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(Hhhhh sorry boi) Friday watching Ara get hurt/killed and HE can't do anything really? Hhhh idk sorry--

Since tol boi ain’t my boi, i’ll make it Ara’s nightmare in some way- imma write it like and actual story, or try to anyway hhh

The night was cold and dark duh. It was quiet in the streets, for every monster had returned to their homes, except fro three. The streets may have been silent but that’s only because if two of the three “make any sound, i’ll kill the other right in front you you.” And the two didn’t want that to happen. A tall bear kid, a smaller spider skele, and an even smaller skele who-knows-what-else were in an alleyway. It was a deep alley in an abandoned part of the area.

One was tied up with the end of his own hat and the other was being abused by the bear kid in front of him. Friday tried to beg the bear kid to “Stop before you kill him!” But the Bear kid wouldn’t. He would reopen old wounds on the smaller skele and create new ones. No matter how used to pain he was it still hurt just as bad as the first time he ever got hit. None of the pain could compare to seeing his friend sad though. He usually sees him happy and has grown used to the face. When he sees his pal sad it hurts him so he would always try his best to cheer his bro up.

The beating was getting worse. There were silent sounds of cracking and breaking in between each hit. He was throw down in front of his friend, his eyes were dull and he could barely keep his eyes open. He was bleeding too much for the others comfort. Ara looked into his friends eyes and saw the hurt and horror. He smiled and weekly patted his friends face, “It’s cool, man. It hurts but it’s okay. It’s never.. gotten to this point before but um… we dunno how it can turn out. Maybe someone will… show up or um.. i’ll suddenly be able to use magic correctly…”  His eyes started to fade, he felt his soul start to slowly shatter, he tried to talk as fast as he could to get it all out before…

“Uh… okay it’s not okay but.. don’t worry um.. You can beat this je.. jerk and uh” He started to loose his thoughts, “Uh.. where was I going with this. I dunno just beat the guy… beat him up and stuff…” The smaller boi wiped any tears from the others eyes, “Dude no don’t cry, it doesn’t fit you… well. I.. wish i could have told you.. I like … I like y…”

His words trailed off as his eyes faded. He couldn’t see anything but he just heard the faint echo of his friend saying “no” over and over. Ara sat up and noticed the “no”s where not only in the dream. He remembered he stayed the night at his pals house- He looked and saw his friend was also having a nightmare. His friend woke up in tears and looked at Ara like he had just seen a ghost. Friday hugged Ara like he hasn’t seen him in a million years, “I won’t let that happen, I promise”


that’d be so cool if sometimes when Ara spends the night their dreams get tied together-

and here’s what I drew for it:

It’s super dark but oh well, that’s the poiNT-

anyway enjoy this nighmare angST


In case y’all needed a reason to love the YouMaru event cards.

  • okay yes yes yes but Sirius Black and Lily Evans being bros at Hogwarts
  • Eleven year old Sirius trying to juggle with oranges he stole at breakfast. He accidentally throws one right at Lily Evans’s nose. She takes her new wand, waves it a bit and accidentally gives him horse hooves
  • This is how they become bros
  • Thirteen year old Sirius black getting his ass whipped by thirteen year old Lily Evans in wizard chess
  • Lily and Sirius partnered for charms where they’re meant to be summoning cushions and it just ends in them starting a class pillow fight
  • Fourteen year old Sirius taking really ugly close-up photos of lily while she sleeps and she wakes up like sirIUS I’m GOING TO SHOVE THAT CAMERA DOWN YOUR THROAT YOU PIECE OF SHIT
  • Sirius and lily taking the piss out of James because of his stupid hair thing and his freaking walk that looks like he’s dancing

‘it’s like he’s prancing or something’
‘yes lily.. He really is prancing. Rather like a deer I would go as far to say, don’t you agree Evans?’

  • Lily and Sirius sliding down Hogwarts banisters screaming
  • Twelve year old losers want to prove that they’re not scared of the forbidden forest so they both go out there in the middle of the night like: ‘first one to come out is a WUSS’
  • It ends with McGonagall finding both of them in her dressing gown half way up a tree, with lily writing her will on a piece of bark and Sirius waving a large stick screaming ‘THIS WAS A MISTAKE’ repeatedly
  • Drunk Lily in sixth year and an even drunker Sirius Black gives her piggyback across the grounds while she stretches her arms wide and screams
  • ‘Mr Black, Miss Evans, your homework answers are exactly the same, I suspect one of you copied the other. My money is on Mr Black’
  • It was Lily but who would believe him
  • No one
  • He got detention and Lily laughed about it for two weeks.
  • Lily taking toast up to Sirius when he doesn’t wake up in time for breakfast
  • Sirius with his head on Lily’s stomach watching as Remus gets utterly thrashed by Mary in Gobstones while yelling unhelpful things like: ‘YOU SHOULD TRY AND WIN THIS ROUND’ and ‘PUT HER SHIRT OVER HER HEAD AND STEAL HER STONES YOU’LL FOR SURE WIN’
  • For her birthday Lily gets a shit-ton of daises because (ironically) they’re her favourite flower and she grins because she knows exactly who they’re from
  • Mulciber calls Lily a Mudblood at the end of sixth year and Sirius Black emerges from nowhere and punches him so hard in the mouth he loses four teeth and his gums forever look a little lopsided
  • Being partnered for potions like:

‘this goes in here’
‘no it doesn’t’

  • It all ends in them wrestling on the table while Remus laughs, Peter gawks and James feel conflicted about who to cheer for
  • Sirius getting a letter from his mum and when Lily reads it, then picks it up and throws it into the fire before saying ‘you’re more than that’
  • Fourteen year old Sirius-no-one-is-better-at-pranking-than-me-Black laughing his ass off when Lily makes the board disappear, flips a desk, breaks a window by throwing a vase through it and turns a third of the class into rabbits before climbing on James’s desk and screaming ‘FUCK GOBBLINS’ and prompts the only reaction out of Professor Binn’s on record.

‘Black, late to class again I see. Probably doing your hair, am I right?”
“yes in fact you are Evans. I care about my appearance, clearly you do not”

  • Lily flips him off and McGonagall is in disbelief because she is head girl and Miss Evans I expected more.
  • ‘Alright so there are goose feathers everywhere, which one of you three did this?’ *both point simultaneously to James*
  • Sirius citing Lily as a source on his witches in the 1700’s and by source he means she ranted to him for thirty minutes about the treatment of witches by not only muggles but WIZARD MEN and he wrote it all down and turned it in
  • Fifteen year old Lily really likes coffee but never knows how to get it and Sirius showing her how to tickle the pair and OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC and she hugs him and he sort of… stands there like so shocked before wrapping his arms around her waist and his mother pretended like she didn’t know who he was at Hogsmede yesterday but everything seems a little better now
  • ‘Evans look over there’ *smears peanut butter down neck and turns around pretending like he didn’t*
  • ‘Oi Black look over here’ *produces scissors and threatens to cut off his eyebrow while simultaneously throwing cornflakes *
  • They always talk each other up to their crushes like ‘yeah Millie Sirius DOES have huge muscles’ and ‘James I heard that Lily has THREE BOOBS. Evans would you stop kicKING ME PLEASE’
  • At graduation right after Sirius gets his certificate and he grabs the magical megaphone like ‘SUCK IT EVANS I GRADUATED BEFORE YOU’ and Lily’s all ‘Black that’s just because ‘B’ is before ‘E’’ but he’s too busy yelling ‘THIS IS A SIGN I BLOODY KNEW I WAS SMARTER THAN YOU AND THE SAME GOES FOR YOU MOONY’
  • Basically Lily and Sirius being bros at school and having each-others backs is highly important u need to realize this 

Princess Elena + Lieutenant Gabriel Nuñez

                                                       “It’s my job to protect you.” 

                                              “And it’s my job to protect everyone.”


Art is Dead? More like I AM DEAD

Here is a little vloggy thing I did last weekend when I went for Comic Con London. Honestly I thought I was just going there for the art then I found out that Tomska and PJ was gonna be there :’D! I didn’t manage to get a video with PJ but he was just as lovely! Hope you guys enjoy~ (via


G̸̨̨̝͉̙̺͖̤̓͊͋̃͡͝ŗ̘̫͎͕̠̩̫̓̅́́̔̕̕͢͞ͅe̠͚̦̫̼͌̉́̑̔͌e̶̹̪̱͖͖̹̝͒̀͆̐̿̾͐̚͢͝͞t̞͇̖͚̲̟̭͖̜̗͆̿̇̋̀̑͆̓͡i̷̳̭͈̺̺͔̤̖̇́̆̏́̚̕̚͜͝n̢̩̖̘̠͚͇̩̎̑̌͗͛͂̕͘͡g̸̢̛͈̦̟͕̗͚̬̒̓̀̽͛͒͗ş̛͕̦̮̝̬͇̹͉̩̆͛́͗̽͐͌̍͠.̵͙̭͉̰̦̯͙͔̘̥̇͐̐́̊̃̒̚͠͠ Į̴̡͓͖̽̍͑̏͋͟͡͞ͅ a̡̡̟̪͙͚͖͆́͗͐͑͟m̧̮̣̓̐͆̆̔͢͜ C̴̣͈͉͙̀̐̿̊̄͢͟h̷̛͙͕̭̖̞̗͆̍̕͘͠ä̞̺̲̪̬̿͑̎̄̂̀̆́͆͜͜r̵̺͕̝̩̙̤̜͔̀̑̂̋̉ą̴͍̞͖̝̺͙̽̓͊̆̊̾̍̂̇͘.͈̝̩͉͇̾͛̌͘͝


“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”


tfw ur school is falling apart so u gotta quickly update ur status before everything collapses :v