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warning; long post ahead.

I feel like this is something that people don’t talk about often and it’s a topic that people avoid because they might not have the same believes as you.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about “Respecting your idols girlfriend’s if they ever have one” & i know that this is supposed to be a positive massage. I really do, but all i can see is people choosing the label “Girlfriend” if they’re talking about a male idol & “Boyfriend” if they’re referring to a female idol. Now i know some of ya’ll might think it’s childish & “oh look it’s another lgbtq+ person bitching about heterosexuality” but it’s fucking not. IT’S NOT BECAUSE THIS MIGHT COME OFF REALLY TRIGGERING TO SOME PEOPLE, perhaps even the idols themselves. Because yes, even though you don’t wanna acknowledge it, idols might be one of those lgtq+ people who their opinion doesn’t matter because they’re “different”.

Now as ya’ll know in Korea homosexuality isn’t exactly approved of, people of the lgbtq+ community suffer a lot because of the shit they have to go through throughout their lives. One of my friends said that & i quote “ they prob put it that way bc Korea isn’t really open abt the lgbtq+ community so for them to be in that community is prob rare and i don’t think they meant to narrow it down like that like S. Korea isnt really open minded about a lot of stuff from what i heard so i guess just to be safe :[” & i get what she’s trying to say but really, ya’ll need to understand that this is not S.Korea. This is tumblr, & as far as i know this is the place that we can say whatever the fuck we want and open up about shit we cant talk about irl because we don’t wanna feel discriminated or dehumanized because of. Idfc if South Korea isn’t open minded about homosexuality. Again THIS IS NOT KOREA THIS IS TUMBLR. You wanna put out a positive massage? make sure that it wont hurt, trigger or make anyone feel dehumanized because they’re not accepted for what they are. I want idol to see those posts and be sure that we fully support them EXACTLY for what they are. not the fucking masks they hide under to run away from people’s judgments. Don’t label shit nor sugarcoat it just  because it doesn’t apply to a country’s beliefs or their level of “open mindness” because that’s just fucking bullshit. as a Muslim, I’ve always been an outcast for being slightly different than what my community calls normal. being a part of the lgbtq+ community WHILE being a Muslim isn’t exactly theeasiestthing in the world. but does being rejected and discriminated by MY OWN PEOPLE make me not talk about who i am because just because they don’t accept me? FUCK NO. SO WHY IS IS THAT? I GO THROUGH SO MUCH SHIT ON DAILY BASES BECAUSE OF MY DAMN SEXUALITY YET HERE I AM. that’s because i have friends who make me feel safe, make me feel like i should be my self NO MATTER what my religion or gender is. So now does a community’s &/or society’s “thoughts” about me affect me? again, FUCK NO. Because i have people who LOVE & SUPPORT me for what i am, if i didn’t have those people this would’ve been a completely different story with a really depressing ending.

if they’re not gonna be accepted by their own people, they should at least feel accepted by other people who understand them. so before making posts that you think have a “positive massage”, make sure they won’t offense, trigger or dehumanize idols or other people. DO NOT, label your artist, no name calling. Don’t fucking label idols who rap as “idol rappers”. Don’t label them for their skin color, ethnicity, RELIGION & DON’T FUCKING MISGENDER THEM. If you’re not sure what their gender/pronouns are, use THEY/THEM. Don’t call FEMALE idols “oppa or hyung” because they’re not your society’s standard of a “normal female”. Don’t call MALE idols “noona or unniebecause they’re not under your society’s standard of how a male should be. & don’t fucking put them in society’s idiotic perfect standard, IDOLS ARE NOT PLASTIC, THEY’RE NOT DOLLS NOR ANDROIDS THEY’RE HUMANS. They can’t be “perfect” nor “plastic” & you can’t always expect them to be right because ALL OF US slip and fall sometimes. but we get back up and try fixing what we broke whilst falling down. Idols, no matter what gender they are. DON’T have to be what the society labels as “normal” for us to love them, if you gonna love & support an idol you should do it the right fucking way. don’t try to transform them into your imaginary “image” of perfection. don’t force society’s standards such as heteronormativity and gender roles upon them. love them unconditionally no matter what they identify as (female, male, non-binary), how they look/talk/walk & no matter how many times they slip and fucking shatter your little image of perfection. after all they’re made out of flesh and blood like all of us. that’s all i wanted to say.  


you don’t own idols!!! they should not feel obligated to tell you whether they are or they’re not, in a relationship, whether it’s with a guy, girl or other. THEY DON’T HAVE TO APOLOGIES TO YOU, THEIR FAN. BECAUSE OF THEIR LOVE STATUS. You were never & might never be in a relationship with any of them. Stop being possessive over stuff you don’t own ESPECIALLY IF THEY‘RE HUMANS. they ain’t your “slaves, they’re doing what they do to entertain and earn a living out of it. they don’t owe you anything else so you definitely don’t own them nor their bodies.

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