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The Byers’ house, shortly after Eleven closes the gate:

“Will, honey, let me make you a sandwich before you go to sleep, you’ve got to be starving.”

“Shit!” exclaimed Steve and Dustin. They had been walking down the steps of the Byers’ front porch to finally head home, but Ms. Byers’ words had them knocking into each other as they both rushed back into the house.

“Ms. Byers!” Steve yelled.

“Wait!” screamed Dustin.

They rounded the corner, entering the kitchen just as Joyce let out a loud, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

The lower half of the dead demodog was still in the fridge, but it’s torso and head lay on the floor, as well as slightly on Joyce’s shoes. Strange goo from the body started forming pools on the linoleum.

“Ms. Byers, we forgot to tell you…” said Dustin at the same time Steve said, “We’re so sorry, Ms. Byers.”

Joyce Byers had put up with a lot of shit in her life, but this might have been the most exasperated she’s ever looked.

“Just go back into the living room, we’ll clean this up,” said Dustin, gently leading her out of the kitchen. “I already talked to Hopper and he’s going to move it first thing in the morning.”

“The morning?” asked Joyce, looking ready to punch something.

“Hey, why don’t I go pick up KFC for everyone?” offered Steve.

“Yes! Great idea!” said Dustin.

Joyce stared at them for a few moments.

Finally she said, “okay, but make sure you get the mashed potatoes, I’m not eating fucking green beans after the night we’ve had.”

  • Me: ewww fanfiction is grossss it's so disrespectful to write about real people like that
  • Also me: yass👌💯 hit me up👆👀 with that gay shit™💩👏 I haven't slept😴😴💤 in 3️⃣ days pls🙏just validate💯 my ship⚓️⛴ fuck🖕😾 my responsibilities👀😒 I just need this angsty shit😈🗣👊 about my favs💕😫

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congrats Jade <3 for a prompt, how about bellarke + tinder au, im just gonna leave it at that whether clarke wants to help bellamy on tinder or vice versa or they meet on tinder etc etc im excite!!

When Wells comes over to Clarke’s house late in the night to pick up his forgotten house keys, he finds her with Bellamy sitting on the couch. Neither look up when he walks in, but he can see even from the doorstep that they’re both grinning very widely, which usually means they’ve had a good amount of alcohol.

Wells grabs his keys from the kitchen counter where he left them and comes closer behind them, seeing that Bellamy’s phone screen is pronouncing that It’s a Match! And Clarke is adding another tick mark to a pad of paper in front of them on the coffee table. She’s got her own phone out as well.

“What are you doing?” he asks, and they both whip their heads up.

Clarke shows him her screen. “We’re checking out people on Tinder.”

Wells glances between them. “But… you’re married.”

Bellamy sips his drink as Clarke explains, “It’s a contest. To see how many people will match with us.” She shoots her husband a devious smile. “May the hottest person win.”

“You are the hottest person,” Bellamy replies, “But I still won, because I got to marry you.”

Clarke’s bites her lip and Wells decides the look in her eye is not a good sign. “You always know exactly what line to say,” she murmurs.

“It’s not a line.”

Clarke turns to Wells. “Isn’t it a line?”

“Uh,” Wells says, stricken from being asked. But apparently it was a rhetorical question because Clarke immediately turns away and kisses her husband on the cheek. He seems to look shy for a moment, but he also subtly pulls Clarke closer, and Wells feels increasingly that he’s intruding on something too intimate to watch.

He starts to back out the door and is almost out before Clarke pulls her head up in surprise. “Hey, where are you going?”

“Home,” Wells says drily. “So I can keep my innocence.”

Clarke snorts but slides away from Bellamy. “It’s almost an hour back to your place. You came all this way back, you can stay the night if you like.”

“We’ll set up the guest room for you,” Bellamy adds, easy. Wells looks between them. He can see that the offer is genuine from their faces. But he also knows that they don’t see each other a lot during the week, and these weekend nights together are treasured by them. And yet, if it comes to a choice between themselves and someone else they both care for, they will choose that someone else every time.

“I’ll go home,” Wells says.

“You sure?” Bellamy looks concerned. “If you’re tired, you should stay.”

“I’m not tired,” Wells lies. “Good night.”

“Night, Wells,” Clarke says. Bellamy nods at him. Wells turns and walks back to the door, and by the time he gets to the doorway and looks back, they’re leaned back into each other, murmuring and laughing quietly and clearly absorbed in their own world.

With a smile to himself, he closes the door silently behind him.

5(+) sentence fics celebration

Day 4: Promises

“You’ll come back and visit, right?”

Sidon looked positively despondent these past few months. He had been wrecked with stress and worry from the second Calamity fell. Of course it was one of the greatest reliefs– his sister, as well as all of the other champions could finally rest in peace, and the now Queen Zelda no longer had to fight one on one with the abomination.

But then days turned to weeks turned to months and there had been no sign of Link in the domain or anywhere for that matter.

The rumor mill churned sickeningly, and conjured tar dark images of the Hero bleeding to death in front of Hyrule Castle’s ruins after his victory. Horrid images of Link caving under the severity of his injuries bread with the overwhelming doubt in Sidon’s mind until it nearly crushed him under its overbearing weight.

But his worrying turned out to be all for naught when Link came striding into the domain with a smile warmer than the sun on his face. He looked tired beyond belief, but otherwise no worse for ware. His bright blue eyes were pulled heavy with deep set bags and his hair was pulled high on his head in a messy ponytail. The relief was evident when he slid of his horse and walked the short distance into Sidon’s arms. He realized then that Link’s disposition was caused by Zelda’s completely uncalloused get-up-and-go attitude. She introduced herself quaintly to Sidon, and gave Link a quirky kind of smile as she inspected the both of them. He turned red under her gaze but said nothing in response.

After that, she had dismissed herself to a council with the King. It had been a bit of a haphazard job after that. Zelda and Dorephan were quite nearly in constant company with Muzu, and Sidon had been briefed every now and then. Link apparently had a list longer than Inogo Bridge of tasks he had to accomplish for the Queen, which had him rising early and retiring far later than should be considered healthy. It wasn’t Sidon’s place to question Zelda’s judgement, however he had been itching for even a moment of her Knight’s time since they had arrived.

He got his wish, however, about an hour before they were scheduled to leave for Death Mountain to reestablish the relationship between the Hylians and the Gorons. Sidon and Link had been sitting on the shores of the reservoir together in a stale silence. Link had mumbled an apology- something about missed opportunities, but frankly Sidon was glad that they even got this.

That’s when he said it, “You’ll come back and visit, right?” And it sounded disappointed and broken on his own ears.

Link’s smile turned sad as he apologized once again.

“I didn’t mean to make it seem like you were obligated to spend time with me,” Sidon forced out almost immediately. “I was just looking forward to hearing about your battle and your plan from here.”

“No, I get it,” Link signed. “I didn’t mean to take so long with the shit Zelda made me do, and I was really looking forward to seeing you once this was all over.”

Sidon grinned at him as he slid into the water of the lake.

“I promise to head straight here the second Zelda gives me the okay.”

“And I promise to make you as happy as I can once you are able to finally settle down,” Sidon purred.

Link absentmindedly ran a hand across the intricate silver band that wrapped his throat and craddled Sidon’s sapphire.

“Doesn’t this already promised that?” Link laughed. “I love you,” he signed.

“And I you, my beloved, Link.”


Pairing: Changkyun x You

Genre: Fluff

Length: 480 words

Summary: Your love is a garden, and Changkyun is more than willing to help it grow

a/n: One of my favorite songs on SZA’s new album Ctrl is Garden (Say It Like That). It reminds me of what my grandmother used to always tell me: “I may not always like you, but I will always love you.”

You and Changkyun collided like two cars in a slow crash. Time inched its way around you both as you held one another to keep from falling. Intoxicated was the only word to describe you two. Changkyun likes to say that he was drunk in love the moment you spilled your Jack Daniels on his new sweater and tried to wipe it up with your own. But love is not just drunken accidents, but a living entity, and like all living things it needs time, patience, and nurturing in order to grow.

There were many more drunken nights after that one, but none were forced through bad Christmas parties. Instead, they were spent on your shared couch with cartons of finished take out and bellies so full that you both agreed not to touch each other for an hour. Even without the touches, you felt Changkyun’s warmth fill the room when he laughed and bare his dimples – little craters in his cheeks you wished to fall into. Eventually, he’d feel your gaze and smile wickedly.

“The hour is up and I’m still hungry.”

Changkyun lay in bed with your hand wrapped in his. Your silence fooled him into thinking you were asleep, but the faraway gaze in those big eyes proved him wrong. He could feel your mind drifting further and further away from your shared spot in the bed. He pulled you into his arms without another moment’s hesitation, cooing as he peppered kisses on every available expanse of skin.

“Talk to me, baby girl.”

Your mind is no longer in the moment, but in a nightmare your anxiety conjured up on its own. You’re in a car, hurtling toward Changkyun. Seconds before the collision, time slows to a snail’s pace long enough for you to see the confusion and fear in his eyes. Tears salt your tongue, and Changkyun let’s you bare your soul to him without an utterance of a word.

“What if we fall out of love like my mom and dad did?”

Changkyun reassures you with gentle strokes over your skin. “You don’t have to worry about that,” he finally answers. “I’ve finished falling. Now, I’m just hopelessly stuck.”

The fluttering butterflies that used to swarm his sternum died away. They were replaced with crawling caterpillars waiting to transform into their best selves once more. Changkyun sees your shared love as a garden: it doesn’t grow every season, many times it dies away, but that means accommodation is required, not abandonment. He speaks this revelation to you with kind gestures, soft caresses, and loving words.

“I won’t always like you, and you won’t always like me. But I make the choice to love you every day,” he whispers against your hair, “And it is a decision that I will always back up.”

Tododekuweek 2017 - Day 4

loyalty | Quote

“I tried my hardest. I don’t know what else to do.” - The Darjeeling Limited (2007), Dir. Wes Anderson

Izuku didn’t know what else to do. There was nothing he could do anymore.
Only pain and regret were left. If he had been only a little faster. Would have been a little more alert, the child wouldn’t have been bruised. But he was dismissed for this day. Other heroes and heroines would take on the rest, as well as the nurses and doctors did everything they were able to keep that child alive.

He thought it was his and his fault only that the kid might not make it.

And somehow he knew it wasn’t but he couldn’t really help but thinking it was his fault. An outright gray day ending with a downpour in the late afternoon. Matching his mood. A distant roll of thunder made his way into town.

Fortunately he was almost home. He stopped for half an hour to shower at home at his mom’s to at least wash off the blood that wasn’t his, at any rate most of it. He knew Shouto would only worry again, so he avoided coming home right after work.

Today was Shouto’s day off, they promised to each other to go out this night but with this inclement weather it seemed like the both of them would prefer to spend their time at home cozy in a pile of coverlets and cushions cuddling instead of leaving into this freezing night in the midst of autumn.

When he arrived with the bus it was almost dark outside. Since he hadn’t got the chance to look on his phone once in a while he took a glance now.

4 missed calls, 3 text messages.

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Pizza Man

Prompt: AU. In which Dean is literally the most gorgeous pizza man that Cas just happened to come across.

Word Count: As long enough as 15 minute kiddie train ride.

A/N: In celebration of me finishing Supernatural, I created this. Hopefully, y’all like it. Lol. It ain’t raunchy, but I want to create second part…which will be raunchy as hell.

He couldn’t help but crave for it in silent disgust.

Extra meaty…


Extra packed….

“Oh yes! Right there, daddy yes!


And oh so hot and ready.


The sound of a deep growl from the computer caused for Castiel to sigh, as he reaches over the couch for the remote. He pauses the video with a single click, forced to focus on the dude midway into stroking himself to completion. The pizza box that the dude used to cover his dick was discarded somewhere on the floor along with his clothes. Castiel wasn’t sure how exactly a pornographic video titled, “Watch Chuck Bass Get Smashed By A Meaty Package,” started for him to crave pizza. But if he had to pinpoint at a specific time, it probably would have been the pizza box from Pee Ness’ Pizza Shop.

Originally, Castiel planned to have a nice date night in with his right hand, by watching his favorite porno on the computer. But all those plans altered once he placed a phone call for Pizza Hut….with a raging hard on. Matter of fact, he was sure that if  he stared at the computer screen even longer he would have a severe case of blue balls.

But that didn’t stop from getting up to open the door when it rang two times, desperately wanting his attention. When it rang the third time, Castiel started to huff in exasperation. At this point he was sure the pizza deliverer was an immature –

“Hey, here’s your order?”

– bastard.

Castiel felt his throat dry as he stared at the specimen if front of him. Swinging the door open revealed a man who was quite tall and dressed in dark jeans and a shirt from his company. Aside from height, the pizza man was evidently touched my angels for him to be graced with such features. Slight scruff blankets around his mouth and chin, complimenting his high cheekbones and seemingly soft, pink lips. His eyes were a bright green and framed with long, dark eyelashes. While he couldn’t see his head, Castiel could tell that the pizza man had hair the shade of chestnut, messily hidden underneath his Pizza Hut hat.

Castiel must have been staring too hard, because the pizza man’s eyes started to smirk as he chewed the gum in his mouth aggressively.

“You done staring?” the guy says, holding the box of pizza in his hand. “Or do you want your pizza?”

“Erm, uh, yeah…let me just –”

Castiel takes the pizza from his hand, feeling warm. He typically didn’t embarrass himself in front od dudes he liked, but this guy might be an exception. He placed the warm box of cheese pizza on his dining table as he reaches into his pocket to pull out $10 to pay the man at his doorstep. Patiently waiting by using his phone, the pizza guy looked up when Castiel appeared again with the money in hand.

“Thanks,” the pizza guy says, taking the money. “Hope you enjoy the pizza by the way.”

“Uh, yeah, I will. Thanks.”

Pizza guy smiles. “Dean.”

Castiel scrunches his eyebrows. “Huh?”

“My name. It’s Dean.”

Castiel was sure that just Dean saying his own name made him even more gorgeous, causing his heart to beat faster. Then there was his lips. They were looking kissable as time ticked by, leaving for him to fantasize how they would taste.

So far, he had candy apples and gum on the list.

“And what’s you name?” Dean asks.

“Kiss m– I mean Castiel.”

Dean blinks and then laughs, allowing for Castiel’s cheeks to be fully burning of embarrassment. He wasn’t expecting for that to slip out of his mouth, but he was thinking so hard about kissing Dean, he couldn’t stop himself. Feeling lousy, he watches Dean pull out a slip of paper and pen from his pocket. Using the two, he writes down something on the paper and gives it Castiel. On the paper, Dean’s phone number shines in dark ink, teasing for Castiel to use it.  He looks at Dean,  a smile forming on his face.

“As much as I would like to explore what I can do to you, I got work,” Dean says, lifting a hand to graze against Castiel’s cheek. “So call me and I promise you’ll have more than this kiss.”

Before he could comprehend what he was saying, Dean roughly grabs the back of his head and pulls him into a searing kiss, one that had Castiel’s mind reeling. Dean’s hands trails downwards, causing Castiel’s skin to explode with shocks. As Dean bit and sucked on his bottom lip, he ends the kiss with a chaste one and pulls away smiling, evidently proud of his work.

Castiel could feel his lips are swollen, but did nothing about it as dazed as he was. Dean turns away before throwing a flirtatious wink at him.

“If you want more, you know who to call.”

Once Dean drives off, Castiel enters his house uncomfortable as the tightening in his pants became painful. He looks at his computer, which was still set at that porno, and then at his right hand before groaning.

“I better eat that pizza first before I get started.”

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When you get an idea for a fanfic that is so devastatingly angsty and you know it's going to completely wreck your fellow shippers' emotions

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khaleesimaka  asked:

prompt: Soul is wearing a cock ring, preventing him from cumming and Maka's grinding hiiiiiim

I really fucking hate you right now <3

why. just why. i know that i was the one that suggested the thing in first place but WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME ACTUALLY WRITE THIS YOU SADIST

Warning for NSFW, some light BDSM - oh, and expect cock rings (no shit). Be warned that seeing as I have neither a dick or a cock ring myself it might be kind of inaccurate.

Enjoy your shameless smut.

Note: now edited because tumblr is a dick and copied the thing like 10 times. Thanks you for pointing it out RDH!

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Faster Than a Telephone Booth

We need some not-angst, rated G

Characters: Cisco Ramon; Barry Allen; Caitlin Snow; HR Wells mention

Word Count: 1943

Summary: Cisco’s been worrying about his suit, but he thinks he has a solution. Work with it - pocket dimensions

When Barry had left the cortex the previous night, he’d left Cisco to puzzle away at his problem by himself. Barry had tried to help and throw out ideas, but eventually Cisco told him that Barry’s efforts were just encouraging HR to try and do the same and frankly if HR didn’t shut up about spandex Cisco was going to “blow a gasket so high the roof would finally break off the godforsaken building”. Cisco agreed after HR went to bed that calling the building “godforsaken” might have been after bit harsh, but at least he wasn’t throwing anything at HR. Yet.

If someone asked Barry a year ago which member of the team would miss Harry the most after he finally shooed off back to his own universe, the last person he would have said was Cisco. Life was funny that way.

Life also felt a bit funny when Barry left only to come back twelve hours and a good night’s rest and a new cup of coffee to-go later to something similar to what he had left but also completely different. Cisco was standing in the cortex, wearing the same pants he’d been wearing the day before. The t-shirt was different, but Cisco kept a rotating stash of t-shirts at just about every one of his major locations. This meant that if you really wanted to judge if Cisco had gone home, you checked his pants, his shoes, and/or his over-shirt. Cisco’s over-shirt was missing (in the middle of winter???) but he had DEFINITELY been wearing the same pants the day before. The purple ones were a little hard to miss.

He was also standing in his socks.

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Come to My ship

What is this? I have no clue. It’s a Pirate AU that I wrote a while ago and never posted because I didn’t like how it came. yet, here I am, posting it. I just felt like posting before I post my other 4k AU.

Rated: T

Pairing: NaLu

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 2185

Lucy couldn’t deny it, even if she wished, that her father’s soldiers were persistent if anything. She had already lost track of how long she’d been running by now, but her pursuers seemed to have set their minds to capturing her; it had surely been more than hours since she’d left the town and entered this forest, but the men were still on her tail.

That, however, did not mean she would give herself up—far from that. She would keep running and fighting until the very last breath in her lungs was exhausted. She would not desist after going so far—not after she’d finally escaped the wretched mansion of her father.

The place that had once been a paradise of merry times now jailing her as a prison. The windows and doors no longer a gateways to the adventurous world, the servants no longer friendly and kind, and, the worst of all, her mother no longer alive.

Shaking her head to rid it of sorrowful thoughts, Lucy gasped as she saw light ahead and beyond brambles and trees. The sun might shine brightly in the sky and easily peer past the canopies of leaves above her, but she could easily recognize civilization from afar.

She knew it was a port or a town near the sea; Hargeon if she was correct, and the sound of sails and bells proved her right. The smell salt and water soon hitting her nostrils and urging her to sigh in contentment.

Not yet, she told herself. She couldn’t let herself be appeased yet; her father’s scumbags still chased after her. She would have to do better if she wished to lose them.

With a groan, she sped up her pace, golden hair and navy blue skirt whipping about her as she ran. Her clothing and hair were not corresponding to one of a lady such as her, aiding her in concealing her identity whenever she might reach the town.

Most citizens would dream of being royalty or having noble blood pulsing in their veins, but Lucy wished nothing more than to have been born in a lower class—in an adventurous class. Not the boring and constricting class she had been birthed into.

The sounds of voices and bustling of people then became hearable, and Lucy knew she had reached the town. She swiftly ducked behind a few barrels she saw and patiently waited for the soldiers to run past her.

Once they did, she let out a breath of relief, her gaze traveling to the skies as she finally breathed the smell of the seven oceans. A serene smile overtook her face; Her mother had always told her the tales of those courageous enough to set out into the unknown lands littering the globe as they traversed the sea.

Lucy wished to be one of those. As her auburn orbs were locked into the endless, suave velvets of the skies, she reminisced; she remembered herself as a child, gazing out the window and imagining herself sailing among clouds and stars alike.

And now, she could finally do it - Take a ship and vanish from this forsaken land her father lived upon.

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Bonding Exercises: Chapter 1

Read it on and Archive of our Own

Fandom: DBZ

Characters: Future Trunks, Vegeta

Summary:  He has to spend a year alone with his father in the hyperbolic time chamber. It was difficult to spend that amount of time with a man who seemed not to care about him at all. Though there were always those small moments that gave him the faintest shred of hope that that assumption was- at least in some way- false.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you are currently taking prompts because i just discovered your blog but if you are could you write a fic about how Oliver and Felicity sleep?(together obviously)

I got carried away with this one… 

I wrote this as a thank you for reaching 900 followers a few days ago - because thank you!

While You Sleep (You’ve Gotten Into My Bloodstream), One-Shot

(Part of my You’ve Gotten Into My Bloodstream ficlet collection)

You can also read at: AO3 |

For a man who spent the majority of his energy concentrated on keeping people out, the minute he surrendered to sleep - and she meantsurrendered, as in he didn’t jump awake at the slightest sound, he didn’t thrash with nightmares, he didn’t do anything but rest - it was a completely different story.

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FanFiction Addiction

Title: FanFiction Addiction

Characters/Pairings: Sam x Reader

Summary: It all started with him having nothing to do, he read one story and now he was here, sitting in front of his laptop reading all of them, down to the last word. Now, Sam wasn’t one to believe in destiny, nor coincidences but he couldn’t help but think as if it was all part of a plan, there was no way she just so happened to be living mere miles away from the bunker.

Word Count: 1000 give or take a couple words

Warnings: Nada

A/N: Thank you to @desiringspnimagines for betaing this for me and @spnfanficpond for allowing me to find a beta so quickly, the pond definitely has it’s perks I got a beta within two minutes of when the request was posted, to newbies like me you should definitely join

**Additional notes: Y/N= Your Name, Y/H/C= Your Hair Color, Y/E/C= Your Eye Color**

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