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“Coffee and Brooklyn” Part 2

Summary: Bucky and Y/N’s friendship is slowly graduating from hot dogs and Cokes, to dimly lit restaurant dinners and cuddle sessions at her brownstone. One thing caused concern for Y/N, she hasn’t met the team. It was time to have a lengthy conversation with her beau about this. She didn’t want to feel he was ashamed to introduce her to everyone because of the color of her skin.

 Words: 1,626

 Warnings: Swearing & Racial Conversations

 Pairing: Bucky x Black Reader

 A/N: I’m overwhelmed and grateful for the kind and encouraging feedback. Thank you for reading the story. I had so much fun writing both parts. I don’t wanna push the envelope and do another part, but I’d love to delve deeper into their relationship. Sprinkle it with a little angst.  Anywho, love y’all and thanks again for reading.

A special “thank you” to @omalleysgirl22 and @vvintersouldier, my remarkable betas.


 At the worst possible moment, Mother Nature decided to throw a temper tantrum. Blinding rain, vivid lightning, and roaring thunder. Y/N and Bucky wanted to check out “Dinner and a Movie.,” a new theater offering delicious delicacies; hot wings, sub sandwiches and ice cold beer, all while enjoying a movie in reclining chairs. But much to their dismay, the weather didn’t cooperate.

 Instead, Y/N opted for homemade Jamaican cuisine for Bucky. He absolutely loved her cooking. She introduced his palette to Southern, Indian and Jamaican fare. And the cherry on top, her cakes and pies rivaled those created by world class bakers. Bucky almost ate a whole chocolate cake! Of course, he’d have to train harder to work off the calories!

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Away the Weekend

Yo Fellows!

Just a little warning that I’ll be gone for the weekend!

My family and I are going to go stay in a caravan in a summer holiday park a few towns away and won’t be back until Monday morning (UK time-zone).

I won’t have any WIFI whilst I’m away so no Discord, Tumblr or YouTube (which is gonna suck) but Imma use this time to recover and relax from some… sucky stuff that happened lately and try to draw more.

However, feel free to send any asks to any of my blogs whilst I’m away or whatever! I just won’t be able to reply until I get back!
@scarredlove (this blog)
@scarredhate (sonic blog)
@shipkids (UT kid blog)

This should hopefully help me a big deal with relaxing and getting myself back in check and even if it’s only for 3 days, Imma miss ya guys!

WELP! Gotta pack the rest of mah stuff tomorrow before we leave later that day!
Scar, out~


Cutting a pepper for the first time. I’m so excited.