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We’re all sad that Turn is over, but the fandom is not dead. So I decided to make a FAMILY PAGE with all active members of the Turn fandom. That way, it’s

  1. easier for new people in this fandom to have a good overview of all the active blogs
  2. a good way to make new friends, knowing whom to talk to/ fangirl about Turn

I really want to make this happen because I think you all are such amazing people and I never want this fandom to die!


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  • message me your name/alias, what Turn character you’d like to be and your favorite quote (doesn’t have to be from Turn)
  • follow me! (optional)


okay now there seems to be confusion about this, so I’m going to clarify things:

  1. this is not an exclusive family, everyone who loves turn is welcome to join! <3
  2. the characters are not like, real rp characters. I just use them as icons, so that the page looks aesthetically pleasing. One does not have to play Ben if he’s one’s character. One might as well just use a flower, a hat or hewlett’s horse as icons.

I hope that clarifies things! If you have any question, just message me :)


since the turn cast is not that big, I’ve decided to do have doubles/triples/… that means, if a character is already taken you can still have that character as your icon too! I’ll just use a different picture!

You know what’s funny about History: France’s utter hatred of England, let me explain

World, *is at war*

Spain: Ey France, we’re at war and shit, come join

France: Nah I’m busy

Spain:… England just joined the other side…



Merica: Yo Britain, I want out

Britain: lol no

France: Heard you were talking shiiiiit

Rise to that level of petty please

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SugAkaashi cuz they are both quiet so they love to just chill together but also Akaashi's sarcasm would make Suga laugh

thus begins the epic saga of nat vowing to draw every rarepair and make a zine outta it, i swear to god im gonna actually do it

For real tho akasuga is so cute,,,, they really complement each other well like a) aesthetically speaking they just look great together, pretty setter pairings are always my jam, b) suga is playful sassy and akaashi is deadpan sassy they would get along so well


The really awesome @nymphaxxx came up with an idea and I LOVE IT!
There is a post circling tumblr about urban, modern wizards. Wizards doing magic in plain sight, hiding it as everyday objects, wizards sharing glances in the streets, basically just wizards and witches being awesome and magical in the modern world! ✨

Her idea goes like this: You create a character, go into your town, a nearby city, anywhere and film a thread. Throw in some magic, make it funny, wholesome, whatever you want! I think it’s a really unique and cool idea! Here is the original post:

(Imma join as a coastal small-town witch myself!)

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Free! Rarepair Gift Exchange sign-ups are still open!!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

FAQ | Rules

Reminder: Fanfic writers and fanartists alike are all welcome to join!!! We’ve already got a few sign-ups but the more the merrier ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ


Block b reaction: You ask them to take a shower with you in front of the other members

Omg yessss


Jaehyo: “Yeah, sure! I’ll be there in a few, wait for me ;)” *has no shame at all lol*

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U-Kwon: “Welp, it was nice seeing you guys but my girl is calling, so yeah…  You all know my priorities, right? Go take a walk or something” *legit kicks them out lmfao*

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P.O: "Haha what a great joke, y/n, hahaha you totally got them hahAHAHA” *nervous laugh violently increases*

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Zico: “AYEEEE YOU GUYS HEARD THAT?! I’M SO GONNA GET SOME!” *infinitely brags about it until the other members actually leave by themselves*

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B-Bomb: *just throws the boys out and immediately joins you in the shower 😏*

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Taeil: “W-What do you mean?” *laughs nervously while not so subtly doing the ‘cut it out’ sign which I do not have a gif for but that’s ok 😭*

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Kyung: “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING OMFG YOU SO NASTYYYY” *coughs* “Go first, imma join you in a bit” *coughs*

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Sassy Jungkook 8

Bangtan: *seperates into 92-93 line, 94-line and 95-line*

Jungkook: you know what? I’m sick of you guys treating me like the odd one out, you think you guys are better than me? Well I got Yugyeom, he’s a true friend, Imma join GOT7 and then you’ll realize how much I am worth, fuck you guys all. I never liked this group since day 1

Namjoon: Baby Bun, we literally just sat down because we’re going to watch a movie

Jimin: yeah baby, I told you to sit on my lap don’t you remember?

Jungkook: whoomp, there it is 😬🙂

All The Way To China (Jun & Minghao Smut)

*Advanced Warning Contains SMUT! Beware!*

“Ahhh!” A voice screams out seductively. Jun’s hands seem to move faster, stroking his dick at a faster rate. Nearby him, he has tissues and a bottle of lotion, standard for what he’s doing. Damn, how long has it been since he’s done this? All of his pent up frustration leading up to this, watching porn on the internet. Although no one talks about it, all of the members do this at some point. Jun can feel it coming, but then someone opens the door. It’s Minghao, curious, as to what is Jun up to. Jun turns to Minghao, his hand still on his dick, and his pants completely down. Jun uses his other hand, and fumbles as he tries to turn off the video. 

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Smiles gone in a heartbeat  - Original Qs
+ Saiko Yonebayashi appreciation

A genuine smile comes rarely for 3 of the original Qs these days. It’s typically either lined with sadness or rage or fixation or bitterness… so when these cute candy asses flash u one of these candid sincere smiles amid the hardships they’re going through, it’s like seeing a parade of twinkling fireflies.

And I goddamn love Saiko to bits ok? I mean, it’s a teensy little chuckle but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Mutsuki having an (albeit short) little reprieve from the madness brewing inside. And something so seemingly trivial such as chatting abt Saiko & how she’d likely be the only one amongst them to one day have a real shot at happiness was alr enough to offer Mutsuki some glimmer of former bygone joy.

And let’s not forget Urie’s grin in ch 121 too.
That’s a level x99999 rarity. It’s especially precious. He basically has a chronic grumpy pokerface. But nah, Saiko’s cuteness & wide-eyed uncontainable honesty abt her relief for Maman pulled that amused & tender lil grin out of Urie. 

Like Saiko’s so pure & fluffy & she loves everyone in a way that really speaks to them. She’s high on life, endearingly cheeky, surprisingly perceptive & loves freely. 

The love the Qs (like Mutsuki & Urie above *imma join that party*) feel for Saiko gives me hardcore feels of heartwarming comfort bc it’s able to cut through their personal distress & disclose the snoodly softer sides in them that we might otherwise not have seen or dismissed & let slip away. I’m so glad Saiko’s around. Goof nugget is boss.

Anyway look at Kaneki’s kawaii & perky smile. I love u Touka :3
She wants him safe, he feels cherished. It gives me life.