season 5, Mrs hudson welcomes in two young girls who are interested in buying 221c. The two girls state that they’ll only be needing one bedroom and then look anxiously over to Mrs Hudson who say “oh don’t worry dears, we’ve got all sorts round here…i’ve got married ones upstairs" 

after all this mary drama boils over and it’s just john and sherlock again i want them to solve a case and get the giggles at the crime scene and i want for john to quietly say “god, i’ve missed this.” and for sherlock to reply “missed what?” and for john to look at the ground and say “this. you know, just…” and for john to smile to himself a bit before saying “just… us. against the rest of the world.” and for sherlock to stare at him for a few seconds before breaking into one of his rare smiles and saying “i know. so have i.”

  • sherlock not being able to do anything but stare if john wears his old uniform
  • john ordering sherlock to “sit down” in his captain voice and sherlock sitting down at the speed of light despite what he’s doing
  • sherlock finding some of john’s old army pictures and keeping them in his bedside drawer
  • sherlock googling pictures of men in uniform in his spare time
  • sherlock sneakily trying figure out whether john is wearing dog tags or not
  • sherlock taking orders from john
  • sherlock having a military kink the size of the moon