I don’t like the way he’s looking at you

I’m starting to think you want him to 

Am I crazy? Have I lost ya.

Even though I know you love me,

Can’t help it.

I turn my cheek, music up, and I’m puffing my chest.

I’m ready to face you, call me obsessed 

It’s not you fault that they hover

It’s my right to be hellish I still get jealous 

‘Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful.

And everybody wants a taste 

I said there’s no else for you.

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Cause you know I get excited

When you get jealous too

I still get jealous

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Gabby: And an hour later… Still eating. Another romantic hotspot to tick off the list. @malikoahood 🍨👯🎶🙌 #allclass #nosignofanyboys #imlovinit