Forcing myself to close my eyes and go to sleep while knowing that you are probably still awake has been hard the last couple of days. The urge to send you a message and talk to you has grown tremendously all of a sudden. I keep fantasizing about what I would say to you and, of course, about what you would say back to me. Sometimes I even start typing a vague hello, only to delete everything again a few moments later. I guess I just miss you. I miss you so bad.


When loving someone, it’s not fluid nor perfect society tells us of plastic perfect love on every corner. Love is a mutt because love is not that catalogue dog or movie dog. Love mutt might wet the bed or cry at night, but we all have problems. You need to clean it up take love out for a walk.

Because this love is not that catalogue dog or movie dog. Love is going to get sick and you’ll nurse it. Cause love is work. Responsibility.

I wish you all to have a Love Mutt in your heart. That your night be filled with dog love farts and love breath.

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in forever but I dreamt about Bowie and I woke up with a tear stained face so I thought it appropriate to post something for my baby❤️✨🌟 I love and miss you my darling💞😓