Rockabilly Ain't Dead!

My mission……make it grow….

So between my last post and this one, there have been a few awesome moments that have happened in my life and I am becoming more and more excited for the fantastic future I have ahead of me.

Deciding to dedicate my life to Rods, cars and the Rockabilly life crept up slowly but has hit me hard the last few weeks. I am fully in love with all things Rockabilly and Pin Up. The lifestyle is so unique and sadly rather rare in South Africa. The majority of Rockabilly life in SA is in Cape Town and for those, such as myself, living in Gauteng we see it and experience it way too rarely for my liking.

My main new goal for my life is to spread the word of the Rockabilly Kulture is South Africa, mainly in Gauteng.

Most Rodders around are old geysers trying to prove a point or show off what they got. No issues there. But what about the youth? What about the youngsters out there dying for the much need Rockabilly Kulture and remain oblivious to this underground Kulture?

Well no more! Now is the time we stand up and show SA what the Pin Ups, Rockabillies and Rad Rockers out there can do and we can offer to one and all!!

I will be launching a website soon that offers all things Rockabilly and Pin Up. The Kulture needs to grow and so shall it.

Suggestions and responses welcome :)

So in the mean time I will be Rocking out my wardrobe and life one bandanna, polka dot and red lips at a time….and will be sharing all with you as I go through life as a Pin Up wannabe.

Stay tuned and keep Rodding ;)