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Theory: Why Marco Can Use the Wand

Alright, so a bunch of people have been making all of these complex theories with a lot of different things pointing to them, suggesting that well Marco could be in some way related to mewmans or that mewmans are in fact just humans around magic, and that anybody could use the wand. Both of those theories just need too much evidence to prove for it to seem concrete. I made a much simpler, straightforward, and believable theory. You’ve all probably speculated about it at one point, but I decided to put it into a post with all of the evidence we need.

Alright imma just start talking.

All the way back to the first episode, we are told constantly that Earth doesn’t have magic. Given our understanding of Earth, we can confirm this. Earth is just boring, no magic and we just have to do everything ourselves.

Only magical beings can use the wand, and well humans just aren’t magical.

Alright, now we know everybody knows humans don’t have magic. Explains this:

Back in ‘Cheer Up Star’ When he tied the wand to a fishing pole in order to lure in monsters?

He picked the the wand, tried it up, and used it as a lure for monsters.

Alright, some some of you who don’t get it yet, how was he able to pick it up then and not now?

That episode was before the Blood Moon Ball.

Marco couldn’t use the want for himself unless his soul was bonded to a magical being.

It’s as simple as that.


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an appreciation post for the Best Albums of All Time released in 2005

This post is cancelled i thought black parade and devil and god ALSO came out the same year and that would have been like really crazy if like all of my top albums above came out the same year as those anyway lemme try this again here’s an appreciation for all the really good albums i THOUGHT came out in 2005 but I was a year off

uuuuuh avatar the last airbender aired in 2005

thats all i got this post is a trainwreck


@draw-me-an-eclipse said something about glasses so why not have some silly doodles while I go nurse a coughed out lung

Feathers Fantasy XV

Today we have a peep Ardyn joining ze party. Yes, he’s an owl and he sure is amused by Noct and Promp angrily tweeting at him. Gladdy and Iggy not sure if they should interfered or not, lol.

(Peep Ardyn undercut)

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/epic shreakings into the horizon
Look at what came in the mail today!!! YASSSSSS YASSSS YASSSSSS after months of waiting… 😭✨✨✨👌👌👌
Can’t believe I finally laid my hands on this baby! It’s so fucking BEAUTIFULLLL!! IMMA CRAI
Guess I’ve gotten myself a new bedtime book to immerse myself in.
Ya all contributors and organisers did an awesome job!

Undercut!Kise with Midorima’s lucky items commission for Steven!

I’m pretty sure that’s not how lucky items work, Kise-kun. ^^; This was extremely fun to draw! Might not have been the frog you wanted or is it…?