imma get in trouble

I know later down the read Imma get into trouble n try to sell my soul to Satan n he’s just gonna pull up my file of all the times I sold my soul for kpop comebacks n tell me to get the fuck outta his office

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Did u saw that Justin *selena's friend* that the song it's actually about hiding the magic of falling for someone new. I really don't know what to think about Selena anymore

Just her team being … nah imma keep quite I don’t wanna get in trouble 🤐😉

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"I'm going to go for a walk, would you like to join me?" Riya smiles as she speaks "I'd love the company" (immigrants-and-travelers)

(Imma be greed/ling :3)

“Sure- and if we get into some trouble I get to protect your pretty little self~” he chuckled a bit

Pet Planet AU

Wait for the Boss to go into his office, Aliblu. Wait for it. Wait for it to shut completely. One, two, thrreeeeee-


The large black cat barring the white dwarf hamster’s path looked amused as he placed a paw on her head. “/And just wherrrre werrrre you going?/”

“I’m going outside! The Gemini fish said they see snow today!”

The cat loafed himself in front of her. “/You are already snow, little Bunbun. Besides, you know the rules. No leaving the store./”

The bunny poofed herself up. “I won’t get in trouble! Imma ask Rock to take me! He gets to go out for walks, and if I go with him, I’ll be safe!” She scurried away from her guardian towards the slumbering puppy near the door.

“/He’s going to say ‘no’ you know./” Gia called after her lazily, going back to his perch behind the store TV.

Aliblu ran up a broom nearby to get onto the counter above Rock, and bounced off to land on him. “Rocky! Take me outside with you today! Please?”

The sleeping canine already one ear perked as the rabbit bounded onto the counter. He still made a deep ‘oof’ as she landed on him, large heard turning to stick his snout at the rabbit on his back.

“What makes ya think I’m takin’ you anywhere fluffybutt?” The long-haired German Shepherd rumbled, leaning in to poke her with his wet nose. “Ya think ya get special privileges cause I like ya?” Of course she did, he just wasn’t willing to let her get them without some effort.

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imma do somethin. if a art (i will make tomorrow) of jesse's tramp stamp gets 25K notes, imma get the tattoo on my fuckin skin. "trouble" with the fuckin guns and everything on the roof of my ass

Everyone lets make bumbleshark get a fuckig tramp stamp

Chapter 1

Chris P.O.V

1 year later

“So just like you all asked and pleaded we finally have the renowned as you like to call them Chryler in the building.” Bow said as he held the mic up.

Both me and Tyler laughed a little. I was releasing my new video for Love More on 106 & Park. I was more then hyped because this was me and Tylers first interview together. But I know she was more excited then I was.

“So Chris you’ve been on the show plenty of times but Tyler this is your first, how does it feel to out here with ya man?”

“Um it feels good, its most definitely different considering the fact that this is out first interview as a couple but its also cool cause im not watching from a TV or from backstage.” She explained.

“Yeah now you all up front with the big boys” He said making her chuckle and mumble a shutup.

“So Chris man we’ve known each other for a long time and not once did I know you can sing. How does it feel now that you out in the music industry?”

“All I can say is that its much different then what im used to. Im not use to people being so into my life but at the same time its refreshing to know that people actually care ya feel me?”

Tyler and him both nodded their heads. “So enough with this small talk, lets get to the real bidness ight? So word on the street is, is that you supposed to be dropping a video today.”

The audience went crazy making me chuckle. I loved how my fans get excited for shit like this. Lets me know that I aint doin this shit for nothin.

“So tell us a little about it before we show it.”

I smirked. “I aint gone tell yall TOO much just know that… its gone be dope!”

“Okay okay we gone get to it soon but be when we get back we gone play a game with Tyler and Chris called ‘Do You Know?’. But lets get into it so Chris go head and introduce the video in that camera right there.” He pointed to the camera that was infront of us.

I looked at Tyler. “You wanna do it?” I spoke into the mic.

“I mean if you really want me too..” she trailed off.

“But you gotta do it like me though.” I said.

“Aight I gotchu.” She uncrossed he legs, looked at the camera, and cleared her throat. “Alright so RIGHT NOW, right now is the world premier of his new single Love More ft. Nicki Minaj! It came out today thank you Team Breezy for all the support, he loves yall. Check it oouuutt!” She said as the audience got hype.

Both me and Bow were dying on that couch. The fact that she got it spot on was beyond me. I ain’t even know that she payed attention like that. She turned around back to us and laughed. While the video played we just talked.

“So did I get it?” She asked looking at us. We were still laughing.

“Yes baby you got it spot on.” I said then kissed her cheek. I scooted her closer to me but kept my arm around her waist. The video was now over and we were getting back to out interview.

“So that was that was Chris Brown video Love More ft. Nicki Minaj, yall already know what to do to get his song to number one. But Chris lemme ask you something.”


"Was the song Love More for Tyler.” I started to laugh, already knowing where he was going with this. “Cause the lyrics said till we get it right we gone love some more. till we get it, imma get it. Was that for her?”

I felt Tyler look up at me, waiting for my answer. I chuckled not really knowing what to say.“Imma just say it like this… so I don’t get in trouble. Me and Tyler usually get into a lot of arguments of dumb stuff and I always say imma 'blank’ her up.”

By now Tyler cheeks were a rosy red and she had one hand on her face. “So in when I wrote the song it was kind of meant towards her but I had to change some stuff up." 

"Tyler those no need to be ashamed. You gotta good looking dude on your arms.”

“I just can’t believe that he actually just said that on tv.” She said making me chuckle.

“Did you know that the song was for you or was directed towards you?”

She chuckled as she fixed her skirt alittle. “Um when he first played it for me I didn’t think anything of it to be honest. But I had a feeling he was talking about us cause when we got into it a couple days after he kept humming it .. and im like what the?” She said making the audience laugh.

“Alright so we finna get into this game and like I said previously its called 'Do You Know’. Now imma ask you some questions about each other that we all think that you should know-” Me and Bow saw Tyler shaking her head as she laughed.

Bow chuckled.“ Ty why you laughin girl we aint even started.”

“Cause I know this is going to lead to an argument later on, but go head and start.”

“I think she trynna call you out man.”

“I think she is too!” I turned to a Tyler who was still laughing.

“Im not tryna call you out, im just sayin.” She said, now looking at me.

I waved her off and waited for Bow to continue this game.

“Aight so we gone start off with you Tyler. What is Chris’s color?”

I looked at her and smirked causing her to burst out laughing. “Why you lookin at me like that?” She said through her laughter.

“Nun im just waitin for you to answer the question.” I said.

She sucked her teeth and smiled. “His favorite color is red.” She said with confidence.

Bow looked at me to confirm it. I chuckle and nodded my head. “She got lucky, I told her that yesterday.”

The audience plus Tyler started laughing. “Whatever, you did not.” She playfully nudged me.

“Mhm I think it was luck too! Okay now Chris, what is Tyler’s shoes size?”

Out the corner of my eye I saw Tyler throwing daggers at me, daring me to say something stupid. “ Tyler why you lookin at him like that?”

“Cause I know he finna say somethin stupid!” She said as she kept her eye on me.

I sucked my teeth. “She wear a size 7” I said then looked back at her.

“Yeaa, you better say the right size.” She mumbled into the mic.

“Or what?” I challenged.

She just ignored me. “Bow can we get the next question please.”

Chuckling he asked her “What is Chris’s favorite part of your body?”

The crowed immediately oo'ed as Tyler rose one of her eye brows. “Ion think you want her to answer that question playa.” I said causing Tyler to cover her face and make Bow bust out laughing.

“Okay then whats his 2nd favorite.”

“Aight well I think its my waist cause thats where his hands seem to always wonder to”

“Imma just say yes to keep it PG” I said.

Again Tyler’s cheeks started to turn a rosy red causing me to laugh. I quickly draped my arm over her shoulders and pulled her into my chest. The audience awe’d as we had our moment. All I could do was smile as I looked down at her.


I watched her as she slept peacefully. The white this covers that covered her body failed to cover a few parts of her naked body. The sun that showed through the huge window in our room bounced of her smooth tan skin causing it to give off a glow. Her wild curls were spread all over the also white pillow that she rested her head on. A few strands settled on her face.

I wanted her to wake up so we could go at it again and again and again. I couldn’t get enough when me and Tyler made love. Not fuck but actually make sweet love. The way she called my name out, the way her back arched off of the bed when she was about to reach her climax, the way she clawed my back when I hit it just right. Everything. It just made me love her even more.

Me being me I can say that Iv’e fucked a good amount of women; something i’m not proud of, but none of them compare to Tyler.

Thinking about it only made me get hard again but I didn’t wanna wake her up just for sex. We had already stayed up all night and some of the morning fooling around.

I sighed as I laid my head back on my pillow. I carefully slid my arm from under her body, trying not to wake her. Once I was completely out of the bed I took a look at our room. It was fucked up to the max. I ain’t even realized we made that big of a mess. I finally found my basketball shorts and put them back on.

Just as I was about to walk out of the room I heard Tyler slightly moan then yawn. I turned around only to see her resting up on her elbows, still letting the sheet cover her body.

“You were just gonna leave me?” She asked with a pout.

I chuckled. “I was just gonna make us breakfast baby.”

“No, come lay with me. I don’t want it now.” She said.

I didn’t even think twice about it. Quickly walking back over to the bed I got back into my previous spot. Immediately she positioned her body directly on top of mine, her breast squished against my chest, and her head in the crook of my neck as she placed light kisses on it. My hands stuck to her ass like magnets. Her hands played in my over grown blonde curls. Her kisses moved up my jawline and eventually landed on my lips. During the mist of it we some how intertwined our finger as our lips danced on each others.

I some how managed to get my shorts down and yet again enter for the umpteenth time. She gasped, a little bit of pleasure and pain. I knew for a fact she was sore down there.

I quickly flipped up over so that I was not on top and in control. I pounded into her sending her into a state of pure bliss. He back arched off the bad as she ran her hair threw her curls. Her moans got louder with each stroke only sounding like music to my ears. The way her name rolled off her tongue only stimulated me to continue till we were both completely worn out.

The moment she opened her eyes and we made contact was the moment I realized we had the same lust, desire, the hankering for one another. And its scared me to say the least, but at least I knew we were on the same page.

I knew she was about to reach her climax just by the way her legs trembled. Just as she was about to let it all out, we did it at the same time, earning a grunt from my lips and a few claws on my back from her.

I collapsed right next to her as we both tried to catch our breaths. Even though I was exhausted now I knew that this wouldn’t be the end of it. I felt her cuddle up against my side and rest on leg on top of mine as her arm made its was around my torso. My fingers played in her curls as she laid her head on my chest.

External image

Tyler P.O.V

“Alright be good baby.” I said then kissed her little nose, handing her to the Nanny. I told her that me or Chris should be back later on tonight, I wasn’t very sure what time though.

I had just came home from work but had no time to change. It was like I walked in the door then walked right back out. Luckily Margret was already here so I didn’t loose any time.

After getting back into my Audi I quickly zipped down the road. 15 minutes had past before I pulled up to the newly built warehouse. I could already smell the weed from a mile away.

I got out of my car and quickly walked towards the entrance. Once I entered I was greeted by my lovely ladies.

“Hello Ladies.” I said, getting scattered responses from them all. I had the warehouse set up perfectly. Since I didn’t wan’t any male workers I had an all girl staff. Poppies really didn’t like that idea but I really didn’t give a fuck. He asked me to run this so it was either my way or no way at all.

Just as I was about to walk past Tyra she stopped me. “Um there is something in your office.” She said.

I turned my face up. “Do you know what it is?”

“Oh yeah, I was just told not to say anything.” She said.

“Okaaay then. Thanks for the message.” I said. I swear that girl is so blonde sometimes.

I quickly walked to the back where my office was located and entered it only to see a cloud of smoke coming from my chair, which was facing the other way so I couldn’t see who ever it was.

“Who the hell?” I asked, already feeling by blood rising. I hate when people sit in my chair, let alone be in my office without me being here. Which reminds me I need to talk to Tyra about that shit.

The slowly turned around revealing August. I immediately sucked my teeth. This nigga.

“Waddup baby!” His New Orleans accent flowing out with his word and the smoke.

“Why are you here?” I asked, placing my bag and jacket on the nearby couch. “And why are you in my seat?” I asked, realizing I didn’t even address that.

“Relax ya self ma I just came to pay ya stank ass a visit.” He said.

Oh gosh. I already knew how this shit was finna end and it wasn’t going to be pretty. We always end up getting into an argument ever time he decides to “visit”. He still can’t get over the fact that Poppie let me run the ware house and not him. Nigga its called building a bridge and getting over that shit ASAP.

Ion even know why he wanna run it so bad anyways. He’s never gonna be here. I think he sometimes for get the fact that her is a famous and well known singer. I can barely run this shit half the time and i’m a clothes designer.

I sat in one of the leather seats that was positioned in front of my desk and braced myself for his “visit”.