Vero Beach

By the time Hurricane Jeanne wreaked havoc in Florida, Floridians had been through the ringer. The year 2004 would go down as one of the state’s worst hurricane seasons ― still remembered today for Jeanne, along with Hurricanes Frances, Charley and Ivan. But for all that the state’s residents so often endure during hurricane season, they never quit ― even in a year like 2004. Local businesses, like the McDonald’s in Vero Beach, were hit hard, but they did what they could do to stay open during the difficult time.

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We Will Be Back Soon

After a flood devastated Watseka, Illinois, local restaurant owner-operators - Wayne and Marsha Jarosh - changed their sign to reflect the resilient spirit of the town and its people. “Our restaurant took about 32 inches of water, and the community was devastated. Our reader board sign was still standing, though, and its message, ‘We Will Be Back Soon,’ spoke as much for all of Watseka as it did our restaurant. We did all we could. We donated food and water from our other two stores (in Gilman, IL & Kentland, IN) to a church where flood victims stayed, as well as to local-response teams, police and EMTs. Everyone came together. It reminded us of how much this community means to us, and how much community matters to McDonald’s. We just tried to do everything we could do to help.” - Wayne Jarosh, owner-operator of the Watseka McDonald’s

Pink Arches

This McDonald’s in downtown Chicago stands out on an ordinary day. But when its iconic Golden Arches turned pink a few years ago in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the restaurant became an instant conversation starter. Much of that conversation took place inside the restaurant itself, where breast cancer survivors and spokeswomen from leading breast cancer charities and organizations came together to speak to members of the press, the medical community and customers. The pinked-out McDonald’s didn’t end with the Arches: for the entire month, employees dressed in pink, and pink lighting, pink balloons and other pink decorations filled the restaurant.

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