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Just look at them…. Someday we’re gonna see this all the time. Harry just casually slinging his arm over Louis’ shoulder while they chat with their friends, or them wandering down the street, just like this. That day will be the end of me #rip

What to do when you’re stuck on a section of writing.
  • close the doc. dont open it for 48 hours. look with fresh eyes. repeat as needed.
  • open a blank doc, paste the first sentence of the passage giving you trouble, type quickly.
  • re-read the previous two (or three or four) chapters of your story. re-aquaint yourself with your overall prose/writing style, then immediately take another crack at your draft.
  • make a list of goals for your chapter. once you complete that list, stop writing
  • determined whether your trouble section is necessary, or if you can gloss over it.
  • vodka.

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the imagery from your tags about alec pushing someone down the stairs is amazing and now i need to see their difference in fighting styles immediately (but also all the ways they're similar too). i would kill so many people to have them fight shoulder to shoulder to analyze to pieces.

maia i know i would absolutely kill for that as well

i don’t know that i’ve actually talked about this before but i think watching alec fight physically is really interesting, we haven’t seen it a lot but when we do there definitely is this inelegance about it. don’t get me wrong i don’t think he’s a bad fighter, in fact i think he’s a very physically capable fighter but i think his fighting style when not using a bow is a lot more rough and ready because HE is a lot more rough and ready and i love this concept. he’s all about these pointed rough punches, getting his target on the ground and there’s definitely a skill to it but it’s much different to magnus’s style. he goes for punching people in the face, he grapples them, he overwhelms with force and speed

whereas with magnus there’s this pointed elegance to how he acts in battle, which i think is partly because we’ve mostly seen him fighting with magic but it’s also just part of who he is and i think if we see him fighting physically it’ll be the same. the way he moves in and out of battle has this fluidity and as you know as i’ve said before this composure. he shows people what he wants them to see which is calculated down to the smallest details. of course it comes unhinged in battle i’m sure, but because he’s so calculated (viewing the world as a chess board) and also because he’s so fucking attuned to things, i feel like even with knives or hand to hand combat or anything other than magic, he’s going to have this incredible elegance to his movements that just speak of so much control and preempting other people’s moves. not to mention he’s had so much time to learn and experience so many different kinds of fighting, i think he probably has taken the best parts of all of them and trained himself to this point of just being something else

their similarities though… damn

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A comiXologist recommends…


Ho Che Anderson’s King covers the expected territory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life. We see his journey from local pastor to his participation in sit-ins through the late 1950s and 60s up through his ascent as a leader of the Civil Rights movement in the fateful March on Washington. But what distinguishes Anderson’s take on Dr. King’s legacy is its refusal to rarefy its subject. This is a powerful attempt to show Dr. King in full. In his personal life, we see Dr. King struggle through a troubled marriage. We see his drinking and cavorting with other women. We see him doubtfully confront the weight of his accomplishments and his role in the movement for racial equality. Despite his eventual triumphs, this is a version of King that can never rest easy.

Anderson’s black and white style immediately sets the perfect tone for such a laborious tale. In the opening pages, we see a young Martin, etched in shadow, creeping through the back of a church towards his father. The scene calls to mind the harsh tonality of Lynd Ward’s woodcuts or the lightning of the German Expressionists. It’s uneasy, dreary. But it’s an opener that properly sets the stage for the story of struggle that’s to come in the next 200 plus pages.

Beyond the stylistics of this remarkable opening, Anderson uses a barrage of other techniques to make this story come to life. Particularly moving is his integration of newspaper prints from key moments in King’s life as well as the lives of his contemporaries like Rosa Parks. Anderson sets out with his eyes on the history of the Civil Rights movement and not just the narrative of Dr. King.

Another compelling quality of Anderson’s comic, perhaps the counterpoint of the expressive take on the key moments in the life of Dr. King and his contemporaries, is the focus on “The Witnesses”, a collective of anonymous, fourth-wall breaking respondents that punctuate the proceedings with their own commentary. We hear from the young acolytes who praise Dr. King and the doubtful who see him as a false prophet. It’s an equitable tapestry that honors the difficult climate of the times and the complexity of the journey Dr. King embarked on personally.

In the wake of a tiresome election that calls to mind the struggles of Dr. King’s journey, this is not a read to miss.

Taylor Morgan is a merchandiser at comiXology.

its qwhite interesting how fast yall will cancel a poc (esp black girls) when they fuck up but then immediately go back to stanning your white faves who have done the same/worst. 


Harry // 3 Colors: brown + green + pink // for bae-neymar

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Just wanted to tell you I love your sigils! I was drawn to your style immediately and I've been saving my favorites all night! Thank you for existing you beautiful soul. 💖

Ohh thank you so much, you really put a smile on my face!! ♡ Have a beautiful day.

So I’ve been thinking about trivial details from rtte and I was recently thinking about Snotlout Gets The Axe & why Stoick would require Hiccup to attend a union ceremony between two other families, and I have come up with two rather adorable theories: either a) Stoick has noticed how much of a leader Hiccup has become and has begun thinking he should start preparing him to become chief someday in the near future, and he figures that representing the chief’s tribe at a union ceremony is the perfect starting point (& besides, he knows Snotlout and Astrid are going too, so even more reason there) or b) in the event that Hiccup and Snotlout are actually cousins, and Spitelout and Stoick are brothers, Stoicknl figured that the Haddocks should be present at this family event. But he was talking with Astrids parents, who told him that they’re having Astrid go on the familys behalf, so Stoick figures it’d be a good idea to have Hiccup go as well, because that way Hiccup and Astrid would be watching a wedding together, which Stoick HOPES will get the two to start thinking about marriage (to each other, heuebueheuejf) bc god damn does he ship that shit.

I dunno, just a random thought.

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i have a friend i know irl who knows you irl and he linked me to your comic and i recognized your art style immediately and realized i was following your tumblr already and i thought that was super cool so yeah hi

yo! whos your friend!!!