I’m not dead! I promise!

So I got to school a week early to do a community service program, and the first few days we did team-building exercises. and by team-building, I mean climbing up to the top of a telephone pole, jumping off of said telephone pole, and grabbing onto a trapeze swing. all for the sake of bonding with our group. Needless to say, our group was the best because we would sing to each other. 

the rest of the week, we worked out in the community building trails and helping the food bank and stuff. All very cool.

But then all the other kids started coming. So I hid in my room for most of yesterday, but spent maybe four hours with a bunch of the First CLAS kids in one of my friend’s dorm, and then we went out to get burgers. I met my roomie, and she’s very nice, and then I got to see the football players do synchronized swimming. And I flirted with the roommate of my friend Shane.

So it’s been a very good week.

College Update: Now That's What I Call a Friday Night

So yesterday was interesting.

For most of the day, I was either at class or in my room studying. I finally met up with my friends at dinner, where they told me of their epic “Mashoonga” game. “Mashoonga” is a game that involves swords made out of pool noodles that my friends Mic and Alex bought at a toy store downtown. They invited me to go play it with them after dinner, so I did. And I got a couple blisters in the process.

(Mic is on the left and Alex is on the right)

After some good rounds of Mashoonga, we hung out in Mic’s room and played Super Mario Smash Bros for an hour. By then, it was around 11:30, and it was time for me to go on my quest. (My big sister told me that I needed to go to a frat party, just to see what it was like, so I did.)

I went to the party with Alex and our friend Greg, and it was all that I thought it would be; hot, sweaty, too many people, bad music, and lots and lots of grinding. We left after about 20 minutes, and we left about 10 minutes before the campus police came to shut it down.

Alex and I went back over to Mic’s room, where he was watching a movie with his girlfriend Breanna, who is part of our friend group, and we trie to join them. Instead of watching a movie, we kind of ended up in a giant ball of cuddling, which actually felt very nice. Mic was next to the wall, Breanna was next to him, then me, and then Alex was trying his best not to fall off the side. We stayed in this position for about 30 minutes until we realized that the sprinklers were going off. And we decided to run through them.

So we packed up some stuff and ran through some sprinklers. At one point, Alex picked me up fireman-style and held me in front of a sprinkler so my entire side got soaked. I taught the guys how to do some ballet leaps, and nobody slipped too badly.

Once we finished frolicking, we went back to Mic and Alex’s dorm to get towels, and we sat in the hallway taking pictures for a while. We figured that we didn’t want to disturb people too much, so we moved to the lounge where Breanna and Mic started cuddling on one couch, and Alex and I ended up spooning because it was the best way to keep both of us warm and was a good use of space. And then we all fell asleep for about 2 hours. I woke up at around 3:30 am, and figured I should probably go to my own dorm. I said goodbye to Mic and Breanna, and Alex walked me back to my dorm, and then I passed out in my bed.

All in all, it was a good night.

Another College Update

I like long weekends. I went to the football game with some of my friends, and we promptly trounced upon the opposing team, the Menlo College Oaks. Their mascot sucks, by the way.

Yesterday, I spent my morning sleeping and studying biology, and then went over to a friend’s dorm to play some cards with our core group. But our friend Alex just got back from babysitting his little brother but forgot to take his laptop, so he had to drive back to his house to get it, and we decided to tag along. So we drove an hour north, went to his house, watched Mic fail at baseball, and we all walked up the creek behind Alex’s house. and Breanna was in a pair of Crocs and the dress she’d worn to her and Mic’s first date! That’s my girl!

When we got back, we crashed in Alex and Shane’s room, had a small Nerf war, and then had Shane tell us our Numerology sign thingies. (Evidently, I’m very sensual and will end up flitting from relationship to relationship. wat.)

Today I’m going to study German, get someone to help me study German, and then eat a lot of food.

to my irl friends who I am making sims of-

I need to know your preferred type of house (victorian, country, modern apartment thingie, etc), if you wants any pets (and the specifics of said pets), and if you want a specific spouse or not.

also jobs. and anything else you can think of.

tra la la, got my Sims game to finally work.

now I just need to find all the best fictional characters to put in my little town, make my OTP’s get married, and have a ball.

to my irl friends, I’ll post pictures of your sim and your house once I get around to it.