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that’s why my fat ass doesn’t say anything about my journey to lose weight to any one. i don’t say “no, thank you, i’m trying to eat healthy.” i just say no. because it’s no one’s business. and i’m not interested in the “research” people have done on fitness and weight loss. imma just work out, eat right, if people notice a change, cool. but i’m not going to get into it

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*gives satire 30$ and my soul* so what can you tell us about comedy and tragedy? Conspiracy theories, secrets, promises, anything really.


  • Comedy likes tea a lot! Mostly very rare tea! Every morning they drink at least two cups and i do not understand it Coffee is obviously superior.
  • Tragedy has a bad habit of spacing out when you are talking to them. For some reason they get distracted very often. 
  • Both Comedy and Tragedy sleep a heck lot! Which is SUPPPER weird because i don’t sleep at all :D
  • Tragedy once told me they really wanted to be a vet one day. And that i ruined their dreams. 
  • Comedy doesn’t like wearing shirts and this angers tragedy a lot. I think its funny. 
  • Tragedy tends to cry a lot when they are alone, they think i don’t hear them but i do! Comedy tells me to not interfere and that is a very important moment they need to have. I don’t understand it????
  • TRAGEDY’S ROOM IS SO COOL IT HAS ICE FURNITURE!!! Comedy is boring, the lava just melts everything. 
  • Comedy likes making dad jokes. 
  • Tragedy wants to kill themselves every time they hear them.
  • Though tragedy does not like suicide jokes, they get very angry at me and ground me each time. 
  • Comedy throws up very often, it is very nasty that is why they have their own bathroom. 
  • Comedy and Tragedy absolutely despise each other :D
  • Tragedy owes me 450 pesos.
  • The only memes Tragedy likes are the ones involving cats
What went down in Horrificator
  • Nino: kk let's film a horror movie bc we need a one-off plot for this episode
  • Mylène: I can't act bc Ivan is terrifying
  • Nino: aren't you and he supposed to be a thing at this point
  • Nino: bc that was established when he was akumatized and that's already happened by now
  • Mylène: idk but either way he's f**king terrifying
  • Mylène: imma sing the song that helps me calm down
  • Mylène: smelly wolf, smelly wolf, trapped in the stinky hut
  • Mylène: smelly wolf, smelly wolf, I'm gonna kick your b**t
  • Nino: did you just censor "butt"?
  • Mylène: why is that relevant?
  • Nino: why would you censor that? it's not a curse word
  • Mylène: idk
  • Alya: ok speaking as the only voice of reason in the room, as usual, can we maybe get back on track?
  • Max: agreed, we've got only 78 hours before they kick us out of the school for the evening
  • Nino: there's no way that number is correct
  • Nino: maybe like 7 or 8 hours at most
  • Alya: that running gag is kinda worn out now
  • Chloé: hi
  • Mylène: NOPE NOPE NOPE
  • Ivan: hey Mylène, things are gonna be ok, pls don't get akumatized
  • Mylène: *gets akumatized*
  • Ivan: that defs went well
  • Chloé: so anyway imma take over Mylène's part so I can get to smooch Adrien
  • Alya: that was defs not in my script
  • Nino: I um...may have made a couple revisions?
  • Nino: ok sorry we can take it out
  • Marinette: and there's a whole lot of unnecessary shenanigans averted
  • Rose: aww :(
  • Chloé: anyway imma leave and take Kim and Max with me
  • Max: there is an 87% chance—
  • Kim: that you're a nerd?
  • Max: ...
  • Max: ...yeah.
  • Kim: and that Chloé is a scuzzbucket?
  • Max: now we're talking! <>
  • Max and Kim: *enact sweet high five*
  • Max and Kim: *get captured by Horrificator*
  • Marinette: ok Nino so you know how you wanted a realistic monster in your film?
  • Marinette: and then one conveniently showed up
  • Marinette: so what I guess I'm asking is
  • Marinette: are you Hawkmoth?
  • Nino: yes Marinette, as somebody who was previously akumatized, Hawkmoth is defs who I am
  • Nino: great theorizing there
  • Nino: anyway can you transform and beat the monster pls
  • Marinette: ok. Tikki, spots on!
  • Adrien: imma leave a shoe here as a diversion bc that's defs how that works
  • Adrien: Plagg, claws out!
  • Nathaniel: anyway I'm standing here and I'm defs not in immediate danger of being captured
  • Horrificator: HEY GUYS
  • Nathaniel: hey Horrificator!
  • Horrificator: *captures Nathaniel*
  • Nathaniel: in retrospect I should have seen that coming
  • Horrificator: *captures Chloé*
  • Ladybug: ok let's have a show of hands
  • Ladybug: who here is in favor of not actually rescuing Chloé this time
  • Ladybug: by an overwhelming majority of literally every person, we're not rescuing Chloé
  • Chat Noir: *traps Horrificator in Cataclysm cage*
  • Ladybug: and now it's time for an impromptu musical number!
  • Everyone: *bangs loudly on miscellaneous cleaning supplies while singing*
  • Horrificator: MAKE IT STOP
  • Horrificator: pls have mercy and deakumatize me Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: yeah that's warranted
  • Ladybug: well that's that then
  • Nino: anyway Mr. Mayor here's our film of very real events
  • André: yeah imma disqualify it bc you left my daughter there to die
  • Nino: ok fine we'll go back and rescue her if you give us the award
  • Ladybug: no way in hell am I going back to rescue her
  • Nino: but that's the only way to get the award!
  • Ladybug: then maybe you should have thought of that before you voted to leave her to die
  • Nino: oh yeah good point
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Hufflepuff:</b> Do you want to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie?<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> *playing "Evermore" loudly*<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> I've seen it twice already.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> So is that a no?<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Are you crazy, when's the next showing?<p/></p><p/></p>

i saw a can of pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls at the store and it had a thing on the side like “make monkey bread” and i was like FUCK YEAH imma get this and throw it in a bundt pan and have easy as hell monkey bread BUT THEN i looked up the fucking instructions on the website and it’s like “3 cans of cinnamon rolls and a bag of caramels and some walnuts and butter and etc etc” and i am like BITCH i did not buy a can of fucking cinnamon rolls because i wanted to cook. this is some sandra lee levels of overcomplicating shit. i don’t need this. you think i’m going out and buying two more cans of actually-just-biscuits-with-delusions-of-grandeur for this? because i am. i bought a fucking bundt pan, i’ve committed. i don’t give a fuck about the sunk cost fallacy. i don’t care if there’s nothing stopping me from just making some fucking limited edition fall cinnamon rolls. this absurd monkey bread train has left the station. this is happening goddammit.

*SG Writers knock on katie’s door* 

Katie: Hi Stupid

SG Writers: Katie, we’ve come to talk to you about your character Lena.

Katie: Yes….? *(thinking: they gon make her come out, imma get kissus with supergirl :3)* 

SG Writers: She’s straight. ok? u need to chill with the gayness and we know you are plotting this shit with melissa, the hearteyes and lip biting need to stap


The signs as iconic Jay Park lyrics pt.2

Aries: When you’re on a date with another dude I hope you get the shits. After you’re done I hope you run out of toilet paper.

Taurus: Bitch you finna have a cow, imma have the herd bitch.

Gemini: Yeah I’ll go refrigerator on yah, half my face missing I’ll go terminator on yah.

Cancer: You’re embedded in my head so get embedded in my bed.

Leo: I don’t need a gun to bust, I’ll bust on a mic, bust on ya chick if she like all through the night.

Virgo: Wanna grab you by your booty, girl let’s shoot a movie.

Libra: Stop you at the airport security, bomb pussy bomb pussy.

Scorpio: Jacob from Twilight cause I go and be on beast mode, eatin mother fuckahs because I be on feast mode.

Sagittarius: I’m ripping it, killing it, thinking of iller shit, rapping, you feeling it good like a clitoris.

Capricorn: Always coughing up these raps so you know I keep it ill, you can call me George Foreman ‘cause I’m all up in your grill.

Aquarius: Y'all in lyrical danger spittin’ heavy when i’m on the mic, electrifying like Benjamin Franklin with a kite.

Pisces: Before I go put it in I’ll go underwater girl just like a fish, and the way I stay down there you gon’ think I’m Aquaman.

Sanders Sides as Thing me/friends have said pt
  • Morality: I've eaten 15 mini bagels and I regret nothing and everything at the same time.
  • Roman/Prince: That is not the proper way to sword fight. Have you even had to battle for your life?
  • Logic/Logan: I'm taking honors classes, so naturally I live off the tears of the weaker students.
  • Anxiety: Can someone please just stab me with a spoon so I can get out of here.

The lack of intimate moments that Sanvers gets really makes me appreciate Lost Girl

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How many jokes do you think Gabe has about that statue? :D:D


Them (reading the comic): JFC GABRIEL WITH THE “i’m not the one with the statue” LINE


Like:  “lol sorry babe, you got that shiny sculpture on the front lawn, not me, I'mma go have a beer and then take a nap. Wake me up when our cowboy son gets home so I can give him a hug, kks thaaaaanks, Jack - good luck out there ‘breadwinner.’”


But also consider:

Gabe, staring at the statue: did they sculpt your dick too
Jack: jfc Gabe it’s fucking 5:30 am and I haven’t had coffee yet
Gabe: have you ever made that pose in your life
Jack: I’m going back to sleep
Gabe: I miss when your hair was that thick
Jack: I miss when you actually had hair
Gabe: Imma graffiti “Jack sux” on it
Jack: Not “Jack sux dick” on it?
Gabe: …
Jack: …
Gabe: What would I ever do without you?
Jack: fall apart probably


Jack: oh hey we’re actually under our budget this month.  Maybe we can buy a treat for the agents - 
Gabe: *unrolls blueprints for a Commander Reyes statue that’s like a foot taller than Jack’s*
Jack: …
Gabe: …
Jack: …this height isn’t accurate at all.
Gabe: just wait until you see Rein’s blueprint


Gabe: …I think I figured it out.
Jack: what
Gabe: you’re literally my trophy husband
Jack: …
Gabe: only your trophy is like fifteen feet tall and really difficult to move
Jack: …have you tried to do that?
Gabe: … listen
Gabe: the current position really fucks with the aesthetic of the front garden
Jack: …have you asked Reinhardt for help yet?
Gabe: oh no, good call



Reaper: …you think we can tear that eyesore down yet?
Soldier: 76: …only if we burn it too
Reaper: …
Soldier: 76: …
Reaper: what would I ever do without you?
Soldier: 76: are you serious
Reaper: oh wait

dont get me wrong im a hardcore jungkook stan and i wouldnt hesitate to personally take out my kidney and give it to him if he ever needed it but like when any other member of bangtan goes against him in something, idgaf if its an olympic event or its finding out who can hold the longest burp you best B E T imma be salty if jungkook’s golden ass doesnt lose

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Hi, so I kind of had a weird request, it's different than the usual, I want the rfa reacting to MC and Saeyoung dating and being clingy, pda and stuff, like continuing from 707s after ending, and if it's not much trouble, rfa reacting to jumin and mc dating and also pda etc etc, if you decide to do it thank you in advance, if not, I understand, it might get quite long, nontheless thank you!!

what i kinda planned is under each member the headcanons will be how the other members react to them and MC ((idk if that makes sense but let’s see if this works out~~)) 


✮ everyone thinks y’all are goddamn adorable
✮ because yoosung is such a virgin 
✮ so you gotta be innocent as well to protect him
✮ jaehee is lowkey jealous bc your relationship is just so cute 
✮ but she’s hella supportive and Mom Mode is on because ‘omg look at her two children go’
✮ zen often gives relationship advice to yoosung 
✮ tries to be genuine but he complains about being single so much more
✮ jumin probably couldn’t care less 
✮ but when you both send photos of the other (or both of you) with your cat Lisa he’s like ‘!!! CAT’ 
✮ says it’s cute (you both just take the compliment, knowing very well he’s only talking about lisa)
✮ seven pranks yoosung even more but now he does it involving you
✮ as in, saying things like
✮ and yoosung fuckin fREAKS out
✮ he’s crying and shaking and he’s about to Zoom to the hospital
✮ until you call seven out on his shit (yoosung cried a little more while clinging on to you)
✮ yoosung will dubiously mistrust seven forever  


✎ she is hardly the one to do pda and be cutesy and stuff so it’s totally up to you 
✎ you like to send photos and selfies of you two working at the cafe 
✎ and when she’s completely engrossed in one of zen’s things 
✎ zen is highkey jealous upset. he just wants all the attentions and now the only two females in the RFA clearly aren’t romantically interested in him anymore
✎ jumin was kinda surprised by the whole ‘coming out’ bit when you announced y’all were in a romantic relationship 
✎ but he put away his salt about jaehee quitting and is probably the most supportive of the relationship (bc he says that jaehee is super responsible and that you’re patient and just all around great) 
yoosung probably gets turned on by it 
✎ you know he’s That Guy 
✎ but other than that he doesn’t really say a lot about it 
✎ he also complains about being single a lot more 
✎ seven makes fanart and writes fanart 140% 


✿ you think he’s a narcissist now?
✿ also says stuff like ‘we’re the perfect couple. there is no couple cuter than us. we should be you #goals’ 
✿ yoosung is jealous af 
so is jaehee 
✿ she actually probably has a joint ao3/tumblr/wattpad with seven
✿ jumin is Salt
✿ but he brings up the point of if zen has enough time for you between all his acting and singing and all that other stuff
✿ and zen sends back a candid photo of you talking to his director
✿ is like ‘HA’
✿ seven likes to make sex jokes all the damn time 
✿ definitely makes jokes about The Beast 


₩ it would probably be really cute 
₩ but when he tries to send photos of you/you with elizabeth/him and you/all 3
₩ they’re always B L U R R Y 
₩ so you teach The Jumin Han how to take a selfie 
₩ zen is probably uncomfortable and also very salty 
₩ jaehee appreciates the relationship because jumin is always in a better mood and you can convince him to give her breaks and paid vacation 
₩ so she lowkey loves y’all 
₩ yoosung could probably give less than a shit 
₩ he’s just playing LOLOL alone 
₩ but he kinda likes it because you can get Jumin to ease up on jumin’s LOLOL bashing
₩ seven also makes sex jokes 
₩ ‘have you ever made MC wear cat ears?’
₩ “Great idea Saeyoung”
₩ everyone is !!!!!!
₩ you try not to kill him 


⌨  he doesn’t like photos of him bc y’know 
⌨  privacy 
⌨  so you try to take selfies with him without him realising 
⌨  so the result is blurry photos with your face in the bottom corner laughing and saeyoung in the close background falling off his chair because he tried to chase you 
⌨  everyone lowkey loves the relationship because you two are always really happy together 
⌨  zen of course is salty because ‘he never leaves the house but gets a girlfriend?!’ 
⌨  seven likes teasing everyone about his Catch
⌨  so he’ll send random photos of you. always 
⌨  ‘look how cute MC is awwwww’ 
⌨  everyone, but especially Jaehee, really like and appreciate how you support each other’s emotions 
⌨  once made you dress up as a cat (like with the ears, maybe a tail with a questionable explanation of how it’s staying there)
⌨  took a picture you thought was ~private~
⌨  ‘jumin you were right~~ i am a cat abuser ;;;)))‘
⌨  you scream and spam the chat trying to make sure no one sees it 

okay so once i finished this i realised it was kind of only pda through the chat?? if you want another set where it’s more in person?? then definitely feel free to send in another request! 

But I hope you liked this ♡


hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦 fuck me 👨🏽💕👨🏽 daddy better make me 👀👄👅 choke hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦fuck me 👅👅💦 my tunnel love to 🍆💦👅 deep throat 👅👅💦 lick 👅💦 lick lick 👄🍆💦 I wanna eat your dick🍴 🍆👄 but I can’t fuck up my nails 💅🏽🙅🏽 so imma pick it up with chopsticks 👅🍆🍜 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 like I was at the dentist 😷👄👅mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 put it so deep 👅🍆💦 I can’t speak a sentence 🤐👅🍆 my fingers 👆🏾💅🏽👆🏾 in it 🍆🍆🍆 gentle explore this 👱🏿👱🏿👱🏿 nigga mental imma write📝✒️✏️ my name on his 🍆💦 dick don’t need a pen 🖋 or pencil ✏️ all I need is my body 💃🏽👀👅 my pussy 🐱💦💕 pink just like salami 💦🌺🍔 don’t need a drink 🍺🍸🍷 to get naughty 😏👅💦 cause bitch I’m not Bill Cosby 🙅🏽👎🏿👴🏿 my pussy 🐱mean, 😠and it’s clean🚿🛁 i’m not a squirter💦, I cream💨🍦🍨keep it smelling👃🏼 like baby👶🚼 wipes I never smell👃🏼 like sardines🐟🐠🍣 this will never😡 fucking end ballerina💃🏽that dick🍆 when I spin🔁 I fucked 😏 this nigga 👱🏿 so good👍🏿I ain’t swallow one kid👶🙎🙇I think I swallowed twins👯👫👫hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦 fuck me 👨🏽💕👨🏽 daddy better make me 👀👄👅 choke hump me 👉🏿👌🏿👅💦fuck me 👅👅💦 my tunnel love to 🍆💦👅 deep throat 👅👅💦 lick 👅💦 lick lick 👄🍆💦 I wanna eat your dick🍴 🍆👄 but I can’t fuck up my nails 💅🏽🙅🏽 so imma pick it up with chopsticks 👅🍆🍜 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 like I was at the dentist 😷👄👅mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 mouth wide open 👄👅 put it so deep 👅🍆💦 I can’t speak a sentence 🤐👅🍆just come 😏 put it 🍆down my butt🍑 let’s shoot a movie🎥🎞, no cuts✂️ ride 🏇🏿the dick🍆, get my nipples licked👅👄that’s breastfeeding 💦🍼while we fuck👉🏿👌🏿finna get the dick🍆 wet 💦and firm🏋 you better sweat💦me out of my perm🙆 can’t wait ⏱⌛️till it’s my turn🔁 I wanna blow 🌬bubbles🎈🎈 with sperm💦wanna hit👊 it from the back🍑 let me arch my 🔙Once I arch my 🔙 that mean attack 🔫🗡this pussy🐱 don’t need a pornstar 🙎🍆cause I’m the moderin all my spit 💦on his dick🍆sound like I’m gargling💦💦💦 make him bust 💨three nuts🌰🌰🌰, is the task✔️my panties 👙stuck in my ass🍑so I pulled✊ them down ⬇️to show him the pearl🔮ade his pubic 🍆hairs💇 curl➿ fast🏃💨 fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱 come fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱come fuck 👉🏿👌🏿 this pussy 🐱

Guide line for comfort/calming down (especially for distant relationship)
  • CG: "Thirst breathe. In and out. Only concentrate on breathing and my voice."
  • CG: "Now go grab *insert name of stuffie* and cuddle him close because he's a little bit scared that you'll get hurt."
  • Little: "okay..."
  • CG: "Now count till ten and then say: I'm a brave little toaster and I will solve this problem."
  • Little: *grumbles*
  • CG: "What was that?"
  • CG: "Now let *insert name of stuffie* wipe those tears away!
  • Little: "okay he did."
  • CG: "Now tell me the problem, what's bothering you?"

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RFA + Saeran and V finding mc sleeping in very weird places for example they find them sleeping on the kitchen counter bc they were waiting for the water to boil for their coffee xddd Oh and I LOVE YOUR HEAD CANNONS SO MUCH 😍😍😍

IMMEDIATE INSPIRATION FOR THIS ASK. THANKS FOR LOVING THE HEADCANNON S! i’m using your example cause i do what i want~Madre Mod


  • this boy is known for his long gaming sessions
  • this time he promised that he would be done by like….10 pm so you two can go out and about
  • He actually kept his word an logged off LOLOL at 10 pm and went to look for you.
  • An hour prior you told him that you was going to take a bath
  • He thought you would be out by now unless you’re like me and take a two hour bath/shower
  • he steps to the bathroom door and knocks like the polite cutie he is, he waits a bit for your response
  • but you don’t give him one
  • worried he announces that he’s coming in and walks in the bathroom
  • What he finds is chuckle worthy
  • You sitting in the tub asleep. Your neck is laying on the edge of said tub.
  • Yoosung unplugs the tub and wraps you in a fluffy towel before picking you up bridal style and walking to your shared bed
  • He sets you down gently and with a beet red face I might add put some undergarments on you.
  • Your night out is postponed for another night.


  • You both were doing some spring cleaning around the house
  • the chores were split in half so it could be finished by tonite
  • It was pretty fun!
  • Zen had the radio on so once in a while you both would start singing in harmony.
  • Or in Zen’s case. Dance with the broom.
  • near the end of the day You was getting tired from all the cleaning you did, and thankfully the last chore was to do the laundry
  • half way through the laundry you was getting REALLY tired. 
  • So in your sleepy state, you got on top of the dryer and fell asleep.
  • The dryer was really warm.
  • Zen came to get the laundry so he could put them away when he found you on the dryer.
  • He simply shook his head and picked you up.
  • He walked to the living room and grabbed a blanket from nearby. 
  • Laying himself down on the couch with you on top of him, he draped the blanket over you both. There you both took a nice afternoon nap.


  • You were determined.
  • You were determined to make Jaehee a perfect cup of coffee before she left for work.
  • She always gets up early to go to work, but that means you’re either sleeping or JUST waking up when she’s leaving.
  • So when you finally made her go to sleep you set your plan in motion.
  • Grabbing the mixes to make the perfect cup of Coffee full of love, you started preparing.
  • But you underestimated how long it takes to take a perfect cup of coffee
  • it was 3 in the morning when you figured out the measurements for the perfect cup. 
  • You were getting sleepy when the hot contents were being poured into the coffee cup.
  • By the time you got the mug and was ready to pour you fell asleep.
  • Not that, “Imma just slump myself over the counter” kind of fell sleep
  • I mean that you fell asleep WHILE you was doing it. Basically you fell asleep, standing up while pouring a cup of hot coffee.
  • It spilled over the mug when it got full, and started spreading on the counter then finally onto the floor around you. you had slippers on don’t worry
  • Now Jaehee’s alarm woke her up mere seconds after you fell sleep, and when she left the bedroom to find you
  • she was very surprised.
  • Just imagine. Your S/O in the kitchen in their Pjs, standing up asleep while pouring coffee.
  • Her heart melts a little when she realizes that you were making the coffee for her.
  • She quickly cleans the mess and wakes you up a little so she can move you to bed.
  • “Jaehee……what are you doing???” “Dear i’m helping you back to bed, you’re tired.” “????But I was in bedd~” “Sure you were.”
  • She gives you a peck on the cheek before she walks skips to work.


  • It’s not really strange to most people
  • but it is to him
  • You sleep in front of his home office door
  • but you only do it when he’s in the office
  • which is nearly every fucking night jfc
  • he found out when he opened the door to leave his office and you litteraly FELL into the office
  • every time since then he’s been more careful of opening the door
  • he chuckles everytime he sees it though
  • lowkey wonders why you do that
  • jumin go to fucking bed at a decent damn time and we won’t be having this issue


  • His hacking chair
  • This is where he finds you
  • all huddled up in the small chair, wearing his over sized sweater
  • when he realized you had nothing under it except underwear he might’ve popped a boner
  • “Aw my 606 fell asleep in the chair, completely unarmed and vulnerable~”
  • He proceeds to write on any skin he can get without waking you up
  • He writes ‘property of god seven’ on the back of your neck, drew kitty wiskers on your cheek and a little nose on your nose. 
  • After that he moves you to the bed and spoons the shit out of you.
  • Proceeds to be attacked by pillows in the morning when you found out what he wrote and where


  • can’t see for shIT
  • anyway
  • You like to wonder off when you can’t sleep
  • which worries the shit out of V to no end
  • but you usually come back inside and fall asleep next to him.
  • this time you didn’t come back
  • V is very worried
  • starts thinking of the worst
  • V please they won’t leave you
  • With his limited vision he steps out of the house to look for you
  • He looks around the house first
  • when he looks up to see if you are on the roof he can barely make out the colors of your Pjs up there.
  • Blue Bean sighs in relief and carefully makes his way up to wake you up and get you in the house before you hurt yourself.


  • It was a hot day in south(?) korea.
  • And the AC in Saeyoung’s bunker gave out
  • cue you, saeyoung and saeran walking around the house in y’all bathing suits.
  • While Saeyoung went to get a new AC unit, you and Saeran was trying to stay cool in the hot ass bunker
  • Saeran took one of many tubs of ice cream and just lay it on top of him
  • You however went for the next best thing!
  • The deep freezer!
  • You bent into the deep freezer and breathed in that cool air.
  • “Hey MC don’t melt my ice cream!” “And how could I do that??” “Cause you’re pretty hot.” “What?” “NOTHING!”
  • after that it was quiet for about twenty minutes, until saeran spoke up again.
  • “MC don’t freeze to death in there.” He got up and walked to your slumped form, poking you with his spoon.
  • Your response was a jerking motion and a snore.
  • You were asleep.
  • “Geez you fell asleep in the freezer.”
  • He picked you up and set you on the couch so you wouldn’t get sick.
  • To keep you from heating up he put a bag of peas on your stomach.
  • Thank Saeran.

GOT7 Invited To The Cookout

When they arrived, they were automatically lit just like they said they would be. you were surprised, because you thought they that would be scared to show their true colors in front of all these people.

“y/n!” they hopped out of the truck and ran over to you.

they pulled you in the center and group hugged you in front of everyone. “stop embarrassing me!” you shouted.

you backed away from them and fixed your clothes. then, you checked out each of their outfits. they looked good, so you told them which only gassed them up.

a few minutes later, everyone except yugyeom was spread out talking to your people. he was kind of shy so he decided to stick around with you.

“this is my song.” his eyes widened when a Chris brown song started to play.

“then dance. my cousins would love it if you showed their uncoordinated asses how to dance.” you started to call for your cousins to come over.

“no no no no!” he semi whispered to you and when they started to come over, he froze.

“yeah?” they said in unison.

“take him…and dance. he said this is his song and don’t y'all like this song?” you asked them.

“you know we do cuz!” one of them started dancing…off beat.

yugyeom held in his laughter and looked down at you. “you were right.” he said in korean causing the several young kids in front of you to freak.

“what did he just say?”

“he said that you all look cool.” you lied.

“alright tall asian guy, come show us what you got.” they took him away.

“alright…” you said to yourself. you scanned the huge crowd of people in your backyard until you spotted jackson and mark going into your house. you decided to quietly follow behind them and see what they were up to.

once they got to the kitchen, they stopped. “i’m so hungry. you think y/n’s got any snacks?” jackson asked mark.

“you know her fat ass has snacks!” mark nudged him and looked around until he spotted you.

“pstt.” he signaled for jackson to turn around and once he did, his jaw drooped. “you didn’t hear that did you?”

“i did.” you pretended to cry.

“oh noo…! we’re sorry.” mark ran over to you and pulled you into a hug, jackson quickly following.

“fuck off!” you pushed them off of you and covered your laughing face. “and you’re at a cookout! why the hell are y'all looking for snacks?!”

“we haven’t eaten in hours.” jackson pouted.

you shook your head and told them to follow you to your room where you hid your snacks. “don’t tell the others about this or i’ll kill you both.”

“yeah yeah yeah..” mark said with a mouth full of chips.

“i love you y/n. you keep me fed girl.” jackson bit his honey bun and pretended to wipe a fake tear.

“hey i love her to!” mark scoffed at jackson.

“there’s enough of me to go around.” you stuck out your tongue and stood up. “let’s go…the boys must be looking for us by now.”

the three of you exited the house and went back to doing random things with random people in your backyard. that is until, you saw bambam and left them for him. he was being lit with the elder people.

“what’s that? ain’t that thing the dab?” your half drunk uncle asked him.

“yes! can you do it?!” bam asked him, almost falling out of his seat.

he got up just in time to dab when the beat dropped, earning him an audience. mostly everyone except those who were tending to the grills and the women in the kitchen.

“what the hell.” jaebum said while he and jinyoung stood on each side of you.

“i know, now he’s got my whole family dabbing. shit we’re probably gonna take a family picture where everyone has to be dabbing in it now.” you face palmed yourself since what you said wasn’t a joke and most likely a fact.

you walked away from the crowd looked around for youngjae. he had greeted you when he first got here but that was the last time you saw him. you were getting a little worried until you found him.

he was at the cotton candy machine with one of your aunts that went to church everyday of the week even if it wasn’t open, singing along to a gospel song that you had no idea he knew with her.

“y/n why didn’t you tell me you had friends that could sing? his voice…is soulful.” she placed her hand on his shoulder and complimented him a thousand times on his voice. he damn sure needed them, his self esteem was so damn low.

“hello to you to a/n.” you hugged her and took a cotton candy stick from the cart. “i was just checking on you jae.”

“alright thanks for caring about me y/n, i love you.” he hugged you and kissed the top of your head.

“oohh imma tell your momma! you get down like that?” your aunt put her hand on her hip and smirked at youngjae and you.

“it’s not what it looks like..seriously. it’s always like this…with all of them cause i’m like their little sister.” you defended yourself.

“she’s right.” youngjae said while he put his hand on top of your head.

“mhmm.” she said while squinting her eyes, she wasn’t gonna believe you.

then, she pulled her phone out and turned to another gospel song. “you know this one baby?” she put the phone close to youngjae’s ear.

“yes ma'am.” he said right before he started singing the song.

it was your cue to go.

“yugy yummy!” you shouted over at the ‘tall asian guy’ who seemed to be more comfortable around your cousins than he was earlier.

he high fived every single kid which took about two minutes before coming over to you.

“yeah?” he put his hands on his hips and looked down at you.

“you’re having fun?” you asked him.

“yeah, thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” he lifted one side of your hair up and let it fall which made you giggle.

“your comfort zone? what comfort zone did i push you out of?” you asked.

“you know…i like being under you.” he swayed from side to side, something he always did when he got tired of standing.

“the food is ready!” someone yelled.

you grabbed yugyeom’s hand and rushed past people to the food. “you’re that hungry?” he asked.

“no but you’ll thank me for this later.” with as many cookouts that you’ve been to, you knew that when the food was ready, you had to go. if you weren’t quick enough, something good would be gone.

after you fixed both yugyeom’s and your plate, you headed to your room where you told the others to meet you.

“y/n there was no more soda.” bambam frowned.

“yeah, seriously those people know how to drink.” jaebum shook his head.

“i’m thirsty!” jackson exclaimed.

“alright i’ll be back, and don’t touch my food.”

you went to the kitchen and took out a kool-aid packet and sugar. you grabbed a pitcher from the cabinet and did what you usually did. you were the one who made the kool-aid at dinner time cause yours was the best. hopefully, the boys would like it.

“y/n..” yugyeom’s shy voice replaced the silence.

“ye-” you paused when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled himself closer to you. “yugyeom…what are you doing?”

“shh.” he rested his chin on your shoulder and closed his eyes. “just continue doing what you were doing.”

you were froze, still processing what was going on. it took you about a whole minute to realize that you weren’t dreaming and that this was really happening. he wasn’t moving, the only time he moved was when he tightened his grip on you.

“you’re weird yugyeom.” you continued stirring.

“i’m weird for liking you?” he basically confessed.

“what? you like me? is this a joke? are y'all playing truth or dare or something?” you put the cap on the pitcher and wiggled out of his hold.

“no…why would i joke around and say that i like you y/n? i…really like you.” you grabbed eight plastic cups and handed yugyeom the pitcher.

“alright..since when?” you asked.

“i’m not saying all of that until you tell me how you feel about me.” he bit down on his lip, hoping that you would say that you like him too.

you took in a deep breath. now was your turn to confess. it couldn’t be too weird now…since he feels the same way.

“i like you too.” you finally said it.

yugyeom looked down and attempted to hide his broad smile. he must’ve forgotten that you were shorter than him, so you saw all of his blushing when you looked up.

“did you tell her?” you heard jinyoung ‘quietly’ ask yugyeom which made your jaw drop.

“y'all knew?” you pointed between yugyeom and you.

“i mean..y'all are fucking obvious.” mark said.

“yugyeom was literally staring at your ass the other day and you knew it but you didn’t say anything becau-”

“yeah okay anyways i brought something to drink!” you cut jackson off.

you handed everyone a cup and poured them their drinks, including yourself. you sat between yugyeom and youngjae while they chugged their drinks down..well all of them did.

“y/n tell me what this is so i can buy it and drink it for the rest of my life.” jinyoung said while he moaned into his cup.

“this is so sweet and you know i love my sugar y/n what is this?!” bambam added on to jinyoung’s question.

“it’s called kool-aid and i made it.” you said with pride.

“no you didn’t. you can’t even make a sandwich.” jaebum laughed…by himself.

“why are you like this hyung?” yugyeom asked him.

“hmm this’ll be your last time drinking it jaebum. i was gonna bring some to the dorm faithfully but you fucked it up.” you shrugged.

“fuck!” mark cursed and slammed his hand on the floor. everyone else but jaebum followed.

“okay okay im sorry. y/n please bring your sweet juices to dee dorm faithfully.” he apologized and bowed down before you.

“alright peasant.” you giggled.

the eight of you finished up your food and drinks then, headed back outside to enjoy the last hour of the cookout.

in overall the boys had fun and found their new favorite drink thanks to you. you and yugyeom started dating. and bambam is still dabbing.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just found your account (do you say account in tumblr?? idk I'm new to tumblr and I use instagram haha) and I love it so much! If you have time, can you do kind of like a high school AU and do how the RFA members would ask out MC? I hope that makes sense lol :') thanks!! <3

I love you anon!!

imma split this into 2 parts cause I can’t fit this into one post

so i’ll do the actual request in the second post

High School AU part 1


  • lol shy bun
  • kind of a nerd
  • in video game society
  • finds it hard to pay attention in class
  • cramms like his life depends on it
  • still gets pretty good grades
  • his mom makes him lunch
  • complains about it but lowkey happy cause it’s better than what the cafeteria is serving
  • his favourite subject is biology
  • tho almost fainted when they had to dissect an animal
  • worst subject is english r i p
  • languages ain’t his strong suit
  • carries so much shit around
  • has a bad back 24/7
  • also in the lacrosse team
  • he actually ain’t that bad 
  • afraid of being tackled tho


  • OG Mr. Steal Yo Girl
  • but honestly such a sweetheart
  • with slight fuckboy tendencies
  • gonna be honest not a model student
  • he tries tho
  • was very insistent on MC tutoring him
  • lowkey just wanted to spend time with them
  • theatre kid™
  • lead in all the school’s performances
  • super chummy with the director
  • knows all the crew by name
  • on the lacrosse team
  • chose it because he thought the sticks were cool
  • Jaehee nags him to get his grades up
  • ends up tagging in on his study sessions to make sure he’s actually learning
  • soon the whole RFA are involved and BAM study group
  • his favourite subject is obv theatre 
  • his least favourite is maths the devils subject


  • model student
  • kind of a lowkey swat but she’s chill about it
  • treasurer of the student council
  • all the clubs would be bankrupt without Jaehee
  • she’s always busy tho
  • like pass her in the hallway and she’ll always be carrying textbooks for a teacher, walking to a meeting or smth like that.
  • everyone always comes at her with suggestions for the student council
  • Jaehee’s like ???? ¿¿¿¿  bruh I only handle the money
  • has so many trips to the staff room
  • a teacher offered her coffee once
  • and the great romance began
  • always uses seeing staff as an excuse to get coffee
  • Seven was surprised Jaehee could be so sneaky
  • biggest supporter of Zen’s plays
  • everyone wonders why the drama club is always so well funded
  • doesn’t have enough time to play sport in school but does Judo
  • word got around and now no one messes with Jaehee
  • her favourite subject is literature
  • her least favourite is home economics
  • psst it’s cause she can’t cook for shit


  • billionaire boys club ™
  • Jumin mostly hangs out with V
  • doesn’t have the patience to hang out with the other rich kids
  • president of the student council
  • takes the job very seriously
  • everyone has a certain amount of respect for him
  • except Zen r i p
  • brings Elizabeth into school
  • negotiates his way out of detention every time
  • has to shield her from Seven tho
  • has a lowkey fanclub
  • he’s oblivious to the opposite sex tho
  • only plays sports cause his nutritionist says he should
  • plays tennis cause he’s too dignified for football or smth like that and he’s too young to be playing golf
  • has matches with V all the time
  • they keep a tally
  • Jumin is in the lead
  • his favourite subject is economics
  • he’s such a business man tho
  • made a business renting out textbooks to freshers instead of getting them to buy them
  • it was shut down after a year tho
  • least favourite subject is art
  • lol Jumin can’t draw for shit

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • friendly neighbourhood meme lord 
  • always telling some sort of joke or pun
  • in the tech club
  • they all worship him lol
  • tried to hack into a government facility for their contribution to the school festival
  • forced to do a laser show in the end
  • he’s so smart 
  • like no one expects him to be a prodigy 
  • probably cause he never focuses in lessons
  • made Saeran learn morse code so he could talk to him secretly
  • the teachers never caught on
  • starts all sorts of rumours
  • started a rumor that there was a torture chamber in the school basement
  • also said that there was a ghost of a dead girl who died from inhaling the fumes of the boys locker rooms haunting the school
  • Yoosung asked to send a drone into the staff room after hearing they had a gambling ring in there
  • Seven frequently teases him on how gullible he is
  • Seven is on the cheer squad 
  • he only auditioned ironically but got in
  • forced MC to join saying they would be good cause they look easy to throw
  • his favourite subject is computer science cause he gets away with so much shit in the subject
  • he also like physics cause SPACE
  • least favorite is PE because he states he can only drain so much energy each day

V (Jihyun)

  • actual angel
  • everybody’s favorite senpai
  • vice president of the student council
  • everyone comes to him with problems cause they’re too scared to report it to Jumin
  • also president of photography club
  • takes pictures for the school paper
  • Rika is in the occult club
  • i think we all know why
  • everyone thinks Rika’s weird but V’s like 
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  she’s just quirky
  • regularly plays tennis with Jumin
  • V in one of those cute visors tho
  • no one would have guessed he’s a rich kid tho
  • he’ so humble about it
  • not on the best terms with Yoosung after hitting him with a tennis ball causing him to have a nosebleed
  • offers to tutor him to make amends
  • actually the one who suggest joining up with the others to form the RFA study group.