10th February 1840 - Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress

As many people know, it is said that Victoria started the trend of wearing a white coloured dress on your wedding day. However, not many know  how complicated the journey was that had it come to be.

In the early of planning her wedding, Lord Melbourne suggested that she might wear her royal robes of state, as she mentions in her diary -

They talked about me wearing my robes, but I thought not.

She made it clear that her wedding was not like others of the time, where it was all for advancement and gain, with no thought of romantic preference. Her wedding was a personal affair; she was marrying for love.

In the end, Victoria would design her own dress, as well as her bridesmaids’ dresses. She had her dress made entirely of British materials, as was well publicised at the time. This was a political move, as she was showing to foreign powers just what her country had to offer and that she was still representing Britain.  The silk was woven in Spitalfields, East London and the lace was handmade in Devon.  Finally, the outfit was sewed together by Victoria’s own dressmaker, a Mrs Bettans, with the pattern being destroyed afterwards to prevent the dress being replicated.

The finished garment would include a bodice, the waist pointed over a full, pleated skirt with full puffed sleeves and a round neck, all made of Spitalfields white silk satin. The train was immense, measuring 18 feet and edged with orange blossom spays (orange blossom being a symbol of fertility). Orange blossom would feature a lot on her person, as her wreath above her veil (which was 12 feet long) was made of it and it trimmed her dress.  She also wore matching satin shoes (see two above), and a blue sapphire brooch at her breast which was a wedding gift from Albert. In her diary, on her wedding day of the tenth of February 1840, she described her whole outfit as thus -

I wore a white satin dress, with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, an imitation of an old design. My jewels were my Turkish diamond necklace & earrings & dear Albert’s beautiful sapphire brooch

Victoria did not wear her actual wedding dress for the whole day, as when she returned to Buckingham Palace after the service and wedding breakfast she withdrew to change into ‘a white silk gown trimmed with swansdown and a white bonnet with orange flowers’, an outfit very similar to her original ensemble.
Years later, Victoria would allow her favourite daughter Beatrice (who would be one of the queens few close companions in her widowhood) to wear her wedding veil at her own wedding in 1885 (see photograph below). She would be the only daughter of Victoria allowed this special privilege. In addition later still, Victoria would be buried wearing her lace veil, in 1901

Featured Image Emily Blunt as Victoria on her wedding day, The Young Victoria 2009
Sources -
Becoming Queen, Kate Williams
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Photograph #3 by Daily Mail

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Diary Entry - 10th February 1840 - The Wedding Of Victoria And Albert

The entire transcript from Queen Victoria’s diary of her wedding day.

Slept well & breakfasted at ½ p. 9, before which Mama came, bringing me a nosegay of orange flowers, & good Lehzen gave me a dear little ring. — Wrote my Journal & saw Ld Melbourne. — Had my hair dressed & the wreath of orange flowers put on my head. My wreath & veil were worn, according to the rough sketch. — Saw my precious Albert alone, for the last time as my Bridegroom, & he fetched in Uncle & Ernest for a moment. — At ½ p. 12 I set off, dearest Albert having gone before, & Mama & the Dss of Sutherland went with me in the carriage. I wore a white satin dress, with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, an imitation of an old design. My jewels were my Turkish diamond necklace & earrings & dear Albert’s beautiful sapphire branch. I never saw such crowds as there were in the Park, & they cheered most enthusiastically.

When I arrived at St. James’s Palace, I went into the Dressingroom arranged for me, where my 12 young Train Bearers were waiting, dressed all in white with wreaths of white roses in their hair which had a very pretty effect. I waited a little while till Albert’s Procession had moved into the Chapel. I then went with my Train Bearers & Ladies into the Throne Room, where my Procession was formed, Ld Melbourne, in his fine new Dress Coat, bearing the Sword of State, with Ld Uxbridge & Ld Belfast, on either side of him, walking immediately before me. Queen Anne’s Room was full of people, ranged on seats one above the other, as also the Guard Room, & all along the staircase, — all very friendly. The Procession looked beautiful going downstairs, & along part of the Colour Court, which was all covered in, & full of people, who were most cordial. The Flourish of Trumpets ceased, as I entered the Chapel, when the organ began to play.

At the altar, on my right, stood my beloved Albert, Mama being on my left, as also Uncles Sussex & Cambridge & Aunt Augusta; on Albert’s right stood the Queen Dowr then, Uncle Ernest, Ernest, Aunt Cambridge, with little Mary, George & Augusta’s Pss Sophia Matilda. Ld Melbourne with the Sword of State, stood close to me. The Ceremony was very impressive & fine, yet simple, & I think ought to make an imperishable impression, on every one who promises at the altar to keep the vows he or she have have made. Albert repeated everything very distinctly. I felt so happy when he placed the ring on my finger. As soon as the Service was over, the Procession retuned as it came, with the exception, that dearest Albert led me out! The applause was very great, coming through the Colour Court. Ld Melbourne, good man, was quite affected during the Ceremony & at the applause.

We all, went back into the Throne Room where the signing of the Register took place. We then went into the Closet, the Royal Family waiting with us there, whilst the Ladies got into their carriages. I gave all the Train Bearers, as a souvenir, a small eagle brooch in turquoises. Returned alone, with dear Albert, to Buckingham Palace. The crowd was immense & & cheered us warmly & heartily. In the Hall, which was full of people, they cheered us again & again. The Green Drawingroom & Throne Room were filled with persons of rank, even numbers of Children being there. I went with dear Albert into my Dressing Room & we sat down on the sofa there & talked together till it was time to go down to the Wedding Breakfast. All the Company was assembled when we went into the Drawingroom, Albert leading me in, my train being carried by 3 Pages, Cowell, little Wemyss & dear little Byng.

I sat between Uncle Sussex & dearest Albert. He & I, drank a glass of wine with Ld Melbourne, who seemed much affected by everything. After the Breakfast, I talked to all. Little Mary behaved so well, both in the Chapel & during the Breakfast. I then went upstairs & undressed, putting on a white silk gown, trimmed with swan’s down & a bonnet with orange flowers. Albert had also gone downstairs to change his clothes. — At ¼ to 4 Ld Melbourne came to me & I shook hands with him & he kissed my hand. Talked of how well everything had gone off. “Nothing could have been better”, he said, & of the people being in such good humour; — of my receiving the Addresses from the Houses of Lords & Commons; — of his coming down to Windsor in time for dinner. Dearest Albert came & fetched me downstairs, where we took leave of Mama & drove off at about 4, — I, & Albert alone, which was so delightful.

There were immense crowds outside the Palace, which I must add, never ceased, until we reached Windsor Castle. Our reception was most enthusiastic, hearty, & gratifying in every way; we were quite deaf from the noise of the cheering. People on horseback & in gigs, driving along with us. We came through Eton where all the Boys received us most kindly, shouting & cheering. Really, I was quite touched. We only arrived at 7, followed by the Ladies & Gentlemen of the Household, & went at once to our rooms. My large Dressingroom is now our sitting room. The 3 little blue rooms are Albert’s, the next little one his Dressingroom, then comes our Bedroom & my Dressingroom. A little way off are Lehzen’s 2 rooms.

After looking over our rooms & seeing that all was right, I changed my dress, & came back to Albert’s small sitting-room, where he was sitting, wearing his Windsor Uniform coat, I had such a sick headache, that I could eat nothing at dinner, & had to remain on the sofa the rest of the evening. Dearest Albert remained sitting near me & his excessive kindness & affection gave me such a feeling of deep happiness & contentment. How can I ever be thankful enough, to have such a Husband! May God help me to do my duty as I ought & to be worthy of such blessings!

Featured Image - pen and ink sketch by Queen Victoria from her original diary entry

Sources - Queen Victoria’s Journals website

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I predict that Clace's first time will be a 90 pop song video complete with Demi lovato level tunes and cheesy lighting. Maybe even fireworks in the background. They also probably will get a 4 minute scene after which I'll want to burn my eyes.

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Formal ensemble                

  • Place of origin:
  • Date:
  • Artist/Maker:
  • Materials and Techniques:

France (possibly, made)

1790-1800 (made)

Unknown (production)

Spotted twill silk, embroidered with silk thread, lined and backed with silk and cotton, hand-sewn.

Male visitors to occasions at European royal courts, such as royal birthday balls, were required to wear spectacular, ornately decorated court suits.  The style of these continued a long-established tradition and were conservative in cut, as this example shows, retaining curved fronts and deeply pleated back-skirts of suits from previous decades. The high collar of the coat and waistcoat however reflects the changes in fashionable dress of the 1780s and 90s. The suit needed to be worn with a shirt with lace ruffles at the neck and sleeves. Meanwhile, everyday dress for men was much more practical, and consisted of plain wool frock coats, breeches and boots, rather than shoes with silver or jewelled buckles.

Many court suits were embroidered with coloured silk thread in floral patterns. The best embroidery was carried out in professional workshops in Lyon, the centre of the French luxury textile industry. The embroidery on the coat of this court suit is extensive, even edging some of the back pleats, where it would barely be visible. The technical quality of the work is exquisite and is particularly seen in the shading of the flower petals and leaves. The larger flower heads are filled with stitches creating a square mesh imitating the delicate laces and nets used to trim fashionable women’s dress.


Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[5/7] Royal Dresses/Gowns - Queen Victoria’s Wedding Gown

This white satin wedding gown was worn by Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert on February 10th, 1840. The choice of white was an unusual one because, at the time, coloured dresses were more common. Because of this, Queen Victoria has been credited with starting the tradition of white weddings and white wedding gowns. The gown itself was plain, but was trimmed with English made lace, and her veil was made of the same lace. She would wear the veil frequently throughout her life, and was buried with it covering her face. This is how the queen herself described her gown in her journal:

“I wore a white satin dress, with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, an imitation of an old design. My jewels were my Turkish diamond necklace & earrings & dear Albert’s beautiful sapphire brooch.”


-era otra tranquila mañana de la cual en casa de kenichi la primera en levantarse por costumbre era Aura para hacer desayuno, mientras la chica lo hacia katherine como su hermano aun dormian en sus cuarto , ella aun estaba con su piyama ( )- … -luego de estar preparando todo recordo aun no haber preguntado si katherine iria al instituto con ellos asi que fue al cuarto de kenichi- …kenichi -murmuro moviendolo un poco para despertarlo- kenichi…kenichi…-se acerco un poco para ser oida- kenichi despierta…


[Snow Fairy]

White yarn-dyed cotton, White stretch meshes, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Imitation crystal, Metal beaded slipper, Acrylic crystal, Metallic bells.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

complete working hours: 10 hours

The model is Soom Faery Legend Aenigma human ver.


Black Witch Special Showed Works on New York Dollism Plus by nalisinko

Black PU leather, Feathers, Water soluble lace, Imitation crystal.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

Complete working hours: 22 hours

The model is Iplehouse EID Carina