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If we're taking votes, mine is for the In Death AU. Speaking of which, I'd love a sneak peak in the form of headcanons for it. *gives puppy dog eyes*

I totally forgot about this AU.  Hot damn, this is another one I need to write.

  1. Klaus and Caroline meet when one of his clubs is the site of a mass/murder suicide brought on by a hallucinogenic drug.  He doesn’t particularly like his property being the site of a police investigation… but there’s something in the lead detective’s eyes that intrigues him.
  2. The case is brutal for Caroline, because she’s all too familiar with what these substances can do, thanks to her own past with doomsday cults.
  3. Rebekah and Elijah feel indebted to Klaus, because he’s the one that created the empire that allowed them to escape the monsters of their past. Finn stayed in England, but Kol left the family almost immediately on arriving in the U.S.
  4. Caroline’s original trainer was one Katherine Pierce.  No one is quite sure how Kat went from having Caroline as a protege to having Kol.  But for all that he’s a hot mess, Kol is amazing with technology.
  5. Klaus isn’t sure what to think when he discovers that Caroline’s oldest friend is an extremely attractive Licensed Companion named Lorenzo St. John.  But it becomes obvious very quickly that to love Caroline means to at least accept Enzo.

Send me a ship and an AU.

As many of you already know, it’s really looking bad in Aleppo right now. Here’s some recommendations for charities serving refugees or offering humanitarian aid for civilians caught in the Syrian Civil War.

  • *TULIP for Syria Relief* specializes in providing short-term life-saving emergency relief for Syrians in the country or on the Syrian-Turkish border
  • *Helping Hand for Relief and Development* specializes in providing global humanitarian relief in Syria, Burma, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Haiti, Mexico and many other countries
  • *International Rescue Committee* specializes in global humanitarian aid and development
  • *Islamic Relief* specializes in providing international humanitarian relief. They provided 40,000 gallons of clean water to Flint, Michigan recently
  • *Karam Foundation* specializes in education services for Syrian children resettled in Turkey & currently raising funds to rebuild schools in Syria
  • *Mercy Corps* specializes in global humanitarian aid. Currently serving displaced Syrian families with immediate needs for food, water and shelter
  • *Sunrise USA* specializes in providing emergency relief, trauma-care and orphan sponsorships
  • *Limbs for Life Foundation* specializes in providing prosthetic limbs to amputees in Syria and other countries like Nigeria and Mongolia
  • *NuDay Syria* my friend’s mother created this org. Provides humanitarian, education and financial services to Syrian women and children
  • *Hand in Hand for Syria* - works inside Syria, taking emergency humanitarian aid to the people in most desperate need. 

— Sarah Harvard, Identities Mic writer

Episode 100 Director’s Notes

((I normally don’t post these but I felt that these were so important to read no matter what kind of fan you are. Thank you Joseph and Jeffrey, you have given us so much and continue to give us your all.))

My wife and I got married a few months after we got engaged. We were married in a short ceremony that took place in our apartment, officiated by Carlos-voice/delightful person Dylan Marron, and attended by only our immediate families.

Thinking about episode one hundred, we discussed the idea of Cecil and Carlos getting married. We didn’t want this to be a lengthy multi-episode plotline. A wedding does not always have to be a saga. Sometimes it can just be a day.

When we talked about this episode, we also discussed a way to celebrate the landmark of 100 (!) episodes. That is 100 episodes that Jeffrey and I have written and edited (with the occasional help of our amazing guest writers, something we’re hoping to continue and even expand in 2017), 100 episodes that Cecil has sat down and recorded, 100 episodes that I have edited in Audacity, 100 episodes that have gone out into the world to be downloaded by anyone with an internet connection.

I forget which of us had the idea, but there came the question: could we include every person who had ever done a guest part for us? The answer, it seemed to us, was definitely not. That’s a lot of people, and our episodes aren’t that long. Maybe we could fit in a bunch of them, but not all.

But we decided to try. And they’re all in there. Some of them just for a word. Some for full monologues. All of them are amazing performers who have brought this world to life for us over the last four and a half years.

Working with folks like Wil Wheaton or Retta or James Urbaniak is obviously an amazing experience. But so is working with performers like Kevin R Free and Kate Jones and Erica Livingston. Every person we’ve cast on our show has had two things about them: 1. They are wonderful people who are a delight to work with. 2. They are exceptionally talented.

We are grateful for each and every one of them, and so excited we could bring them all together for this day.

- Joseph Fink
December 15, 2016


In the old model of broadcast television, 100 episodes is a milestone beyond just the roundness of the number. (And it is pretty round. Just look at it: 100.) One hundred episodes was the marker that indicated the show would be syndicated. Residuals for years! Obviously in podcasting, everything is syndicated all the time, and there are no residuals from networks.

Perhaps the years will age this medium into something resembling the models of television, but in our time making this show, what’s been so rewarding is not having to create it under the machinery of gatekeepers and check-writers. We wrote it, acted it, recorded it, produced it, promoted it, and for a variety of reasons, people liked it.

For 4 ½ years and 100 episodes, and a novel, and 5 different live stage shows, we have written nearly half a million words for the Night Vale universe. (500,000 is even rounder than 100!) And in the lobbies after shows, or on twitter/facebook/tumblr/email, or sometimes even in the streets, people tell us: “This show is important to me.” “Night Vale saved my life.” “Cecil puts me to sleep.” (I swear that last one is said in the tone of a compliment.)

Never did we think our weird little town would be considered important, especially not to so many people. We’ve watched fans come together online for the past nearly half a decade and share stories of coming out, of social anxiety, of fighting illnesses, of insomnia, or of something as simple as boredom. They share their love of Night Vale, not with us, not out of praise, but with each other. In that way Night Vale becomes a real place - a meta-universe of itself where people meet to build stories of how alone they no longer feel.

I grew up before the internet, and I wish I could have had a community to tell 1980s me that sports has non-aggressive fans, that someone else was watching Eerie, Indianabesides me, that it’s totally cool to make a Rogue (X-Men) cosplay, and maybe even wear it in public, and maybe even how to get that white streak in your hair. Sorry, I have no photos of that moment in my life, but just know Rogue had way better abs than I.

I had radio, and I slept to it, and it was my community. It was a single voice telling stories and playing music, and it put me to sleep. Radio was important to me. It didn’t matter the song or the story, just that it comforted me at my most difficult time of day: night.

It heartens me to know other people love Night Vale and love each other for loving Night Vale. I can’t believe we’ve made 100 episodes. Four and a half years. Time is weird, I guess. With or without our current listenership, I’m pretty sure Joseph and Cecil and I would still be making this show, but it’s way funner with you along. Thank you for making it great. Thank you for sharing your lives, both with us and with each other.

- Jeffrey Cranor
December 15, 2016


In a statement a Sky spokesperson said that the episode was pulled following concerns expressed by Jackson’s immediate family.

“We have taken the decision not to broadcast ‘Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon,’ a half-hour episode from the Sky Arts Urban Myths series, in light of the concerns expressed by Michael Jackson’s immediate family. We set out to take a light-hearted look at reportedly true events and never intended to cause any offence. Joseph Fiennes fully supports our decision.”



“ We’re moving on. But just because we’re leaving, and that hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us they’ll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our north star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us. Always. “

I think the thing I find most entertaining about Jaal is the fact that, whenever he does anything romantic with Ryder after introducing her to his family, he IMMEDIATELY tells Sahuna (because you get email correspondences from her after Jaal’s confession, and when you consumate your relationship with him) …

I can just picture him in the tech lab on the ship, frantically emailing his True Mother, “MOM, RYDER LET ME KISS HER. I AM ENCHANTED, I LOVE HER.”

He’s just. 2 cute. 2 precious. Such a sweet Mama’s boy. I love him. 💖💖💖

In Case You Think You Don’t Care About GMW Season 4-Here’s A List of ‘We Nevers’

Here’s an ongoing list of things that we have yet to see in Girl Meets World and that we will now never see without a season 4:

-we never met Lucas’ immediate family

-we never met Zay’s family

-we never met Smackle’s family

-we never got to see Shawn and Katy in their own home

-we never found out how Katy’s movie from GM Hollyworld did

-we never got Amir and Ceci to be main cast members

-we never got to find out what the heck happened between Maya and Zay though it seemed that their relationship was abandoned

-we never got to find out what Riley was really good at or what her calling in life is

-we never find out what Morgan does

-we never see the kids graduate high school

-we never see ‘official Rucas’, Lucaya, Joshaya, Zaya, Zayadora, Smarkle, or Riarkle kiss -basically the only kisses we’ve seen are Rucas unofficial in season 1 and Markle on the hand/cheek

-we never see Auggie and Ava start to have legitimate romantic feelings for each other or other people

-we never meet Jenny Lewis (one of the other girls that “loves” Auggie)

-we never see Maya have a real romantic relationship all to herself

-we never find out anything about Carrie Abelson except that she still goes to Abigail Adams

-we never find out how Stuart Minkus really ended up with Jennifer Basset

-we never see Topanga have any friends other than Katy

-we never see what actually happens to Rachel (I have theories but I want cannon proof)

-we never see Shawn be protective of Maya over romantic relationships

-we never see Smackle feel all of the other real emotions

-we never see if Riley and Maya truly are forever, or if Farkle loves them equally forever

Okay but I just have so many feelings about that scene I had to get something down. Firstly Patsy. I feel like something which has been overlooked a bit in the whole ‘Patsy hasn’t written to Delia’ thing which yes is awful don’t get me wrong, is the fact that Patsy has lost her father. Patsy has now lost all of her immediate family-all of her connections to her past and the experiences she suffered through as a child. That is something that most of us, thank goodness, can’t even begin to imagine. Patsy’s little wave when she sees Delia is so dejected. She looks rough. For me it conveys all of the fight that’s gone out of her, and just how fucking exhausted she is by it all. Watching that fight come right back when she tells Delia she wants to be with her forever is such a special moment. Even in those few seconds, I feel we can really see that Patsy has truly realised that Delia is all she has now, and being apart from her has quite clearly made her realise just how important she is. And honestly can we just talk about the way Patsy Mount, the girl who pulled her hand away in coffee shops and at the kitchen table, who even checks behind her shoulder in private, grabbed Delia’s coat and pulled her towards her in the middle of the street. That just conveyed so much utter desperation. Patsy needs Delia. She needs her and she’s almost past caring about who sees that and honestly I don’t think that could have been portrayed any better than it was in that fleeting scene. 


The fractured skull of murdered pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey, who was discovered brutally murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado, on Christmas Day 1996. The six-year-old girl had been reported missing by her parents and a ransom note discovered, but JonBenet was found already dead from strangulation and a blow to the head. She was found in the basement of the Ramsey home, partially concealed under a blanket, with virtually no clues as to who her murderer could have been.

The JonBenet Ramsey case has baffled investigators and officers, who insist no other person but her immediate family had access to the Ramsey home on the night she died. Numerous attempts have been made to finger her brother and father for JonBenet’s murder, but evidence of their involvement is purely circumstantial. Her murder remains unsolved.

you might be a cancer moon if...

💦 you feel exceptionally in tune with others’ emotions, and have a special ability to empathize with people without ever having experienced the same thing

💦 you feel out of control of your moods. sometimes you wake up and feel touchy, angry, emotional, etc., and feel a bit powerless about this

💦 you sponge up the emotions of those around you, and find it very difficult to be happy and normal around people who are feeling negative emotions

💦 you are very defensive about your feelings and may dismiss your own wrongdoings in favor of acknowledging the bad others have done

💦 you find yourself often in neglectful relationships, engaging with people that don’t pay you the attention you wish for

💦 family is excessively important to you. you may want children, or you may be very close with your immediate and extended family. you are probably very close with your mother

💦 you have a strong sense of intuition, and “going with your gut” is a familiar practice to you

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Why do people think Ephraim being supportive of his sister is incest?? Healthy sibling relationships are wonderful and FE has some really good ones!!

IS does kind of have a track record of inserting incestuous themes into FE and there’s the whole deal with their weapon names but still, it’s mostly just people trying to pigeonhole characters into their own gross fetishes and that warped perception spreading throughout the fandom. 

Let ephraim and eirika be brother and sister, please. 

Sincerely, a girl who has healthy relationships with her 4 siblings and is creeped the fuck out by y’all 

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With your sawn Princess au for klance, thank you so mich by the way for making it. I can't write fanfiction to save my life so I was hoping someone would put me out of my misery and make an au lol, it keith the Swan princess or is lance cause when ever I picture it I always think keith is odette and Lance is Derek but did you change it up? I'm not judging lol I'm just wondering


Okay so for the most part Keith is indeed filling the role of Odette/the Swan Princess, and Lance is Derek. I’ve played a little fast and loose with the set-up of the AU, and switched around the kingdoms and their roles a bit when they’re kids to make it work more naturally, though. 

In my version, Lance is actually the baby at the beginning of the film, not Keith/Odette. Alfor is sick/dying and doesn’t want to leave Allura alone with no immediate family. So with the aid of a surrogate mother - since Allura’s mother died pre-story - he sires a second child: Lance. 

Shiro is already ruling his own kingdom after his parents were killed in an attempted coup by Zarkon (Rothbart, obviously). He’s got his hands full with adjusting to that, along with trying to track down Zarkon and raise his little brother, Keith. 

At the presentation of baby Lance to royal peers and nobles, Allura and Shiro (who are close, probably romantically interested in each other but too preoccupied to pursue anything) decide that the best way to foster continued good relations between their kingdoms, and good feeling among their peoples in the troubled times stirred up by the whole Zarkon thing, is for the young princes of both realms to be the very best of friends.

Of course, Keith and Lance have a different idea completely and the rest of the story plays out in a mostly-familiar way, with a few interesting twists and turns along the road *waggles eyebrows*