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that-jhope-tho  asked:

What dating lay would be like~ btw I'm now obsessed with your blog like imma stalk it all night 💕 oki bye!

ahhh thank you so much! 


  • he would be very shy when he asked you out even though he really liked you
  • and he would be incredibly polite
  • when you said yes he’d grin and quickly tell the other members of EXO
  • your first date would be small, maybe to the aquarium and Yixing would admire you as you looked at all the fish
  • he’d probably buy you a stuffed fish from the gift shop to remember your first date with him by
  • you two would stay up really late texting or talking over the phone and when you reminded him that he had a schedule the next day he’d become incredibly sad
  • so to make him feel better you’d come over to the dorm his next free day with your laptop and some movies and the two of you would have a movie marathon
  • he’d probably fall asleep with his head resting on the top of your head
  • Yixing would love to take pictures of you
  • when you were walking down the street
  • when you were reading something
  • when you were petting dogs
  • and you’d see some of them and think they were so ugly and ask him to delete them and he’d say something cheesy like “why would I want to delete perfection when it is so hard to come by?”
  • honestly he’d always say a lot of cheesy things but they’d always make you blush
  • you were laughing at something while telling him a story and he couldn’t help but blurt out how much he loved you
  • you almost choked on air
  • but of course you told him you loved him as well and he grinned and grabbed your hand across the table and kissed it
  • going grocery shopping with Yixing and him sneaking things into the cart
  • like ice cream, brownie mix, small plants
  • and you’re like “I don’t remember needing any of this???? Did we grab the wrong cart?”
  • and Yixing is just giggling in the back
  • lots and lots of skinship
  • you’re talking to one of the boys with him and he just lays his head on your shoulder
  • or you’re out late at night and he wraps his arms around your shoulders and pulls you closer to him
  • Yixing would always listen to you and be excited about your achievements with you
  • he wouldn’t get jealous easily
  • he’d only get jealous when someone gave you something he couldn’t but it would also make him sad because he really wanted to provide everything for you
  • dating Yixing would be amazing because there would never be a dull moment and he’d always pay attention to you and smile dreamily at you because wow he really loves you and can’t believe you love him just as much as he loves you