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Prompt: the girls surprise Ali and Emily with a baby shower Aria's gift: redoing the nursery she destroyed

this is not my best so imma do another one later but I hope u like it still!! xxx

“Hanna, please I’m going to pass out” Ali complained, Hanna’s clammy hand plastered over her eyes so that all she could see was darkness.

“Shut up, Ali” Hanna teased as Ali’s grasp tightened on Emily’s hand who, at the fault of Spencer, was also blinded. “we’re almost there” Ali walked cautiously for a few more steps before Hanna abruptly stopped her in her path.

“Don’t crash into the door” Hanna mumbled “here” She moved her hand away, Spencer doing the same to Emily, and were both happily surprised to see themselves stood in their babies’ room. Aria stood in the centre, her ankles crossed and her hands clasped behind her back.

“Surprise” She said with a sheepish smile as Emily looked around the room in awe, her hands stroking the delicate lace curtains, two ivory vintage cribs that sat end to end, and the soft yellow walls. Ali frowned, her face stretched into a disbelieving grin as her feet tickled at the soft rug, her eyes sweeping across the rickety armchair that was piled with the fluffiest of teddy bears.

“It’s beautiful” She breathed, practically glowing.

“Aria, you really didn’t have-” Emily began as she walked back over to Ali and took her hand.

“Yes” Aria interrupted her “I did. I-I ruined the fir-” She tried to explain herself but Ali cut her off with a pointed look and a raise of her eyebrows.

“Aria, it’s forgotten” Ali said gently, taking her other hand and pulling her into a hug between the three of them, carefully trying to avoid Ali’s belly which was getting ready to pop any day. Emily pulled away first, unable to stay away from inspecting the room further, feeling Ali’s stare on her as she trailed around the room, her touch landing on a framed photo of her and Ali, taken as they stood at the ocean edge, when the 5 of them had flown out to spend a week in California. Emily’s heart sped up a little at the memory.

“I took that” Spencer said proudly when she noticed Emily staring at it “you two wouldn’t leave each alone all day” Emily gulped, blushing a little. Hanna shook her head disapprovingly.

“It had been 4 months since I had seen her” Emily defended herself, embarrassedly staring at anything but the four girls in front of her, distracting herself with peeking inside the babies’ wardrobe.

“It had been 10 since you had seen me” Hanna muttered, looking down at the floor. Emily rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry I fell in love with the wrong friend, Han” Emily said with a grin. Hanna looked back up at her and smiled, a twinkle in her eye at seeing her best friends so happy. Ali winked at her, pecking Emily on the cheek.

“I hate to break up the party, but our car is outside” Spencer interrupted them.  Ali turned to her, frowning.

“Our car?” She said. Hanna shrugged as Spencer smirked at her side “well, your car. You and Em get the Bentley but we’re off in Spence’s Hyundi” Ali gasped as she looked out the window and saw the silver car waiting for them.

“What is this for?” Emily said as she put the photo back down and walked over to where Ali stood, entwining their hands together once more.

“We thought it might be kind of fun and very fancy for you both to enjoy a little something to celebrate the new arrival” Spencer explained with a grin.

“Arrivals” Ali corrected her, and she sighed.

“Sorry. That’s still going to take a bit of getting used to” Ali nodded in understanding. “so, are you ready?”

“Uh-What exactly do we need to be ready for?” Emily said suspiciously. Hanna laughed.

Ali needs to be ready for a lot of presents, cake and non-alcoholic cocktails” She said with a twinkle in her eye. Emily smiled, conceding that this occasion was more for her girlfriend than it was for her, and kissed her lightly on top of her head.

“Do I have time to change?” Ali asked with a frown. Emily smirked.

“You don’t need to change” she assured her “you look beautiful” Ali smiled and the pair exchanged a kiss, their foreheads touching briefly before pulling apart.

“Oh god” Hanna said “Emily’s gonna cry. We should leave” She teased. Emily picked up one of the teddies on the chair and threw it at her, but she ducked just in time so it hit the back of the wall. Chuckling, she stood up again and led them out of the house.

“Remember, Em when you step out this car your mother will be waiting for you so don’t defile it too much” Spencer warned her with a shrug.

“Okay, gross” Hanna rebuffed Spencer’s comment as Emily blushed, Ali pulling her into the car, kissing her as she did so. Hanna sighed as Aria slid into the back seat of their ride, sighing. “they’re the cutest” She said warmly. For a second the three of them watched as their car drove off, all wrapped up in their own thoughts. Eventually, they pulled up outside the manor house, the sun shining perfectly in the sky, a lake in the background shimmering peacefully.

“This is beautiful, you guys” Emily said as she looked across the vast grounds that surrounded them. Aria smiled as she took out her camera.

“We needed somewhere fancy to get some updated photos” She said with a passionate grin, holding it up and snapping a shot of Em and Ali who stood with their arms wrapped around each other. The five of them walked up the drive, ready to meet Pam who stood by the grand door, her face beaming at the look of her daughter and daughter-in-law (future) strolling up, hand in hand, mere weeks away from becoming mothers.


Part 1 of that stuff @wickedhex-art-blog I said I’d tag you in. Imma do another one when I have time, from the mustard side of the bottle where UF sans is visible. Def not my best work but in my defense I was dealing with a “dllhost file haha can’t save XP” situation whilst being shitty at tech.

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