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hikarihub  asked:

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY YOU MEME LOVING FU- oh hi hello just wanted to tell you its valentines day but WOOO

Happy Single-Awareness day to y’too! I love ya, y’memelovin’ shitlord!!

People will misunderstand you, judge you, and demonise you once you finally step into your truest calling. Once you turn around and realise that most of the baggage and energy you were carrying around, was never really yours, but was imprinted on you by those who could not handle their own insecurities, people will despise you. Once you begin to Hand back the energies one, by one, and refuse to indulge in low vibrational behaviours and beings, the world will call you selfish. They will call you reckless, rebellious and careless, but these are all the languages of the wounded soul, the soul who does not understand that the journey to self love is filled with sacrifice. And no matter how somebody lights up the best of your day, on their good days, if they inject you with equal poisoning on their worst days, then they too must be obliterated, exiled from your immediate awareness, as you pursue a life with no sinister bondage, and malicious interaction. There is this thing that we do where we constantly indulge in, and sustain narcissists because we feel sorry for them, because a part of us knows that their destructive behaviours stem from a deep internal loneliness and dissatisfaction, but they will give us too these clothes to wear if we allow them, and consciously too. Do not aid their destructive tendancies, and do not aid your own.
—  Cindy Anneh-bu