feet sat on his upper thigh.

'What did you call me love?’ Tom asked you, amused.

'I called you baby boy. If I’m your girl, your my baby boy. My tommy boyyy.’ You were definitely smashed.

Tom sat up holding your legs on his knees. 'I’m your boy then am I?’ he had your eyes locked on his now and he wasn’t losing them any time soon. You could taste his breath on yours he was so close.

He unexpectedly started running his hand up the side of your leg, moving slower and slower as he got further up your thigh. His hair was in the curls you loved so much, and as he moved in further to meet your face you gained a little confidence, taking your hand through the curls just at the nape of his neck.

'This is good. I like this’ you said looking through your lashes into his deep brown eyes. Placing you only your back, Tom parted your legs, crawling through to place his head above yours. Resting his hand under the back of your neck to support you his lips connected with yours.

His lips slid down further, dragging steadily down your neck. Your hands had slid down out of his hair and to the hem of his shirt where they now crept around the plane of his back. You felt every muscle as they flexed with his movements.

Placing tender kisses along your collarbone and supporting your back Tom pulled you up onto his lap. You kissed his cheeks and his shoulders making his eyes rolls back.

You gained more and more confidence as he took his shirt over his head revealing his fascinating torso.

'Let me dance for you.’ you whispered in his ear. ’

'What are you talking about darling?’ he mumbled pulling back a little to look at you.

You crept up off his lap, sauntering over to the free space in the middle of the lounge room. You could stand up straight but admittedly you felt like you were gonna fall head first into the coffee table. You looked him in the eye and began to peel your shirt over you head as seductively as possible.

'Let me sit this ass on you

Show you how I feel

Let me take this off

Will you watch me?’

You sang as you winked at him. Tom’s smile grew wider and wider as he sat back to take all of you in. You walked slowly back over to him you lifted his chin with your finger, throwing a leg either side of his lap once again.

'That’s mass appeal

Don’t take your eyes

Don’t take your eyes off it

Watch it, babe

If you like you can touch it, baby’

You took his hands and placed them on your hips, giving him silent permission to roam your body.

'You keep surprising me everyday Y/N Y/L/N’.

'I’m glad I do’. You kissed him, biting his bottom lip. He moved his lips down to the top of your chest, and you pulled him closer, not wanting to let him go any time soon.

'Yeah so um, Laura forget her purse.’ you had from what sounded like Zendaya’s voice. Both you and Tom turned spun your heads towards the door to find both Laura and Zendaya.

'I did! I really did, and uh, I’m just gonna grab that quickly’ Laura said with a giggle picking her purse up off the coffee table.

Mortified was an understatement. You quickly threw yourself up from you former position hustling to find your shirt on the ground. Tom had grabbed a pillow covering his lower torso for reasons that were implied.

'We were just talking. We weren’t like DOING anything, um, that wasn’t what you probably think it was.’ you said defending yourself in the midst of the most unfortunate moment.

'Hey! What happened to me being your baby boy?’ Tom inquired with a smirk.

Zendaya and Laura both looked at you with raised eyebrows. You had been caught, in one of the most joyous moments of your life.

'Well uh, Z I think uh we should get going. You think?’ Laura said enthusiastically.

'Yeah. We’ll see you two tomorrow’ Zendaya grinned at you in praise.

As the two girls left Tom turned back to you, pulling you by your hand back towards him.

'Now where were we darling?’

• • • •

I am so aware that this is shit but I spent ages on it so whatever. Let me know if you enjoyed it 😘

Safe in My Arms -- Mike Wheeler

Requested:  “Can you write a Mike x Byers!reader imagine please? Where the reader is Will’s twin and while they are at the lab trying to get out, one of the demodogs (if I’m spelling that correctly) like attack her? And she gets injured and he’s upset about it because he likes her. so once they get out safe they argue about her safety and while she’s yelling at him to back off he kisses her and confesses his feeling? Thanks!” “Hi can you do a mike imagine where he starts to like the reader and he doesn’t know it but when they get attacked and she almost gets hurt he finally realizes it”

Warnings: Mild violence.

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Summary: While trying to escape the lab to protect your twin brother, Will, you get attacked by a demodog. After being saved, you and Mike realize your feelings for each other.

Words: 1079

Listen to: Hold On by Chord Overstreet

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anonymous asked:

My mental health has been taking a steady dive the past few months, and there are honestly times I would just like to yell at everything in my head to be quiet. Except it doesn't work. Anyways, Anabasis is really, really cathartic for me and I was wondering if you could post anything from it? I don't care what, since literally everything you write for this 'verse does the trick.

Hey anon, I’m really sorry for the week-long wait, and I hope you’ve been coping okay. Writing Anabasis is pretty cathartic for me, so I’m glad it’s good for other people, too.

I really wanted to finish up this section so I could post it for you - hope you like it! This snippet follows immediately after the last snippet I posted. (So I think this marks the first time I’ve posted two bits that actually connect!) It also makes reference to this snippet.

In which Anakin explains his new tattoo, Padmé learns she was baby Vader’s secret hero, and Orn Free Taa should probably start running.

Warnings for discussion of slavery, references to Anakin’s transmitter explosion, and very oblique references to conditioning and abuse of children.

All of that said, this is actually a pretty happy snippet.

They talked in circles for another two hours, and by the time Padmé saw her guests out, very little had changed. Taa and his cronies remained unmoved, and still planned to bring their bill to a vote, in spite of their demonstrated inability to defend it with anything other than easily debunked talking points. She was still less confident than she’d like to be that they would fail. But at least they now seemed more sullen than smug. And they’d kept glancing nervously at Anakin and then away.

He’d joined their meeting ostensibly as an unofficial representative of the Outer Rim Territories, but he’d referred more often to Imperial policies than to Tatooine. As political tactics went, it was both transparent and stunningly effective.

And Padmé would be lying if she said she hadn’t enjoyed watching it play out.

So she was more than a little surprised when, after the last of her guests had gone, Anakin turned to her with a set jaw and shuttered eyes and snapped, “I’m not going to apologize.”

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anonymous asked:

Valar Morghulis ;) I was just wondering, do you have any A:tLA fic recs, specifically Zutara ones??? Thanks!

Valar Dohaeris 😉

Sure! Here are some more of the gems this fandom produces


  • Together at the Horizon by @dragon-hearted-girl;
    AU After a century, the Avatar has still not been reincarnated, allowing the Fire Nation to continue its conquest of the world. A young Airbender befriends a Waterbender and Firebender, both of whom are living with a terrible curse. Formerly titled “Tale of the Grey Wolf and Golden Hawk”

  • i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by @raisindeatre;
    The “I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital” AU I never thought I’d write. Or: how one car crash, one dancing bear, many, many crossword puzzles and a spot of accidental cohabitation lead to… well, if it isn’t love, it’s certainly something.

  • Love Story by lynny17;
    A meeting of nations years after the war leads to an unexpected romance as a love story unfolds. 100-word drabble series. Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender This is in response to the LJ katara zuko winter drabble challenge.

  • Jasmine and Souchong by @archergwen;
    It’s the Midsummer Festival, and Zuko’s lone night manning his uncle’s tea shop does not go according to plan. ‘He wants to stay like this forever. Just her and an empty tea shop, sugar and smoke on her breath.’

  • The Stalking Series by @emletish-fish;

    - Stalking Zuko: Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.
    - Not Stalking Zuko: Katara keeps a journal of all the shenanigans that the Gaang run into. Chapter 49: there is much talk about the future - now that the war is over and everything is changing. Hakoda and Zuko talk. Katara decides that some things in life are worth the risk.

    - Not Stalking Firelord Zuko: The immediate postwar period from Katara’s ranty POV. shenanigans abound. Chap 24:Song arrives in Ba Sing Se. Shenaniagns ensue.


  • Thicker Than Blood by @akaiikowrites;
    “You have to love all the facets of their soul, or your love is pointless.” A Story of the Girl Who Bends Blood and the Boy Who Loves Her. –Zutara; semi AU; giftfic for dancingqueensillystring-

  • Rounding the Edges by @sadladybug;
    It can take some grit and hard work to grind out the sharp edges, but the effort can produce something that shines. A Zutara oneshot in which Katara learns a few new things about Zuko, including the fact that he may be very difficult to live without. Featuring unexpected teamwork, tense training moments, and more than a few awkward conversations. Canon compliant(ish), Book Three beginning sometime between TSR and EIP.

  • Tremors by CuriosityRedux;
    She’s free to choose- if she goes back to the Poles, if she travels, if she stays in the Fire Nation just a little bit longer. She can choose to go back to the life she would have led if she’d never revived the Avatar, or she can choose to forge a new path. And she chooses him. Oneshot. Zutara.

  • Eye of the Storm by @cowlicklesschick;
    There is a moment of calm, where the wind dies down and the torrents ease and soften, where thoughts can be heard louder than words. It is a moment of relief, but also of fear and preparation, because there always another side to every storm, and the calm never lasts for long. Zutara B3 immediately following the Agni Kai.

  • Wooing Zuko by @cabbage-foam;
    Immediately postwar. During a trip to Ember Island to celebrate of the end of the war, Katara feels the need to affirm her sex appeal. Her target? Zuko.

Drabble Series:

  • Inside This Ancient Heart by @somuttersthesea;
    “She and Zuko, on the other hand—she feels like they’ve been old forever, even though they’re still young enough by most standards. The baby in her arms coos and she shifts her gently, cradling her head and smiling, only to see a gratifying, toothless smile beam from rounded cheeks in return.“A series of domestic drabbles written for Zutara Week 2016.

  • On Love and Lust by @theadamantdaughter;
    A collection of Zutara drabbles and one-shots. Some smut, some not. NSFW chapters will be labelled as such. Heed the warnings and enjoy.

  • A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That by @kangaroo2010;
    No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the circumstances, deep down, they always knew they were meant for each other. A series of short pieces, written for Zutara Month 2015.

  • you and I will not be shaken by @beifonc;
    In which Zuko is an awkward barista, Katara is obsessed with ‘vandalizing’ her customers’ food, and they bond over a love for instant noodles and microwavable food. In which Zuko rambles about space at ungodly hours, and Katara is desperate to shut him up.A series of Modern AU oneshots or my excuse to write drabble and not work on my WIPs.

  • 31 Kisses by @darkelf19;
    A clumsy Zutara story told through 31 kisses. Written for Official Zutara Month 2016 @ Tumblr. Officially Zutara, but it could pass as any ship. Each chapter will be a perfect 100 word drabble. Enjoy!


  • A Week to Know You Again by @elledix;
    After the first year of their engagement, Katara felt she and Zuko were already drifting apart. In the Fire Nation, their time always belonged to someone else. Now, in the South Pole for Suki and Sokka’s wedding, they hoped to find each other again.

  • The Business Trip by @thispieceofwork;
    Zuko’s been gone for two long months and Katara has needs. Takes places between Ch 10 of Confused and the Epilogue. Some PWP fun.

  • Agni’s Fever by @sohhng;
    She decides that she loves him for both the fire lilies and the brimstone on his breath. Oneshot. Zutara. ‘Zuko’s hands snag around her wrists. His body is a long line of tension, and now that he’s reared up on his knees to match her stance, she notices that his chest is as bare as it is soaked. “You can’t even begin to understand what’s happening to me.”“I’m trying to understand,” Katara grits. “Isn’t that what you wanted from me from the very beginning?”’

  • A Challenge Met by @sharkflip;
    Katara and Zuko meet and reconcile during Day of Black Sun, with the outcome expected in a story written for Zutarotica. AU for the Eclipse.

  • Love Amongst the Embers by @mmmisora;
    After the Ember Island Players’ performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an alternate ending to their story. Oneshot, Zuko/Katara. Rated M.

Hope this was useful!  I’ve got another fic rec list here, if you want to check that out :)

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Title: Communication

Author: Billowsandbreeze

Rating: T for kissing

Pairing: Jaal Ama Darav x Sierra Ryder

Summary: Jaal and Sierra come together at last.

Author’s Notes: This takes place immediately following the romance scene at Jaal’s home (Jaal and Sierra HERE). I’ve talked about my headcanon of Resonance a bit before, but I do mention it briefly here from Jaal’s POV. To put it simply, it is a convergence and synchronization of two (or more) Angara’s electromagnetic currents when they are intimate with one another. A sharing of themselves to become one in a really emotional and profound way.

I hope you enjoy! Oh, and a special thanks to @intergalactix and @saarebitch for their constant support and advice. Love you two so much.

“My mother is going to love you.” Jaal’s smile turns quickly toward a humorous grimace. “I’m…sorry.”

Sierra’s fingers squeeze his own and her quiet laugh fills his ears.

“She’s wonderful,” she whispers.

Turning his gaze, Jaal looks at her—awash in blue light and surrounded by the galaxy of his youthful imaginations—and his breath catches. She is wonderful, better than anything he could have imagined as he dreamed under his created stars. Happiness. So complete. So undeniable. He feels shaken to his very core.

She eyes him with a playful smile and squeezes his hand once more. “Credit for your thoughts?”

It’s another idiom, he knows, but he can guess its meaning well enough.

Rolling onto his side, he draws in a slow breath and lets his hand reach out to touch her, lightly tracing the striking curves of her features—the smooth expanse of her brow, the rising line of her nose, the tempting pliability of her lips.

“I am excited,” he whispers, unable to contain the eager edge in his voice. “You are…mesmerizing.” He draws his finger along her jaw and down her throat to the thin jut of her collarbone peeking out from beneath the edge of her shirt. “I wish for this feeling to never end.”

It’s true. He could lay here forever, with just the softness of her skin beneath his touch, exploring the feel of her within his arms. His current rises higher at the notion. Sliding it gently across her neck, he revels in the tiny moan of pleasure it elicits from her mouth.

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// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV is overwhelmed and angry //

part seven of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

obviously since this is from antonio’s point of view and he is in spain, this would be in spanish but don’t nobody got time for all that google translate. be blessed regardless - drea🌙

Short little vibrations buzzing from the corner of my ear brought me into consciousness for the morning. I opened my eye slowly only to see curls. Aaliyah’s hair tried to suffocate me as I held her sleepy body against mine. Trying my best not to wake her, I untangled on arm from around her waist to move her hair from off of me. I told her the bonnet she got last night wasn’t going to contain her hair.

Moving as gently as possible I rolled to turn my alarm off that was so minuscule that it never wakes my girl up. Looking back at my girlfriend, I couldn’t help but smile at the innocent portray on her sleeping face. Seeing her headscarf tangled in between the sheets. I put it back on her with a silent chuckle before getting out of bed.

We had a long night last night. I asked her to accompany me to another business event and she did an excellent job at wooing the crowd. It was much different than San Fransisco. She had so much confidence in herself and our relationship that there wasn’t a thing anyone else could say that could phase her. Aaliyah is beautiful and bright and everyone recognized it.

Once we got home, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other for hours. Although I most certainly blew her back out, after rounds upon rounds of sex she still wasn’t tired. We found ourselves up until three in the morning baking cookies and making ice-cream sandwiches as we danced around the kitchen. I smiled at the thoughts of our night as I hopped in the shower and put on a suit for today’s work.

“Good morning, Mr. Bartholomew,” my assistant spoke as soon as I walked out of my bedroom. Like every morning, Trevor waited for me to get up in order to brief me over today.

“Good morning, Trevor. Before you say anything else, order Aaliyah five dozen white roses and have her maid set them up in my bedroom and run her a bath with candles. If they dare wake her up or the water isn’t hot by the time she is up, fire them.” I spoke before turning my phone on to started reading all the messages I missed while I was sleep. The Miami, Spanish timezone was really a bitch. By the time I woke up, the business day in Spain was almost over.

“Okay sir, I’ll tell Villette now. Your breakfast is ready but immediately following, you need to talk to the Texaco Company. Last night, they refused to accept your deal,” Trevor told me the bad news as we walked down the stairs.

“Why?” I looked up from the strange message I received from Khalil saying that he eloped some girl in vegas last night.

“They think 35% is too much,” Trevor pulled out the paper work. I took it from his hand and read it over with a laugh.

“Tell Texaco that every deal is off and I will make it my personal mission to buy out the company. We’ve already taken over most small oil companies over the east coast. They’re next,” I sat down in the dinning room and started on the avocado toast Manuela had for me.

“Are you sure you want to do that. We can ask the board for advice. They’re been helpful in the past,” Trevor stammered out.

“No, they’re useless. I only keep them around for good relations. I won’t let them actually have a say over this,” I disregarded the board’s help. I’ve grown up in this business, I didn’t need old men with new money to attempt to direct me. Being successful was in my blood unlike in theirs.

“Okay. Also, there’s a rumor that last night there was an oil leak in Camden, Maine. We have shares in that branch so it’s going to cost us a lot of our investment to clean up. We’re still waiting on an announcement to be made.”

“How do you know if its unofficial? Actually never mind, it doesn’t matter. Pull the shares out of Maine before a statement comes out. We’ve been making too much money everywhere else to be affected by them. They only bring in 3% of our US income anyway. Cut the ties,” I instructed.

“Will do. You have a lunch meeting with Hayden and Co. at 12 today,” Trevor reminded me.

“Come with me. I need to show you how to seal deals. Put on a designer suit,” I got up from my food and Trevor followed after me into my office.

“Hello, sir. Do you want to see the dogs right now?” Nev the man who took care of the Ramses and Aziza questioned.

“Yes, let me see them,” I smiled. A moment later the two dogs were running through the hallway it only took a moment for them to find me and excitedly jump all over me with kisses. Kimberly quickly made her presence known with a lint roller as she removed all the shed fur from my clothes.

“It’s alright. You can get it later,” I nodded the girl away and played withe dogs a bit until they tired themselves out.

“Sir, you missed your monthly meeting with your financial advisors yesterday,” Trevor sound more scared then usual.

“I took Aaliyah shopping instead. They say the same thing every month: it’s okay to splurge here and there but I must be mindful. I’ve been doing good lately. Is that what they said?” I questioned.

“Yes, they did say that you were doing good this month. Although, you should consider getting ahead and paying off the yacht because the balance remaining has a high interest rate.”

“Let me write the a check now,” I pulled out my drawer with bank statements.

“Sir, it’s alright. There were other concerns regarding your account though,” Trevor stammered.

“Spit it out, Trevor,” I smiled. He was always so timid to deliver any bad news.

“They’re worried about Aaliyah,” He spoke quietly making me twitch at the sound of her name.

"What about her?” I was scared of the sharpness in my own tone.

“Well um…”

"Do they think I spend too much on her?” I questioned, knowing that would be impossible. I had no issue spending money on my bombón and she never asked for much.

"No sir, when comparing the spending to the other mistresses-”

“She’s my girlfriend,” I made sure to correct him. Aaliyah was better in all ways.

“Yes, well… in comparison you spend a fraction on her then you did any of the others,” I let out a sigh of relief at the news.

"Then what’s the issue?” I went back to my computer again.

“The issue is that she’s not spending your money. She’s been withdrawing it for the past month and had been putting it into another account under her name. The first time it was $5,147 and each week another couple of thousand go into her other account. I know she is your girlfriend, but this is the same behavior we’ve seen in the others.“

"You trying to tell me that you think my bombón is trying to fuck me over?” I closed the computer just gently enough to not shatter the screen.

“Sir, we’re just trying to make you aware, in case it does become an issue in the future. Do you think there’s a possibility that she’s using you for your money?”

"She isn’t,” I knew my girl and it wasn’t about the money. “Also what the fuck does $5,000 mean to me? I make that in a day without leaving my bed. I don’t care about the money.”  

“And this is exactly what your father and financial advisors warn of. $5,000 turns into 10. 10 turns to 100 and so on. You cannot be ignorant and not ask where the money is going to because you like her.”

“You know that is not the case. You’ve seen her. Our relationship is genuine and she is not taking advantage of me,” I defended the only thing I truly cared about.

“You said the same thing about Sele-”

“Don’t say her fucking name,” I got out of my seat and had to stop myself from hurting the man. The thought of the horrid woman’s name was enough to make me want to be sick.

“This is were it starts, Mr. Bartholomew. Do not let it end in the same way that it did last time,” Trevor backed down

“Speaking of ends, you’re fired a long with my accountants. Get the fuck out of my office,” I spat out of hatred. I do not tolerate lies being spewed against my judgement in relationship.

“Sir-“ I lunged and grabbed Trevor by the collar of his shirt and threw him out my office before he could get another word out. “Throwing people around just like your father,” Trevor called making me turn around and lose control. I threw punch after punch as Trevor’s face began spewing blood.

“Antonio!” I heard Manuela and then suddenly I was being pulled away from Trevor who was bleeding from the nose and mouth.

“Clean this blood up,” I seared as I shook my hand out of the fist it had been in. Manuela looked up at me in so much disappointment I had to leave. Not even bothering to wash my hands, I went back into y office and unlocked the bottom drawer. I could barely make proper lines before I started snorting the cocaine into my system, trying to ease off my anger. It wasn’t true. Aaliyah loved me and was not here for my money. But thats exactly what I thought at the start of Selena and I’s relationship.

I did four more lines to shake the devil out of my head.

High off the coke. I used the powers it gave me to create the game plan of how I was going to take out Texaco. The plan was coming into play when my phone started ringing. I scoffed to see my father calling. He only ever called to yell and I wasn’t having it today. I let it ring as I continued to type out a message to my employees. The phone stopped ringing for a moment before it lit up again and again. By the fourth call I cussed before answering the god forsaken phone.

“What do you want, father,” I couldn’t hide the anger in my tone.

“Your father needs you to be at the Comestador Hospital immediately. He has just been admitted and he is in near fatal conditions,” A woman’s voice rang out instead of my father’s.

“What’s happening?” I panicked as I put the drugs away as quickly as I could.

“Sir, we are not under jurisdiction to reveal the condition over the phone. You are the only contact he has,” The woman was of no help.

“I’m in Miami. I need you to tell me what the fuck is going on with him,” I did not bother to hide my frustration.

“Sir, please do not curse. It is policy that-”

“I don’t give a fuck about what your policy is. Is he going to live long enough for me to fly to Spain from the states,” I begged for her to give me an answer.

“Sir, were doing the best that we can to stabilize him now,” She had no tone in her voice like she had no compassion for the situation at hand.

“Well do fucking better. I’ll try to get there as soon as possible,” I hung up the phone. Frantically, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom after calling for my pilot to arrange the plane to leave in an hour. Once in the bedroom, Aaliyah was not still tangled in the bed as I pulled a duffle bag from under it and began throwing clothes into it.

“Antonio, is that you?” Aaliyah called out as I heard water splash out unto the marble floor, indicating she was getting out the tub. I said nothing as I grabbed my phone and computer chargers and threw them into a louis backpack.

“Thank you for running a bath for me and for the flowers. I was thinking about what you said the other day. I think we should go on vacation to celebrate graduation. MY friends and your friends could all be invited. I did tell Micah I would introduce her to Za. How does going to Jamaica sound to you? Its tropical with culture and it doesn’t get as hot as other places,” She started talking, ignorant to the stress I had on my shoulders.

I jumped when I felt petite arms wrapping around me as I pulled as few ties down. I felt a kissed on the spine on my back making the betrayal I felt radiate through my body. I didn’t say anything as I grabbed underwear and socks to put in my bag. “Whatever you want,” I replied so that she would shut the fuck up.

“Really?” She hummed like I would ever tell her otherwise. He arms left me and I heard the her opening the drawers behind me.

“You’re spending my money any fucking way. At least get what the fuck you want,” I mumbled under my breath as I went into my closet.

“What was that?” She questioned as he voice became clearer. “What are you doing?” I turned around to see her pulling on one of my t shirts as she stood in the entrance of the closet. On any other day, I would’ve taken it right off again and ravished her body. But today, just the sight of her angered me, knowing that she has been trying to play me like a fool.

“My father’s in the hospital. I’m heading to Spain in an hour,” I notified her although she had no right to ask me any fucking questions.

“Is he going to be okay?” the concern in her voice sounded so genuine but I knew better. I’ve been through this too many times to not already know.

“Yes. He should be,” I made up when I really had no clue.

“Do you have blood on your hands? Antonio what’s going on?” Aaliyah turned me around and looked up was me with her big brown eyes before examining the blood shed that was partially her fault.

“It doesn’t matter. Let me pack,” I yanked my hands away from her grip. I could see in her eyes the hurt she felt by me pulling away from her but she didn’t say anything.

“Do you need help?” She sat on the ground and began folding the clothes I already had in the bag.

“No, just stop. Don’t fucking touch anything,” I kicked the bag away from her reach. I felt her eyes on me but I didn’t acknowledge it.

“I understand that your father is sick and that you are stressed but you’re not about to cuss at me,” She stood up in my peripheral vision with her arms crossed in stubbornness.

“You think I’m cussing at you because of my father who I hate is dying? I’m not taking anything out on you that you don’t deserve,” I scoffed.

“For what, Antonio? Please let me know,” She grabbed at me again, her nails digging into the skin of my forearm.

“Just shut up and buy the fucking tickets to Jamaica. Actually, buy Jamaica on my card while you’re fucking at it,” I looked down at her hands that were decorated in the acrylic nails I payed for.

“What the fuck are you trying to insinuate, Antonio?” Her voice became just as hard as mine as she pulled away from me. I couldn’t help but smile at the audacity she had to be angry at me.

“I’m not insinuating anything. I’m letting you know that you’re free to do whatever you want with my money. There’s no need to lie about your intentions,” I spat before pulling out my wallet. I threw all the hundred dollar bills I had at her and watched them as they fell to the ground. “There. put that into your other account.”

“Do you really want to do this Antonio. Really?” She looked me up and down. Her face was of blank hostility like she wasn’t fazed by me. She needed to be fazed by me, I thrived off the attention.

“No, I don’t. I don’t have the fucking time for it,” I threw the duffle bag over my shoulder and went to collect my necessities from the bathroom.

“Well, you’re not about to start shit and accuse me of whatever deluded idea you have inside your head then say you don’t have the time,” she followed me, not giving up on this.

“I’m not delusional for recognizing a fucking gold digger when I see her,” I looked at her reflection through the mirror. I almost missed the tears forming in her eyes. Almost.

“Antonio I’m going to act like you lost your goddamn mind and that I didn’t just hear what you said to me. Try again because this is your last chance,” She let a single tear roll down her face. She looked weak. She was weak. She didn’t say a word as I poured out enough coke for four lines and snorted them back to back before turning to face her again.

“Shut the fuck up with all that. I’ll give you $100,000 just for you to stop running your mouth. I’ll even transfer the money into your secret account so you don’t have to do it yourself. I need to head to Spain if you don’t mind,” I started towards the door but was abruptly yanked back by the duffle bag on my shoulder. Her strong hands tore the bag away from me and let it fall to the ground with a plunk.

“Fine. I don’t need a bag. I have clothes there,” I left the ground on the floor and continued on my way.

“I don’t care if your dad is in the hospital. If you leave that motherfucking door without us talking and were done. I swear to God Antonio,” She spoke without a crack in her voice.

“Please, Aaliyah,” I stated speaking over her weak pleas for peace in our relationship. We were past that innocence. “We’ve heard it before. Even if you leave which you won’t, you’ll come right the fuck back because you need me,” I cooed with a cocky smile plastered on my face.

“I don’t need you nigga,” She spat making me laugh.

“I’ll see you when I get back,” I turned out the door and started down the stairs.

“Antonio, you leave right now and I will leave you. I will pack up my shit and I will be gone,” She called after me from the top of the stairs.

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me? You think I actually care about what you do? Maybe you’re just as stupid as I am, Aaliyah. All that college education your parents are paying for isn’t doing you much good now is it?” I yelled back.

“Why are you doing this?” the anger was apparent as she was visibly shaking as tears rolled down her face. The sight made me feel so very accomplished.

“Don’t pretend to care about me know,” I yelled back up at her.

“You know I fucking love you but you know what Antonio? You’re too fucking much, Too damaged, too hurt. You want to push me away over some motherfucking bullshit and act like its okay? See nigga I’m the one who doesn’t have time for it,” She screamed down at me, the duffle bag I didn’t even realize was still in her hand was suddenly propelled at me.

“Then leave just like you said,” I said the words after the bag bounced off my chest and hit the ground for the second time. My angered burned so deep inside me, I didn’t even comprehend the damage I just caused.

A smile found itself on Aaliyah’s face. I finally got the reaction that I wanted, the reaction I deserved. I wanted Aaliyah as angry with me as I was with the world. “You have nothing without me. The money, the cars, these bitches: they don’t mean shit. You’re not about to lash out on me, the only person who genuinely cares about you. You’re going to want me back and I promise you I wont be around,” She cackled before I slammed the front door behind me.


By the time I landed in Spain I had gone crazy. The anxiety I felt from being home again almost made my heart cave in. There were reasons that I left and things I didn’t want to face. At the top of my list was my father.

When I arrived at the hospital, I’m not sure what news I wanted to hear. All these years I’ve wished for my father’s death and the day has potentially came. I found my father in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Room 763. I walked into the room and was immediately ushered out by a nurse.

“You need to wash your hands and put these on before you go inside,” The nurse handed over a scrub dress along with bright blue gloves.

“What’s wrong with him?” I questioned, fearful of the answer. “Is he going to die?”

“We all die someday, sir. You can wait out here until the Doctor Ramos completes your father’s check up,” The woman directed me to the seat beside the door before she went back in. I felt numb as I really imagined my life without my father and why he has hidden his condition from me.  We were never on the best terms but I had the right to know.

“Antonio Bartholomew… IV?” I blinked up from the tears I was holding back to see a doctor looking down at me.

“Doctor Ramos,” The woman shook my hand after her introduction.

“What’s wrong with my father?” I croaked out. She took the seat beside me and took my hand into hers for the sake of comfort.

“He just suffered from cardiac arrest. The heart attack wouldn’t have been so bad but he also has stage four terminal lung cancer. The heart attacked caused his vitals to fail. Right now he is in a medical induce coma until we can get his heart pumping on its own,” The woman looked at me with caring eyes.

“He has cancer?” I asked.

“We’re you not aware? He was diagnosed eight years ago and it has progressed within his body. If he makes it from this heart attack, he only has a few months pronounced on his life,” The woman gave my hand a squeeze.

“Is there anything we can do? I have the money I can afford it all,” I tried to collect me thought and a game plan to fight this.

“The only thing that can help now is time. As of now, his vitals are going back to normal and if it it all goes well, we can take him out of the coma tomorrow. We did x rays and the heart attack did not affect his brain. He should be fully functioning when he wakes up. I don’t want to give you false hope, even if he does make it, he will not fully recover. He’s been smoking his whole life and his lungs are giving out on him. This is one huddle but there will be many more to come if we keep him alive,” The doctor explained.

“Is there anyway that wont be the case,” I spoke without thinking. People didn’t know of how bad our relationship is. I would be better without him.

“Excuse me?” The doctor questioned me.

“It’s just hard,” I spoke, not able to gather all my emotions.

“Would you like to see him?” The doctor stood up.

“No,” I spat without thinking. “I’m sorry yes. This the only time I’ll get a chance to look at him in peace before he dies. He’s not a good man but he is my father,” I nodded and stood to enter the room.

“Go see your father,” Ramos opened the door for me. I was stood frozen before I heard the door come to a close. With a gulp I walked to the edge of the bed and looked down at the man who has singlehandedly inflicted the worst pains upon my life. He was the reason everything was shit. He is my father yet, I hated him. A part of me wishes that he was dead. That he had died instead of my mother.

He looked frail. He had spent his whole life being evil to others for the sake of it and it has finally taken its toll of him. He looked pale, and underweight beneath all the wrinkles that covered his body. He looked like something I would never wish to be.

I jumped when a loud beep sounded from on of his machines. With a sigh I took a seat beside the bed and took his cold hand in mine. The act was more intimate than any of the moments we’ve shared while he’s been conscious. I squeezed his hand as the tears poured down.

“Antonio?” The angelic voice that drained the blood of my face sounded. I looked up from the from the floor and almost crumbled to pieces.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I felt my body heat up instantly a the sight of Selena. She was my living breathing version of hell.

“I was checking in on you and your dad,” She walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I could not stop myself from pushing her arm from me and into the wall behind her.

“You still like it rough, baby?” A wicked smile took over her face as she thrived off of my anger.

“Cut the shit and get the fuck out of here,” I stood over her as an act of intimidation. I looked down at her and has not changed at wall since I saw her years ago on the day that ended it all. Her face was round and healthy. Her eyes- the same eyes I thought I knew so well when I was young. And she looked good, as good as any siren on this earth.

“I have as much reason to be here as you do, Antonio,” Her words were like venom.

“I really do not have the time for this,” I sighed. I’ve been through a lot of bullshit on this day but, seeing my ex for the first time in five years really topped the cake.

“I’m not asking for your time. I’m here to see your father,” She scoffed. As much as my heart hardened because of her, the words did hurt. After all the times I’ve called for her, trying to gain the closure I needed to move on, she never came. But here on my father’s deathbed she appears out of thin air.

“He’s sleep,” I spoke the obvious.

“Loosen up a little, corazón. Aren’t you happy so see me?” She smiled up at me.

“I’m looking the devil in her eyes and you’re asking me if I’m happy?” I scoffed.

“I’m the devil now? I have to hand it to you IV. Even though I never loved you, I did always love the way you hate me. I take pride in it,” Selena hummed.

“Take pride in leaving. If I see you again and you still don’t send me what I need, I swear to God I will kill you,” I promised her. It wasn’t my style to threaten death but this all has gone too far.

“You’re just as angry as your father. Maybe now I can feel the same way about you that I do him. You were so young and naive when we got together. Now… now you’re a man,” I watched as her hand moved from my chest down to the buckle of my pants.

“I told you to shut up,” I couldn’t stop myself from throwing her against the wall again like a rag doll and wrapping my hand around her throat. She looked at me like I wouldn’t dare hurt her. I proved her wrong as I ringed her neck until fear became apparent in her eyes and her nails began scraping at my hand for me to free her.

“P-please, Antonio. Please, the baby,” She choked out as tears left her eyes. And at the words I let go of her and looked at her in horror. With her left hand she soothed her neck that I made red and her right went to soothe the small bump protruding from her stomach.

“No,” the words came out as a whisper. The woman I once loved couldn’t possibly be carrying my father’s-

“The baby is his,” Selena broke me from my thoughts, confirming my worst fears.

“Anything that is a spawn of you let alone, you and my father should be aborted. Do the world a favor,” I looked at the bump of the unborn child in disgust.

“I’m doing myself the favor. You’re not the only Bartholomew that will be left when he’s dead,” She nodded over at my father like he was timer that world provide the finances to fund the rest of her life.

“That child is a bastard,” I announced.

“Grow up. Just because you and I didn’t work out doesn’t mean that this child should have as shitty of a life as you did. Remember when I made you happy. I know you remember those days,” Her voice weakened as to get under my skin.

“We didn’t work out? We weren’t destined to work out. Your reason for ever existing in my life was so that we never worked out. You’re nothing but a prostitute. You let my father pimp you out to fuck me and fuck me over. And now your attempting to take the only decent thing my father can provide for me by having his child. You’re sick, Selena. You’re more fucked up than my father,” I snarled her way.

Selena never loved me, she loved money. And my father loved to cause my pain and heartbreak. It was he who introduced me to Selena with the intentions of having me fall in love and train her to steal my money from right under me. We were together for four year until it all came in an end for the sake of a ‘lesson that must be learned’. I was all he had and even then he couldn’t stop from himself from destroying mr. I prayed to whatever God was out there that I did not end up like him. To cause so much pain to your child is inhumane.

“Your father only wanted you to learn before you got a hold of real money. You should be thanking me, I’m sure you wont let it happen again, Antonio. At this point, you can’t keep a single good thing in you life. Ive heard the rumor about all those women. If anything, at least I acted like I loved you. All the women after me have to do is bend over and you’ll finance their whole lives.”

“You don’t know anything,” I looked at her with cold eyes.

“Money fades, sweetie. And if another girl comes along and takes all that from you, you’ll be left with nothing,” Selena began to laugh.

“And what will you have when its all said and done,” I questioned her.

“Everything fades so the least I can do is have the money while everything else is dying. You’re  about to be an uncle, be happy,” She lifted her shirt a little to show off the bump.

“I’m calling security,” I gave her another chance to leave.

“Don’t be like that, baby,” She pouted, not moving from the wall I previously had her pinned against.

“Selena. I’m not playing with you.”

“Play with me. I’m sure Antonio V won’t mind. That’s a good name isn’t it?” At her words I swung with the first I already had bruised up from beating Trevor.

“Fuck,” I cursed as bits of the wall fell away beside Selena’s head once I pulled my hand away in pain.

“Sir, do you need to be escorted out?” A nurse entered the room with concern, assessing the scene incorrectly.

“No, fuck. I need her to leave. Do not allow her to see my father, ever,” I looked the Selena angrily.

“Ma’am,” the nurse called.

“I’m leaving. See you, Antonio,” Selena’s hand brushed against mine as she exited the room.

I began to cry.

I cried all night. And I cried for reasons that weren’t even apparent to me.

“Antonio, We’re about to bring him out of the coma,” Ramos came into the room as the morning sun shined into the windows. I didn’t know how many hours turned over.

“Maybe you should go get some coffee,” One of the nurses suggested as she checked his iv drip. I agreed with a nod and left the room. I pulled out my phone and looked through all of the notifications. Not a single one was from Aaliyah. I shut my phone off as I made myself a cup of coffee myself for the first time in I didn’t know.

By the time I pulled myself together enough, when I entered the hospital room again my father was awake. He looked at me with tired eyes and the frown I’ve grown accustom to my whole life.

“It took you long enough to come,” He barked at me. Even in his weakest he still had the strength to be mean.

“Hello, father. How do you feel?” I took the same seat I had been in all night.

“Like shit. But its good to now you’ve actually shown up. You must really care about your inheritance to some all the way back home for me,” His voice was rough and groggy.

“I came to make sure you’re okay. It’s not about the money,” I spoke my truth.

“Yeah, that’s what they all say,” My father huffed out before coughing harshly.

“How are you father?” I took his hand without fear. His hand tensed up in mine but he did not remove it.

“I’m ready to die,” My father admitted.

“Don’t joke about that,” I pulled my hand away.

“I’m not joking. I’m ready to die but I have to make a few changes to the will but essentially all the money, land, everything is yours. You’re about to be a wealthy man,” My father rasped out like the money was the only thing that matter.

“Don’t act like it doesn’t come with the price of your life,” I scoffed at the fact that he was down playing this.

“You’ve wished death upon me for so long. Now that its coming, you want to act sentimental. Save me the dramatics. The money belongs in the family name and our name alone. You may be a disappointment but you are my son and I am trusting you with everything our fathers and their fathers have worked for.”

“I’m ready for it,” I spoke humbly.

“Not with the way you’re falling for these women,” My father scoffed. “I heard you’re letting a nigger take your money. Are we going to share her too.”

“Do not call her that. Do not speak on her at all,” My blood boiled instantly. Aaliyah is nothing like the situation with Selena and will never be. The fact that my father dissolved my girlfriend to a racial slur made this even worst than it already.

“Why do you love her? You falling in love with these women who only want you for your money is bad enough. But a black? You’re going to let black into our bloodline,” My old spanish father spoke the prejudice I tore myself away from.

“That’s none of your concern and that wont be any of your concern when you’re dead,” my words were harsh.

“See there it is. That anger that you have inside of you. You try to hold it back but you’re a Bartholomew. You can’t fight it, my son.”

“I’m not like you,” I looked at my father in disgust.

“My own son hates me just as much as I hated my own father,” He laughed.

“You were never a father to me,” I shook my head.

“You don’t hate me because of what I’ve done to you. You hate me because you’re thirty years and a few drinks away from being me,” he smiled.

“That’s not true.”

“Are you sure my son?” He eyed my hands that were just starting to scab over.

“What do you want at your funeral,” I changed the topic.

“Who’s going to show up? Only distant motherfuckers in the family trying to get some money. I don’t want a ceremony. Cremate me. Turn me into a tree. I don’t give a shit,” My dad croaked out between dry coughs.

“Your mistresses will show up and fight over who you loved the most,” I joked.

“I didn’t love any of them. It will be a sight to see,” My dad smiled cockily.

“Mom will be glad to hear that when you meet her again,” I smiled back.

“You believe in heaven? I know your mother brought you up Catholic but I was never about it. I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life time, too much to believe that I can spend eternity in peace,” My father voice weakened as though he feared the afterlife.

“I believe that It doesn’t matter what we do. That there is a God who knows our hearts,” I tried to comfort my father.

“Antonio, my son.”

“Yes, father?”

“I’m in pain,”

“I know.”

“Let me hit the blunt and you better not have brought any cheap shit,” My father requested.

“Here,” With a small smile I pulled out the blunt I stashed on the plane and lit it for my father. He was already dying, an additional blunt wasn’t going to hurt.

“Let me go to sleep before the pain comes back. I need to handle my business when I wake up. Call my lawyer, accountant, and witness. I need to speak with them,” My father already began to over work himself.

“Don’t you want to rest a little bit first,” I questioned him.

“Do as you are  told. The sooner we get this shit done, the sooner I can meet your fuck up of a grandfather in hell. Go home. You look like shit. Do not come back here until I call for you,” my father instructed. My father passed me the blunt and closed his eyes. I watched as his heart monitor went from erratic pumps to a slow rhythm of beating. Once he was asleep, I ashed the rest of the blunt and put my coat over my arm and walked out the door without looking back.

On my way out, I was able to catch Doctor Ramos who was making the arrangements to have him released from the hospital at the end of the week. His condition was worst than he made it seem but he would survive for a little while longer. More than likely, he still had a few months to live the remainder of his life. How much freedom his health would grant him was up to his recover. Thanking Ramos for her words of support, I called for my driver to come around to the front.

“Antonio how is your father?”

“There are reports that Selena Gomez visited, do you have anything to say about it?”

“Are you happy to be back in Spain?”

“Is your father dying?”

I forgot about who and where I was when I exited the hospital. I forgot that my family was perceived to be the Spanish version of the Kardashians. Photographers who haven’t gotten a glimpse of me since I went to Miami paraded around me as I tried to get to the car.

“Give my family the privacy we deserve during this time, please,” I requested as I climbed into the escalade. Trying save face, I didn’t show the anger I felt over the fact that this would be all over the trashy spanish tabloids by the next morning. I imagined the headline would go something along the lines of ‘Bartholomew family crisis: Billionaire suffering from cardiac brings his womanizer heir back to the country.’ I scoffed at the fact people were actually interested in us for the sole reason that we were wealthy.

“Sir, where are we going?” My driver asked as I watched the paparazzi disperse into their various vehicles to sure follow us.

“Home,” I spoke, making my stomach twist in knots at the unpleasant memories plagued upon me. The driver nodded before pulling off. Within ten minutes were were at the gold crested gate of the family home. I was greeted at the gate by security who immediately granted us entry as we pulled up the two mile long drive way. On top the hill the spanish palace stood. The house had been in out family name for four generations running and it was the best thing to be passed down in the bloodline.

The house was big and full of anything but happiness. The only thing I remembered clearly was being knocked around by my father on the nights that he did bother to come home. That was my childhood.My mother never did much to stop it. She was getting slapped around just as much as I was. It became so bad to the point that I needed stitches and that was enough for him to agree to send me away for school.
When the day came that my father notified me of her death in a car accident I was envious. She had the blessing of getting away and not having to endure the pain that my father inflicted upon all. When I graduated from school and came back home things became better. My father gave me higher and higher positions in the company trying to get me to learn the business. I had to be prepared when my time came and it seems as though I wouldn’t be much longer until it was all mine.

I took to the steps and the grand front doors were opened for me. The household staff greeted me left and right as I made my way to the wing of the mansion I occupied growing up. I couldn’t be bothered to speak properly as I dragged my exhausted body into my perfectly cleaned bedroom.

It wasn’t until I was in the shower that all that was occurring hit me. I was one person away from having no family, from having nobody. The one good thing that I did have, I felt the need to destroy when I left her heartlessly. My stress did not seize to drain my energy until I forced myself to get out the shower and dry off just well enough that I wasn’t wetting my sheets as I climbed into my bed.

I feel asleep to the afternoon chirping of the birds.

When I woke up again I was more than confused about my surroundings as I jolted awake. No sunlight reached through the curtains as I got up. I looked at my almost dead phone to see that I slept through the whole afternoon when I only meant to take a slight nap.

I couldn’t stop myself as I dialed the only person I knew who to call. The only one who could center me again. Just as I was about to press the call button on Aaliyah’s contact, another call came through my phone.

“Antonio! I heard your back on this side of the world,” My best friend Ryan spoke giddily like we were still teenage boys.

“You heard correct. It’s heard not to know when each of us are here with the way the paparazzi’s follow us around,” I replied. Ryan stayed in the tabloids even  more than I did.

“Our band was pretty dope back in the day,” Ryan brought up the old days again.

“That was over ten years ago,” I laughed.

“Well, I’m thinking we should party tonight like we used to,” Ryan suggested.

“I don’t know…” I was in much of a mood to have a reckless party.

“What don’t you know? Your back home for however long you’re going to be here and you’ve had a long day. Let’s have a good time. You know these spanish bitches still want you as much as they used to.”

“I don’t think I’m interested in all that now,” Thinking of what Aaliyah would say.

“Oh shit don’t you got a girl?” Ryan caught on to my apprehensiveness.

“More or less,” I didn’t know whether or not Aaliyah and I were truly done. With the way she spoke to me last I’m almost sure I’ve lost her. I was okay with it. With all that was going on, I didn’t need to be worried about my relationship in the first place.

“Well shit doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ll have the bitches at your old mans house in an hour. Fuck any of them that you want to. I even saw Valentina the other day, I’ll make sure she pulls up. You down?”

“I’m down,” I agreed and got up to get dressed for the night to come that would resemble many in the past.

Part 8

one way street

member: kang daniel
genre: angst
summary: he already put out his feelings for you, but you just keep what you felt for him strictly unspoken.
a/n: this isn’t requested i just… felt like it.

  • you can tell how happy daniel was when he was around you.
  • he’d have a smug look on his face and his eyes had a habit of searching for your face every few seconds when you were in viewing distance.
  • daniel wasn’t ever trying to hide it anyway. he always knew he wanted you.

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F R E E D O M  T H R E E  R E A C T I O N

Y O U  C R Y I N G  A N D  U S I N G  T H E  S A F E  W O R D  W H E N  T H E Y  P U N I S H  Y O U

(this was very hard to gif, so please excuse the lack of them.)


Luhan is more aware of your typical habits and reactions than most, but due to his usual cheeky nature and bedroom persona, he had mistaken your tears as tears of endurance. In spite of thinking that the tears were not a very big deal, he instantly comes to a harsh realization when hearing you use the safe word. He will do his best to handle this in a mature fashion, since it is serious. He hadn’t intended to push you past your limits, but that’s what had happened.

Aftercare would ensue immediately. He’ll pull you pull you to his chest and rest his chin on the top of your head. He will be most gentle and loving with you in these moments, since you need it so much right now. You need to be cleaned up before bed, but he wants to express his apologies first.

“Forgive me, (Y/N)? I had no idea I was pushing you so hard, baobei…”


Yifan will stop touching you instantly in this scenario, like your skin is fire. He is very caring and a bit awkward and unaware at times, so he’ll panic briefly. He is very clumsy on his feet, which I feel might transfer over into his social skills a little.

Very regretful of his actions, he will apologize immediately following the previous action. The last thing he wanted was to hurt you. Even this cool guy has something that can get to him so easily—you. He will be a little hesitant about touching you again, but he will, if you seem to need any physical comforting.

“Did I hurt you? Shit, baby, I’m so fucking sorry. I thought you would like that.”


When hearing your unpleasant cries, along with the safeword, Zitao will only be shocked for a moment. Everyone portrays him as a very whiny type of person who makes everything about himself, but I think he would be very mature in this situation. A bit unsure of what to do at first, but mature at the same time. First, he will easily back off of you.

Second, he will make a verbal note that you dislike this punishment or that it is far too much for you to handle. He will suggest a shower together. Maybe after, he will play up his diva attitude in a mock type of style to boost your spirits if possible. Maybe you’d rather wash up on your own; that’s fine. He will be waiting with open arms afterwards regardless. This says something, as he usually prefers to be the little spoon.

“I know not to do that again now… Let’s get cleaned up together. You deserve a rest after my fuck up.”

a list of things that happen between finn and rey in the force awakens that people wouldn’t aggressively, angrily deny were setting up romance if finn was white

with optional bonus flavor from the novelization and shooting script where applicable

- the first time finn sees rey is from a distance at niima outpost when she is being attacked by a number of men; he moves to help her but ultimately stops and stares, stunned, as she neatly dispatches them herself

- rey is impressed and interested when she assumes finn is a resistance fighter and he immediately and ardently begins to play along with this after observing the admiration with which this causes her to regard him.

- finn is briefly knocked unconscious and, immediately upon waking, asks only after rey’s safety. rey is bowled over by his concern and instantly, visibly softens towards him.
(+ in both the novelization and shooting script it is explicitly stated that he is literally the first person to ever do so and she is deeply touched)

- finn instinctively holds rey’s hand twice in quick succession as they attempt to escape from danger. rey tells him twice that she doesn’t need him to hold her hand before, after previously noted softening, she freely offers her hand for him to take.

- after a victory over their pursuers, they gravitate towards each other and joyously compliment each other’s performance, locked in a stare as they circle about in tandem while talking over each other, their words mostly a rapid jumble for the audience but still completely understandable and delightful to them both.

- in a quiet moment that immediately follows the previous item, they at last tell each other their names, softly and sedately like a secret shared, as rey smiles sweetly, almost shyly, at finn, and finn gazes back at her, speechless. then, moved by the moment, he attempts to tell her the truth of his identity.
(+ in the novelization this scene is slightly extended and there is a moment where rey and finn actually verbalize that they have progressed to simply standing there staring at each other and question why, but have no answer to offer that would not be awkward at this early stage in their relationship)

- as finn questions rey about her desire to return to jakku and whether she has a family there, he anxiously adds in an undertone, “got a boyfriend? cute boyfriend?”

- rey is intensely distraught when finn is being dragged away by a rathtar, running after him with her hand outstretched reaching towards his as she yells his name, before losing him in the corridors of the ship.
(+ rey’s reaction is so significant here that the shooting script explicitly outlines that her emotional shift to deep distress is both instantaneous and because of what has happened to finn, not the dire situation that they were already in, in general)

- while conversing with finn alone, han advises finn, on what he notes is personal experience, that rey will find out that he’s lying to her, clearly referencing his own romantic travails with his wife, leia.

- despite having just asserted that she is determined to return to jakku shortly, rey is extremely upset when finn makes clear his intention to abandon the mission to return bb-8 to the resistance and flee to the outer rim to escape the first order. she goes so far as to declare that she won’t let him leave.

- in the conversation that follows, blocked with them standing closely, intimately, as they speak, finn reveals the truth of his identity, explaining to rey the intensity of his determination never to go back into the first order’s clutches after having been raised by them as a soldier since birth. finn also explains that he lied to her because after having run from the only thing he’d ever known he “ran right into [her]” and she “looked at [him] like no one ever had” and he wanted to maintain that. he asks her to come with him.

- despite finn having misled rey about his identity, she expresses no anger, no indignation, merely asks him again, pleading, “don’t go.” to which he only responds, voice thick with emotion, “take care of yourself. please.” before leaving a devastated rey and departing.

- rey watches finn walk out the door, but has turned away and misses when he turns back at the last moment, to look back at her.
(+ the shooting script specifies that rey is “crushed” and “heartsick” over finn’s departure.)

(+ in the novelization, kylo ren’s intial capture of rey is an extended scene in which he reads her mind with the Force, during which he specifically calls out the fact that she thinks finn is special and has developed feelings for him, which ren declares a weakness and a distraction.)

- maz kanata, positioned in the narrative as both uncannily wise and observant, specifically entreats finn twice that rey needs him and he must help her, despite han and chewbacca, whom maz knows far better, also being present and clearly concerned with rey.
(+ in the novelization, maz observes that finn’s eyes have changed from those of a man who she identified as wanting to run, to those of a warrior in the wake of rey’s abduction.)

- upon seeing rey being abducted by kylo ren, finn immediately ignores everything else, including the pitched battle around him, to chase desperately and futilely after the transport, overcome with emotion, screaming rey’s name.
(+ the shooting script specifies in this scene that finn is “shattered” and driven to “crazed desperation” by rey’s capture)

- after being taken to the resistance base, finn’s only concern is convincing them to help him retrieve rey and, after his intel facilitates the launching of a mission to destroy the starkiller weapon and base, he insists that he must be present at the base (where rey is being kept) in order to complete the key task of bringing down the shields. however, he later admits to han once they are on the base that he doesn’t actually personally know how to take down the shields as such he didn’t have to come, but needed to be physically present in order to rescue rey.

- upon being reunited with finn, rey is overcome with emotion and launches herself into finn’s arms after being told by chewbacca that it was finn’s idea to return for her.
(+ both the shooting script and the novelization make explicit that both rey and finn desperately want hug the moment they lay eyes on each other and that finn’s return means everything to rey as it is all she has ever wanted someone to do for her. the novelization additionally outlines that finn is profoundly affected by the intensity of the way rey looks at him in response to the fact that it was his idea.)

- finn and rey share a very long, very tight hug, during which they nuzzle against each other’s necks and are smiling and tearful in turns. the hug persists for so long, that han, cognizant that they’re still in the middle of starkiller base, interrupts them with the command to “hug later.”

- when finn and rey are confronted by kylo ren after fleeing starkiller base, he brutally force-pushes rey into a tree, knocking her unconscious. finn immediately drops his blaster and turns his back on ren in order to run to rey’s side, calling her name, and gently cradling her face before ren makes his presence known once more and finn rises to fight him.

- after defeating kylo ren, rey rushes desperately back to the fallen finn and attempts unsuccessfully to rouse him before burying her face in his chest and sobbing, heartbroken.
(+ the shooting script takes the time to paint a picture of this scene that is tragically romantic, with rey cradling finn’s body as snow flurries around them and she cries because despite their short acquaintance she “already adores” him)

- in her final scene before departing to seek out luke skywalker and begin her jedi destiny, and the penultimate scene of the movie, rey sits alone close to comatose finn, at his bedside, staring with affectionate concern at his face. she moves even closer to tell him, softly, “We will see each other again. I believe that,” before tenderly pressing a kiss to his forehead, calling him her friend, and thanking him with great emotion.

The Broken Promise

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Cassian’s POV immediately following the last chapter’s incident.

“Can you believe all this snow?” Mor poked her head around the curtain from Rhysand’s living room window. “It’s going to be slick driving back home.”

“That’s why Cassian is going to be our chauffeur tonight,” Amren plucked a grape from the fruit platter.

“You better give me a tip then,” Cassian called from the kitchen. “My services don’t come cheap.” He winked and Amren flicked a grape at him in response.

“Hey now don’t go making a mess in my kitchen,” Rhysand walked forward with his arm around Feyre’s waist.

“Cassian you don’t need to clean all the dishes,” Feyre said noticing that her friend had practically washed every plate and pan used for their dinner.

Cassian shrugged. He needed something to pass the time and keep his mind off of Nesta. They haven’t spoken since the incident outside the restaurant when she was fired. Their parting words left a sour taste in Cassian’s mouth. He should have known that Nesta wouldn’t want to talk about her history with Tomas, but it still hurt that she didn’t trust him enough to open up.

“Come sit down on the couch,” Azriel said holding up a game controller. “I want to see if you can still hold your own in that racing game.”

The double-edged sword of the inner circle was that everyone knew everyone else’s business. They knew when something was bothering one of them. Cassian was incredibly thankful for his friends, but he felt terrible knowing that his friends were trying to put forth a not-so-subtle effort to make him feel better.

Cassian played along though. No sense in moping around when he should be enjoying himself.

“Hold my own? Azriel you’re about to have your ass handed to you,” Cassian left the kitchen and sat beside his friend on the couch in front of the large screen TV. They each grabbed a controller and began their friendly competition. All the while shoving each other to try and get the lead.

“Boys and their toys,” Mor laughing at how Cassian and Azriel reacted when one of them passed the other person’s car in the game.

The group watched them play a couple rounds before Amren decided to join in. The trio fixated on the screen. Trying to out maneuver their opponents. Somehow Amren always ended up taking the win in the final lap of each game.

“You are cheating,” Cassian said as he tried to pass Amren on the track, but she was always just ahead. “I don’t know how. But you are.”

“Can’t keep up Cassian?” Amren smiled in triumphant. Not at the game, but at getting Cassian riled up and pulling him out of his depressed stupor.

“You’re about to eat my dust!” Cassian exclaimed and went to pass Amren’s virtual pink car on the screen when the finish line was in sight.

At that moment he heard Feyre’s phone ringing as Amren scored another victory. Cassian and Azriel claimed that she had to have cheated in some way, but Amren merely examined her nails in disinterest.

Faintly Cassian could hear Feyre greeting Elain on the phone.

“Let’s have another round,” Azriel said. “This time on a different course.”

Amren shrugged. “It won’t make a difference. I’ll still beat you both even if you had a lap head start.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Cassian wasn’t about to lose again.

 In the kitchen Rhysand and Feyre stood together as Feyre reached for her cellphone in her back pocket.

“Need a moment?” Rhysand nodded to her phone revealing that Elain was the caller.

“Yea, but I promise to be quick.” Feyre glanced at her friends on the couch who were starting a new game. Cassian and Azriel’s determined faces were almost comical next to Amren’s bored expression. “Make sure they don’t go into a fit of road rage on the couch.”

Rhysand chuckled and gave Feyre a brief kiss on the cheek. “Will do darling.” He sauntered over to the couch and stood watching the game with idle interest.

Feyre turned her attention back to her phone. She answered the call and put it to her ear. “Hello Elain?”

“Feyre,” Elain hiccupped on the other end of the line. The tone of her voice sounded hoarse as if she had been crying. Feyre’s stomach dropped. Something wasn’t right.

“Elain what’s wrong?” Feyre asked calmly. From the living room she saw Rhysand glance back at her in concern.

“Feyre she’s hurt – I shouldn’t have let her go and they won’t let me see her!” Elain sobbed into the phone and Feyre could barely catch all the words.

“Slow down Elain and take a deep breath,” Feyre directed. “Who’s hurt?”

“Nesta,” Elain began to cry harder. “She went to fill out job applications and she was supposed to call me when she got to the Thai restaurant, but never did.” Elain heaved in a shaky breath. “I got a call saying she had been – oh Feyre I don’t know how badly hurt she is and the doctors won’t tell me!”

“Elain tell me where you are,” Feyre’s face must have revealed her worry, because Rhysand began walking back toward her.

“I’m at West Side Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Room waiting area,” Elain choked out.

“Okay I am on my way right now,” Feyre went to grab her purse. Amren, Azriel, Cassian and Mor noticed what she was doing.

“Are you leaving so soon?” Mor asked from her spot beside Azriel.

Feyre shot a quick glance at Rhysand. His hand reached for hers and provided an anchor in the midst of what Elain had just told her.

She then looked to Cassian. His eyes that were once bright with laughter slowly shifted. Dread seeped in as if he realized something terrible had occurred.

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starrizlightning  asked:

I enjoyed your last tidbit to the #labkitty 'verse, if you're amenable, would you please write more? whether during anakin's padawan days in the future or immediately following your last addition. thanks!

There is an undeniable truth that Qui-Gon will do his best to avoid admitting out loud because he wants to be better then the others who says the same.

But the truth is that his padawan is a beautiful creature.

For Qui-Gon it doesn’t have to be his forced modifications that the slavers so long ago added to his padawan but he knows that Obi-Wan often hears leering comments about them, drunken bastards and sleemos.

The unfortunate truth is that he now does look like something out of a filthy holosmut as the boy had termed it when Che had confirmed that he would not be able to return to normal as the ears and tail were now an integral part of being able to hear and balance after the slavers medic had removed internal systems of Obi-Wan’s human ears to rewire the feline ears.

The last thing Obi-Wan needs is a master mooning over him along with the creepy lechers when Qui-Gon is suppose to be his place of stability and harbor from such things.

Even inside the temple Obi-Wan can’t find total peace.

There are still those that whisper while peering at him though at least they do not approach the padawan.

‘And I’m just as bad.’ Qui-Gon thought dryly as he watched Obi-Wan and Anakin from the doorway without the two noticing, his padawan showing the boy how to work the pads and teaching him basic since there wasn’t much else for the blond to do on the Nabooan ship when everyone was so busy all the time.

Anakin seemed to be in awe of Obi-Wan, petting his tail with his little hands as Obi-Wan gave over the furry appendage.

Qui-Gon could count on one hand the number of people allowed to touch that tail and one of those people included Obi-Wan himself. He wondered if Anakin knew what kind of trust Obi-Wan was giving him…

“I made you something.” Qui-Gon was drawn out of his thoughts as he leaned against the doorway to continue watching them as Anakin spoke, the boy smiling shyly. “I gave Padme something similar last I saw her because she’s been so kind but you deserved something too.”

Snorting a bit, Obi-Wan patted Anakin on the head. “You don’t have to give me anything Anakin, honestly, you’ve managed to keep me busy since Master Qui-Gon apparently has been too busy to speak with us…”

A spike of guilt went off in Qui-Gon. He hadn’t meant to ignore Obi-Wan but he could see that he had done just that the trip from Tatooine, spending most of the time either with the Queen and her handmaidens or meditating on the creature that attacked him on Tatooine.

“I still want you to have it.” Anakin pulled something out of his cleaner then Qui-Gon remembered tunic, holding up a pendant tied with a leather cord from the sight of it. “Its a japor snippet. Padme’s is bigger, I didn’t have much left but I managed to carve a protection rune on yours too.” He smiled.

Obi-Wan blinked before carefully accepting the braided leather cord with a circular metal piece no bigger then two and a half cm in diameter. “A protection rune?”

“Tatooine needs protections against the sisters, the Tuskens, sand storms, slavers…” Anakin trailed off then shrugged. “And Jedi’s go on lots of dangerous missions and you know what its like to be with slavers. So you should have protection too.” He beamed a boyish smile up at the other.

Qui-Gon was treated to Obi-Wan’s face softening, furry ears flickering before he slid the cord over his head and settling it under his tunic. “Thank you Anakin, that is a very generous gift.” He ruffled the others sun bleached hair.

‘They’d make great brother padawans…’ The stray thought crossed Qui-Gon’s mind as Anakin giggled sweetly.