imma punch this guy

Genos’s actor:*laughs* Oh my god stop doing that! *covers eyes with hand*
Saitama’s actor:*grins at audience* And you guys thought this guy never loses his cool?”

Another interview with One Punch Man main casts


kojinshi  asked:

Ever tried drawing women? I have this problem where I can draw a mans body on fleek 👌 but I can't even woman. Even though I am one myself. I'm wondering if you have a similar situation.

Yeah, of course lmao but I usually just like painting them. I’m not that good in drawing girls either but I still sketch them every now and then. I enjoy drawing guys more though. Of course because I like guys lmao. I think they’re pretty much the same but girls have more of a soft and smooth figure. They also have wider hips, slimmer waists, and shoulders. While guys look more sharp and bulky lol idk

this is all i know aaa im not even good at anatomy why are you even asking me