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Headcanon 14

Yang and Blake like to read together. But the way they do it is a bit different. Instead of sitting around in the room reading separate books, Blake likes in Yang’s lap. The blonde’s arms wrapped around her stomach as she nestles into Yang like a big heated chair. Yang resting her head on her faunus girlfriend’s shoulder, looking down to the book. Normally Blake finishes the pages first so she asks if Yang’s ready or waits for Yang to say she’s good to change turn the page.

So here’s some news in case you didn’t know: I am doing an apprenticeship in a cake/biscuit bakery! I just ordered a load of biscuit decroating equipment, including several fabulous gel food colours, in order to make and decorate my own biscuits from home. I’m thinking of trying to make biscuits to look like characters from several of the shows I love, inlcluding:

and many more! Super excited. The trickest part is finding suitably shaped cookie cutters though… Give me a shout if you have any thoughts on common cookie cutter shapes that represent any of the above characters. Eg, Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) has an upsidedown ice cream cone head and Bee (Bee and Puppycat) has a head/hair outline a lot like a cloud.

A Post V3 Unnamed Fanfiction: Pilot Chapter

- So here is something else that may or may not become something…

Summary: Five years after the fall of Beacon, Blake returns to find her former partner.

Enjoy -

It has been five years since the fall of Beacon Academy. Five long years since Blake had last seen her former partner. She still felt guilty. Letting Yang get hurt like that and then leaving. But she couldn’t bare to see Yang in such a state. And Adam’s words still echoed in her mind. “I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love.” She shook the thought from her head as she continued on down the path.

She took in the sights and sounds of the colorful fall forest. Happily looking around, Blake couldn’t help but get lost in her surroundings. The sound of birds chirping around her. The smell of the crisp fall air. Even the colors of the changing leave were beautiful. She now knew why Yang said she loved fall back home.

As the sky began to grow dark, Blake was a light up ahead. As she got closer she saw that light happened to be coming from a house in the distance. It looked to be the house described to her when she asked around the town about where the Xiao Long residence was.

As she got closer, her legs began to feel weak. She was getting nervous. Nervous to see Yang again. How would Yang react? Would she be happy? Would she be angry? The latter more that likely. Blake knew she had to be strong. She knew she had to this. If not for her, but for Yang. She let out a sigh as she got to the end path that lead up to the door, looking to the house. She bit her lip as she took a step forward, her fingers fumbling with the belt on her white jacket.

Letting out another sigh once reaching the door. She raised her hand to knock, pausing for a second before knocking. While she waited, she noticed how quiet things have gotten. The wind was still gently blowing but all the chirping of the birds have ceased. Soon though, the door swung open, revealing a tall blond man looking down to her. He looked a lot like Yang. Her father, Blake would guess. “Uh, hello,” Blake said, almost instantly mentally scolding herself for the lack of confidence.

The man looked Blake over before giving a small smile, leaning against the door frame. “You must be Blake.”

The faunus raised an eyebrow, confused. “You… you know me?”

The man chuckled a bit. “In a sense. Yang wouldn’t really shut up about you.” His words caused Blake to blush lightly, looking of to the side. “I assume Yang is why you’re here then.”

She returned her focus to the man. “Y-yeah.”

The man sighed. “You may want to come on inside.” Blake nodded, following him inside. He led her into the kitchen morning for her to take a seat at the table. He opened and reached into the refrigerator, pulling a glass bottle out. “want one?” he asked, looking over to the girl. Blake shook her head. He closed the refrigerator, opening the bottle and tossing the cap on the counter. “So, as you have probably guessed by now, I’m Taiyang. Yang and Ruby’s father… you can just call me Tai.” he said, sitting across from Blake.

“Nice to meet you sir,” Blake said respectfully, giving a slight bow of her head.

“Please,” Taiyang said with a chuckle. “Just Tai. Sir makes me sound old.”

Blake nodded. “So Sir, I mean Tai, I came here for Yang”

“Right,” he nodded, taking a drink. He let out a sigh when finished. “I haven’t seen or heard from Yang in just over four years now.”

“What?!” Blake leaned forward as she spoke.”What do you mean?”

“I mean she left.”

Blake’s eyes widened as her mind began to race about why Yang would leave. And more importantly, why she hasn’t kept in contact with her own father. “Why?” Blake simply asks.

“I dunno,” he says with a simple shake of his head. “After she had the surgery to get herself a new arm and after the physical therapy she came home and began to train. It was nice seeing her have some motivation again. Things seemed almost normal.” he takes another drink. “Then one day, I leave on a hunt out in Vacuo. I come home a week later and she’s gone. No note. Nothing. Just gone.”

“Oh,” Blake simply says. “So you have no idea then?”

He shakes his head “Nope. Sorry. But I never really did try and find her either.” That causes Blake to look up to him, eyebrow raised. “Hey. If she wanted me to know, she would’ve told me. She was eighteen, so it’s not like I could force her to come back home.”

Blake nodded. Understanding his words. “So,nothing then?”

“Well…” he began “I have kept tabs on things. I’ve heard some stuff going around. Asked around while out on hunts. The most promising thing comes from Mistral.”

“What is it?”

“Well. There has been rumors going around there for a year or so now. Basically warrior who fights with the passion of a fire and the ferocity of a dragon.” He takes another drink, letting the bottle rest on his lip, smirking. “Sound like anyone we know?”

Blake gives him a small smile, now seeing where Yang gets her smirk from. “Sounds like Yang.”

Tai leans back in his chair, setting the bottle down on the table. “Now, I already know you’re going to head after her.” Blake looks down. “And I say go for it. I would love to know how she’s doing. I’m both a huntsman and a teacher. I don’t really have the time to chase after someone who doesn’t want to be found.” Blake nods, looking to him. “So let me offer you this. You find Yang, I’ll pay for,you ride to Mistral and give you a place to stay tonight. Sound fair?”

“Why are you offering me this?” Blake asks looking back down.

“Because it obvious you care a lot about my daughter. You wouldn’t have come here if you didn’t. So, how about it?”

Blake smiles to the man, giving him a nod. “Okay. I already planned on it, but I’ll do it. I’ll find Yang.”

Graveyard Shift

Random BumbleBY modern AU one shot I thought up

Yang leaned against the counter flipping through one of the magazines from the rack, munching on a bag of potato chips she was too lazy to pay for. She looked out the window of the convenience store she worked at, out into the dark of cold January night. She hated the graveyard shift. Patch was a small town. Small enough that if you blinked, you’d miss it. Nothing but farms and small businesses. Hell, her graduating class consisted of less than two hundred people. The was no need for a twenty-four hour convenience store, but her dad insisted and he did pay her for sitting on her ass, so she couldn’t complain.

She looked at the clock, seeing it was only about half past one AM. The blonde let out a sigh resting her head on the countertop. She was gonna need more coffee. She leaned back up, walking over the coffee pot. Filling the filter and pressing a few buttons and it was getting ready to brew.

She could feel her eyelids growing heavy as the soft rock of Lynryd Skynyrd played through the radio. It was like one of those cheesy movie settings almost. Yang let out a soft chuckle as the thought crossed her mind. She watched as the dark liquid began to drain from the nozzle. Breathing in, the scent of the warm beverage already making her feel more awake.

Yang rolled up the sleeves of her flannel button down, walking over and grabbing a styrofoam from the dispenser. Yawning as she pours herself a cup, cursing to herself as she some coffee splashes up and over the rim over her cup, making on her white undershirt. She lets out a sigh, grabbing some napkins and dabbing at the wet spots, noticing the the light brown stain left over causing her to grumble.

She was almost surprised when the head the bell on the door chime. The cold, winter air coming in and cutting right through the warm air, sending a quick chill down Yang’s spine. “Be right there,” she walks out as she finished up what she was doing. It was probably one of the drunkards coming in for more beer or a pack of smokes. That was her usual clientele at this time of night, if any.

When Yang made it back over to the counter, she was stunned to find it wasn’t one of the drunk townsfolk, but instead a beautiful black haired girl, about her own age. The girl almost made Yang drop her coffee she was that beautiful. The blonde looked her up and down. Eyes scanning her body carefully, soaking in the details.

Yang shook her head quickly to bring her back to reality. “Uh um, hey.” she walked back behind the counter. “What can I do for you?” she asked, noticing the black haired girl scanning her over. This causing Yang to smirk to herself.

“Right oh,” the girl began snapping back to her reality. Her voice causing Yang to melt. She was without a doubt the prettiest girl the blonde had ever laid her eyes on. Well maybe not the prettiest, but easily she was well up there. Yang could easily get lost in those amber eyes. “Um, so I’m on my way to up to Mackinaw City and well I ran into a bad accident and it forced me off my usual route. Would you possible know how to get to US 127 from here?”

Yang smiled. Happy to help. “Oh, yeah. You just have to head over to Falmouth, south from her and turn east onto it. Follow it around and back up to Houghton Lake and you’ll be back on route.” the blonde lets out a small laugh. “Its pretty stupid, I know.”

The black haired girl nods, with a roll over her eyes. “You’re telling me. Why the hell do you have to hop off 131 and take an hour route over the 127 just to get up to that stupid bridge?”

Yang shrugs. “Because Michigan. That’s why.”

The girl gives a small giggle. “Yeah. So uh, do you mind if I grab a few things for the road?”

“Not at all. In fact take your time.” With that, the girl went to perusing the shelves, grabbing a few things as she went. Yang watching as she moved along the aisles. Wanting to make conversation with the girl, decided to ask a few questions. “So, why ya heading up to the U.P.?”

Without looking back up she answered Yang’s question. “I go to college up in Marquette. Went back home for winter break. Have to get back somehow.”

“Yeesh,” Yang began as she wrinkled her nose. “Seems like a far ways for in-state schooling. Where you from? The Grand Rapids area or something? Why not go to one of the ones down there?”

Yang watched as the girl continues to wade the shelves of the small store. “I like the area. Marquette and Lake Superior are really pretty.”

Yang nodded, able to understand. She had grand parents up in Marquette so she knew how nice it was. “Well then, you still have a ways to go. You should take some coffee. It was just brewed fresh by your’s truly,” the blonde said with a cheeky smile.

She almost felt her heart stop when the girl looked up to her with a smile gracing her lips. “Well if that’s the case then sure. Why not?” they way she said it causing her lips to part slightly.

Soon, with a cup of coffee in hand, the girl came to the counter with some snacks and a few energy drinks. Yang begin to punch the corresponding numbers into the register to bring the items up. The girl pulling out a debit card and handing to to Yang. The blonde looked on back for the signature, seeing “see ID” was written in it’s place. “Can I see your ID or something.” the girl already having it ready and handing it to Yang. She read the name on the cards, seeing they both matched to be Blake Belladonna. She swiped the card, handing it back to Blake with a receipt and a pen for her to sign. “And you’re all set to go, Blake. Have a safe trip. Watch for ice.”

Blake smiled to Yang, signing it and gathering her items. “Thanks. You were some help and the conversation was nice after the lonely drive. Maybe I’ll stop in again sometime.”

Her saying that caused Yang to smile. “Yeah. I think that’d be cool. Have a good one.”

“You too.” and with that, Blake left the store. The chilly winter air once again invading the store as she walked out the door.

There is like an alternate ending to this… it’s really just a few added sentences to the final paragraph. I mean, if you guys wanna see that…

Adorable and uncouth dreamer of a female protagonist finds out she has a Destiny, gets rescued by a handsome bad boy with a mysterious past who’s also part wolf or something ‘cause why not and stumbles into war between decadently rich siblings with all the attendant sneers and depravity and there’s gargoyles and dizzying fight scenes with laser rollerblades and hey it’s Sean Bean. I LIKE it.

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Trust me. Imma bee.

Memories Lost: Ch 3

- Hey look… I finally did the thing…

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own RWBY in any way, shape, or form. RWBY and all it’s characters respectively belong to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum.

Please enjoy -

Yang sat in silence as she watched Ruby and Weiss in the yard playing with Zwei. Her father had left to go into town about an hour ago and Blake was inside reading. She said something about not wanting to be around Zwei. Yang wished she had the company though. They tried to convince her to come and play with them, but Yang didn’t want to. She didn’t have anything to talk to them about. They would constantly reminisce in times that Yang couldn’t remember. She would try to remember them but it just ended up causing her head to begin the ache.

She sat there against a tree with her legs tucked into her chest. She was terrified of letting them down. Not being the Yang they remembered. Yang only became more stressed about that when she went through her scroll the night before. Found the photo of her and the others on it. They all looked so happy. She was most stressed about Blake though. The two had been something before the accident, and now she couldn’t remember any of it.

Letting out a sigh, she rested her chin against her knees as she continued watching the two on the other side of the yard, playing frisbee with the small dog. Yang couldn’t help but smile as she watched the animal trot after the disc with his stubby little legs. It was rather cute to watch.

Looking over to the house again, her mind wandered back to Blake. She couldn’t help but feel she was the reason Blake was distancing herself, and not Zwei. In some of the photos, Blake was close to the dog and didn’t seem to have a problem with him. Yang decided she wanted an answer. She stood up from her spot under the tree and began to walk towards the house. Apparently the others noticed her, for they started calling out to her.

“Yang!” she heard the high pitched almost nasally cry of her little sister. Yang turned to face the the two girls, raising an eyebrow. “Where are you going?!”

Yang looked back to the house before turning back to face her sister, calling out. “I’m gonna go and try to convince Blake to come on out.” it wasn’t a total lie. She was going to talk to Blake. Maybe she would try and convince her to come outside to. Yang looked up to the blue sky, squinting slightly as the sunlight entered her eyes. It was a beautiful day after all. No point in wasting it inside.

Ruby beamed back with a smile. From the looks of it she liked this idea. She waved over happily to Yang. “Okay don’t be long, Sis!” she turned back, pull the frisbee from the corgi’s mouth, throwing it out as he went running after it.

Yang turned back, opening the door to the house. She didn’t wear any shoes when she went outside so she was happy she didn’t have to waste her time taking them off. As she entered she smiled to find Blake curled up on the couch, with a book in hand. She silently strolled up to the couch, taking a seat on the opposite end, curling one of her leg up on the cushion. Her back resting against the armrest. “Whatcha reading?” Yang asked in the most cheerful tone she could muster.

Blake looked up from the book, looking over to Yang, a bit shocked to see her. “Wha… hmm?”

Yang let out a small giggle seeing the girls reaction, causing the faunus’ face to turn a light shade of pink. “I asked what you’re reading. Must be something good judging by you not hearing me come in, it must be something good.”

Blake returned the small giggle, closing the book over her index finger to keep her spot. She looked at the cover, smiling. “Yeah. pulled it off the bookshelves in the dining room. Ruby said something about those being your mother’s books.”

Yang slowly nodded her head as she watched the girl look at the cover of the book. “What’s it about?”

Blake’s smile only grew as she heard Yang’s question. “It’s about a girl. She’s lost in life and trying to find her way home, or find a home in general. A place to belong.” Blake looked over to Yang to see her nodding her head slowly. “But,” the faunus began, “I don’t think you came here to discuss literature, did you?”

The blonde let out a sigh, a small smile tugging at her lips. She began to drum her fingers not really knowing how to bring it up. She noticed that Blake was eyeing her curiously. Letting out another sigh, Yang just decided to say it. “Blake, are you avoiding me?” Her gaze fell back to the book, pretty much answering Yang’s question, but she decided to press on. “Because if so, is it because I’m not… well, me? I can’t remember who I am?”

“Yang, I…” Blake paused biting her lip.

Yang decided to continue on. “I mean the doctor said my memories could come back any day and tha….”

She was cut off by Blake. “But he also said they could never return, Yang. He said that they might never return and you’d have to make new ones. You would lose who you were and I’m terrified of that. I just want my Yang back.” Blake folded her legs up, tucking them into her chest as Yang sat there staring at the girl, a look of surprise spread across her face.

“Blake…” Yang spoke quietly. She scooted across the couch closer to the girl, putting a hand on the raven haired girl’s shoulder. “You have no idea how bad I want that too. How bad I want to go back to being the person you remember. I’m honestly trying. I’m trying so damn hard but every time I try and remember something it hurts. My head begins to ache and I lose whatever might have been there.” Biting her lip, Yang chose to continue. “You just have to help me remember.”

Blake looked up the the girl, tears beginning to sting her eyes. The blonde gave her a soft smile, using her thumb to wipe away a tear. As Blake stared into Yang’s lilac eyes she couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity from this. Of how many times Yang had done this for her before. Wiping away her tears when a particular bad memory would come up. Giving her that smile to reassure that that everything was going to be alright. There was semblance of the old Yang in those eyes. Blake smiled as she leaned her head in, resting it on Yang’s shoulder.

Yang’s face turned a light shade of pink as her eyes darted away, not really used to this kind of contact with the girl yet. “You uh, are you feeling any better now?”

Blake let out a soft giggle, nuzzling her head slightly into the girl’s shoulder. “Much. You always know how to make me feel better. Gives me hope that the old Yang is still in there, waiting to come back to us.”

Face forming into soft smile, the brawler relaxed into the couch. The pair sat there in comfortable silence for several minutes until Yang remembered that Ruby and Weiss were expecting her to come back with Blake. Nudging the faunus slightly, causing her to look up from Yang’s shoulder, the blonde spoke. “So, it’s a nice day. Why waste it in here?” she asked, giving Blake a small smirk.

The raven haired girl nodded as she got up off the couch, holding her hand out for Yang. Yang happily took it, Blake pulling her to her feet. It took of the faunus’ will power to let go of Yang’s hand, not wanted to make things too awkward for her friend. The pair walked to the door, opening and stepping out into the sunlight. Ruby already waving the duo over.