So this is what happened earlier: on our motorcycle, Me & my sister were on our way for her hair & make-up sched for her prom tonight. It was red light so we stoped. A guy on a blue uniform approached us and ask why my sister is not wearing a helmet and i was like “wtf? you not…?” it was only that time that i realize that yeah she don’t have a helmet and my sister was like…“how am i suppose to wear a helmet after my hair is done”…arrrrrrrrggg! Then the guy asked if i have my license which unfortunately i forgot coz’ i left my wallet @ the office, so he said that they’re gonna take my plate number instead…since we’re so late already i just said ok, it was kinda embarrassing coz’ there are a lot of people around, haha! but its an experience for me… then they handed me this blue ticket/receipt or something what they call this i dont know with a wrong spelling of my name on it…hahaha! Oh well…it was my first time to have a violation (but that’s not my fault ok?) but yeah, i feel like i was really a part of the city…haha! i have to pay P150.00 on monday…LOL! great!

May moo-moo!!!

Hindi nmn ako matatakutin pero sa ngun mag-isa lng ako d2 sa office tas ung sa kabilang cubicle umurong ung upuan…powtangehnamels ang takbo ko ohhhsum!…

- remedyo ko…bukas lahat ng ilaw…haha! may liwanag ang buhay!