The im|material logo is making its way around town! These shots were taken by Amanda Morris on the im|material staff.

Think you can find a better place for the im|material logo? Enter im|material’s photo contest! Just download a sheet of the small cutouts here and and a sheet of the large cutouts here, cut your logo out, and take a photo of it around school, work, or wherever! The im|material staff will choose the best one and the winner will receive their very own im|material T-shirt!

Printable Sheet of 4 Small Cutouts

Printable Sheet of 2 Large Cutouts

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im|material's Kickstarter

Hello everyone!! We have reached our goal of $1000 on our kickstarter!!!! so for all of you who have contributed we wanted to give you a giant thank you!!! and for those of you who had not yet had the chance to contribute, please feel free to contribute until our time runs out as every cent helps us to make the best product we can!!

ASA's Chicago Trip!

Want to go to Chicago? Well, here’s your chance! Herron’s Active Student Artists will be going this weekend on Saturday, November 19. It’s only $15 for IUPUI students and $20 for non-students, cash only. You can reserve your seat at the Student Services Office, located in room 126 of Eskenazi Hall. 

On Saturday, everyone will meet in front of Herron and depart at 7:00 a.m. and will arrive in Chicago around 10:30 a.m. at the Art Institute. Then you get to do whatever you want in Chicago until 7:00 p.m. when the bus will pick you up at the Art Institute. Finally, we will get back to Herron around 10:30 to 11:00 p.m.

The trip is this weekend, so be sure to get your tickets now! The Student Services Office is open from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. See you all this weekend!


The first Gallery opening and print sale was a big success! It was great to see the students and faculty of Herron supporting our galleries and groups. Let’s make the next print sale and Im|Material sale even bigger and better - there will be some great things available this year.

Keep an eye out for our open submission announcement… it’ll be coming soon! We know there’s a lot of fantastic work being created at Herron and we want to see it all come together.

im|material Interview: Jacqueline Pichardo

Current Herron painting senior Jacqueline Pichardo was the only student selected to participate in “Bodies of Waters,” a show that coincides with the upcoming appearance of John Waters for his lecture “This Filthy World” at the Madame Walker on November 12th. 
We sat down with the Jacqueline to ask her a little bit about the show.

Can you tell us a little bit about the piece you contributed to the show?
The show artists were asked to create a piece inspired by any one of John Waters’ movies, so I ended up picking Cecil B Demented because of its themes and imagery. John Waters goes into subjects much stronger and less glamorous than the direction of my personal work, but Cecil was a great fit because it showed us the birth of a femme fatale in an almost comedic way.

What was the general process of the piece you created? 
I had a lot of initial troubles creating my piece. I wanted to create something that was really disgusting, but I always have a natural tendency to try to beautify things. I took her and turned her into a serious femme fatale with a dark side. My piece is made of muddy pastels washed together with water, so they blend and start looking like some sort of smokey haze. The surreal quality it got out of that was my favorite part of the process. 

As the only student invited to participate, can you tell us a little bit about how you were chosen to do this show? 
That’s kind of a long story. The people at iMOCA have seen my previous work and know that I can be a pretty consistent and reliable painter. I also like to think that I’m pretty easy I work with, so when the time came they asked if I would be interested, and I said yes. As for them knowing about my work, it was really a matter of chance. I was around Fountain Square showing my art when one of them came across me and enjoyed what I did. I guess that means you just have to keep putting your art out there, even if it might not pay off initially. If your work is good and you’ve invested time into refining it, someone somewhere will appreciate that and maybe help you out.

“Bodies of Waters” will open November 4th at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square. 

Feel like you’ve got interesting work? Email us at to set up your own interview and have a chance at being featured on our blog. 


Hey everyone! hope you had an awesome first Friday, I know the im|material staff did! We enjoyed being able to talk to those interested in im|material and answering any questions you may have had at our booth set up outside the Couched Constructions show. Check out our photos to see how our table looked, how the show went, the print sale, and the ceramics show/sale!!!!