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17 MAY 1991 -  happy birthday Misha Ge! (x)

we’ve seen yoongi cry the first time when he announced about wanting to be with armys for 10+ years. then we see him cry the second time when he found the seats of where his parents sat, whereas he bowed, and stayed down for so long to cry. and today, we see him cry again because hard work with his brothers paid off well. 

yoongi may appear stone cold or expressionless at times, but he’s such a dorky goofy turtle ball of life. people tend to forget he’s the down low sunshine of bangtan that we tend to pick him on about quickly whenever he’s being cute with them. he takes such great care of each member without trying to look like it, and flusters in low-key mode whenever he is praised for it.

and to be frank, i’ve never seen him glow so much than he has after his perfectionist self released his hard working mixtape, and received his fluffy wonderful love, min holly. it’s as though he has found love and is falling deeply with it. 

from today onwards, i cant wait to hear more from Genius Min. 

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Blossoming Flowers on your Skin | Chanyeol

[Chanyeol Drabble - Part II]

Genre: Fluff

Description: In which a shy Chanyeol decides to take a risk.

Word Count: 1,297

Author’s note: So here it is, the second part of our shy!chanyeol’s drabble. Let me be honest, it took me long before I decided to go with Chanyeol for this drabble and concept overall (shy shy shy). Anyway~ I hope you like it!

You smiled in remembrance. Ever since that day the two of you had been together. You could still feel his lips by your ear, talking ever so sweetly about the “butterflies” and how he’d only ever written about them in songs but now had the chance to feel.

His lips. You felt the uninvited heat rise on your cheeks and you smiled, unconsciously bringing your hand to your neck.

You could remember Eun-bi asking how far you’d gotten with Chanyeol in the past months of your relationship and Yerim reprimanding her for asking such questions.

“It’s alright, Yerim,” you would chuckle, knowing that she, too, wanted to know how the two of you were currently doing.

Then, your smile would fade for the slightest second.

How far had you taken it with Chanyeol? Well. Certainly, it’d never had gone pass a heated kiss. Even those weren’t very common. Chanyeol was undoubtedly shy, and a gentleman. Though you often wondered if his lack of skinship for you attributed much to his manners.

Sometimes, though rarely, you felt as if he never really wanted you. Then again, it was always proven wrong and you wondered if, rather than not loving you enough, he loved you too much. The thought would make your heart flutter, of course. But then you would laugh, imagining what would happen if Chanyeol ever did try taking it a step further.

Your friends had indeed called him a ray of sunshine but that in no way made up for his slight awkwardness and clumsiness. Not to mention his size really made things a bit harder for him. When he hugged you, if you looked from behind, it seemed as if you’d completely disappeared under his arms and tall figure. And let’s not talk about whenever he let you nest inside his oversized coat, although those had to be one of the most pleasurable moments you’d ever had. It really was warm and cozy in there.

So, at the end, censure-worthy skinship or not, he always made up for it just in the way he was.

Him doodling in the back of your hand with his finger, perhaps writing the lyrics to a new song in it, only to later lay a soft kiss over it. Feather-like kisses on your forehead, cheeks, neck or shoulders if he was feeling risky. Hugging you with such care and delicacy as if he were afraid to break you yet they were long lasting as if he were afraid to let go. And the sweetest of kisses on your lips as his hand tugged your hair loose from behind your ear only to put it back in place once again.

That’s just what Chanyeol was and you loved it.

So, when he proposed something that wasn’t very much like him, you were surprised to say the least.

“Butterfly, may I hold you tight?” Chanyeol whispered. You both lay on your sofa. You leaned on his shoulder while reading a book and he watched attentively for your reply.

“Sure,” you said, not finding it very different from his usual demeanor.

You looked up at him with a smile and noticed his lips already displaying one of their own. Your breath caught slightly as you realized his proximity, you thought you’d never get used to having him so close.

Your eyes rounded visibly as his smiled vanished with a fleeting lick of his lips. Your lips parted and all at once you felt his on yours. With eyes closed, your hands reached for the hem of his shirt to tug at it and his were brought lightly to the back of your waist. His touch was light, his fingers were barely on you yet you felt the undeniable current they radiated.

Finally finding the courage to press his hand against you, you realized your chest was nothing but centimeters away from his. His lips, which had braved themselves and now tugged at yours delicately, left yours and a breathless sigh escaped your lips.

On the verge of opening your eyes, you felt kisses being applied in the base and crook of your neck. You sighed, indulging in the pure bliss that Chanyeol gave you. Your hand, one clung onto his shoulder, and the other ventured through his brown curls that tickled at your skin.

A particularly hard pull at his hair made him stop and you wondered if you’d hurt him.


“Can I,” he applied one soft kiss on your neck and looked at you. “Mark you?”

‘Can I mark you?’ The words replayed in your mind like a broken cassette. Had you gone crazy? Or had he really just say that? And if he had, where in the world did he learn about something like that!?

You expected him to chuckle and tell you he was joking but he didn’t. His eyes remained on yours. They were the same, you realized. Despite the words that had just left his mouth, words you would’ve never expected listening from him, you realized the tenderness in his eyes remained, even more when you noticed the light shade of pink that creeped up his cheeks and the soft touch of his hand drawing a treble clef on your neck.

At him, you smiled and nodded.

He returned the smile and brushed his lips against yours one last time before applying wet kisses on your skin.

You smiled, tracing your thumb softly over the blossoming pinks and light violets on your skin. You could also not help but giggle at the image of Chanyeol, Park - ray of sunshine and innocence - Chanyeol, doing that to you.


You smiled, turning around on your heels and the skirt of your dress fluttered around you.

“Beautiful,” was all he said before applying a kiss on your lips. You giggled at his usual habit of mumbling out his thoughts.

“Ready to go?” You asked, pulling at the sleeves of your sweatshirt to cover your hands entirely– something Chanyeol found extremely cute– and he chuckled.

“Wait,” he stopped, realizing something. His hand reached slowly for the collar of your sweatshirt, which was, much to your fortune, a turtle neck. He frowned slightly. “It’s still there.”

“What,” you pouted, rubbing your neck. “I like it. Besides, it won’t go away that easily.”

Chanyeol blushed, “I-I don’t know. I like it but it looks like a bruise. Does it hurt? I feel like I hurt you in some kind of way.”

You shook your head with a smile. “It doesn’t. You did not hurt me, Yeol. If anything, I’m so happy. And instead of thinking of it as a bruise why not as a flower. It needs to be cared for and loved to bloom, to blossom in bright pinks and violets.”

Chanyeol’s face became a vivid pink and he dug his face onto your neck, “That was– You’re too much sometimes.”

You chuckled, “I know. So, should we get going?”

Chanyeol straightened himself, not looking at you and you tried to follow his eyes. Before you knew it, his hands cupped your cheeks and his lips met yours. His teeth tugged at your bottom lip slightly before pulling away and you gasped, breath having quickened along the pace of your heart.

“Indeed. You are too much sometimes,” Chanyeol nodded with a smile.

“But, I can be it too.”


Eun-bi: So where are we go–

Yerim: Erm, Eun-bi-ah, what–


You: Hehehe. I…

Yerim: What are you talking– What thE FUCK IT IS A HICKEY!!


Eun-bi:Y/n, have you be hiding stuff from us? Does our trust mean nothing anymore?

You: No that’s not-

Yerim: Park Chanyeol you little–

Eun-bi: *sniff* *sniff* After all we’ve been through.

Yerim: If you hurt her, you byuntae, Imma-

Eun-bi:*a crying mother* I just hope he makes you happier than us.

You: I should have seen this coming…

Chanyeol: A fluffy ball of embarrassment that can do nothing but stutter, hiding his face with his hands.

anonymous asked:

Hmm, well since you were already asked about him how about Roxas?

Oh darling yes let’s sit down and talk about Roxas.

My bae in Kingdom hearts

My reason for even giving KH a chance to be the awesome shit that it is~

put a character in my ask

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

I love Roxy so much you have no idea. He’s suffered so much and it hurts my heart whenever I think of what DiZ did to him like fuck you asshole I’m glad you’re dead I hope you never come back. I don’t care if he’s sorry…I’m just sorry Roxas didn’t send y0 ass to the shadow realms that’s the place where he and Aqua are I like calling it that lmao

ship with: Oh oh oh I ship him with Sora!!! SoRoku all the way! I also ship him with Naminé because awwww that ship is sooo adorable -sniffs- and I ship him with Riku too! I’m not sure when that started but one day I thought to myself “Dang Riku and Roxas sure had a weirdly yaoi moment oh NO I NEED FANFIC” and that ship was born lol. I don’t ship him with Axel tho’–idk that ship rubs me wrong maybe because, to me at least, I didn’t see Roxas return those feelings Axel obviously had for him? Meh idk I brotp it tho’ so there’s that.

general opinions: Roxas deserves better. He deserves the world after everything he’s been through. Out of all the KH characters I swear Roxas is the one that suffered the most–got the short end of the stick. And I’m not talking about returning to Sora I swear him doing that saved him from more misery and disappointment. I…I don’t know…his entire existence had been a lie–fabricated by the Organization and he was manipulated again and again by nearly everyone he made contact with. Whether it was from OrgXIII to Riku and DiZ to his virtual Twilight Town–everything he’s ever known was a lie. The only thing that was good, for a moment, was Xion and Axel and their little ice cream breaks up on the tower–but even that ended tragically and when Axel tried to save him it just…it just pushed Roxas away. I swear the only thing that wasn’t a lie to him–that he felt was right–was Sora and trying to find him. He wanted answers hence why he left and it’s for that reason he found Sora and it became okay again. Ugh and my heart hurts because KH3D had Sora telling him what no one had ever told him before.

And I can never ever forgive DiZ or anyone that hurt this precious bae–hurt him so much that Sora could feel the pain and had to make it right again.

Because you know Sora is the only right thing in Roxas’ lonely world.

Oh gods Imma cry now wtf

Heya Jenny! I’m not the best at making graphics, but I made you this! I hope it’ll cheer you up a little maybe? Also, did I submit this right? Mobile with submit I’m telling you it’s wack. Anyway, as I was saying I know you’re going through some rough times right now, so I wanted to make you something that might bring a bit of a smile to your face! So even if I suck at making graphics I hope this made you feel a little better! Also, I hope things get better for you! Wishing you the best Sincerely Windy!


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-04: favorite parent/child relationship

( Lo & Moffy )

“It’s only two days, Moffy.”

And then he cries, “I hate you!”

My eyes burn. I hate you rings in my ears. “You can hate me for two days, Maximoff, but I’ll love you for a thousand more.” I wipe his tears with my thumb, and he sniffs, calming down for a minute. “It may seem unfair, but we’re your parents—and if there’s anyone in this world you need to listen and trust, who will always have your back, it’s us. We just need you to respect us when we tell you something. The same way that we respect you when you ask us questions. What do we do?”

He thinks for a moment. Then he says softly, “You listen to me, and you always answer back.”


sass level : Huang Zitao

Mafamatics Lyrics

it’s babeo I stay automatic // i’ll kill you niggas with an automatic // i’ll ill you niggas with an ak on my payday when i get the bullets something tragic // finna happen when i’m killin all these dreams // ring ring gotta call ferg in his dump truck // cause i got all these niggas bodies pilin’ up // and i need somewhere to put em when my tummy stuffed // with all the weak bars that you lames be spittin up // fuck with my crew, well you can get your guts strewn // from your mommas house to my back yard // cause i’m ready and willing to keep your heart in a jar // in my fridge // and every now and then i’ll taste a smidge // so, i can taste the coward in ya // to remind me of a place that i’ve never even been to // hey! how’s the bottom nigga // you jumpin up and down cause i really can not see ya // screaming oo kill em like i’m hanging out with terio // imma make you cry like the time you told ya grandma no // kill em without even trying // show up to the grammys in my red silk bonnet // and a bag full of bobby pins and pink lotion // when the camera pans to me // “sorry for my attire but i’ve been sleeping on you hoes” // with a wink and a smile // and then the web goes wild // all these weirdo babes are my adopted childs // YEP a bad bitch with bad grammer // make your speakers go hammer // when I pull up to the scene and you find your wig missin // find me screaming “new weave new weave! 22 inches” // yup, big dick bitch .com // yeah your meat is flexin but it’s lookin pretty miniscule // time to stop playing rap games // head back to school // yeah. my money add and multiply // call it mathematical equations // givin niggas abrasions // with my tongue lashings // having skater boys change thrasher to thrashim // and just f.y.i shout out to semi he’s a pretty cool guy