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The cupcake feat~~

Well guys… I got a PART 4~~~~! KINDA :B NO NAME NOW… [coming from]

So, as my wonderful friend divetodistraction,​ a.k.a. Panda, gave me some wonderful ideas/advices, I stole them :B and worked on them…

So for Valentine’s Day, I planned to give senpai seome cupcakes, baked by me ^_^

I spent the whole week on that… Of course I couldn’t give just to him, so I had to cover my mission (?) by giving cupcakes to all my karate friends. Anyway, I didn’t know how to give it to him…

I started baking on thursday. I made those from chocolate flavored flour… BUUUUT I already had plans to make some wonderful Hershey’s cupcakes JUST FOR HIM. So on that day, I dropped the last class and went to buy the hershey’s cocoa [I still complaining on how expensive is T_T]

I made his right on on friday, a complete torture :B

Well, let’s skip all that. TBH, i thought my cupcakes [the ones I made out of pure fluor, cocoa and stuff] were waaaaaaaaaaay too yummy ;_; I was so proud of my babies hahaha

making the buttercream was a pain in the… ARM XD

Literally I felt my arm falling off of my body ;_; But also was great IMO

The result was this

They were cute n_n msahjsbhsa

so I putted them on little bags with a red ribbon [I GOT NO PICS, I FINISHED AT 17:00 and something!!!] and well~~

I arrived at school’s gym around 18:00, and supposedly my friend was there, but she wasn’t ¬_¬ So I had to wait for her to arrive~

First, R senpai earlier than her ¬_¬ He said Hi and…

“Oh hey…” *pause* “Ah, hey…”

“Lemme guess… Sensei cancelled the practice”

“No, no n_n I… I just wanted to… Well, you know, I made some things <_< for you guys…”


*Then I got a couple of cupcakes outta my bag*

“Oh, thank you!” “happy valentine’s~”

Then he tried to gimme a hug so I had to stand, I was very blushed, even if we often talk, IDK, i’m actually ashamed of talking anyone :B

He started kinda to talk to me about where he was going to put the cupcakes but then my friend came and R senpai left~ ._. we talked for a bit and she had to left :( It was already 6:30 and once she went, I started to feel dissapointed, I thought senpai wasn’t coming, who knows? Maybe he had something planned with her girlfriend? friends? pet? IDK but I got all sad. However, I decided to stay a bit more…

THEN HE CAME n_n And I sure my eyes started to shine and smiled :B He arrived with another guy I don’t know, but it’s a blue belt.I tried to wave at him {I was at bleachers and he had to walk right beside me} and say hi, but I don’t know if my voice was too low and didn’t hear :(

After about 10 mins, he came outta the dressing room…

I waited a few mins, til I GOT bravery enough to go down and give to him the cupcakes >/////< I almost threw up hahah D: my legs were like a newborn Bambi, all trembling XD

He and “R senpai” was stretching and warming up[*-* R senpai was helping him to stretch on the floor] but, as soon as I approached to them, senpai looked at my direction, then I… Well, wait, I don’t even know how the fuck I said what I said, I had nothing in mind to cover all XD I was like “OK I NEED AN EXCUSE, NOW! RIGHT NOW!” and the first thing came outta my mouth was “Hey, R, do you know if sensei is coming today?” He shrugged and then senpai looked at me and said he had no idea. I said I had to leave, and senpai told me to sent him [sensei] a message on facebook…

Then >_< I was ike “Oh, okay… Well, actually, guys… Errmmmhhh… I made something for you but…” Then I got senpai’s cupcakes outta my bag >//////< [yes, I dared to make special ones for him, I put extra effort on them hahaha also extra sprinkles, what was probably a mistake if I didn’t want to be obvious…] And gave the two packs to him >/////////< I felt my cheeks burning T____T he said “OMG, really? for me too?” then He grabbed the packs and said “Woohooo!! Thank you!” as smiling n_____n I gave another one to R senpai too and gave one to each one of the other fellas up there [two XD] then the guy I don’t know said “oh thanks, but I’m new… Like new! :B” I was like “ahahahah *nervous laugh* don’t worry mate n_n" 

Senpai said thanks again as I excused because the buttercream got spread in the bag ;_; and he said it was good…. Then, he said, "wait, Oh D: where do I put this?!” “Well, near to your bag” and you know what he said? “Nah, I’m gonna put this right here” *he put the bags in from of him, where he was stretching* “You know, to get motivated!”

WELL YES, HE SAID THAT >////////////////////////////////////////////////////< I feltjsbsahsahgsahsasb like I got a million pesos for those 4 cupcakes ;///////////////////////////////////////////;

I nervously laughed and said “sure, so you could eat them when you finish” and feeling I couldn’t stand another minute up there because of shame, I said them [both senpais] I had to go, and if they could tell sensei I couldn’t attend the practice, they said yes, R senpai said “thank you” again and I waved at them as walking away. Then, when I thought senpai wouldn’t say anything else, senpai shouted something like “bye! hope you do well and thanks a lot again!!” I don’t remember, I was so so so so so so ashamed and wanted already to dissapear from there ASAP I just  sightly waved at him and said “yeah, no prob! see ya!” I HONESTLY DON’T REMEMBER! T///////////////////////T and then I ran away without looking back >/////////////////////////////<

BTW, he never stood up, because, well, basically, i INTERRUPTED THEM… but whatevs…

And that’s the story about how I -KINDAAAA- talked to senpai first and felt like I gave him a dozen roses X////D

I won’t see him next week, but I Hope he ate the cupcakes and liked it ;_______________; my friends tagged me at facebook telling me they loved them and they were super duper delicious.. IDK! i JUST… HOPE ;____;

I walked back home with a stupid smile I couldn’t take off of my face :////D and I know I did ‘cuz people were staring at me a bit haha