Tbh i dont understand when people tell teenagers that they’re in the best years of their life or when people say that being a child was so much simpler and easier. Maybe it’s just my own experience as a gay, trans, mentally ill kid that came out pretty young but I associate being a child with confusion and isolation and insecurity and not having the agency to stand up to abusers or know that what they told me were lies. I associate it with a lot of untreated mental illness and anxiety because I felt I was wasting my “best years”.

So shout out for kids that are constantly being told that life only gets harder from here on out because that’s really not true for a lot of people. So many problems can often become so much easier as you gain autonomy and experience and start to find support outside of your immediate family or school friend group. You’re gonna be ok!

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If it's just a closed chapter though why can't they just outright say it? Something happens and everyone's family immediately comes to reassure fans, maybe don't then if it's just done with? Simon does something and then they coordinate their outings and pappings with each other. Why do they go to the same groomer, why no public support of each other yet?

It’s things like that that make me think they’re not free yet. Liking each others’ stuff would bring so much positive support to the boy doing the liking from the fandom (which would help any future solo projects), and it would be such an easy move, and not doing it makes me think they’re not allowed to do it which makes me think the band itself it still under control by Syco. I feel like the interview maybe closed the chapter for now and lengthened the expected timeline and made it sound like solo projects would be the focus for awhile, but I’m interested to hear if that will change at all when the stunts are gone. I have mixed thoughts and not enough info.

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So a few months ago I wrote to you because I was just starting to realize that I'm bi. Now I'm out to my immediate family and a few close friends. I just came out to the last of my immediate family on Sunday and it went better than I expected! Just wanted to thank you for your positivity back then. :)

im so proud of you darling. you did such a good job 🙊 and thank you so much for letting me know, it feels so fucking good to receive such a message, truly makes me feel like im doing smth good for this world

Thanks for the idea @applezingsims!

For some reason my game doesn’t seem to like saving rooms. After saving a few it keeps crashing. I may just end up having to build one big house or something.

Basically I wanted to combine both Fiona and Rochelle’s house as well as the house where the rest of her immediate family lives into one lot. I kind of miss playing all the Copelands together!

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Describe how you would want your wedding

destination wedding with immediate family and close friends and the beautiful love of my life standing across from me

There’s the paradox: we see the beauty and we see the dark side of things; the cornfields and the full sails, but the ashes as well. The Japanese have a word for this dual perception: mono no aware. It means something like “beauty tinged with sadness.” How is it that we must hold what we love tight to us, against our very bones, knowing we must also, when the time comes, let it go?
—  Sally Mann from Immediate Family

“ We’re moving on. But just because we’re leaving, and that hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us they’ll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our north star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us. Always. “