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I’ll send you all an ask with the details soon! (these may or may not be the final contestants, given that circumstances and scheduling may change according to person)

immarainbowninja101  asked:

Does that girl who said "bindis are cute on desis and whites" know that bindis have important religious and cultural meanings? You don't see people who aren't jewish males wear a kippah/yarmulke because it goes with the religion. None of these things are meant to be "cute". That girl needs to do some research because her ignorance isn't pretty.

immarainbowninja101  asked:

Can I just say I LOVE this blog? My mom's indian, my grandmother's from india and I respect their and my culture. I own one saree, that I only wear to family gatherings (not as fashion) and I don't wear a bindi, so I find it quite obnoxious when people who don't follow the culture wear them as a means to be fashionable and "cool". So thank you :)

immarainbowninja101  asked:

Ok I have a question. I was born in America. My mom and her mom are from India. They look like it, but my dad's black. I don't wear bindis but i'm half black and half indian. I don't usually wear sarees or anything and I know a bit of punjabi. I have like light brown skin. Would I get in trouble if I wear a bindi? Because I see a lot of people wearing them with many different skin tones and getting called appropriation. But then they respond that they are desi. What if they are mixed, (like me)

Hey, it’s totally cool for you to wear a bindi. You have desi blood, and you are widely exposed to our culture. Usually, they get called out because they label the bindi as ‘indie’ or ‘third-eye chakra’ and things that just make no sense. It’s really not the skin tone that matters, it’s the attitude with which the bindi is worn. Kudos for asking :)