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yesniall’s favourite blogs of 2012

to all these people, thank you so much. no matter if you’re my friend or not, you make my dashboard a better place. i cannot describe how much each of you mean to me. also, special thanks to claire, nat, and katelyn for being my bestest friends ever. i love you guys more than life. :D

a-c; blondebraces, bradwhore, bringingwordstolife, codeliam, coloringthesuns

d-g; d1rection, dannyhoran, directionn, drunkhoran, edsheerun, faggotstyles, fightforyous, fragmentedsummer, frostbabe

h-m; halfstyles, holyhazza, horanking, horanschapels, irishchickenfillets, jewniall, keaterstromberg, lordniall, maliksquiff, 
mcgayness, merrymullingar, millenniam, ministryofmalik, muliks

n; niallar, niallcandy, nialliam, niallisprettynialljustgotwet, niallsfavoriteurl, niallsgotmehigh, niallshappytrail, niallsobs, 
niallsrichards, niallswanker, nnarry

o-t; omgzarry, onedirectionbromancin, presidenthoran, reachinglights, sexlinson, stylesness, supportingstyles, tanskins, 
tastyniall, tomlinsarse, tteenidles

v-z; verystyles, wolvcasters, yeshoran, zabinie, zarryforlife

#; 69withhoran